Pascale you're complicating things a bit too much.

If you have a great gross and you divide it between 12 people everyone of them gets a gross, now he trades in 13 apples for 20 oranges. How much do they have? Remember you have to type in the number of apples+oranges.

If that doesn't help: 1728 divided by 12= 144
144 - 13apples = 131 + 20 oranges = 151 apples and oranges


Th only comment that has been made about 75 hasn't even been answered yet....Please help I know its fast food but I just can't figure out the clue in the source code.


I'm having trouble with 44 (elton john "sir" name), tried everything, his real name, his artist name, with sir, without, nothing seems to work. Any clues?



The source code relates to a description in the list. Source code says, "What's MOST important?" Read the list again and after that, ask what's most important. The list actually says what it is.


never mind! Got it! I just misspelled it before i guess...


thanks so much for the help! :D after i got past lvl 33 it started to get easier and eaiser.... that is.. until i got to lvl 36 T_T heheh....

i'll feel like such a bother if i ask this again but... help?? please?


uh... scratch my last post ;X

i need help with *37*


please i need help on #82. I did the math but google is not my friend on this one



Is this the Bart Simpson one? If so,

Just look for the misspelled words

Put the incorrect letters together


what is 37 again?


aghh! need sum help with #39! please! i tried putting every one of their names into the url but none of them have worked so far


I can't get 44.


oh my goodness thank you so much chelle! i had the answer since the very beginning... but i thought it was an anagram and it came up to be


but that just wouldnt work! thanks so much for the help!!! =D

and now i am stuck on lvl 39 :X
gosh.. i feel very idiotic since i keep on asking for help.. these riddles just keep getting trickier and trickier..


haha! forget about my last post. i just figured out number 39! but it was a pain in my bootay!!! >:D

on to 40!


I got 44, but 45....

I googled, and got the first name, last name and #.

I get the BIG STOP SIGN???


currently i am on lvl 49 and i think im in big trouble.
i know what i have to do

i have to go back to those listed levels and take the first letter in the titles... so i would have to go back in my history and find them again...

the only problem.... my history is cleaned out... :X

i would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me the answer so i won't have to go back and redo all of it again... if i do i might give up and i really dont want to.... :(


wow... i never thought i would get this far... im on lvl 56 right now and i have no clue on how to decode the numbers... ive tried googling

Substitution ciphers

but nothing has worked out.. i think i found out what


mean but i'm not exactly sure.... someone please help me with lvl 56!!! PLEASE!


Yeah, I'm stuck at 56, but I can't even figure out the


or what it means. Can someone help on this part? I don't get it. And I have been on this question for days.


I think I had 56 earlier. To reiterate:

This one you don't have to get too far, the first two lines, maybe. The numbers have a primer or cipher at the bottom. Translate that word. Once you know what that is, apply that to each number. The results are in another numeric language that relates to letters. Once you get the first few done, you can google one line and get the answer. It does take a long time.


AZ, I'm in the same boat.


I need some serious help on riddle 78. the one wich the flags, and wich flag doesn't belong? i've idea where to look or what to think. any help please?

gambinobug January 6, 2007 2:44 PM

Could someone help me with 27.

I converted but everything I try is wrong. I know I have to convert it back

I have tried

happy, glad, be happy, be glad, smile,

HELP!! I have been here for hours

Monkeybelly January 6, 2007 3:05 PM

56 is bugging me, and I really don't get your gist xadrian? I have no clue how to begin.

I have translated the word but don't understand how to use that tranlastion adn the number to apply to the other numbers?
Is it a riderct translation, or just the letters in the word and the number 13 do something to help you. And if so, I don't understand how that works. Any push or nudge to just get started is greatly appreciated.


82 is bugging me ...I know absolutely nothing about baseball, HELP PLEASE!
Thanks in advance.

VampOfAShadow January 6, 2007 5:46 PM

I dont get 23!!!! like at all!!! I tried using the other help things on this page but i dont get it!!! I feel like a total idiot!!!


for 82 insert the words into google and add baseball. Normaly you should get it from there.
Someone please help me with # 83.

