My pop. is stuck at 10. How do you build more huts?

bumblebee777 July 16, 2007 9:19 PM

Do I need to have a level 3 farming tech to get my master farmer to learn to fish?


how do you move the boulder


Lost treasure.... I found it... Follow this link....

Javonna July 20, 2007 6:05 PM

im addicted to this game but im sad that the villager i named after me was the first to die lol

Javonna July 20, 2007 6:08 PM

you can change their names by clicking on details and putting your clickin where their name is and backspacing and my master doctor when someone gets sick and runs over and heal them quickly


I am almost out of berries. What is the next food source? How long will these villagers live without food?


Virtual Villagers - A New Home - Walkthrough


  • Menu Screen

    - Play, Start Over, Options, Help, Quit, and Change Player.

    • Play - Starts currently selected village.

    • Start Over - Deletes currently selected village and starts a new one.

    • Options - Audio controls, Full Screen control, Difficulty levels, Game Speed.

    • Help - Shows instruction pages.

    • Quit - Exits game.

    • Change Player - In upper right of Menu Screen is your name and an option to Change Player, you can have up to 5 Villages.

  • Difficulty Levels

    - Easy, Normal, Hard

    • Easy - 7 Villagers, 225 Food, 99 Tech Points, 1930 Berries

    • Normal - 6 Villagers, 50 Food, 99 Tech Points, 1430 Berries

    • Hard - 5 Villagers, 50 Food, 99 Tech Points, 1430 Berries

  • Village Screen

    - Population, Food, Tech Points, Puzzles, Map, Tech, Menu, Detail.

    • Population - How many people you have in your village.

    • Food - How much food is in the Food Bin.

    • Tech Points - How many tech points you have to spend.

    • Puzzles - 16 icons representing the puzzles to be solved.

    • Map - Overhead view of village.

    • Tech - 6 areas of research to spend tech points on.

    • Menu - Returns to Menu Screen.

    • Detail - Shows details about selected villager.

  • Detail Screen

    - Age, Gender, Health, Skills, Likes and Dislikes.

    • You can change the villagers name and control what skill will show when that villager is selected on the Village Screen by checking the box next to the desired skill.

    • There are Farmers (Farming), Builders (Building), Scientists (Research), Doctors (Healing), and Parents (Breeding).

    • Each job has 3 levels, Trainee, Adept and Master.

    • Note: Children born with Trainee level skills are called Apprentices.

  • Tech Screen

    - Farming, Construction, Medicine, Science, Fertility, Spirituality.

    • Level 2 Farming - 6,000 points - Allows Farmers to plant crops in the Field.

    • Level 2 Construction - 2,500 points - Allows Builders to clear pile of rocks from Lagoon.

    • Level 2 Medicine - 15,000 points - Allows Villagers to live longer.

    • Level 2 Science - 12,000 points - More Tech Points per experiment.

    • Level 2 Fertility - 11,000 points - Allows multiple births.

    • Level 2 Spirituality - 5,000 points - Allows villagers to establish burial grounds in the Clearing.

    • Level 3 Farming - 50,000 - Allows villagers to fish in the ocean.

    • Level 3 Construction - 80,000 - Allows restoration of Ruins.

    • Level 3 Medicine - 250,000 - Allows Villagers to live even longer.

    • Level 3 Science - 150,000 - Allows carving of Idol.

    • Level 3 Fertility - 250,000 - Allows creation of the Golden Child

    • Level 3 Spirituality - 80,000 - Allows restoration of Ruins.

  • Puzzles Screen

    - Well, New Hut, Debris, School, Lagoon, Magic Fish, Graveyard, Healing Herbs, Garden, Fruitless Plant, Temple, Idol, Golden Child, Butterflies, Buried Treasure, Hidden Cave.

    • Well

      - No requirement - Place Builder on well to clear it.

    • Healing Herbs

      - No requirement - Place any villager on each herb to study until plant is understood.

    • New Hut

      - No requirement - Place Builder on New Hut site until New Hut is built.

    • Clear Beach

      - No requirement - Place Builder on debris on beach until beach is clean.

    • School

      - Requires Master Scientist - Place Master Scientist on Double Hut to turn it into a School.

    • Lagoon

      - Requires Level 2 Construction - Place Builder on pile of rocks at top of Lagoon to release the water.

    • Garden

      - Requires Lagoon - Place any villager on Patch Of Strange Dead Flowers, they will water. Patch with Lagoon water until the Garden grows.

    • Magic Fish

      - Requires Level 3 Farming, Lagoon, and a Master Farmer - Drop a Master Farmer into the Lagoon to catch Magic Fish of Fertility. Special Note: Magic fish is from Fish Tycoon.

