Ok... I'm well and truly stumped for the first time. I've been racking my brains over this one for far too long. It's #48. Part of it is obvious. The other part isn't.

translate?? how?? the only definition i can come up with is "on". I'm thinking onramp, etc.. because there's a pic of a highway but then that doesn't lead to a 10 letter word, doesn't involve the word "mile" etc... and most importantly.. the word "on" ISN'T 5 LETTERS LONG!!!! Arghh. I'm going to bed.



for #18

search for kelloggs on wikipedia



Can anyone help with 52? i have the picture but it doesn't seem to help with anything. any help would be really welcome as I've been on this one for a LOOOONG time now


any help with 52 would be greatly appreciated, i have the picture, but it doesn't help



for 48

translate it from a different language to english
also there is another clue in the source code


Thanks for help on 41 but now I'm having trouble on 43 I've converted the number to letters and have

sir Elton

I've put that into an anagram solver but i can't find two words that go with glasses.


Thank you on 54. I was actually putting in

all of the names of the countries together, not separately.

Salamand, for 43,

you just said the answer.


Torquil: I'm guessing you entered the word into an automated translator? Try searching for a spanish/english dictionary and see what comes up there.

I'm pretty stuck on 80. I've gotten what seems to be the obvious part:


I'm not sure what to do with that. I tried a few things that are examples of that... I even tried


. No dice.


Oh man... disregard my previous question, I failed to try the most obvious thing =)


I really don't feel like looking up Harry Potter things. I don't own the books nor will I be able to navigate my way around them. Can anyone give more "help" to riddle 35? Whether it's the answer to get to 36, or what I should google, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
- Olto


Olto, I pretty much know the books word for word, and it didn't even manage to figure out what all the letters are supposed to be. But here are some hints, (they get more spoilerish as they go).

Hogwarts Houses (you probably knew that much)

Try wikipedia instead of google

Each house has it's own distinctive traits

Possible words for the first letter in each quadrant are:





Not sure what else to say without just saying it...

green is slytherin

This next one is just going to be the flatout answer

Ok, not really, but pretty much: there are 3 adjectives in the first sentence describing that house.

it starts with 'c'

really? ok, here it is:



can someone give me a little push on lvl 46 List the letters?

i saw the numberings in the source, but do i have to do with them? do i need to pick out 2 letters from each phrase and then anagram all of them??


nevermind.. solved #46 ! yay! onto 47!


THANK YOU!!! Happy New Year Bryan


need help again on #56
i translated the word, did the math, then i m lost..


#56 HELPFUL hint

Ascii Table

Can someone offer help for #80? Thanks


re: 48. Yay! I was just using a very limited online translator.


Ok, I had to create a TypeKey account just so I could get help on one level. I really need help with Level 30. From what I can tell, it is a number, not a name. I went on several help sites, but I can't figure it out. Apparently there is something in the source code but I can't find it.


Look at the title bar. it's very important!

notice how it says "Coup d'etat"? that's another word for something...


it stands for "revolution"

find out what it's another word for, and search for what Coup d'etat happened in 1989 (no, it's not Romanian)



what Kellogg cereal has a green rooster on it?

Corn Flakes


just his first name and it has to be in all lowercase!!!


it has to do the last of something...


Last Letters!

it's an anagram. use my anagram solver link posted below

Here's a link to an anagram solver (works very fast, might i add): http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagott.html


forgot to mention, i'm stuck on 22 :(


EMDF 22:

There is something peculiar about certain letters in the paragraph. Find what it is, and put them all together.


I must be an idiot because I can't figure out #50 even with the clues. Can someone just send me the answer?!

dazedandconfuzed December 30, 2006 9:49 PM

I am on 57. I know I have the right answer from the clues I got (what uses ink and what uses lead) but the url will not accept my answer. Please help. Maybe I am thinking of the wrong item. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


#30: Are you sure that it's this level that you're having problems with? This one is pretty straightforward.

You're looking for the name of an actor


I've been stuck on #54 for what seems like forever.

I have the names of the countries, and I've entered them individually, so that I have the additional clues. I assume that the extra clues add up an anagram of something that the countries all have in common, or belong to. But no idea what it might be.


Oh, duh. Thank you, chelle. The first clue made it obvious. Why didn't I think of it earlier?


I figured out 33!!!

Now I'm stuck at 37. I've picked out all the letters repeated but it doesn't form a word.


24 please!! i am sooo stuck!

i got the message but i cant figure out what im supposed to use as the answer.


got 54 finally

enter each country individually and it will give you a letter


chelle for 54

this guys site is useful for anagrams!!! http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html


you know i really should read some of the previous posts!!! doh!


I'm stuck on number 20. I read Xadrian's hints, but I don't understand them. Please, somebody to help me ?

dazedandconfuzed December 31, 2006 8:55 AM

Someone please help me. I have read all the previous posts about 57 and the it won't accept my answer. I am going crazy over this. Please help.