What is 23?


i don't get #23, the 5th sign is confusing


please help me im really stuck for 2 days on 83

VampOfAShadow January 7, 2007 4:07 PM

ya ok i got it now but now im stuck on 30....... everyone is getting it!!!! I dont!!!! please help...

VampOfAShadow January 7, 2007 10:47 PM

ok...ummmm im on 50 right now but i cant get it....

Ive translated middle into italian and i got "centrale" its not helping me at all...... i really need help.....


VampOfAShadow, for #50,

look for the keyword in the title and apply it to each word

Can anyone help with #56. I know what I have to do but I can't seem to find the right site to translate. Any suggestions?


VampOfAShadow try - you have the wrong translation

VampOfAShadow January 8, 2007 12:48 PM

I still need help. Im still not getting it...


I still dont get number 50....i need help


I still need help... #42 was easy to find, thanks to Google, but #47 is much more difficult...

From a french point of view, baseball is an exotic and incomprehensible sport... Baseball, homeruns, homers... that's gibberish, for me ! (o;


if you tell what the level is about i can give you a hint. Is there anyone who can help me with level 86 please.


nevermind got it


VampOfAShadow i have no idea how to help you except to just say it ... but lemme try it like this...

words like "di" "in" "la" and "nel" aren't important, using them would be like saying "in middle" or "the middle". hm, hope it helps.


I can't get 83 how the hell did you get 83!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP! Please! I would really appreaciate it.


need help with 53!

what i got so far for ink is pen... am i in the right track? oh, and pencil doesnt work...


ilse, #47 says :

"Name the only baseball player to hit the most homers in a single round in a Home Run Derby"

Well, I can't even name any baseball player...


Pascale, i barely knew any baseball players too, except for Derek Jeter ;P but

wikipedia gave me the answer.... try searching for things like "record number of homers in a round, or most homers in a round... i found the anser in a chart..."

so dont give up Pascal!!!
aghh!! i'm still stuck on lvl 56!! i've been stuck on it for like... 4 or 5 days already! :X xadrian, your hints did let me know what to do.. i just need to find a way to do it...
i've tried google, wikipedia, dictionary, random translation sites.... none of them are telling me what answer!
i tried looking at

Substitution ciphers, but i'm not even sure thats the right thing..

then i think i've found what feloszt means, but i dont understand how you can apply that definition to every group of numbers... maybe i've got the wrong idea. im not really sure.. can you help a fellow riddler out?? :]


okay, i figured out the meaning of the bottom word and number (see spoiler)

feloszt means divide, so you have to divide each of the numbers by 13

but now i'm lost. i've done the first line, but now what?


sorry, i forgot to say the previous post was about number 56


ok wow i figured it out. very cool

use to convert your decimal ASCII to text. (the numbers you get after dividing are in decimal ASCII)

so for the first line i got:

the man who (there is a space at the end)

i guess i need to do it all now... sheesh


ok someone help... #60 i thought i knew what i was doing but it isn't working

i know they are all m. night shyamalan movies and i have tried his name in every way possible and even tried the movie that is missing! Nothing works!!! help!


Thank you, AZ, I'm going to search again... I have to admit that I hate this kind of question which is not a really a riddle.
I'm searching in the english version of Wikipedia and I'm still stuck :
Even the single word « homerun » returns no answer...
The only thing I found is in the general article about baseball :

« The number of home runs increased dramatically after the strike. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa both shattered Roger Maris's long-standing single season home run record in the late 1990s. In 2001, Barry Bonds established the current record of 73 home runs in a single season. Bonds has also gone on to hit more homers in his career than any player other than Henry Aaron. »

Unfortunately, none of these names works...

