Jay June 25, 2012 3:20 PM replied to elle

I started in Brazil so I have airports all over South America. Thanks for the info on this event, I'll definitely participate in this one. :)


Pocket Planes Trading Post!

We have created a special page for community members to swap and trade aircraft parts and Game Center friend codes. Feel free to post requests for parts and replies to existing comments for trading on this page only:

Jayisgames Pocket Planes Trading Post

I'll be going through the comments on this page and moving all the comments that pertain to parts trading and Game Center ID swapping, and moving them over to the new page.

Thank you for being part of the #JAYISGAMES Flight Crew! :D

captainrapton June 25, 2012 5:48 PM

Yeah, a trading post makes sense. Thanks Jayisgames!


I send a fly full with bux people in total was 4 bux to berlin for the 25% bonus and only gave me 4 bux :c

[The 25% bonus for Bux jobs is paid in coins, not Bux. -Jay]


A question:
If I recieve parts of Equinox, i can build it?
Im level 10

Gabester5 June 25, 2012 9:45 PM

I have airpots in the midwest region mostly in michigan and canada and i have 30,000 dollars. Would you suggest saving up for the New York or buy multiple smaller airports or just a big one... i am level 6 by the way!


Im already helping out on the global event, bought Sao Paulo to ship planes to Santiago.
It was worth it, but little short on planes though


Version (1.0.3) now available

Be sure to update your game right away as this update has some important bug fixes.


Having a large Class 3 airport is great for jobs, it's also a good investment for later in the game when they become more important. So, yeah, if you can swing it, NY is a good city to have.

Gabester5 June 26, 2012 1:56 PM

This sounds like a dumb question but it seems like i have been playing for a while and im almost level 7 and i havent really accomplished anything or expanded... any suggestions or strategies i could use to get better?


Is anyone else having problems with achievements? I had the transatlantic display (at my first trip across the Atlantic) yet it didn't update the list of achievements. I read that they had some problems with achievements and recommended resetting and trying again, which I did (and fwiw didn't lose everything since it remembers how many loads you bring etc). Upon my next transatlantic flight it displayed that I won the achievement again but still didn't record it in the list. Am I alone with this bug?


So does anyone know what happens when you complete 1000 of the events?


Yes, same thing here, but I never even got the dialog saying that I completed the achievement, and I've crossed the Atlantic several times.

When you say they recommend resetting, what do you mean exactly?


I haven't completed 1000 jobs of an event to know yet, because it's difficult in the short time span they give you. But the events do repeat, so hopefully soon I'll have an answer.


Same...I received the popup for completing the Atlantic Crossing achievement, but it is still uncompleted on the list of achievements.

Meh, I'm not going to worry about it and will just assume they will address it in a patch later.


This game has a very Transport Tycoon feel to it. That was such a great game...

*cue nostalgic music*


I read elsewhere that they had some issues with achievements, and might find that forum again and post over there. You can reset all the achievements in the settings section, which I did and hasn't helped. But, it doesnt lose all completed work entirely... For instance, I had the Hawaii achievement and I got it back as soon as I delivered another load there (not another 100) so it must keep the count but the achievement process doesn't check until you do the step again... Or so I assume.

Anyway, just made level 20! Time to upgrade my planes. :-)


Thanks for the info! :)

Yes, I think it's pretty clear they're having issues with the achievements, and rather than trying to mess with resetting, since you said it didn't help anyways, the best thing to do is to wait for an update. I'm not really all that worried about the achievements, though it will be nice when they eventually work correctly. I'm sure they're working on fixing them.

Bazinga June 26, 2012 7:24 PM

New to the events part of game, how do I know what other airports carry items for the event? Is it any other airport in the region? Or just the closest airports? ... I wanted a little more info before dropping cash for the current class 2 airport to start it? And also great site, a lot of great info. Looking forward to helping this event, but surely the next one.


Hi Bazinga, you should begin to see jobs appear at all of your cities for the event city once you open it. Global event jobs will appear in blue type.

Bazinga June 26, 2012 7:40 PM

Thanks jay,
One more thing, is all event jobs worth 1 point, or do farther airports with the event item worth any more?


