nod - the leaderboard issue is likely an artificial cap put in place by critters (the game author) to deter 'hacked' scores, based on (I guess) what he thinks is legitimately achievable. My leaderboard issues from a couple of posts ago had the same cause, I think (he'd capped scored at 45k). I sent him feedback via the form on the page; he mailed back asking how I got the score I did, so I explained my strat and showed the screenshot I took. Send feedback and I'm sure he'll up the cap. Congrats on a great run anyway, I'm going to have to try that. What tower setups did you use for the boss levels?


One more tip for you guys - re: the new "buy life" feature. Read spoiler. Can someone confirm if the [new] earth towers (much better cannon) are good enough to switch from i/i/i/f to i/i/i/i?

In the early rounds, if you previously bought/upgraded a cannon to prevent a leak, think again. Is that 9g (new) or 15g/26g (upgrade) worth more than say, a leak of 4 (2g Lvl 9) creeps? I think NOT!
10g saved from round 8 = 1500g in round 34!
10g = 200g by round 25, so you can spend 160 to get them back and lose some more for the Lvl 27 AIR. The trick is to figure out where to best leak.
LVL 2nd to LAST - Buy lives, save cannons. Let the creeps go round (and round and round!)
Save 10x Lvl 3 Fire = 2250g. Buy 10 lives back = 400g, lose 50g (creeps leak)
Save 10x Lvl 4 Fire = 3750g. Buy 16 lives back = 640g,
lose 360g (creeps leak, some twice)
NOTE: PLEASE PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS FOR THE LAST LEVEL. There is NO interest given after the round! I usually start the level and never stop dropping LVL4 FIRE cannons (g will never run out).
Optimization just got harder. Geez thanks critter. 100k...


thankful: earth is an upgrade, and I/I/I/E is worse than I/I/I/F still.

Valarauka: I already submitted feedback. My setups:
11: 5 cannons. 3 top right, 1 bottom right, 1 middle right. (sell 2 at finish)
22: 15 cannons. like above, plus 2x5 rows in middle right. (sell 5 at finish)
33: 11 fire (sell none), i was down to 8 cannons then (don't know if they're necessary, sell all)


Ive beaten the game 3 times in a row now. My strat is:

Not buying so many towers, at the start get 1 cannon and upgraded as its needed, the more money you save the more youll have later, through interest. I usually buy another cannon and upgrade as its needed.
I buy Fire first, sell my cannons and upgrade the fire cannon as i need it.
Then i buy a water upgrade and build one water cannon next to my fire and upgrade it. By this point you might need another fire cannon.
3rd upgrade i go the other element and during the next boss round i destroy my fire cannons after the boss passes them and then i put up 1 rocket tower in the middle.
Upgrade it when unnecessary, you shouldn't need more than 1 water and one rocket tower until the bonus rounds.
In the 2nd last round you should have enough money to buy around 10 rocket towers and 5 water towers. That should be good enough to win the game.


i hope the play area is a bit bigger. also, critters can come up with a better design of the bosses.......nice game though; nice find, jay.


which spot is best for 1 cannon with no upgrades in the first round? (top corner?)

Necronomicon January 16, 2007 4:41 PM

Down right corner works best...


@qrk: anywhere where the sheep have to pass throw your range of fire twice is good.


I was on the last level with over $1000 left in the bank, and after hitting the button to begin the level I accidentally hit the "Close" Function Key on my damn keyboard! Aaargh!!!

... I had beaten the previous level without one creep getting around the *very* bottom-right bend though (none of them started heading back *up* the screen). Any ideas on whether I would've beaten it or not? I added about 15 more Fire towers and 1 more Water tower after the previous level ended. :-(


For the first five levels, if you are impatient, you can place a single cannon on the middle-left, exactly centered between the two 'legs' of the path. Upgrade at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd levels.

Takes only 1/2 the time to go through the first 5 levels than placing in the top-right.


I finally beat it!!!! 40+ rocket towers (only 6 upgraded), 8 upgraded water towers, and 6 upgraded fire towers. I just kept waiting to buy rocket towers. I never, except at the end, upgraded interest. Fire, Water, then Earth.


I just got 5000 in score, but i got to lvl 39.. yeah right, 39! I didn't even know there was that much lvls..
The level was called U R PRO or something, where farmer-people with 25001 hp each invaded my screen.. completely sick!

I got there by building cannons from the start, adding up with fire towers along the way, and when i could afford it (around 600g), i started to build combo towers, while i upgraded most of my towers to max.


yo guys i beat the game its actually really easy


I win. Level 39, 11,676 points, 14 lives left, $4,171 in gold left, 1,640th place.

I still had $4,171 in gold not spent!!!!! Beat that!!

Last level I beat with only 25 upgraded rocket towers, and 8 full water towers.


some suggestions:

1) to make it more visually interesting, the last few difficult stages should have a combination of different creeps.

2) also, the map should change after say 10 level or so. what you could do is let you keep whatever # of towers you have before the map change and allow you to relocate them.......

nice find, jay.


Great! With I/I/I/I, i got 180,000 points!
I beat the last level, selling cannons as fast as I could. Then "U B PRO" started: Little boys with 25001 hp each?!?!?! They just kept coming, but I beat them (after they each leaked about ten times)

Bruce, I have beaten your score.

The sheer curve of this game in the end is evil:
Bonus 1 is like shooting wooden targets with a pistol, whereas Bonus 5 is like having 999 turrets with machine-guns shooting at diamond targents!

I wonder how people beat this, before the buy lives feature...

billy the kid January 19, 2007 4:22 PM

this is the greatest game ever my bro playing it right now. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, I've been playing this game for a few days and there's this glitch that happened to me. I'm not sure how it happened. It increased my gold and score rapidly. So I filled the whole map with combo towers. The last level is level 39 and the monsters are little boys. But too bad that it's a 1 time opportunity. I doubt it'll happen again. I have a few screenshots but I have no idea what HTML tag to use. If anyone can post the tag, I'd be happy to show you my proness. (Or luckiness)xD


ok i told all my freinds about this game and it is a big hit in my school.So keep this game. I love it!!!!! My whole grade almost loves it!!

viko_mora January 19, 2007 9:22 PM

It is possible to get a score of 110K+ and you just have to go with interest.