Maybe the answer is « steroids » ? (((o;


wow! i just got past lvl 56!! it took me about 5 or 6 days to do it.. but its better than nothing!! I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me on this and i wish the best of luck to anyone else who comes to this lvl ;D

on to lvl 57!! >:D


haha, thats a pretty good guess Pascal ;P

but if you still cant get the answer

you COULD try going to google. type in homerun records.. and checking one the links down there. just make sure you dont click on the "Did you mean: home run records" because that wont give you the answer ;D

hope that was a helpful enough hint. and good luck!!


by the time i finish this riddles of riddles 100... im not going to have any hair left from me ripping them out because of frustration!
i just finish lvl 56 and now im stuck on lvl 57 which shouldb e short and simple.. but its not!

i've tried typing in pencil, pencap, eraser, carbon... i really am at a loss right now...

agh.. please someone help!!


Oh AZ, you're so close!

It's 3 letters.

What word changes with 3 letters from "a tool that uses ink" to "a tool that uses lead?"


wow thank you so much xadrian!!! i cant believe it took me that long just for a 3-letter answer!! :X i feel like such a dolt...

well i'll start lvl 57 right after i go cry in a corner :P haha


At the moment, i'm stuck on lvl 71.... i've figured out what each thing is individually AND generally. i've tried everything like

puting their names in separatly, all together, the elements, basic elements... i'm really at a loss... i know im missing something... but what



how many elements are there?


xadrian, i bow down to your riddle solving greatness ;D

i feel like punching myself in the face since it was just so simple...


Thank you AZ. Anyway, I think I'm going to give up. First I had to make out that I should search on (even if I type, I'm redirected to quite boring...
Then, the most relevant site seems to be
As far as I can understand this sport giberrish, the answer seems to be one I had already found on Wikipedia : Barry Bonds... but this doesn't work.
Neither do Hank Greenberg, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth...

Will you believe me if I say that I find this riddle very very very boring ? (-:


pascale, I think you're making that one harder than it is.


If you type in "most home runs home run derby" into Google, the first result has your answer.

Make sure you check the page source as well.


Thanks to Google, I can get the links, but not the right answer. I guess I've tried dozens of names, and I still can't find the right one. I give up.

I saw the hint in the source code.



Have someone the answer?


bigred4601 January 12, 2007 5:02 PM

Can someone tell me who the Hilarious Hairy Man is in #85?

bigred4601 January 12, 2007 5:04 PM

Can someone tell me who the Hilarious Hairy Man is in #85?


Gah! I feel stupid! I can't figure out number 36. I bet it's easy isn't it? ¬¬


Ok, I'm on 78, and I found which flag does not belong. I just can't figure out what country it is from. Oh, and if you are stuck, the phrase on the bottom is a hint.


GAH! I can't figure out number 73. I have no idea where to start. I need help, but nobody else seems to have had trouble with this...

bigred4601 January 14, 2007 3:45 AM

Sam, for level 78, look at this website:

Then pay close attention to the title of the puzzle.
waycooler, for level 73

First you need to know the names behind the numbers.

Then you need to know how those people relate to the numbers in the picture.

One of the numbers is wrong.

bigred4601 January 14, 2007 3:50 AM

Wolven, for level 36

Three terms should give this away fairly quickly...Pacific, Jail, Luxury Tax.

Board Game

Do not pass GO

chuflillas January 14, 2007 10:57 AM

I must be a bit stupid cause I'm stuck on #40 and nobody was....May ombody help me?PLEASE


# 44....i've tried all I can think of....any help??? Thanks :)


Sam, im stuck on the same lvl as you.. just one step behind.... ;P heheh

bigred4601, i looked at the website you gave.. but that made me even more confused.. beacuse all of the flags are listed on there.. and now i have no clue which one doesn't belong


Never mind, I already got past it. I just had to type in all of the names until one worked. Now I'm on 82, and I know where it's from, and I know the name, but when I answer, it says it is wrong.

bigred4601 January 14, 2007 7:26 PM

Level 78 with the flags.

Yes, all the flags are on that page, but one of the flags represents something a bit different from the others.

Look closely at the site, it mentions 10 of something and 3 of something else.

One of the flags is for one of the 3.

The title of the puzzle gives a big hint as to what you are looking for.