Each event job is worth 1 point towards the Flight Crew total, but you will earn more money the farther away the airport is from where the job originates, just like normal jobs.

cacattack June 27, 2012 1:24 AM

Hey y'all... Just want to say I have enjoyed reading through this site. Been playing Pocket Planes for about a week and am definitely addicted to it. Reading the comments has given me some insights I haven't discovered on my own, for example the advantage of closing some class 1 airports as the game progresses in order to replace them with class 2 airports.

One thing I wish was in the game was a more obvious calculation of profit (taking into account fuel, weight, number of passengers and cargo, distance, etc). That would allow more fine-tuning of flight decisions. On the other hand, that might make the game too complicated.

Also, what's with the 8-bit graphics? While it's acceptable, the pixelation on the iPad is a bit disappointing. I'd rather see beautiful graphics like, for example, on Pocket Frogs.

But I do love the game! :-)

cacattack June 27, 2012 1:39 AM

Oh, and another very minor complaint: the ranges given for the planes aren't consistent with the flights they can actually make. It's over 2300 miles as the crow flies from Seattle to Washington DC, yet a plane with a range under 1600 miles can make it. This would seem to be an easy thing to fix, and would make the game somewhat more realistic. (Of course, the game has plenty of other no -realistic aspects, so this particular detail isn't really important.)


Well, I've been playing for about a week now and am thoroughly hooked. (Thank you Jay and Trinn for helping to suck me in! Or should I start with thanking John for, once again, introducing an oh-so-addictive game?)

In time, I've fine-tuned my strategy to this—localization (open spoiler to read more).

While some seem to love the chaining of airports to circumnavigate the globe, I prefer concentrating all my efforts in one spot. This keeps my jobs available list very clean and, since the jobs list is limited in length, it ensures I can maximize that 25% bonus most often as undoable jobs are eliminated.

So, since the Casablanca event is over, I closed all my European airports and now have airports on Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Los Angeles and Honululu. My most productive has been between Santiago and Lima (especially when the money transfer event was on)... while the biggest single pay-outs have been from Sao Paulo or Santiago and Honolulu.

Yet, when you factor in the travel time-to-payment ratio, Sao Paulo seems to have the best lists with more multiple jobs for that 25% bonus.

The reasoning behind this—a beehive of planes all working within one radius keeps everything moving quickly and efficiently.

It takes some thought to balance number of planes to number of airports (2 per airport works well) and to have the right blend of cargo and passenger capacity (I prefer specialized planes in this regard, too, rather than the M-models)... but when it's fine-tuned, you're always full capacity and often getting the 25% to boot.

In the end, though, it all depends on playing style and how often you want to be checking in and sending your planes out on a mission.



Agree. Would be great if it gave you a breakdown of the calculation of profit as you developed the route. Alternatively, a button to click through to see the calculation.


No doubt, elle. Personally, I was glad when I had a long enough line that I could keep some of my planes busy for an hour instead of feeling like I needed to keep pushing them every 2-5 minutes.

Not saying it was getting tedious or anything like that, but I have other things to do in my life...occasionally. =P


How you guys gonna do new event?
Because all the planes I send to San Jos� get stook there, 'cos there are not too many jobs


Send blue people and cargo to San Jose, then fly those planes out of there and do it some more.


Hey Jay,
My name is avihai
i got a question for you my friend
what level do you unlock Perajet?
and i started doing the event this morning and i joined the flight crew

Trinn June 27, 2012 9:07 PM replied to AC

Hello, avihai, and thank you for joining our flight crew! You unlock the Pearjet in the market at level 14. If you'd like to know at which levels other planes first become available, please refer to the section in the guide above comments by clicking Tips and Tricks > All About Planes > Complete List of Planes Available for Purchase By Level


Strange question... How do I participate in extra events?

There is supposedly one happening in San Francisco, which I own, but I am not seeing any jobs for the event in my flight crews, and there doesn't seem to be any way to get info about it in-app.

fernsidekid June 27, 2012 9:38 PM

Hey All...

I am now level 20 and a new Fogbuster - well 2 actually!! Starte in NZ then AUST, spread to ASIA then London then to NY.

We, as in the family, used a Pearjet fully upgraded to get from London to NY - just!

Money then rolls in as loads of high value flight full of people



(spoilered for length)

It depends on the type of event, but those local events usually have subtle signs you may not notice unless you're looking out for them, so you've probably already participated without even knowing it!