    • Graveyard

      - Requires Level 2 Spirituality and a dead villager - When skeleton of dead villager is on the ground, place any live villager in the Clearing to designate the Burial Grounds.

    • Temple

      - Requires Level 3 Spirituality.

    • Idol

      - Requires Level 3 Science.

    • Buried Treasure

      - Requires Level 3 in all Tech.

    • Golden Child

      - Requires Level 3 Fertility - Drop a female villager with a baby into the Lagoon.

    • Hidden Cave

      - Requires Golden Child.

    • Butterflies

      - Requires Golden Child.

    • Fruitless Plant

      - Requires Golden Child.

Village Item Locations:

Lagoon - Teardrop shaped dark patch of dirt in Northwest corner of village, has pile of rocks at top with blue water behind them.
Berry Bush - Large green bush covered with 1930 red and yellow berries surrounded by large circle of grass in upper center of village.
Clearing - Rectangular light patch of dirt in Northeast corner of village
Well - Southeast of Berry Bush
Giant Rock - Southeast of Lagoon
Double Hut - Southeast of Giant Rock
Hut - East of Double Hut
Research Bench - South of Double Hut
Small Hut - Southeast of Research Bench
New Hut - Board leaning on stilts with rock next to it located between Hut and Double Hut
Food Bin - South of Hut
Field - West of Small Hut
Debris - On beach South of Field
Pile Of Strangely Straight Rocks - Southeast of Food Bin
Patch Of Strange Dead Flowers - East of Hut
Fruitless Plant - Orange plant Northwest of Berry Bush
Healing Herbs - 4
Green Strange Plant directly below Lagoon
Medical Cactus above and to the right of the Berry Bush, left of Clearing
Strange Lily at bottom right corner of Clearing
Rare Rose below Patch of Dead Flowers
Buried Treasure - Directly West of Pile of Strangely Straight Rocks and directly South of Food Bin


Open Virtual Villagers Game.
Go to the Menu Screen.
Go to Options and set Game Speed to Paused, set Difficulty to Easy, then click Done.
Go to Start Over until you have 7 Villagers that are 4 women, 2 men, a child, and the Builder is a man.
Place the Builder on the Well.
Place the other man (Farmer) on the Berry Bush.
Place 3 women (Scientists) on the Research Bench.
Place the youngest woman (Doctor/Parent) on the Green Strange Plant.
Go to Menu.
Go to Options, set Game Speed to 2x Speed, click Done.

Click Play, the villagers will begin their tasks. They may fail a few times, begin doing laundry, or become curious about other village features, so you will have to replace them at their tasks when they walk away.

When any milestone is reached or a good event happens, all the villagers will go to celebrate, so when the Builder is done clearing the well all the villagers will leave their tasks and go to the well to celebrate, and you must replace them to their tasks.

Place the Farmer back on the Berry Bush.

Place the 3 Scientists back on the Research Bench.

Place the Builder on the New Hut site, you can not make a baby until the New Hut is complete.

When the Doctor finishes studying Green Strange Plant, place her on the Healing Cactus, Strange Lily, and Rare Rose until all the plants have been understood. Any order will work.

When all medical plants have been studied there will be another celebration and you will have to replace your workers to their tasks.

Place the Farmer back on the Berry Bush.

Place the Builder back on the New Hut.

Place all 3 women Scientists and the Doctor/Parent on the Research Bench.

The Scientists will twitch when the current portion of research is complete, and they will either walk away (failed research) or points will be added to your Tech Points. Either way, as soon as they twitch you can pick them up and place them on the Research Bench again to start their next experiment. This will add Tech Points at the fastest possible rate, and you should have enough points to buy the next level of Farming while still having around 1000 berries on the Berry Bush, assuming that your Farmer does not like Running.
Also, there is an audio cue which sounds like bamboo chimes when the Scientists begin research and complete research.

When your Scientists have gained 6000 Tech Points, go to Tech screen and purchase Level 2 Farming.
This allows your Farmer to plant the Field, (planting the Field also requires that the Well has been cleared) and he will stop foraging the Berry Bush, saving the berries in case of an unfortunate event such as a Typhoon which wipes out all of the food in the Food Bin.

Place the Farmer on the Field.

Keep the Scientists researching until you can buy the next level of Construction.

When the Builder has completed the New Hut, place him on the debris on the beach.

Once the New Hut is complete you will need to begin breeding in order to have a population to carry on when your original 7 villagers die. The villager that you drop on another villager is the one who receives the breeding points and becomes a breeder. A breeder initiates breeding with all members of the opposite sex.