Still can't get it?


bigred4601 January 14, 2007 7:30 PM

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out level 85? I would really like to finish this game and I am completely clueless who the hairy funny man is.


wow, thanks so much bigred4601. when i tried to put all the names in there, i never took out the word territory in my answer ;P gah... i feel really dumb...

but now im on 82 and i need a small hint

i'm pretty sure the answer should be why... and i found the position to be shortstop. but when i try them, i still cant get the answer. i've tried suing them individually. combined. i'm really at a loss here guys =[

bigred4601 January 15, 2007 5:06 PM

Level 82

Down at the bottom of the page.


Now I'm on 47. I know what the answer is, but it has the stop sign!

isn't is bobbyabreu_41.htm ?I get the stop sign...


Wolven, try checking the source code. It should tell you the format for the answer.

Meanwhile, I'm on 83 now, and I don't get what I'm supposed to do. I did the math problem, and translated my numbers according to the key, but it doesn't seem to mean anything. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is.

Confuzzled January 16, 2007 7:46 PM

Just to clarify, the creator of Riddles of Riddles in all its forms isn't "Mark". The domain belongs to Mark, but he's a family member of the creator. In case you wanted to know.

bigred4601 January 17, 2007 3:13 AM

Sam, for level 83

The translated bits should be:


try taking the translated bits and put them in quotation marks and search google.

PS When you finally make it to level 85, please send me a hint so that I can continue this game.


But that's what I'm putting there!

I'm putting his first and last name, underscore, and then the number of homeruns! Or does it mean all of his homeruns ever?


For the secret level, and I hope this works.

The number you type in to start, count the letters, that becomes the second number, count thouse letters, that becomes teh next number, until you get to the number 4, 4 has 4 letters so it always becomes itself, and I guess that is cosmic.


Thanks bigred. I now know what I was doing wrong. As for 85

Google the first four words in the quote

bigred4601 January 17, 2007 7:28 PM

wolven, Level 47

you have 17 runs too many

Should be


bigred4601 January 18, 2007 1:51 AM

Thank you Sam, I thought I tried that, and even after I tried it again, I had trouble. (Darn Quote marks)

All finished.. Finally


ahhh!! i finished! 959 person!! woot! still under 1000!!!! im so proud of myself ^_^ i would like to thank everyone who helped me with Riddles of Riddles 100, and good luck to current riddlers!!!

is there an actual answer you can type for the secret riddle?


44 is ticking me off, i know the name but nothing fits

Tanya Sisk January 20, 2007 10:05 AM

Need help with level the mispell from the title supposed to help and google isn't helping ARGH !!

bigred4601 January 20, 2007 1:26 PM

Donald, For Level 44

First thing, check the source page. It tells you the format. Also remember to use all lowercase and no spaces.

use all 3 names

His initials are RKD

Can't get it?



ohhhhhh, got it now, wow that one was easy, thanks a bunch!

stillwater January 20, 2007 6:38 PM

i need help with level 80.

i've tried anagraming but i haven't got anything yet. how important are the colors?


bigred4601 January 21, 2007 1:42 PM

stillwater, read the previous posts on this forum. Do a search for 80, and you will pretty much have the answer.

Tanya, for level 40

The letters are all initials for very famous plays.


i don't get number 4..
i've looked at all of the hints and i don't get it. can i just get the answer?


For 4,

take the letters from the corners of the square.


48 HELP!!!!

so far i've got mile and either about or above. I think the connective is either "i" or "o". After putting that into an anagram solver...I don't get anything that's helpful. Someone please help, I don't want to take this to DAY 3


I've got the word


but now I've got no idea what to do with it. Hints...answer...anyone?


Okay, this is sad, but can someone give me a hint for #8?

I saw the "Confuzzled made this Riddle. Credit given to her" part of the source code.

I tried confuzzled.htm and I also looked it up on google (found confuzzled's website, but it didn't provide any information).

Do you actually answer the "Who am I?" question? Or is it something more cryptic?

Of course this'll be something I'll smack my head over later.


can anyone help with 27?

I don't even have a clue what to do.

Doookie March 9, 2007 1:05 AM

I'm kind of a noob do you get past level 6?


hi all, i need a tip on lvl 7 pls.


I need help with 45


please help on 38
i feel really stupid...