I have gotten to lvl 36, but it's damn hard when you get there!


start with a cannon upgraded once for first level
second level get another cannon upgrade it and upgrade other cannon
third level get another cannon upgrade second cannon and this one. and so on
never get the arrows they ar not good.
as much as possivble get a fire one (theyre 2nd best)
also get rocket this is the best
5 rockets and 20 annd fill whole thing with fire shud do the trick :-)


Well, after 214 attempts, I got past wave 39. Though I only managed to get 8,224 points.

Studying this and doing all the math I can think of, I can only see a maximum point value of 65,000 if you were really lucky. How these people get above that eludes me, it just appears to be mathematically impossible - there just is not enough in the game to get there and with what is there it would take at least 47 levels by my estimate to get to the 200,000 range and that guy a few days ago with a score of like 1,250,000 would have to have had 78 levels worth of stuff by my calculations. How are they doing it?


46727, using i/i/f/i/(i)

when i got the fire upgrade, i sold all the towers and started building fire, upgrading each one of them only once. i finished the game having WAY too many towers and over 25k in the bank. i'm certain that it's possible to optimize.

smallisonfire (jason) January 21, 2007 4:26 AM

when i passed it i had the score of 12239 muahaha with 19 lifes lol lost 1 life on lvl 18...... and it was easy i kill all the guys on the last lvl before they got half way past the maze lol.
i had map full of overlap fire towers it was easy but took me like 3 trys to pass it :P

the way to go is research only fire towers and rest on intrest and just save up heaps.

here is how to pass

In early levels, try 2 arrow towers and upgrade them when you can, and then add a third arrow
Level 3, another arrow tower and upgrade
Level 7 use wood to buy water tower and build a water tower
Then add another water tower when needed, upgrade
These should get you up to Level 14, although you can add another water tower if needed. Make sure the water towers are within range of at least 1 or 2 arrow towers to get the added firepower in the splash zones.
Level 14 buy fire sell all the arrow towers
Then keep adding fire towers. Should also spread splash zones all throughout the maze board of Flash Element TD.
Level 21 take interest with the wood, same at Level 28
At the final levels where the baddies and creeps go to 5000 HP all the way to 30,000 HP you will need to keep adding fire towers, use the overlay cheat and upgrade strategically.
The fourth bonus level (30,000 HP) you need at least 3/4 of ther map covered in fire towers dont have to be upgraded for the last lvl :D
make sure youdont leak but it will be hard to save up money kk... by smalls (TM)


hi you should make a second game when your are the creeps.It will be awsome thank you. you know how long it will take to make it.


Brand: Did you calculate interest? Remember: you can sell towers during a level, and the interest is compound...
If all your upgrades were interest...
..and so on.

AaronzDad January 21, 2007 3:24 PM

One thing you HAVE to remember is the game is NOT the same every time you play. A cannon tower placed at a specific location may kill all the creeps in one game then another time you try it will leak two or three.

I start with one cannon tower between and immediately below the start/finish legs of the path.
2 - upgrade once (if you leak start game over)
3 - new cannon between the paths at about the 8 o'clock position right in the middle (if you leak start over)
4 - upgrade that western cannon
5 - nothing (if you leak.... yeah, start over)
6 FAST - upgrade cannon by entrance/exit to full (sometimes this leaks sometimes not)
7 - nothing Upgrade INTEREST
8 AIR LEVEL - Air tower center upgrade full and an arrow tower in the northeast corner then SELL the air tower just before it finishes off the last creep
9 - nothing SELL arrow tower just before end
10 - upgrade western tower to full
11 BOSS - 1 cannon in the U of the path at about the 10 o'clock position upgrade full the boss will go around once
12 - nothing
13 FAST - nothing (may leak a few, 4 or 5?)
14 - nothing upgrade INTEREST
15 - nothing (may leak one)
16 - cannon in the middle at the 3 o'clock position upgrade once
17 AIR Level - Four air towers upgraded fully. Now in the INNER COURTYARD area put two of the air towers at the 8:30 position right on top of each other then put one more tower just outside that courtyard at about the 7 o'clock position just on top of the path. The fourth air tower goes in the upper right area at about the 2 o'clock position just OUTSIDE the inner court area. Finally put an arrow tower in the upper right area also. SELL all the arrow towers before the end of the level. The three in the inner court can be sold as they are no longer in range then the last one can be sold just before the last creep is dead. Be careful not to sell too soon!
18 - upgrade the cannon in the middle right and add another fully upgraded cannon right on top of it
19 FAST - this is ugly. So far I have one more cannon on top of the other two at the 3 o'clock position, one cannon on top of the western one at the 8 o'clock position and one more at about the 5:30 position between the lower stretches of path, all cannons upgraded full (will leak one - three)
20 - nothing
21 - nothing Upgrade INTEREST ( leaks one)
22 BOSS - You're on your own from here... I'm still working on this. What I've done with this boss is add two more cannons to the 5:30 position, one more cannon to the 8:00 position, and upgraded them all fully. The boss goes around four times with this configuration.

I'll add more here as I work it out. I'm open to suggestions or improvements!

Wow, don't we all really need to get a life?!?!


I just got a score of 43,336. I used the I/I/F/I technique, in addition to the cannon placement technique such that they get two full rounds in on the badguys. Originally I tried to maxmize the amount of coverage they had, but this actually worked worse than just having a path on either side of them. It also pays to sell things whenever possible just before a level ends if you have extra stuff lying around (like on the flying stages). For some reason it seemed that it was more cost effective to put out extra stuff to save my lives rather than purposely let guys leak through. I still had 10 lives left when I finished up.


hey Posted by: lucasks | January 11, 2007 2:17 PM

i just did as what you said

but i couldn't get even level 4!

i just finish it up at level 3 with score 76 :p


112K using i/i/i/f

Thanks for the link!

laptopdude January 23, 2007 8:10 PM

anyone noticed the new additions since this was first posted?