If your breeder is a male, all 4 women will end up with babies and no research will continue until they are done caring for the babies, which takes around 2 hours, until the baby is 2 years old, and the male breeder will breed with all 4 women again.
A female breeder will initiate breeding with any man , and only she will have a baby, so you have much more control over breeding and gaining tech points with a female breeder.
A villager may not breed until they are 20 years old.
Choose the youngest woman (20 or older) to be your breeder. Drop her on a man. The man may run away a few times, just bring him back and keep dropping the woman on him until they kiss. Once they kiss, your population will increase if a baby has been made. If your population does not increase, pick up the woman and drop her on the man again until your population does increase. You do not have to wait for them to go indoors, if a baby is made it will show in the population count as soon as the kiss happens. Continually breeding her will give you a steady supply of villagers.
Note: When your breeder self initiates breeding it will cause her chosen mate to stop work and wait for her embrace.

When the Builder completes clearing the debris from the beach, and you have bought Level 2 Construction:

place him on the pile of rocks at the top of the Lagoon to clear it.

When the Lagoon is cleared:

place a villager on the Patch Of Strange Dead Flowers, the villager will water the Patch from the Lagoon and create the Garden.

When one of your Scientists reaches the title Master Scientist:

place her on the Double Hut to create the School. Once the School is established, children will be born with some skills.

When your first villager dies:

buy Level 2 Spirituality, then drop any adult villager in the Clearing to create the Graveyard, or Burial Ground.

When you have purchased Level 3 Farming:

place a Master Farmer in the Lagoon to catch the Magic Fish Of Fertility. Note: The Magic Fish is a Greenfin Spotanus, the same Magic Fish Of Fertility in Fish Tycoon ;)

When you have purchased Level 3 Spirituality:

place a Builder on the Strangely Straight Rocks to build the Temple.

When you have purchased Level 3 Science:

place a Builder on the Large Rock to create the Idol.

When you have purchased Level 3 in 6 Tech areas:

place a Builder on the beach directly South of the Food Bin and directly West of the Temple to uncover the Buried Treasure.

When you have purchased Level 3 Fertility:

place a mother with a baby in the Lagoon to create the Golden Child. The remaining Puzzles are dependent on the Golden Child.

Notes on the Golden Child:

The Golden Child never gets sick or dies.
You can not kill him, no matter how much you may want to…
He never ages, he never grows up, he never changes appearance from a toddler.
You can not force him to perform his tasks, he does them all on his own.
Shortly after birth, he will move the boulder and you can place a villager into the cave to see a teaser for the next chapter.
The Golden Child is said to create the Garden as well as move the Boulder, but by the time there is enough tech points to buy level 3 Fertility, my villagers have already watered the Garden into bloom, so I myself have not witnessed the Golden Child creating the Garden.
To date I have been unable to get him to do the Butterflies or the Strange Fruitless Plant, in fact, it seems that the entire game there is a flock of Butterflies on the screen, and as soon as the Golden Child appears, the butterflies vanish…..
The Golden Child also makes berries on the Berry Bush, restores the crops in the Field, and makes food in the Food Bin.
He also make parties which cause all villagers to leave work and join him in dancing.
And he can walk on water. Imagine that. ;)

Other Notes:

Occasionally you will see a Mushroom pop up, place a child on the mushroom and he will pick it up and take it to the Food Bin.
Brown Mushrooms are 8 food, Orange Mushrooms are 45 food.
Fish are 9 food, Crabs are 55 food.
Children can not swim.
Maximum number of villagers appears to be 90, although some screen shots seem to show over 300 villagers. If this is actually possible, I wish I knew how to do it.

Occasionally you will have a villager whose dislikes conflict with their job, like a builder who hates driftwood will take forever to clear the beach, and when you try to start him to the task he stands there and does nothing for a very long time. When this happens, I have found it to be more expedient to restart the village. Conversely, you will sometimes have a villager whose likes compliment their job, such as a Builder who likes Running, so can complete the New Hut in less time than usual.

Occasionally you will find items washed up on the beach. Among these there may be:

Brass Compass - Letting researchers have it improves skill somehow.
Black pearl - Sharing makes your villagers happy.
Badly weathered crate - Rusty tools, adds 1000tech points, makes some villagers ill
Crate with 1, 2, or 3 babies in it - Adds to Population.
Crate with juicy steaks - Adds 1500 food.
Crate of golden ripe bananas - Adds 1000 food
Crate with well preserved tools - Adds 1000 Tech Points.
Crate of rats - Causes injury and disease.
Crate of diapers…..
Vial of blue liquid - Causes illness or lowers skill.
Vial of red liquid - Alters appearance.
Vial of watery fizzy liquid - Lowers skill.