At the most basic level, it means that the airport will have a changed (and often increased) job demand. These events will have unique jobs that are unfortunately not indicated in the jobs list by anything other than their unusual names relating to the event. At the Renaissance Faire event, for example, you will see unique passengers like Kings and Queens or Armor Costume cargo shipments. Currently, I also have the local event Gold Rush at San Francisco, so I've been delivering a lot of Mining Gear and little guys in overalls.

You can check your progress in the local events by going to the Events page from the menu and tapping the check mark button at the lower left. I have yet to deliver the whopping 1,000 jobs necessary to complete a local event, so I don't yet know what happens if you do! (perhaps a rare plane?) There are 45 local events in total, so if someone's managed to complete one of them, please let us know! :)


Whos the team in front of us?

but what ever come on lets do more jobs!!


If you go to the Nimbit support app, you can pretty much guage what teams are which, as everyone that is part of the #1 team always complains about not getting the reward.

As for the game, slowly branching out to India after starting in Australia. I hate these global events, too far away from me!!!


I was wondering about what happens when you complete an event too... 1000 is a lot though, plus the events aren't very long either :c

I'm currently level 14, almost 15 and I have 2 class 2 airplanes (pearjet and birchcraft). My airports are based in asia, mostly Japan/China/Singapore areas. I have 5 red cities, 5 blue ones and 7 class 1 cities. However, it's really difficult to get the 25% bonus with the class 2 planes (especially the pearjet) and I've realized that even if I have on the pearjet say, 3 cargo going to manila and 2 cargo going to somewhere else, I'll only get 150-ish coins for shipping out to Manila... but if I had used a class 1 airplane I would probably get 500 coins. So I'm not sure how this is helping me, if at all..... :(

Gabester5 June 28, 2012 2:43 PM

i am going to buy an airport in san jose soon... how many jobs do i have to do to qualify for the 50 bux? i joined your flight crew btw to

elle June 28, 2012 2:53 PM replied to Gabester5


You need to complete at least 5 jobs to qualify for part of our winning team. And, thanks for joining! It's good to have you on board!

elle June 28, 2012 3:02 PM replied to Jen Yee Ko

Jen Yee Koo,

I've eschewed M-style planes because they really are too hard to fill. My favorite plane for short distances is the Equinox (C and P). All this is a matter of playing style, though.

Probably, even with the 25%, the M-style Birchcrafts and Pearjets are more efficient just because you can carry more with fewer trips... Someone more fond of math than I am should play with the numbers to find out. But, I just like that warm fuzzy feeling have having everything going to one spot!

P.S. Sorry if I'm being Captain Obvious here... You can board a plane part-way and then wait for new jobs before filling it the rest of the way. For the Pearjet and Aeroeagles going a long distance, those extra 4-8 minutes of waiting to fill up is worth it.


Save up your Bux before cashing them in!

It really pays to save up your Bux before cashing them in. While on the surface, each Bux = 500 coins, in reality each one could be worth a whole lot more than that if saved up and cashed in all at once. Here's an example:

1 Bux ..............500 coins ( 500 coins per Bux)
10 Bux............5,050 coins ( 505 coins per Bux)
100 Bux..........55,000 coins ( 550 coins per Bux)
1000 Bux......1,000,000 coins (1000 coins per Bux)

Here's a chart showing the exponential nature of the Bux-to-coins conversion:

Jay June 28, 2012 3:42 PM replied to elle

Interesting, because I've eschewed all P and C type planes and have a strictly M-type inventory for aircraft. The reason being that with a P or C flying around, the M types would always find a city that was lopsided, without one type or the other, and were getting stuck.

I agree, though, that it's pretty much up to your playing style, and I don't think there's only one right way to play this game.

elle June 28, 2012 4:13 PM replied to Jay

Hmm. Something else I didn't think about...and that totally makes sense, Jay!


There may not be a "right" way to play the game, but there is certainly a mathematically optimal way to play it.

Fortunately, I'm okay with playing it without knowing what that is...but *someone* will eventually do the math and ruin it for everyone. =P


One of the benefits of having dedicated planes (P/C) is that you have roughly half as much to scroll through to load up.


What time zone are these comments in?