I'm having difficulty with 48, the 10 letter word. So far i have:

mile, serio

if those are right could someone tell me and any hints for the one letter word?


Frootbat: Thank you for #5454. I was missing one letter, so what I had didn't work in the anagram sites!

Salamand, #48

you need to translate sobre again, using a better spanish-english dictionary. Here's the site I used: http://www.spanishdict.com/AS.cfm?e=sobre. It will give you a better selection of words to try.

If, after that, you need more help

the background photo is a big clue


guys how in the world do you figure out 38?! help!


I'm stuck on 30, and there are no other posts!!! Help anyone, or am I just lame and stupid?


Ok, stuck again, this time at 46. I have no idea what to do.


Look at the entire source code

you can google the riddle in the source code


you're looking for an actor's name

so who played all of those parts?

BIG spoiler

one of the movies is The Truman Show


the source code will tell you which letters you need of each clue


Xadrian, you already have the answer for #22 (don't forgot any letter, anyway).
Well, I've found the solution for #20, but now I'm stuck on #24.
It was easy to find who said those wise words...
but nothing works... I tried













I don't understand what to do with the title « too many symbols ! » Some of them are bold, but that doesn't make sense for me.

I hope I have correctly use the spoilers tags...


heeeeelp meeeeee im stuck at #35 i've tried almost everything but its saying WRONG. please

Monkeybelly January 1, 2007 9:26 PM

Having problems also with 24! Any help would be greatly appreciated! You guys have been oh so helpful with your clues so far


Ok, I'm at 51, but I don't have Excel, so I can't get this one. Can someone help me?


I feel like doing something useful for once... what I don't get done tonight, I'll try to get tomorrow..


0 getgoing
1 12
2 phone
3 bell
4 idea
5 2,6,3,9 (as if on a number pad) or "addition"
6 my
7 hi
8 u2
9 quarterfinalist
10 (whole url) http://www.lautman.net/riddlesofriddles2/woman/quarterfinalist.htm


11 elvispresley
12 maple
13 12
14 currency
15 brutus
16 industrial
17 frenchrevolution
18 cornelius
19 transport
20 dozens


God, I feel stupid. I'm stuck on 37 for 2 days, and can't get any work done because I keep going back to it.
I could really use some hints, or I'm afraid I will never get this paper done.



It's not who said it, it's the last word in the saying. See how on the image there is a blank line?


51 for those without Excel.

You would have blanked out the cells in excel leaving you with a negative image of the word "hit."


About #24

I feel completly stupid, but I can't see any

blank line...
I've tried
injusticeanywhereathreatjustice (the last word of each line)
and the last letter of each line... still wrong


Can someone help me on #23 it's been driving me crazy for like 2 hours and i cant get can someone please HELP!!!!!



look up semaphore in a search engine, find a chart of those symbols, make the word


The image reads, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice _______." Finish the sentence.

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 1:32 PM

Regarding my previous comment i know you have to use semaphore alphabet but some of the signs aren't there i mean they just aren't there and now thats driving me crazy!


Thanks, xadrian ! I still feel stupid, but I've got it ! (o;

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 1:41 PM

what is the answer to 24?



this goes back to a comment I made a few days ago about some words that didn't quite spell anything, but if you guessed at the actual word it would work.
In this instance, the word is GESTICULATE, but they messed up the "i" symbol so you're left with GEST and CULATE and then a reverse X. So I made a guess at the word. I know I gave it to you, just be careful, there's more of those "Well it might be this" as you go along.

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 1:42 PM

what is the answer to 24?

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 1:49 PM

thanks xadrian i knew i wouldn't find the answer without a smart person's help


i just told you


blueslash - you're not doing the spoiler tags correctly. You're using the angle brackets but you need to type the word "spoiler" between them like this...

what is the answer to 24? <spoiler>is it anywhere?</spoiler>

If you simply enclose text within the angle brackets the browser will skip it since it is an invalid HTML tag.

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 1:54 PM

oh sorry jay

like this jay?


Ah, my apologies. 23 semaphore, 24 is the fill in the blank.

No, it's not. But close. It's an MLK quote. If you just type "injustice anywhere" into google, the first result gives you the answer.

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 2:31 PM

ok thanks xadrian


You've got it now, blueslash! =)

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 2:44 PM

on number 27 i got all the numbers but what do i do with them?

4 15 14 20

2 5

19 14

please help!!!!

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 2:54 PM

what do you do on 28 i mean i dont get it.

Please help



Well, for starters, it's one word. It's given you some clues as to the letters in the word. It's given you some clues as what the word is synonymous with. It also gives a common phrase the word is tied to. Not a terribly hard one.
How about "_______ George." Old wrestler.

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 3:22 PM

im not a wrestling fan


Neither am I, but I have access to a search engine and dictionary.com.

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 3:52 PM

can you please teme because i am not good at these word solvers

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 3:54 PM

tell me


And yet you're playing a riddle game.



blueslash1 January 2, 2007 4:09 PM

well i like riddle games but not the ones where thay give you clues to solve a word

anyway now im stuck on 32 so can i have a hint please

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 4:33 PM

anyone wanna help me on #32 please i would appreciate it.