-you can now buy lives
-certain attacks look different
-"boss" levels
-changed hp, creeps, and levels
-now you don't have to hold down the space bar to see hp; you just press it

great changes.

Michael Paul January 28, 2007 12:48 AM

Can someone please tell me how to get past the 30000hp bonus board? Has anyone broken 10000 pts and 5000 gold yet? I'm gettin close but I could use some help...



i beat every level, only 6000 something points tho -.-, use intrest to save money, at level 35 i had 3500 coins

Daniel_3578 January 29, 2007 1:15 AM

I no i'm a newbei and all but i can't figure out the gold hack the first search works i think but when i search again nothing and sounds like a error can someone please help? Also how do you know if you have Flash player 7?


@Michael: At that point I usually have about 30+ fully upgraded fire towers, using the interest/interest/interest/fire strategy gets you plenty of money by then if you're frugal with towers.

@Daniel_3578: Ermm .. I suggest you try playing without hacking it - it's way more fun when it's actually challenging. Why would you even bother watching 35 levels of creeps getting massacred without a chance?

If you're having trouble beating the game check above for a bunch of good step by step guides - some may be a bit out of date but you should be able to figure out the necessary modifications...


Hi all! Here is my Flash element TD 200k strategy video:

part1: (lvl 1-21)
part2: (lvl 22-39)

Score 201,898. No cheats, no exploits!!!! Comments and tips on strategy are welcome.

My observations:

1. even with the same tower placement you can get different results each game
2. the efficiency in the early levels is crucial to score high
(the score depends on money, money depend on efficiency and raise exponentially)
3. there are some extra-tough levels (fast, boss) where buying extra towers just for the level and selling them before the level ends is a good idea
4. you have 20 lives which don't generate cash. cash does. you can convert some of the lives to cash by delaying tower upgrades


Poopertrooper February 2, 2007 9:25 PM

I've played and beat this game when it first came out, now I'm coming back for 2nds.

I'd like to see a Tower Defense 2. Bigger screen, longer path, new towers, new elements, more upgrades, and new enemies that shoot back would be awesome!

conqueronline February 3, 2007 8:31 AM

this game is awesome, i play conquer and put in in TG (training ground to get skills up) i then play this game, i got to a score of just 1351 =(
i want to know how you get so much cash and how u beat all the bosses ( the second boss with something like 13000 health, takes 3 lives outta me and gets me -100+ gold) so frustrating, if you would kindly tell me, thank you!


oh its easy just sell everything when they get more than 2,500 exept the ultimate tower. and keep making em, but also make water towers cuz they're really good.
i got to lvl 39


tips: 1. the game is not as hard as you think, indeed, it is very simple. if you just want to go though it(not to get a very high score like >20k), all you need to do is:

2. just build cannon and save the money as much as you can.Dont build those cannons that are not necessary. before the first air level comes, you will get a wood. at this moment, search the "fire element" and build a fire tower. you will even have enough money to update it .

with the fire tower, you can easily pass the air level.

3. the thing is same after that.

save money as much as you can.

don't build those towers that are not necessary.and sell
those towers you don't need.

finish the researches ASAP, the fire should be the first-finished.

all you towers that you need build is cannon, fire, and cambo.and the order is so. when you get a fire tower, sell the cannon asap. when you get a combo, sell the fire.



1) Don't spend unless you absolutely need to. If you can take out everything with two towers, save the rest of the money and build up interests. Upgrade, don't just build more. Cannon towers work 10 times better than arrow towers. Don't build arrow towers at all. When you get to the first flying level, build about three air towers, unupgraded and spread apart.

2) After level 7 get interest. Make sure money builds up really really high. I ended the game with over $2000.

3) After 14, get Fire. It has splash damage and take on air.

4) After 21, get more interest. Keep building money.

5) After 28, Get Earth. Heavy single damage.

6) After 35, get water. Worthless but now you can build rocket towers. Only build what you need, if the creeps aren't getting though, save future rocket towers and build them through the money you make in interests.

7) Level 39, no holds barred. Get as many rocket towers (fully upgraded) and as lives that you can get.

8) Anything you don't need in the later levels, sale. Reason, the interest will makeup for it in the long run.


O.K. You do NOT need more than 2 basic towers. Here is how you can win. (before the levels begin)
Build all towers on the right side.

1: 1 Cannon tower.
2: Upgrade Cannon.
3: Upgrade Cannon again.
4: Just kill the creeps with your 1 Cannon
5: Add another Cannon.
6: Upgrade Cannon #2
7: Upgrade Cannon #2 to max.
8: Reasearch Fire. Build Fire Tower.
9-14: Upgrade Fire Tower gradually until max. Be conserving money.
Use wood 2, 3, and 4 for interest.
Stay like this until a significatn group gets past your Fire Tower's left hand side. Then add/upgrade another.
Keep adding/upgrading Fire Towers until level 35. Then research Water Towers. Build some near the Fire Towers.

I lasted until lvl 39... if someone gets farther then that, put it on this site. I'll be checking.


There is no level beyond level 39. That's the end of the game, period.


I got to the second bonus level with just 10 fire towers


Does anyone know anything about when Flash Circle TD comes out!!!
I made it to level 33 with 10 rocket towers!!!
and 6 water towers!!!


Thanks Kyle! Your strategy really works!


I made it through lvl 39 yesterday using nothing but cannons and air-towers when needed, upgraded only interest. Got 159k points.


Just try to get to rockets and you will be fine until Level 39. Then you gotta figure out how you wanna place these rockets. :)


Well, the cheat hacking doesn't work, can any one explain more how to do it? It don't even effect anything.