[The site is based in the Eastern time zone of the US (GMT-5). -Jay]


Well, here's something I've learned:

Getting the 25% bonus on delivering every job becomes absolutely imperative to gaining revenue quickly, especially when the larger aircraft are used later in the game. To that end, it doesn't make any difference filling an aircraft with all of the same destination if the next stop isn't that destination, since you'll still burn up gas getting the jobs there anyways. Therefore concentrate instead on always moving jobs closer to their destination, perhaps even to a staging point one city away, and then making one last flight with a full plane for the 25% bonus.

I now almost exclusively focus on Bux jobs only to fill a plane and use coin jobs as a last resort. I use smaller aircraft to travel between cities in a relatively small area to shuttle the Bux jobs they find to the larger Class 3 airports where my big planes are waiting to get filled. The big planes are just too costly to fly without getting the 25% bonus every time, and should therefore be restricted to long distance travel.


Hi there, I've been playing for about a week now and just stumbled upon this site. Is it normal for me to be level 18 and just starting to close my class 1 airports to go 100% class 2 and above?

I started in northeast North America, and my farthest airports are Madrid and Santiago for the current and last global event. Oh, and I maxed out the fuel tanks on my Pearjets to fly so far. Is that normal, or is that a waste of bux?



Hi Jordan, I don't think there is a need to go 100% class 2 and above if you want to participate in the global events and complete all the achievements. I'm at level 25 and still have a couple class 1 airports and aircraft, specifically to do the global events and some of the achievements that require class 1 airports (currently working on the Easter Island achievement).

As for using Bux to upgrade aircraft, I guess that depends on your particular setup. I usually upgrade an aircraft's weight to maximize profit from each flight, and will upgrade the fuel tank if I need it to go beyond its default range. I generally do not upgrade speed since I have so many aircraft that they're likely to be just sitting at their destination waiting for me even without the increase in speed. Bottom line: upgrade as necessary, but save the Bux otherwise.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnPbA1zb2sJ85szBi_Siex_-tS_UktRjaQ June 28, 2012 11:42 PM

Here's another tip regarding a better naming-system:

In order to quickly identify what my plane is capable of doing i color-code them according to the class they are (based on the cities colors)

grey/white for class 1
blue for class 2 and
red for class 3.

then i name them according to what and how much they can transport,
starting the name with a letter according to what they transport

P for Passengers
C for Cargo
M for Mixed

the second letter then indicates how much it can carry. for this i use vowels

I for 1 unit ( I is effectively a 1)
U for 2 units ( U looks like a II connected at the bottom)
E for 3 units ( E has 3 ends)
A for 4 units ( A looks like a 4)
O for 5+ units (just.. think of something here :P )

[note: i havent exactly thought about how to do this for more than 5 units, from the top of my head i'm thinking binary or something]

in case we got a mixed plane, the second letter only counts people and the fourth is used to count cargo. [this is where i think binary would fail]

the other letters are filled in to make the name sound nicer.


if i got a blue plane named CANDY, i would imediatly know that it is a class 2 cargo carrier who loads 4 units.


a white plane named MUKI would be a class 1 plane which holds two passengers and one cargo.

with this method i can read everything i need from the plane list without using ugly names containing weird letter-number combinations. it looks clean and works perfectly.

(and now for the quiz: Red Plane named Mage?)

i hope a can help someone with this,


https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkG4cmdr5y6Uowy4YDVk4asYLXutRWH06w June 29, 2012 1:40 AM

Currently I am at 1,678 Bux. As much as I don't really accumulate my coins as of right now so it's hard for me to get to my fourteenth plane in the air at the same time.
I am gunning for either 2,000 Bux which is 3,000,000 coin and 1,500 per Bux or 3,000 Bux which is 6,000,000 Coin and 2,000 per Bux.

This I feel will be worth it for me in the long run with opening airports, upgrading airports, and advertising airports (which could be benificial when working on Events).

Then for sometime I can focus on using my Bux to buy more planes and upgrade planes.

Then I will start over my quest to build up more Bux.

!!!Important Note!!!
Also if you do get your Bux that high you can hold down the up button and it will get to your destination number faster (like you would do to set the alarm on a digital clock)

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkG4cmdr5y6Uowy4YDVk4asYLXutRWH06w June 29, 2012 1:47 AM

I only have Class 2 and Class 3 airports open in North America and South America. The only planes that can reach San Jose are Class 1 planes that are super slow (125 MPH). I made Guatemala my San Jose hub and all other 11 planes bring San Jose jobs back and forth. My slow planes only go between San Jose and Guatemala. On the way to San Jose I bring San Jose jobs; On the way back I bring all jobs that are available and drop them off in Guatemala.