"well i like riddle games but not the ones where they give you clues to solve a word"

that's the definition of a riddle. you don't want help, you want answers.


All those are specific muscles, and they belong to a large group of muscles. That group has a numeric name. The "riddle" is in the form of an equation, so it's looking for a word/number for an answer. Like "bi" or "tri".

blueslash1 January 2, 2007 11:33 PM

i dont get anything you do with the song or anything because im not a reader or happy potter fan and i dont have the book

bigred4601 January 3, 2007 4:21 AM

Ok, I have to give in and ask for a little bit of a hint on level 37. I realize it is simple and I am over thinking it, but I haven't been able to understand the clues that I have found on the forums.

Monkeybelly January 3, 2007 7:35 AM

Having difficulty with #48

I believe I have sobre = about or above
and the second word is mile. I do not have the connector?
is this an anagram once I figure out the connector?
Do I have the words right?

Monkeybelly January 3, 2007 7:40 AM

nevermind about 48, I got it.

its an anagram, and the picture helps alot.



I'm still « AFRAID of BEES » though I saw the hint

in the source code

Maybe the solution is an idiomatic phrase that I've never heard...?



Anything weird about the words on the blackboard?

The answer is directly referencing both the title of the page and the issues with Bart's statement.

It's not even an anagram.


Okay, for 71. The Essentials - any help as to how I enter the answer?

I have tried putting each answer written out in full as one word

I also put in the general term for the group as a whole

Any ideas?


I need help with 37


can anyone help with 82 the title funny players

I know the answer

should be why but it isn't working

any ideas????? i've also tried a few other things but I'm sure that should be right

at least reading the script has made me laugh

bigred4601 January 3, 2007 1:39 PM

Thank you for the hint. Like I said, I was trying to over think it.

My problem was that I kept trying to

make an anagram out of extra letters


use a synonym for "more" or "extra", I even tried to use a synonym for the word the anagram machine spit out.


Re: 71 - got it - I was missing something...


Re: 71 - got it - I was missing something...


got 82, had to watch it on google video!!!! watch what?
no who

blueslash1 January 3, 2007 2:56 PM

can someone please help me on number 35? please im not a harry potter fan at all please help me.


i've been stuck on lvl 28 for the past two days and i still can't figure it out!

i've tried using dozens of words and none of them have worked!

help would be greatly appreciated =]


aha! nvm! i figured it out

apparently there is more than one name for a fear of bees.

but now i'm stuck on 33... and i feel as if i know how to do it... but i just can't get the answer. is this right?

don't peak if you didn't even attempt to solve it first ;P

you start out with a certain amount of apples... then you divide that amount by 12... but how can you give out a baker's dozen when you only have 12 apples?! and what's with the score of oranges? =(


Just finished this one last night. Normally I find these kind of riddle games to be way too hard but this one was just right. None of the answers required much of any kind of previous knowledge.


I haven't seen that anyone else is having trouble with Level 75, but I just can't seem to put it together. Does anyone have a tiny nudge?


need help with 71 . . . figured out each individual riddle . . . don't know what whole answer is . . . someone please help

bigred4601 January 4, 2007 3:47 AM

AZ, For level 33

A "Great Gross" is more than a "Gross"


Think back on The Gettysburg Address, "4 Score and 7 years ago..." "score" is an amount.

Can some one throw a hint my way on level 50?


#33 I'm stuck on this level though it was not difficult to find what is a great gross, a baker's dozen and a score.

A great gross is 1728 apples. So, each friend receives 144 apples (a gross) and will exchange them at this rate : 13 apples for 20 oranges.
The only logical possibility that I see is that each person trades in 143 (11 baker's dozens) apples and keeps one. So, he (or she) has got 1 apple + (20 * 11) oranges, ie : 221 fruits.
But this results seems to be wrong ! The answer is not 221.htm nor two hundredsandtwentyone.htm



it's only one bakers dozen according to the instructions ...... as far as I remember

finally finished!!! did anyone else find the secret riddle???? i have no idea what it's on about ....cosmic!!;-)


Thanks a lot, Frootbat, you're right, you saved me from despair ! (o;


Help me help you. As you may have seen earlier, I'm working on a massive sopiler comment thing, but I can't seem to get level 28. If any of you lent me a hand, I would be slightly dissappoionted unless the hand had the url of the next level on it, but any answers or even just clues (if you that way) would be appreciated. Thanks- .:Mev...


Um, when i try to view the source, nothing happens. can anyone tell me why it wont work? or maybe im totally missing something? thank you!



you're looking for midpoints

bigger hint

notice how each word has an odd number of characters?

even bigger hint

take the center letter from each word, and read down each column


Feeling kinda stoopid with #56.
Have applied the directions at the bottom of the page, but need help with the rest of the translation. Can someone suggest a link that works???