Other Events:

Isola Day Celebration - Dancing and feasts!
Big Wave - Puts debris on beach that must be cleared by builder.
Honeybees - Pollinate Berry Bush and make it thrive.
Humid weather molds food - Removing moldy pieces saves some food, makes some villagers sick.
Measles Epidemic - Makes children sick.
Monkey eating mushroom - Trying the mushroom allows adults to pick mushrooms?
Monkey hiding large cache of bananas - Adds 600 food.
Monkey ransacks research table - Lose 9000 tech points.
Monkey stealing food - Allowing it to steal food results in better healing.
Moth in cocoon - Helping moth kills it.
Plague of Locusts - Eats all your crops.
Ripe Red Berries - Eating them kills villager instantly. Oops…
Shipwreck - Blocks beach access, again, and debris must be cleared from beach by a Builder, again.
Stranded whale - Harvesting the whale adds 1000 food.
South Wind - Withers berries, scorches crops and damages food in Food Bin.
Troubled Child - Allowing child to try work increases child's skill
Typhoon - Destroys all food in the Food Bin.

Authors Note:
This walkthrough was created by restarting my game each time I realized I had made a mistake, or had a question which could only be answered by restarting the game and following specific parameters.
I am not certain if trying the mushroom allows your adult villagers to pick the mushrooms, as I didn't think of trying it until after I had deleted that game, but the text for it strongly suggested that this was the case. If it happens to me again I will be sure to update the walkthrough.

[Edit: Thanks Cathy for the extensive walkthrough! Spoiler tags have been added to make it take up a bit less space :) -Harukio]


You are very welcome Harukio :)
Thank you for allowing it to be posted :D
And thank you for adding the spoiler tags, I didnt know how to do that ;)
I enjoyed writing it up very much, and I am working on another walkthrough for Fish Tycoon as well, let me know if you would like me to post it when Im done, if you have a page for Fish Tycoon that is ;D


We'll make one just for you, Cathy. ^_^

Let us get past the game design competition we're running right now, and well put something up for it in about a week's time.

In the meantime, if you do get it done, email it to me (use the contact email at the bottom of the sidebar on the left) and we can get started on the formatting. Include with it your shipping address and we'll send you a JIG t-shirt.

Excel C. Ortega July 23, 2007 4:27 AM

can i have many tech points in one scientist? i would be glad if someone would answer me. thank you.

Excel C. Ortega July 23, 2007 4:30 AM

i am so confused when one of my villager (girl) have four babies on it


Aww, that is very sweet of you Jay :)

Theres no rush, it will take some time for me to complete the walkthrough for Fish Tycoon ;)

In the meantime, thanks for your wonderful site, and HAVE FUN!!!


Help plz!! I did what it takes to get ready to have the golden child and stil nothing!!! The population is 90 and it is always keeping up that number and I don't know when the Golden baby will appear!!!!


Hi Excel,
Your Scientists make tech points at an increasing rate, the first successful experiment earns 1 tech point, the next earns 2 and so on. You can get many tech points with only one scientist, but it takes a very very long time, and your berry bush will be empty before one scientists can make enough tech points to purchase level 2 farming. It is best to have at least 2 scientists, preferably more, to get tech points as fast as possible.

4 babies is a population bonus, good for you :)

Hi Nadia,
As long as you have 90 villagers, you can not make a new baby. Wait overnight so some villagers die, then make a baby, and drop the mother and baby into the Lagoon to make the Golden Child.


OK i have a few questions and I really would appreciate it if someone gave me a few answers. please help me...

1-how do i get more tech points? I really need them.
2-i put about three of my villagers on the dead flowers and they watered them...ONCE. Are they supposed to water them more?


Cathy, Thanks for the walkthrough. I was gonna wait till my first baby was born and thought it would be "special" automatically. Didn't think of the lagoon. Harukio - thanks for the great site.

Couple of quick things

For the beached whale, instead of harvesting for food, if you free it, you get one extra level of spirituality for free!

Puzzles 10 & 14:

To get the butterflies, put the golden child on the flower garden. After a while, you will notice that the butterflies follow the golden child at which point you put the golden child on the "fruitless plant" to the left of the cactus and the golden child makes it bear fruit.

I was a little disappointed that the ending wasn't a little "grander", but it does try to link to VV2.

Interesting, addictive, annoying game! Enjoy!


Hi Lulu,

The best way to get tech points is to have 3 or more scientists and redrop them on the bench as soon as they twitch.
You will have to make the villagers water the patch a few times to get them to do it on their own.

Candice July 25, 2007 4:35 PM


I got the butterflies by putting the golden child onto the garden of flowers. Once you have done that take the golden child and place him on strange fruitless plant the butterflies will polinate it and it will grow fruit.