A strategy that i use is to build one cannon on the lower right corner on level 1. upgrade on level 2 and 3. And keep adding when you think you REALLY need to, normal cannons. And always upgrade intrest, Forget fire and water. The more intrest you have, the more money you make at the end of each level and the more final points you get. I got a 77k score which i was very pleased with. The extra cash also comes in handy if you need to stock up on lives. I ened with about 60k cash. With the map filled with cannon towers all level 3. Hope this helps people. Beacuse it did me =)


You guys have good strategies >.< How come the tower defence 2007 I'm playing in my forum only has the 30 levels plus the 5 bonus levels? And you can't buy lives >.<


how do you get a lot of gold?? i can never get 200+ unless i wait and wait.


February is almost over where is Flash Circle TD?


i beat the game with a score 24,000+
I had 79 fire towers upgraded to level 3
Ended level 39 with 6315 gold
20 lives


I beat the game with a score of 15508, but I don't know how others got so far, any advice with what the next game is...?


Haha, noobs!
(Srry, but some comment and strategies I've read here is pretty newby ^^, no offence :P)

Lol, my hiscore is 265k points (I don't know the exact number, but who cares) and here's how I've done it:

Build canons at locations where the wave passes more than 1 time, this is actually better that the wave passign a tower just 1 time.
There is a very exact location to put a canon tower, and when u put your tower there, you can get wave 1-5 without spending any mony.
This works great, but I don't tell the exact spot since I want to keep my high-score for myself :P.

The only thing that I want to say, is that the best strategy is canon towers and then selling them at the last level (U B Pro).

Have fun!

Spiffy_j March 10, 2007 5:55 PM

I have no clue how people are gettin 250k + unless they're hacking or something. i managed to have 45k at the end of level 39 and beat it. i saved as much money as i could and stay alive at the same time and still couldn't get over 45k whats the deal!? im addicted as heck someone tell me how to get a 250k score or i'll rot away playin this darn game!


ok so ive been playing this game for about a week now and once i get a highscore i see like 200k high scores. so i wonder if there is a cheat or a differnet version, so i ended up here and found out there are hacking methods, (but who would want to do that its like cheating 5cents out of a little 5 year old selling lemonade) anyways, i had never thought of the i/i/f/i thing but i dont see how anyone can beat this game with only fire towers. I mean I struggle with the rocket towers let alone the fire .. anyways im babbling on here so i just wanted to post up my personal hi scores. I know they are nowhere near close to what you people get but im proud of them.

lv 7 - 191 g
lv 14 - 513 g
lv 21 - 852 g
lv 28 - 1514 g

lv 35 - 3098 g
and on lv 39 i blew all of my money for extra lives and rocket towers.

and up to like lv 31 or so (not sure anymore) I only had 1 fire 1 water 1 arrow and 1 rocket.. not sure if it is a record but i am proud of it


ok i have a new* new record for level 7

212 gold!!


dang 2 gold short of the record

morpheuus March 12, 2007 5:39 AM

i didn't lose a life till the GG wave and i got interest last. two cannon lvl 3 then first wood on fire. only build fire from there and upgrade from there until u get ultimate tower and u r unstopable until bonus waves get u.


i got 112,000+ score
i dare anyone to beat that...
oh yeah...
i beat flash element td


please someone show me walkthrough to get past lvl 15 ^_>

Mr.Chipmunk Escargo Happy March 20, 2007 8:35 PM

I got a good score. I am happy to get in the top 750s on my first real try. I am happy. After all, HAPPY DAY! A famous quote my friend told me, "Have fun doing whatever you're doing and remember only rain down the storm drain!" I am a happy chipmunk (LOL).



A different challenge is to have a perfect game -- no leaks at all, all the way through the end of level 39. I followed a very different strategy from the others here to accomplish this.

Here's how I did it. The following is NOT the optimal solution (I'm not going for maximum score) but if you follow it you'll reliably have a perfect game. Note that I only use 10 towers total before level 35!

As an added bonus, try to finish the game, without leaks, WITHOUT SELLING ANY TOWERS (I think my strategy will do that, too, but I haven't tried).

good luck.

Placements of defenses are as described in the above posts -- first on the inside of the NE corner, then on the inside of the SW corner. The fire towers go one space toward the center of the cannon. Rockets go in the middle, shading to the E and S. Place the water towers such that you will only need 7 to cover the entire track. They really help on the highest levels. "Upgrade" always means a single upgrade to the lowest level tower.
1 cannon
2 upgrade
3 upgrade
4 -
5 -
6 cannon, upgrade
7 -
8 fire
9 -
10 -
11 upgrade fire x2, sell both cannon
12 -
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 fire, upgrade
20 -
21 -
22 rocket, sell fires
23 upgrade
24 -
25 -
26 -
27 -
28 -
29 2 water, upgrade both
30 -
31 -
32 rocket, upgrade
33 -
34 rocket, upgrade
35 5 water, rocket, upgrade all
36 3 rocket, upgrade all
37 4 rocket, upgrade all
38 5 rocket, upgrade all, sell all water behind wave
39 balls out (remember to buy rockets during the level, too! This is really fun)
You should finish with a score of around 17000.



The way to go is all interest. I got 180k+ by defeating the last level with only fully upgraded cannons and about 70k gold left. It seems its not that great compared to the rest of the highscores though, 300k has been achieved.