To help with all the traffic going back and forth in Guatemala I upgraded it fully so it can have 30 layovers at one time.

GC ID = Pezkingjs


In regards to my playing style/max revenue (I am level 19, 21 airports, with 13 planes in the air and close to getting my 14th. I started in Australia (I live here at the moment :-D) and am currently branched out to India and China/Korea/Japan.

While I have small class 1 airprots scattered, I use class 2 airports mainly as well as the main hub for long distance jobs. Small planes (2-3 seaters) are dedicated to going to small airports and bringing back far-away cities to the larger class 2. Thi of course means filling up the small planes with cargo/passengers going to that class 1.

I then use the class 2 planes to long-haul these passengers, say Sydney to Seoul and vice versa. Each flight I make roughly $2500-$3000 with some being $3500+. I use bux mainly for buying parts to new planes and upgrading my planes weight so it does not use as much gas and thus money.

If a better playing style exists to maximise profits, I am all ears!

May seem like a dumb question, but do you get more XP carrying bux than coined passengers? And does the XP on those bux increase with the 25% bonus as well?


I know, I know, it's just the way random distribution works, but...

...I'm starting to think the game is playing with my mind the way it gives me two of the three parts quickly and easily but then goes a dozen+ new markets before the last part.



It might not be all that random. Some parts may be given a lower frequency distribution to make building them from parts more difficult. For example, I've had access to the Tetra for a while now, but all I've been seeing are body parts for it.


Loving the sound differences in flight of the bigger planes. Hadn't noticed it before the pearjet.

ewsaver June 30, 2012 6:20 AM

Absolutely love your site and this thread is a great way to share tips and strategy.

I've been playing for around a week. Lvl 15, with 14 planes, mix of C1 and C2. I'm in Northern Europe, so not much help with the events yet. My airports span from Manchester to Delhi.

jaxmagicman June 30, 2012 8:19 AM

I am number 3 right now according to the flight crew data. Being only level 10 makes me happy to be helping.

jaxmagicman June 30, 2012 8:23 AM

Sorry number 4.

jaxmagicman June 30, 2012 8:53 AM

Here is a strategy question. I just moved up to level 10 which unlocked the Birchcraft. It is class 2. Every time the market resets I am only seeing engines for it. Should I buy all the engines I see in hopes to some time down the road get the other parts or should only buy one engine and wait to get a complete set?


Hi jaxmagicman, the Birchcraft is a great plane! I'm up to level 26 and it's still one of my favorite utility planes to get around and shuttle jobs to the larger airports. As for what to buy, if you know you'll want to build a couple of the Birchcraft and have the Bux for it, then sure, buy a couple engines, but I wouldn't suggest buying all you see. You'll have plenty of opportunities of buying more parts when the time comes. There are lots of different aircraft you're yet to see and get access to, so don't put all your eggs in the same basket, as the saying goes. :)


Does anybody know if cargo and passengers add to a plane's weight?


I'm only level 10 but i think i'm focusing too much on the global event and trying to force flights that don't necessarily help me, what should i do?


I know you get prizes at the end but at the moment i'm kinda in a deep hole. I pretty much moved everything to accomodate for the event and i don't want to do that again.

Jay June 30, 2012 7:20 PM replied to Rod

Technically, yes, they do add to the weight, but shipping cargo and/or passengers do not add to the cost of the flight.

It will cost the same to fly an aircraft from point A to point B regardless of whether it's empty or full, therefore the weight of the jobs is not a factor.

Jay June 30, 2012 7:28 PM replied to Rod

You should focus more towards cultivating your airline empire, and focus only secondarily toward the global event. Remember you only need to dedicate 2 cities to participate in the global event no matter where it is, one city where the global event is taking place and one city nearby. And you only need one aircraft to dedicate to shuttling jobs back and forth.

I've found that focusing on a few specific cities allows me to maximize my profit by making it easier to fill up a plane for the 25% bonus, and the global event helps with that. When my planes are flying around, some cities I've decided to ignore for the time being, focusing instead on a smaller subset of cities, including the jobs in blue.