Hi Aaron :)

You are very welcome for the walkthrough :)

And to you and Candice THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I have been trying to figure out how to get the last 2 puzzles :D


My population is already 90. I still don't have the golden child though. Some of my villagers are "worried about housing". Is there another hut that they can build? What is the location? Thanks!

Anonymous July 26, 2007 7:52 PM

people can "go indoors" with a dead person... eww...

Also all my people died cause no one was getting food. i had like 5 farmers and put them at the bush but they "were worried about food". For gods sake get some food if your worried about it. :(


puzzle 14 and 10

puzzle 14. take the golden child to the garden and drop them in it. butterflies appear.

puzzle 10 - straight after that take him to the plant and drop him on that.. the butterflies polenate the plant and now your villages live longer.



The mushroom event does not allow adults to pick mushrooms, it increases farming skill of the villager that finds it.


:) Children can heal without practicing or looking at the plants :) It OWNS!


There is an even that I go which is The North Wind and it actually helps to grow more food. Just wanted to let you all know.

level 2 spirits August 2, 2007 11:45 AM

I've got level 2 spirituality but nothing happens when I drag someone to the graveyard. It says additional research may be necessary


Hi level2spirits,

In order to make the graveyard you must have Level 2 Spirituality AND a dead villager.

When you see the bones of a dead villager laying on the ground, drop any living villager on the clearing to make the graveyard.


What is the maximum number of houses you can have?


How do you know when the little people are hungry? I only have 6 villagers and I'm finding it hard to populate. Any ideas? Thanks!


Hi Help :)

Your builder will build 2 new huts, which will support the maximum population of 90 villagers.

Hi Jasmine :)

Your villagers will feed themselves as long as you teach them how to forage by dropping them on the berry bush.

In order to make more villagers (babies) the first new hut must be completed. Drop your builder on the new hut site and he will build the new hut. Once the hut is built, drop a female villager onto a male villager to make babies. You may have to drop her on him several times to get a new baby.


What is the treasure? I know WHERE it is, but I want to know if I should spend my tech points now to try and find it or if I should wait til I have enough for level 3 babymaking101.

treasure hunter August 11, 2007 2:16 PM

Where exactly is the treasure??? In my old village (that my sibling deleted) I would put them over the spot, and all the villager would have is a quote saying, "There is something buried here!!"
And now, on my new village nothing will happen and they won't do anything!!!!!!

Thanks for anything helpful!


Ok...I had one of my male villagers go to a girl and "embrace" then they were heading indoors but I stopped him because I didn't want that girl having a child and tried to have him "embrace" and go indoors with another one nearby...and they did...but the other girl still went they had two woman and a man go in...and then two women a man and a baby came was kinda interesting to say the least.


Hey, if you want to get the butterflies after you have the "Golden Child" all you have to do is pick him up and carry him around to the flower garden. Wait until you hear the Chimes, then drop him on the flowers. Here he will call the Butterflies. After he has the B-flies following him take him to the orange Fruitless plant and watch the butterflies pollinate the plant. Now you have fruit on the plant that the villagers "enjoy" and receive greater longevity/life. Now you have the flower and butterflies.


Thank you for the walkthrough, I have read it all but have some different questions.
Does the monkey come out in every scenerio and if "yes" what do I have to do to get him to come out?
Also, I have a few villagers that like coconuts but the coconut trees do not have COCONUTS. Am I supposed to harvest coconuts?
I have read the comments asking about fire. Is that in VV1 or VV2 and how/where do I find/make it if its in VV1?
Thanks for your help,


Ok, I didn't come to this site unfortunately until I'd already started the game, so I didnt' start out with the 4 females, just 2. I seem to be having a problem however on ONLY procreating males. At the moment I now have 13 males and still just 2 females who are in their late 30's. Is this a bug? Or just incredibly bad luck? How old can my females continue to have children? They are both nursing now. I worry that they are going to quit having children or die before they give birth to any females, and I don't think an all male population is gonna survive all that long, haha.


A perfectly good conditioned, watertight crate...

You find a giggling infant!
*Note: one of my children found the crate

Tamarindr August 14, 2007 8:55 AM

just started to play virtual villagers.... how do you get the villagers to explore the rest of the island (on the map screen to the left and right of highlighted box, is it possible?
Addicted already. :)


How do you breed?


I have no idea what to do next. All my male villagers have died and I can't possibly mate with females. Should I start over now or should I continue the game with only 6 female villagers.


if you care... to get the number 14 puzzle which is the butterflies you need the place the golden child in the flower garden and he calls to them. then after you get the butterflies you can solve puzzle 10 by drop him on the fruitless plant and the butterflies do the job.