Nod and Valarauka, thank you very much! Using the i/i/i/f/i forumla and nod's hint about getting through the first seven levels conservatively, I finally beat levels 36 and 37 that have been plaguing me for the last couple days... heck, I blew right by them and finished the game. I wasn't very conservative towards the end since I had several K gold, so I ended up with 200 gold, 20075 points, and 9 lives (I shouldn't have lost the ones I did) at the end of level 39. In the last few levels, I ditched all my other towers for just fire towers. I'd fully upgraded all of them, and didn't need as many as I had, so I could have ended with more gold and a higher score.

happy gaming...deborah

blueninjaman March 29, 2007 1:24 AM

does the rocket tower have splash?, ive had a few people tell me it does and few tell it doesnt, im confuse, im tryin to figure out if the rocket tower is worthless or not


Where can i get Flash 7.0 (ie) version, im having some problems finding it, Thanks


upped it's one more. finished lvl 7 with 210 gold. if someone tells me how to upload a pic i can

Tazzy flash April 8, 2007 6:33 PM

It's simple...

use splash (the cannons) along the bottom and along the side... don't go for quantity gp for quality... use the bare neccesity of the ammount you use... the first 2 wood you get... use interest... do not spend any gold you do not need to.... third wood use on fire... replace all cannons with fire towers... fully upgraded... by the time you hit third wood the creeps will be on around 600 odd health... you only need 1 fire tower on the right hand side for that...

from here onwards do not use any gold unless you need to.... go for pure interest..

When the creeps start getting hard (your next wood you should use on water)

Then put one full upgraded one top left.. and one in the centre... the rest along the bottom and side

Upgrade along with the difficulty of the level...

And when just before you finish level 38 sell all of your water towers so that you can get max interest and gold... then have no more than 40 fully up graded fire towers... (mainly along the bottom and right hand side)


ballen G April 11, 2007 9:34 PM

how do i get more lives!?!?!?

Anonymous April 13, 2007 1:39 PM

lol.... my strategy is buy all air towers and put them smack up front. keep loading them up right there until u get a wood and get fire. build a fire tower and upgrade it max and sell some of ur air towers along the way. not all of them! continue buying and upgrading fire towers max and that got me to lvl 35.

Anonymous April 15, 2007 10:35 PM

Hehe... igot 19000 without cheating

Anonymous April 16, 2007 8:25 AM

these people that say they got to lvl 12 and 13 with only two cannons r full of it. they wouldnt get past lvl 8 air.

basicahole April 16, 2007 1:48 PM

I put 9 lv 2 basic towers from start until i can get fire then i get interest the rest of the way


I Got New Gold Record for lvl 7 265 G

Bob Bobley April 30, 2007 9:13 PM

123,908 using only cannons. all interest.

bmx killer May 7, 2007 7:02 PM

LOVE the game but do NOT cheat and cant get past lv:34


P.j. Dela Cruz - I cant get the hack to work. When I type in 33 for the next scan it returns nothing. Any suggestions? For everyone that wants to bad mouth me for cheating. I can complete the game I just want to see a score higher than 45,000.

Anonymous May 9, 2007 2:42 PM

lol hit the 3rd wood and then sell all towers apart from fire

then buy 4 cannons and place in middle asap and upgrade

freom there get fires until u die! ( or in my case win the game!)


123,884 only cannons and interst upgrades. Guys it's not that hard to break 100k. Be smart with your cannon placement and upgrades. You can complete the first 10-15 levels with only 6-8 cannons. Currently 26th on leader board.

jebus h May 13, 2007 9:26 PM

Hey fellow gamers just finished with a 55,000 point score (without a cheat engine mind, you scantilous cheating whores with several hundred thousand points, like we believe you!!!) I did mine using fire interest interest interest interest and after level seven only using fire towers throughout the rest of the ame. hope this helps y'all!


Anyone seen a downloadable version of this or Flash circle TD or Desktop TD?

if so i highly appreciate it since i travel alot and dont get internet that much

Dreamweaver May 17, 2007 7:03 AM

Alright! Just finished with a total score of 225,422, with 218,822 gold! Truthfully! And no, I did not use any "cheat" engine or hack engine! It is legit. And yes, you really can get up to about level 8 with only one tower, and level 10-13 with two towers only (minus the boss and air levels). However, for those of you who do not believe us that we actually CAN get scores that high (as well as YOU too!...), I've researched the forum of the game site to find out just how it is done, and played it myself and proved it, and listed the details at length as to how to do it below. I put it in spoiler tags though so that it doesn't destroy the play value of the game by a wandering eye, which it will, rather, since one of this involves a sort of inevitable cheat (more like game exploit) which anyone can do and can let even noobs get mega high scores on their first game if they do it right. Kind of unfair and makes the game no longer fun, actually. So this is not maybe a good idea unless you are truly baffled or something. So click the spoilers ONLY if you MUST give in (if you give up way too easy) and find out how to do it, and do not want to figure it out on your own, or have tried, and have lost patience to figure it out further.

Be forwarned!

First Spoiler: How to place your attack towers:

I actually adapted these techniques from other walkthroughs and tips that I've read, then practiced on my own. So I suppose that I should at least give proper credit that I wasn't really the one to discover everything here, more than just put into practice what I read before and tweaked it for my own use. But here I describe at length the details of my game in my own sort of walkthrough for those who would like a level by level breakdown.
(Details are what to do BEFORE beginning the level indicated.)
You can get up to level 7 with only one tower:
1st level: Place a level one cannon on the far upper right corner of the screen on the inside corner of the green area that is just near where the path exits at the top right. If you place your cannon right, you can hit creeps first when they come around the inside bend when they come into the center of the maze, then again when they round the outside corner just before they exit. It is key to place your cannons where you get maximum coverage area, and placing them where they can hit creeps from two sides is key, but separated far enough so that all the creeps pass the first part before the first one comes back around to pass in the second part. You want to get as many shots off on them as you possibly can, since the cannon always targets the head of the line, or as close as it can get to it.
For the first level, don't upgrade. One cannon properly placed will take care of the sheep.
Level 2: Upgrade the one cannon once before starting.
Level 3: Upgrade again before starting.
Level 4: Do nothing before starting.
Level 5: Do nothing again before starting.
Level 6: This is the Fast level. But don't worry. You can still get off all or nearly all of the creeps with the one cannon if it is properly placed, and upgraded the whole way. A few creeps might leak through, but you have 20 lives, so a few won't make that much difference. If too many pass through (like over 4 or 5 or more), you can always restart the game and try again.
Level 7: The one cannon should be able to take care of most of the creeps the first pass. A few will probably leak unless you get lucky, but it shouldn't be more than just a couple. You should still have plenty of life (if not, then simply restart and try again). When you're done with this level, DON'T FORGET TO UPGRADE YOUR INTEREST! It is crucial, since it adds 5% to your total. Like I say, every little bit adds up!
Level 8: The first air level. Place one fully upgraded air tower in the inside of the maze where it covers the most area. Then, just when it fires its last shot to kill the last creep, if you time it right, you can sell this tower just before the shot hits the creep, then get the gold which is then applied toward interest. It will make a large difference in the long run! Remember, for the first 20 levels or so, every gold piece counts! Use as little as possible! Even a difference of 5 or 10 gold can make a heap of difference over the rest of the game (That's compound interest for you).
Level 9: Add one cannon and place it right on top of the other (trick is described in next spoiler), or else right next to it. Or if you like, in the bottom right corner of the screen. Try to maximize coverage area (the distance of the path covered by the cannon). Upgrade this cannon once.
Level 10: Don't do anything. You should be able to take care of all the creeps if your cannon is placed right. (Keep in mind that not every game is the same, though. Sometimes you may get all in a wave, other times one or two might get through. It's the nature of the game.)
Level 11: Boss Level! Arrow towers work best against the boss. I used two fully upgraded arrow towers near the beginning, covering the most area. When the boss went out of range of both of them, then I sold them for the extra gold, then let my cannons finish it off.
Level 12: Upgrade the second cannon to level 3, and add a new one and upgrade to level 2. Try to place as close together in the corners, or along the right side or top side as you can (trying to cover the most area). If you want to use the "stack on top" trick (cheat/glitch?) then you can place more than one cannon in the same spot. I think it is unlimited. Then you can get optimal coverage for all your cannons.
Level 13: This is a fast level. Upgrade the other cannon to level 3. It should be sufficient, if not overkill.
Level 14, 15, 16: Don't do anything before starting these levels. Your cannon power should be enough, now. You should only have 3 upgraded cannons to level 3 power at this point, on board. (Upgrade interest after level 14!)
Level 17: Air level. I find that the best way is to place air towers where more than one tower hits a creep at the same time, so that they are taking multiple hits. They seem to go down faster this way. So for me, I used 4 fully upgraded air towers placed in the inside of the maze, or anywhere where more than one can hit a creep at the same time. You might be able to get by with three towers (I just wanted to be safe). Then sell them when the creeps go out of each respective tower's range (but only if you are sure that they will finish all of the creeps off in the first pass!). Then time the last one so that you can sell your tower as the last shot is fired from it to kill the last creep, for the extra gold toward interest.
Level 18: add one fully upgraded cannon near the others. Several leaked on me though. You have to decide, though: spend the extra money for another cannon (less money, and therefore points, in the long run), or let a few go by in leaks (this can be a good strategy). You have to decide how many lives you have and if you can sustain a few leaks. If you are low then it is better to play it safe and buy an extra cannon (as little as you can get by with). Try not to spend gold on extra lives until you can get into the 30s levels. The later the better, since they are 40 gold a piece to buy, and you need every gold piece you can save. So it is a decision: buy tower/cannon or hope you have enough lives to allow some leaks. This is how you develop the good strategy to get mega scores.
Level 19: Another fast level. They go by really fast, so it's better to play it safe and add extra cannons for extra fire power, since a lot of leaks can be the death of you if too many go by. I added 3 fully upgraded cannons for 7 total now.
Level 20: do nothing. You have plenty of fire power from the last level, since they go slower here.
Level 21: I did nothing here, but two leaked (maybe just my luck). If you are low in lives, you may want to get another cannon to be safe. If you can spare another life or two, then you can hold off so that your extra gold can be used for interest. (Don't forget to upgrade interest after level 21!)
Level 22: Boss level. I added 8 fully upgraded arrow towers. This boss is tough, but arrows do decent damage to it at least. Don't be afraid to let it leak though. It's only one creature, so each time it goes around it only takes one life. I got it the second time around, then sold my towers as the boss went out of range of them for the extra gold for interest (selling does reduce score, though, so consider carefully... more gold, less score, or more score, less gold (I think selling is better, because the gold gained by interest will more then make up for the score lost)).
OKAY, figure out the rest on your own, now.
Or if not, if you can't stand it or don't want to have to figure out anything on your own and want to see everything revealed, to the loss of the game.....