Also, for me, it doesn't really matter where my cities are as long as I've got things organized in my mind about what jobs go where. Sometimes changing or adding cities disrupts that system, but stick with it and you'll soon figure out ways to maximize your efficiency no matter where you are. I hope that helps.


Thx jay that really helps. I've done more than 150 jobs for san jose so i gonna start cooling off on the unnecessary flights.


I love this game because the premium currency (bux) is so much easier to make than in other games of this type

Gabester5 July 1, 2012 3:05 AM

hey i did like 40 jobs for our flight crew but i havent recieved any money yet... it just switched the job to moscow so will it take time to refresh to get the 45 bux?


Yay JIG got second place in the global event.
Now when do we get our bux?


I still haven't received my bux.

Jay July 1, 2012 1:22 PM replied to Rod

Everyone should have received their Flight Crew prize by now. It always takes a little while after the event has concluded to get the update, you just have to be patient. It seems for me it's always when I've switched to a different app and then back again that the update takes place and I get the dialog announcing the results of the event.

sitroniste July 1, 2012 2:07 PM

hey, i have two questions

1. does anybody know if there is an official blog or something where nimblebit posts their plans for next update

2. if you buy a new airport, will the other airports provide the same jobs as before + jobs for the new airport or will your other airports provide the same amount of jobs just that it will provide fever people that will go to the same airport?

would be nice to know when planning strategies upon buying new airports.


Hi sitroniste, Nimblebits has an official site, but does not have its own blog nor does an "official" blog exist announcing their plans, but they do have a Twitter account where you can keep up on their plans there.

As for opening new airports, all your existing airports will continue to provide all the same jobs as before + jobs for the new airport, so the number of jobs at each airport will increase. In fact, the lists get quite long the more airports you open. There's a lot of scrolling in this game! xD


Does maximizing speed on an aircraft add to profit

Jay July 2, 2012 12:55 AM replied to Rod

Upgrading the speed of an aircraft does affect profit, but in a negative way. When an aircraft goes faster, it burns more fuel, so your overall profit for the job(s) will actually decrease when you upgrade its speed.


This may sound like a dumb question but have you noticed that the faster the plane the faster the coins go by outside

Trinn July 2, 2012 1:58 AM replied to Rod

That's not a dumb question at all! It's actually a very keen observation, so thank you for pointing it out.

I compared two flights to test it, first with the Pearjet (Speed 272 MPH) where the coins came at about 3 and a half second intervals and then with the Birchcraft (Speed 192 MPH) which passed a coin about every 5 seconds.

Thanks again, Rod, I'll add this new information to the guide! :)


You're welcome!
I'll keep an eye out for any other bit of info that might be helpful


Trinn, i did not only notice the intervals between coins but also the speed at which they enter the screen and exit the screen.

Take the equinox and the airvan as an example.
I find it harder to get the coins passing by the equinox than getting the coins passing by the airvan because the equinox is faster than the airvan.

Hope this helps too.
If you have any questions about this just ask

Trinn July 2, 2012 3:43 AM replied to Rod

That makes sense. A logical way to think of it is that the coins are actually stationary in the air and the planes themselves are flying by them more quickly.


I started my airline in Australia and I need help on what airport to buy next and I am level 10


I'd expand to Jakarta next, because that opens up channels to Asia and the Middle East.

leonelrleon July 2, 2012 7:09 AM

So for world events like magick in Moscow, if we are in north america we pretty much are useless to help the crew?
Is there anything we can do to participate or just wait and hope one will be closer?


For those who feel like they can't participate in the World Event, some things to consider:

You do not have to expand linearly. In other words, you are not restricted to the range of your current network. Simply open an airport at the WE city, and open another airport nearby. If you don't have available airport slots, close two in your current network. To get a plane to the WE, simply send one of your existing planes to the hangar. Then, from the hangar, click "fly" to put it back into service, but this time, at the city next to the WE. You don't need a big plane to get the 5 jobs necessary to cash in. In fact, it probably makes more sense to have a smaller plane as you will just be doing shuttle runs. My preference is a 1C1P to maximize the fares you can pick up. Remember, for the WE, your main objective is not to maximize profit, but to maximize quantity of jobs.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkG4cmdr5y6Uowy4YDVk4asYLXutRWH06w July 2, 2012 1:28 PM

Did anyone else notice that the Magic Competition going end 12 hours earlier then the format has been going.....just 3 days instead of 3 days and 12 hours.....I wonder if maybe they are going to have a special 24 hour event on July 4th.....Maybe bring things to Washington DC,,,,,Presidents as Passengers, Fireworks as Cargo

Just Speculated :)

Anderson1863 July 2, 2012 2:21 PM

Hi there, great comment so far especially for a novice like myself. Currently on level 6 based in europe got 7 planes and 6 airports. Just a few questions ive got?