Hi all, thanks for the comments.

I found it helpful to complete all puzzles before the golden child comes.

I am finished all the puzzles and the Villagers are pretty much doing what they want in between the parties that the Golden Child makes.

I have noticed that when some female villagers go by the treasure, "she sees something unusual..." come up and then the villager starts to look closely at the treasure and then walks away. Sometimes I can get the villager to do it other times I have to wait for it to happen. Am I missing something? Or is it a teaser... like that cave?

Many thanks!!!!

Anonymous August 19, 2007 4:30 PM

Hey folks
I've been reading the forum and i noticed people were asking about the treasure.
Well I think you need level 3 science.
I think it's worth trying.
Cause before I was looking for the treasure and I didn't find it till I had level 3 science.
It's worth a shot.

Harlequin August 20, 2007 1:16 AM

On events, I just got one thats currently not on the list here's what it says and I'll put down my choice and what happened with it.

The Book

Your villager finds a bundle of parchment wrapped in cloth at the edge of the foliage. Peaking inside, it appears to be a book or some collection of writings. The title reads "The Island of Pearls"

villager reads book (I didn't choose this option.)

Bring it to researchers. (The Book goes missing.)


On August 18 I wrote:

"I found it helpful to complete all puzzles before the golden child comes."

What I meant by this is that is: complete as many puzzles that do not require the Golden Child first. Hope this helps.

Has anyone else found their villagers going by the treasure and getting "sees something unusual...". If this is the limit of events I am going to delete the game.

Much appreciated,
Grvy aka Karen


When You Are Nearly Depleated With The Berry Bush Get the Next Level Of Farming Then wait for a While The You Will Have Crops That Can Grow and grow. Thats How you get more food Megan.

Hope You Understand! Im Putting a Few More Spoilers On.

When You Have Reached The Limit Of Tech Points You Need For Level 3 Fertility Then Get Level 3 Construction and Spirituality then Chizzle the Rock Then, Hopefully You Get The golden Child.
I Must Say You Need Puzzle 5 Finished Before This, as i have Check Most all Of Comments And Mostly say They Have Trouble With Golden Child..

To Make The Lagoon You Need Level 2 Construction And When You Do Take One of your Builders or Two and Put Them On The Blockage.
When You Are Finished get Level 3 Fertility and Leavel 3 Construction then Chizzle rock. Then Take Mother With The Baby Make her go in the lagoon And Magicly the Golden Child Appears.

You should Note That If You Have The Golden Child and want to make Another You can't. I Have tryed with My Triplets and Nothing.. So Please do Not try To make Another golden Child.

you will see a Mushroom pop up, place a child on the mushroom and he will pick it up and take it to the Food Bin.
Brown Mushrooms are 8 food, Orange Mushrooms are 45 food.
Fish are 9 food, Crabs are 55 food.
Just a Reminder!!!
Oh and You Cannot Catch The Fish of Fertility Twice So SORRY!! :(

Everybody wants To Know How people Have Done This, Well I Have ALSO Gone over my Mistakes But keep Trying, Like This Problem.
i Once Cleaned The Debris After i First Got on And Apperently a Thing Popped up I Read:
Big Wave
A Big wave Crashed on You Beach And Now
There is Boat Debris All Over it!!
I was Sad. So i Made A Mistake WAITING too Long. remember, Always Check You Villagers Often They Might Lead you to Trouble or Some Clues And Good Things!


^^ Heyy XD I found this game yesterday, and it was so addicting.

But I've come across a couple of questions...

1. I have 10 People in my village right now; do I have to build another hut to get more people in my village? If so, how do I build the 2nd hut? The 1st hut was easy to find; it was the pile of wood in the middle of the village. Does the 2nd one look like that too?

2. I read all the previous posts, and they mentioned a whale... Where is that?

3. My Scientist has been working on the bench for a REALLY REALLY long time... but it still doesn't seem to gain the few points to become a Master Scientist. Am I doing something wrong?

4. Is a master Healer important? Because most of the time I just send her to work as a substitute farmer.

5. One of my villager's health bar is kind of low, but when I tried to heal it, they tried to embrace (but it didn't work because they were of the same gender...). Does the health bar really matter?

6. What should I spend my tech points on next? I have the level 2 farm and construction... and I don't want to spend it on something useless...

Thank you SO much.


Oh, and also, the children don't seem to be going to school... XD I figured out number 3 to my problem... so yeah.

They just stand in front of the building and nothing happens. :|

Thanks again.

plaidhorsie August 21, 2007 3:09 AM

If you set the whale free, you get LV2 Spirituality for free!!!


I had a 60+ year old female villager who had two kids (separately) before she died. This was with 50-ish male villagers...