Level 23: You're beginning to rack up the gold at this point, so you can afford to spend more on extra cannons. But not too much just yet, there's still a lot of levels to go! At this point, I had 3738 gold. I used 13 fully upgraded cannons for this level (better safe then sorry, since they get harder sort of quick. And if you have low lives, you want to be especially sure and be safe). I had overkill, but that only lasted about 2 levels.
Level 24: added nothing. Same 13 cannons.
Level 25: (forgot to write down. I think it was same 13 cannons. Either that or add a couple).
Level 26: Fast level. Added 5 fully upgraded cannons for 18 total. This may or may not work out without a leak, as each game is different.
Level 27: Air level. I used 10 well placed air towers (multiple coverage range). Less maybe can be used, but I wanted to be sure. Again, sell them off when the creeps go out of their range, but be careful. If they leak, you want to be sure and have towers there when they come back around. Sell them off only when you are sure that your remaining towers can dispatch the rest of them. Note: Selling things reduces your score, so pick and choose how many towers you want to build then sell, or if you want to sell at all. Selling gives gold (for more interest and points), but reduces your score (which can be made up easily through interest, though). So you have to decide.
Level 28: Added two fully upgraded cannons. You get another wood here. I decided to go the cannon route all the way, so used it for interest upgrade. If you want, you can use it to get fire cannons (much more powerful), but you still have to spend a lot of gold for them, and even here you should consider where you can save money, if at all, since there's still more levels to go. It still counts. If you use the wood for interest upgrade, it can make a big difference even (just be sure that you can handle having to place maybe 100+ cannons for the bonus levels if you opt not to go with fire or some other elemental). By the end of this level, I had over 11,000 gold, so an extra 5% interest increase means an additional 550 gold for the next level, which compunds itself, still.
Level 29: Added 8 cannons. Overkill, though. At this point, it basically just comes down to adding tons of cannons as the levels get harder.
Level 30: Did nothing.
Level 31: Did nothing still. Still overkill.
Level 32: Fast level. Didn't add anything, but I used the lag technique (described in the other spoiler).
Level 33: Boss level. I now had 36 cannons and 10 arrow towers. I forgot if it leaked. I think it may have once.
Level 34-39: Bonus levels! I stayed with 36 cannons for level 34, but then began adding > for the other levels!!!!!! You have tons of gold if you followed this procedure correctly, and didn't have to buy lives before now, so you can afford it (still, you don't have to put in too much more than you need, though. You can still save a little extra money if you can). Just keep adding as needed. I ended up with 132 cannons, I think, for the final 3 levels. When you get up to level 38 and 39, it pretty much becomes more efficient to just buy lives instead, since you have the gold, and even if you buy extra cannons, the creeps may just leak anyway, then you're out more gold plus lives anyway. Unless you buy super mega tons of cannons! Like 200 or more! (Fire towers do more damage though, so you won't need as many of those.) So just buy lives, as many as you think you will need (within reason), to survive as many creeps as will leak through, then let them run around and around! It gets really crazy the last few levels though. I had to lag the game to get by with the cannons I did, and still was was getting close by the 37th and 38th level (made it without leaks though, but not on the 36th, though). Without the lag, I may have needed more cannons yet (like 200 or more?). You want to have enough cannons, though, that the creeps won't go around too many times. So balance is key. Buy lives mostly, but if you have to buy like 100 or 200 lives or more, then maybe you didn't put in enough cannons! Cost of lives can even add up. With lagging my game, with 132 cannons, the final procession on level 39 even went around a second time, and still took out some close to 40-50 lives when it exited the first time I think! Without lag it probably would have gone many more times and used many more lives up! So choose carefully! I used the lag technique for all of the bonus levels, to try it out. (For details on how to lag a game, see the other Spoiler, but only if you really really want to use this underhanded technique. :oP The lag technique bunches everything up into a small, shortened wave.)

Second Spoiler: The "cheats" that others use for mega scores.

Choose wisely!......

One is a glitch in the game, I think. To stack towers or cannons on top one another, do this: Select a tower or cannon to place from the menu on the right. Then move the mouse pointer and location box (where the tower/cannon will be placed) right over another tower/cannon, but don't click. Now, just press Tab, or Shift+Tab to cycle through the tab locations. When the little selection box where your tower/cannon will go becomes highlighted (it is the same spot that the other tower/cannon is), then press Spacebar. It will then place the new tower/cannon on top of the old one. But one note: When trying to select the right location by Tabbing, I found that one tab location for your mouse cursor spot is the previous underlying tower/cannon, and the other one is your selection box. You want to highlight your selection box then press Spacebar. The highlight box will be a little smaller when the selection box is highlighted then it will be if it highlights a preexisting tower or cannon. That is how you can tell if you have the right one or not. When you find it correctly, then just press spacebar and it will place.
The other trick I learned is this. It is not so much a cheat, per se, rather than an effect of your computer when it plays a game. If you have ever noticed that when you play some certain games while having other memory intensive programs running (or if there is a lot of movement on screen) that it slows down the animation of the game, then that is this trick. Some very clever players figures out how to exploit this to their advantage for this game. I think this can make the difference between a score of 100,000 and a score of 250,000+. I used it in my last game to just give it a try to see how it works.
The way the lag technique goes is like this: When the game slows down due to this form of computer lag (memory intensive action), the creeps tend to bunch up when they are just entering from the top of the screen. A long procession taking up half the maze can be shorted up into the distance that normally only a few creeps would take, or if really drastic, then only one or two. Since cannons have good splash effects, then if all creatures are bunched up into a very small space, then the cannon will do more damage to more creatures when it shoots. It's like launching a grenade at a collection of 10 people versus one or two. It will have greater collective effect in the group. The same with the game. The more the creatures are bunched up, the more damage they will take as a whole when cannons are shot (or other splash effect weapons). The more damage you can do to more creeps, the quicker they will die. This is especially effective on the "Fast" levels. By the lag effect, the creature chain slows down (or appears to), bunches up due to the lag, then the cannons can hit more of them at once, rather than them being spaced out so much. The best effect is to have it lag when the creeps are just entering. If they are bunched up really tight, then you can do a lot of splash damage! IF you have the patience to wait! It took me several hours to go through the game I did, and that was with only the bonus levels and the "fast" levels, and maybe a few others on lag. So A LOT of patience is key!
So how do you lag your computer? Well, load up anything that uses a lot of memory or CPU to process. For me, I was running my antivirus program, which tends to halve the effectiveness of my CPU it seems. That, and loading up multiple instances of my web brower, since it takes a moment for my web browser to load up anyway, and is memory intensive. Imagine loading up 5 or 10 different instances of that at once, simultaneously, and trying to hold all of that in memory? LOTS OF MEMORY USAGE! My computer literally slows to a crawl! So the creeps in the game really bunch up a lot! Even on the very last level, with those boys, which take up the whole maze and them some and then keep on coming...., I was still able to get them all to only a small section of the maze doing this. So anything that slows up your computer will work. This even works on fast computers. I have a 3 GHz Pentium 4 with 1 GB RAM and hyperthreading, and I still slowed mine up. Those with ultra fast machines may need to open many instances of memory intensive programs (or maybe like 20 or 30 instances of a web browser or something else), but it should work. For those with much slower machines, this will be a piece of cake. Maybe only opening up one or two other programs might work.
Well, anyway, that is what I found. So now you all who claim that 200,000+ is literally impossible, I tell you that it isn't. Sure, you use some crafty techniques, but it isn't a cheat in the loosest sense more than it is clever exploitation of the game. So if those who have such scores claim they didn't cheat, this may be how they did it. Not cheating per se more then it is just being clever, or utilizing a game glitch.
Oh, and also, it still IS possible to get high scores without these techniques. I still got over 100,000 without using lag or stacking techniques. For this, it's just very clever strategy in where and when you place your towers. I think cannons are more effective. Just try to place them where they have the maximum coverage range, and where they can shoot at the procession from one side, and let it pass fully, before shooting at them from the other side. The cannons always shoot at the head of the line. I think it might be the same for all weapons. Spend as little as you possibly can, and don't be afraid to allow a strategic leak here and there if it will give you more gold. Saving 9, 24, or 50 gold from a cannon to allow a leak or two can pay off significantly in the long run (but carefully plan your leaks. You don't want to run out of lives to early! It's worse to have to pay for lives too early in the game!). If I did my math right, not placing one level one cannon (9 gold) in the second wave could come out to a gain of possibly as much as around 15,000 gold by the end of wave 39, give or take! So sometimes forfeiting a safety cannon for as little as a round or two can add up. Take everything into account. 100,000, even 200,000, is possible this way.
Okay, I rambled on enough.
Hope this helps all of you who were stumped hopelessly into despair! And for those of you who knew about this, maybe now this can help the others who didn't from complaining so much and taking up posts, thus more peace for us all. ;-P