1) When new jobs come up does that get rid of some of the jobs that were waiting at the airport beforehand? I was just trying to send my 1st 3 capacity plane to mancester where i had the jobs waiting to fill the plane and fly to venice.. However new jobs came up and one of the jobs was no longer there which was frustrating!...

2) ive joined the group jayisgames but nowhere near helping with the challenges yet, i thought there was just the moscow challenge going on but then i looked and theres loads of different ones can you contribute to any?

Thanks alot.


To answer your first question, all the jobs (except the ones being held as layovers or jobs currently loaded onto your plane) are reset when the timer runs out - you can see the countdown by viewing any airport. Also, if you're viewing the jobs list at an airport, say while boarding a plane, the jobs won't refresh until you close the list and open it up again.

Only one global event occurs at a time, indicated by the blue title. The other events you're seeing with the city names in white or red are local events. Local events occur constantly in your game only and can have positive (such as additional unique jobs) or negative effects (like shutting down an entire airport for 45 minutes).

If you want to learn more about either of these topics, please feel free to refer to the strategy guide in the section above the comments. Thank you for joining the JayisGames flight crew! :)

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkG4cmdr5y6Uowy4YDVk4asYLXutRWH06w July 2, 2012 3:51 PM


Let say you have a plane that holds 4 people and you are in Chicago the current time has 2 New York Passengers and 2 Los Angeles passengers. You can put all 4 people on your plane and not leave the airport yet. It is called boarding. When the time for new Passengers happens you can go back to the list and look and see if the new Passengers has 2 New York people....If it does you can drop the LA people you have and add the New NY people and fly to NY with the bonus.....the people you have dropped off from LA though are not on layover now because they are at the same airport and when the time flips again they will disappear....

Hope that helps

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Not that there's any game-play angle to this, just curious, but what happens if you take a passenger away from and then back to his home terminal? Will he be on layover then?

(Yeah, I know, I could test this myself, but haven't yet and am hoping someone else has already to save me the trouble.)


No, the job will be a normal job that will disappear when you leave the jobs listing if you return it to the city from where it originated.


I have 2 questions,

If i do global events jobs while i'm not on wifi network what happens?


If the global event finishes when im not on a wifi network do i still get my prize?


Thanks for saving me from testing that myself.

On a more gameplay oriented note, I'm glad to finally have a couple of long distance routes now. While they aren't as profitable as the shorter routes while actively playing, they let me make some coin/bux while away from the game.

Jay July 2, 2012 5:33 PM replied to Rod

Rod, when you're offline, the global event jobs will accumulate as usual, but you'll see the "Flight Crew data unavailable at this time" message. Your global event jobs will be sent and will update once you reconnect. If you reconnect after the deadline, then those job totals won't count. As long as you complete at least 5 jobs for the current global event before going offline, you should receive your prize then next time you connect following the deadline.


So if im on a 2 week trip without wifi im pretty much screwed because even if i do jobs for the ge the ge does not last more than 2 weeks

Anderson1863 July 2, 2012 8:01 PM

Thanks for the help with the questions i asked earlier much appreciated.

Some how missed the strategy guide before! Just read through excellent stuff.


Should I be getting class 2 planes because the only class 2 airport i have are at the bottom of Austrian and the only one near is Singapore


Hey guys, read through this walk through a couple of times, and decided it was time to join the group.
Though I do have one question to ask of you all: How should I go about expanding my airline? I currently own most of Australia (starting region) and Jakarta and Singapore. Should I keep going through Asia and through to Europe? Of should I start a secondary network in Europe and try to link them?



I forgot that Jakarta is the nearest airport to Australia that is not a class 1

Gabester5 July 3, 2012 1:07 PM

I have class 2 planes now and im wondering if i should just close down all my class 1 airports (except for the linking ones) and only buy class 2 and 3 airports?