So I don't think ages matters so much, if they're already somewhat skilled in mating.

It's rather annoying when people ask questions that have already been answered, but I guess it's a matter of intelligence...


Ditto on that Tigrress... I have had female villagers having babies up until as old as 77... after catching the fish from the lagoon. I even had a young male villager pick a 75 year old female villager to have babies with even with lots of young female villagers available!


To get to get to golden child to do this butterfly thing you put him in the flower garden thing and he calls the butterflies.

Also....i just learned that after the golden child calls the butterflies put him on the fruitless plant and the butterflies will make it grow fruit.


My villager keep getting stuck! Instead of going around obstacles, they run into them and stop whatever they're doing. This is especially annoying when they are farming because they will just stop and drop all their food. They weren't doing this before. Is this a glitch?


Hi! How do you make triplets? Someone can help me please? Thanks

algea problem August 25, 2007 9:22 AM

im really in trouble right now.... how can i get rid of algea in the sea???


To make triplets you need:

1. the fertility fish from the pond.

2. Level three fertility.

It helps that the Villagers you use are in top health. Having twins or triplets is a random thing, so be patient. Also, having triplets is not essential to the game.

Anonymous August 27, 2007 5:53 PM

When we have all the puzzles done the gold child has done his thing and moved the boulder is that the end of the game or is there more to the cave?


This may already be in one of the posts but I don't have time to go through them all. Jay was having trouble finding the butterflies and getting the golden child to pollinate the bush. Here you go....:)

take the golden child to the garden and he will call forth the butterflies, then take him to the bush and the butterflies will follow and pollinate it


I seen a question about the butterflies. If you put the golden child in the flower garden all the butterflies come back. They will then follow him to the bare plant (the one next to the cactus). The butterflies will then pollinate the plant and produce fruit.

darlinlilme August 28, 2007 9:10 PM

children won't eat out of the food bin. How do you increase their health??


I wonder how many others have actually solved all 16 puzzles?


In VV1, Children's health just naturally improves, unless they are "sick" then you drag a healer on them.

Terra Nova August 31, 2007 12:44 PM

Monkeys with mushrooms:

In my case, the mushrooms caused illness. Other people have had other experiences, both good and bad. I suggest that there is a random element at play in regard to the mushrooms.


From what I've read it requires all 6 techs to be completed and a master builder placed south of the food bin and west of the temple. Please be patient.


I have a population of 91. How do I get another hut? What is the maximum?


To do the butterflies just put the golden child in the garden.. the butterflies will appear and follow him around. Then the butterflies will eventually pollinate the fruitless plant.


"the crows get to my crops before my villagers" and this happens everytime even i put my villagers on the garden 24/7 ... any ideas ???
I'm desperate!!


im trying to get the treasure chest and i cant i have know builders and have been trying to get one do i need one for the chest if so how do i get one now?


my farmer saw something in the trees and i clicked for him to go see what it was..he pushed through the trees then he just disappeared.will he ever come back??


Birds Eating your Crops:

You have to have a villager to pick up sticks which he will make a scarecrow for your crops this will keep the birds away



I have never been able to get algea out of the sea. I had to get alternate food source. You need to switch over to crops as the secondary source.


What? I made a guy and a girl breed. And it made the kissing sounds like 10 times already but still the population never goes up!!! Am I doing anything wrong :(


I have achieved all puzzels except the buried treasure.
the plant in puzzle 10 lets the villagers live longer then ever and to get the butterflies there is a small bare patch make the golden child stand there you will see some "bubbles" then the butterflies will appear.


I have been playing for about two days now and my adept scientist won't go beyond that. I want to open the school of course, but only a master scientist can do that. Is this a glitch? I've seen this question before, but no answer. Any help will be appreciated. thanks.


It amazes me after reading all the post all the stuff I never saw playing this, wind storms, whales, birds in the garden, etc. etc.

Is there an ending to this? I finished all the puzzles and never even got the second add on hut built. None of my builders would stay on it so I just played on. Is there anything more to the cave then simply removing the rock. The message inside indicate anything or just a teaser? OK game but I liked Escape From Paradise a lot more.

Lindsay Reed September 12, 2007 7:42 PM

just thought you might want to add that if you save the stranded whale you automatically increase your spirituality level without having to use tech point to buy it.


i have been looking for the treasure and can not find it do i need 1 person that is a master in science and building, and the golden child thing i put a woman it the water with her baby and nothing happened, please help


I've had two villagers watering the garden for hours now, and nothing seems to be happening. Does this take a long time to complete?



To get them to this point you simply must wait. If you have the time you can continue to put them back on the research table when they try to leave...