Or for more information, go visit the forums page of the game website.

vu minh trong May 23, 2007 6:18 AM

141,574 using only cannons. all interest. Currently 10 on leader board.
Thanks strategy naioshi.

anonymous May 26, 2007 11:53 AM

what is i/i/i/f?


I just got to lvl 39... and guess what? i was short exactly 10 gold...
needed 40 for a life, got only 30...
and it was the last guy alive...

I: suck.
The game: rocks.

annonamus July 1, 2007 9:18 PM

I have a small trick that might help you get 200,000/ 200k+ points in "Element TD! some of you may know some of these but here are a few hints and what not to do.

~What NOT to do to get points~

1. dont just make a ton of cannons all at level 1 it wont get you to high.

2. If you get a wood ONLY USE IT ON "BUY TO INTEREST RATE TO ...%" don't buy fire elements or anything they wont make you get points!

3. Don't Keep wasting your money every turn wait until you get 10,00/ 10k+ to start buying a lot

4.Don't keep buying things then selling them it makes your score and your money go down!

~Ways To get money and Good score~
only look if you really need to

1.Save money so your interest keeps going up and you make more money!
2.At the beginning of the game only start out with one cannon at lvl 1 and keep leveling it every time until then you have to put another (you shouldn't put it right next to the other one).
3.When its a air lvl buy some Air weapons, and right before everything dies Sell them as fast as you can! you get more Interest!
4.On the Last 3 lvls thats lvl 36-39 you should have every space covered in cannons and you should have at least 50,000/50k+ money left over and you will nead to buy 40-75 lives still with that money its good.
5. Don't waste all of your money on the last lvl for random reasons like buying thousands of lifes it wont do anything all it will do is make your score lower cause at the end your money will go in your score. but only about every 10 money will you get one point its still good if you have 100,000/100k+ money.
6. Add a few cannons every turn after level 15 it will make it easier, on bose levels add a lot more and when you get to level 33 half your screen should be covered so when you get to level 30 just add like 15 every time.
Note how to do that, When you do it half/Quarter or 3/4 when you do any your clicker should always be on the grass or else it WONT work (its hard to explain).
8. A way to get Money is to Not spend money if you keep spending your money you wont make any.
These are some hits of how to make a lot of money its kind of hard when your not showing it. If you need to watch one/need further assistance you can go to "" and type in "Flash Element TD" there are some video's of people doing element TD its easy to follow thats how i Started but i don't use it any more.

Hope you figure it all out read what I wrote at the bottom if you don't get everything that will help/show you exactly What to do


hey are there cheats for this game?


i have beaten this game a lot of times and i hope jay makes a new verision A LOT LIKE THIS GAME but w/more upgrades and stuff.i think he has made a few more but i want 1 like this. thanx jay


i reach 229k.

the max (300k) is arrive at level 17 with 1420 gold, if not you fail.


i got to level 39 (HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE). those little chicken-like things, worth like 30g each, but there was too many and i ran out of lives even with 8 rocket towers

Anonymous August 11, 2007 2:38 AM

Can anyone tell me how did you get the bunos round???
I try & try but still I don't get the bunos at the end of lvl39 please help!!!


Hey guys, this is the beset way to win, i won the game with 150k points and made #1 highscores, the objective is to use as lil money as possible, and use as lil stuff as you can to be the game! anyways, the way to do is on the first air build 1 air tower in the middle some might leak but its ok, remember to upgrade fully though, then sell all of your air towers, on the 2nd wave of airs, build 4 top, middle, and bottom, and right, fully upgrade it. then sell all but 1 to let your interest build higher before the end of the round, then sell the last one, on the 3rd wave of air, build 7 fully upgrade towers and ditto from lvl 2, USE UR LVL 7, 14, 21, 28 wood on interest, use your last 35 wood to get fire towers, to win the game for you.


this is a walkthrough...i was hoping to get things like this

start out with arrows
then go to cannons after you have upgraded arrows to full, THEN upgrade your cannon to full start buying air towers by the time you have upgraded all of them to full it will be an air lvl

p.s. also buy cannons when you have money left over


put cannon at the top right to the point where it can get three sides. put good weapons around that area buy intrest everytime cept the first time but fire the first time. dont get carried away with spending cause i can finish 50k gold+ and 234k points. believe me!

Anonymous October 27, 2007 9:30 PM

The game ends at level 39? Lame. I thought that was pretty easy.


The game ends at level 39.It's so easy!