Eating the mushroom the monkeys are eating causes the villager to die instantly.


forgot about this one until I read down the list of comments.
about the book "the island of pearls"

if your villager reads the book they learn something so surprising that they leave the village by way of a hidden path and are never seen again. (sadly, no one else ever seems to find this path)


Hi! My name is Andrew, and I just downloaded the game from Arcade Town, and I just played it for a while when and it loaded with 1 villager. Any help on how to get more villagers with only one of them?

the girl that loves him September 16, 2007 1:38 PM

this game is awesome i wonder if a 3rd will come out!? but i have not yet got a chance to play the full version of number 2 yet but so far it seems pretty cool.......


if you dont harvest the whale you gain a level of spirituality =]


I have gotten all puzzles except the bug one. Thanks to this page I understood how things were done. Thank you. I have lots of tech point,how do I use them or can they be used? It was disappointing that there wasn't something in cave, the eyes were misleading. How do I get the last puzzle done, I seem to be be stuck at this point. Thanks for any help I can get.


Hey there... I am stuck on the 'watering the garden' part of this game...

How long does it take for those dead flowers to come back and make the garden? Seems like I've had 1-2 villagers watering it for about 2 hours now and still nothing...



Sorry about posting two things, apparently I can't edit my first question about the gardens...

My little kids keep peeing in the dead flower garden... They're always standing over there with 'Nature is Calling!' below them...

Are they killing my flowers? How can I get them to pee elsewhere? lol... Thanks


i had a much different experience with the vials of liquid than the spoiler states. when i had a child drink one vial, he "felt enlightened" and became a master researcher before the age of 10. when i had someone drink the red vial, i had a message about how it killed my entire tribe, though when i cleared this message and looked at my tribe, nobody was dead, everyone was sick, and it took me about 5-10 min to cure the 40something members that were in my tribe. i few hrs later when i openend my game, i had a population of 90.


Um hey - I'm not actually stuck on a quest, I'm trying to build up my tech points so I can afford to buy Level 3 farming and start fishing... ANYWAY...

I just finally got 15 people in my village, but I'm trying to get some people to work on the new hut that is available to build. All my villagers are like Master Scientists or Master Farmers, I don't have anyone with decent building skills left.

Do I just have to keep on my guys and build up their construction skills, or is there some other way of getting them to stay on that project?


"Nature is Calling" is not actually peeing or anything. It's just a useless action that contributes to nothing. The only useful thing children can do is pick mushrooms.

You don't have to water the garden, but if your villagers keep at it, it will eventually blossom. Otherwise, your golden child can raise the flowers immediately.

Once your villager becomes a trainee builder, it is more likely that he will automatically go back to building it, so long as you pick building as his interest skill.

Ok, now for my problem. I completed all the quests except the treasure one, but I'm not asking where it is. Before I managed to buy all my skills, my villager saw something buried underneath but they lacked the research to dig it up. However, my Golden Child just got abducted... By a pair of eyes staring back at it from the trees. And now my villagers can't detect the treasure. Dropping a pregnant woman into the lagoon doesn't create another Golden Child either. Does this mean I can never complete the my last puzzle? ):


I don't know where to build the second hut. Does it appear out of nothing when the population goes up to the maximum? Thanks. C:
By the way, I love the game. A tip for people like me that cannot buy it... leave the game window on or minimized. If you don't close it, after one hour your village will not disappear. :3


I have seen a event that isnt on the list:

My builder found a box on the beach and when I opened it he was attacked by some huge spiders injuring him.



TO get the butterflies to come back after the golden child is born

drag the golden child to the garden. Once there he will summon the butterflies. Then, drag the golden child to the fruitless plant. THe butterflies will follow and pollenate the plant


What do I need to be able to carve the idol? Thank you.


Why is that i cant create a "golden Child"? i always put a nursing mom in a lagoon..there is no action... please help


to ms.nina...
to carve the idol, make it a point that the construction under the tech should be fully research. for faster build, place 3 master builders... that should do a trick..;)


I found it reasonable to start with at least 2 females, knowing that at the beginning the little one with building skills would clear the well (avoiding others being sick) and then would join the other 4 at research (to gain tech points quickly) which means i didn't start building the 1st hut until i got lvl 2 farming and lvl2 science... no need to make one of them healer ) kids do that,and you can study plants later on at your leisure


For some reason all my babies are male. I now have only one female left because the rest died of old age. I need to know is there a way to make a female baby.


My villagers can't find the treasure.
I have made all their techs and sometimes, when a person randomly strolls over the place where it's buried, it says "There is something here" or a similar phrase, but when I try and place a builder on the spot, they don't notice anything. D:

chickens898 September 26, 2007 6:45 PM

what do you do with ruins? plz