I have finished all the puzzles, what's next? How do I know when the game is finished?


we had a flock of parrots eat all our food once and a crate full of spiders attack a villager,the red vile poisened all our villagers, our golden child did make the fruit grow on the plant,are
all the bald guys like really lazy.


How do you uncover buried treasure?


You have to use as little of the berry bush as you can and set a lot of people at research so you can buy farming. I think if you go to options, you can set it to 2x the speed and it goes fast.

Ariel Barton March 8, 2008 8:32 PM

Okay so i changed the day. Basiclly every thing was the same ecept that i had like 5 or 6 more kids!!!! How did this happen?! What do i do?!

Sound Four45 March 9, 2008 9:35 AM

Has anyone noticed when you place a female villager on top of a male villager she has a boy and vice versa.I really needed a girl and if i didnt have one the game was going to be lost.I dont know of it is really true everytime it happens but its something to think about.

Caroline March 9, 2008 11:18 PM

I have level three in everything but when i put a mother with a baby in the lagoon there is no golden child and when i put a master builder (or scientist) on the rock they are confused :(

if you have answers for me please post them :D


I have just lost all my male villagers and now i am in a panice Plz Help!!!!!


does a builder have to be a master to find the treasure or does the golden shild do it?? IM CONFUSED!!


Puzzles 10 & 14 solution

To solve the butterfly puzzle (14), put the Golden Child in the garden, where he'll summon the flock of butterflies. Then put the Golden Child on the strange fruitless plant to the right of the lagoon, and he'll make it bear fruit. You have to have the butterflies before you can do this.


what happens when you finish all the tasks? how do you know if you won and the game is over? or are there more things to do and find?
please let me know what to do next.

thank you so much, i really love the game i name all my families and it's great.


Plz i dnt no how to get the treasure my master builder saw something but then didnt do anything PLZ HELP


how will i clean the beach???thers so manny algae!!!!


No one has actually commented on the buried treasure. Does anyone have an idea of where EXACTLY to find it. I've been looking what seems like forever for it with no luck. Do you have to have a certain type profession person to dig it up as well?
Question is for VV1
thank you!


Is there anyway to delete a villager?


hi!! i have played bother virtual villager a new home and the 2nd one with the lost children!! they were both sooooo much fun!! i was wondering if there will be a third one out soon?? if so when??

[Edit: Yes, Virtual Villagers 3 is coming soon! Be sure to watch this site's homepage ( https://jayisgames.com ) for news and a very special offer on how you can win the game for FREE when it's released this spring. -Jay]

Virtually Real March 18, 2008 5:08 PM

I actually had 2 people named Paco once, so I changed them to Paco 1 and Paco 2. I'm having trouble getting the "Pacos" to start the garden!!

Virtually Real March 18, 2008 5:30 PM

At the most, it takes me about 1 day to finish a task, including the lagoon and garden. Without the Science thingymajigger, I can gain around 2,500 tech points within an hour. I put 3 Master Scientists at the research table and let them go!

I ♥♥love this game!

...........random.......... March 19, 2008 1:15 PM

Another random item found

When a villager finds an old drum, there are old records inside it. The villager who found it will become a master healer.

Virtually Real March 19, 2008 7:23 PM

Well, well, well! Click below to reveal my secret.

Finally, I got the magic fish from the lagoon.. I had to be persistant with my villager. Finally, Paco got it! Way to go Paco!

Virtually Real March 19, 2008 7:42 PM

He picked it up from the lagoon! But I still haven't solved the puzzle with the fish on it! Why is that?


you CAN rename your villagers... when you click a villager's detail the cursor is automatically behind their name (above their picture) :D

i successfully found that out before anybody died so now i can look in the graveyard and when i click on the stone to see who the were i can actually remember who they were lol

btw: "virtually real" paco is the awesomest name ever haha :)

Christina March 21, 2008 3:55 AM

So, just curious. I've completed every puzzle thus far, save the buried treasure, and am now spending my time simply breeding as many women as I can and hoping for some triplets so that I can at least see them before the game ends. :p

My question is whether or not there is any way to at least give the villagers a "nudge" in the right direction, per say, to at least locating the treasure quicker? I've tried dragging and dropping them in numerous locations surrounding the temple and the food bin, but I either get "Nothing," "Honoring Temple," "Fixing Hut," "Examining Hut," or something similar. I have managed to luck up with two different villagers stumbling across the location to the left of the temple without my help, but they only manage to crouch down about three times acting like they're looking at something before they walk off.


Crab Meat March 21, 2008 2:27 PM

I got a master farmer who likes crab meat and every time he goes to fish he comes up with a crab. Also use the mushroom clone trick where you pause the game and put all of your children on a mushroom and they all get it. I did that with a red mushroom and 6 children. It comes in handy if your running out of food- it saved my village. :)


to get the butterfly puzzle....just drop the golden child into the garden


once you have the butterflys from the garden..they follow your goldne child...take him to the fruitless plant and the butterfliys will pollenate it..causing it to bare fruit

Virtually Real March 22, 2008 10:39 AM

Heh, thanks fyi lol.

My village was just blessed with twins. We now have over 100,000 food, 13,000 tech points and about 12 children.

Special note to fyi lol: Paco was the father of the twins!

Virtually Real March 22, 2008 12:24 PM

We now have another group of twins.. And 50 villagers now!

Paco is the father of both twins. Paco rocks! He is.. 21 years old. :)

Virtually Real March 23, 2008 9:39 AM

Woot! 90 villagers, fully researched construction, fertility, and farming!

Red Rose March 23, 2008 3:54 PM

Hello in order to solve the butterfly puzzle you have to drag the golden child over to the garden and of course the garden has to be in bloom, but the butterflies do not have to be there. Drag the golden child a few times and the puzzle will be solved.


guess what!!! 2 of my villagers drank a blue vial and it said something about the smell of sweet porridge and they both turned back into kids again!!!


If you prefer to find the hidden treasure on your own... stop reading this post. But since there have been so many inquiries on how to find and dig it up, here goes.


First you must have a Master Builder! Take him/her just west of the ruins and South of the food storage bin. Keep draging him/her over the area until you see their thought that something looks like it's buried there. Place him in that spot. Th builder will not dig the first few times, but once they do, your on your way. Once the Master begins digging, all other builders will help.

Hope that helps and good luck.


I'm new to posting and I screwed up on how to use the spoiler. Sorry if I ruined the puzzle for anyone. I'm trying to find the edit button.


Does anyone know who the eyes in the cave belong to? Is it an animal or another tribe?

Anonymous March 26, 2008 7:52 PM

The walk through says he doesn't know how to get the butterflies or to get the unflowering plant to flower.

Take your golden child to the flower garden. When he's there he will call butterflies. The butterflies will follow him. Then take him to to the unflowering plant the butterflies will pollinate the plant.


I'm at 90 villagers, all research done, and am basically waiting for some elderly ones to die (ick). Several of the villagers have taken to pacing in the village center "worried about housing." But they don't start a new hut. Is there a way to make them start one? Thanks!


i beat the whole game in like 6 hours. i guess i took all the fun out o it but heres how to do it. move the clock on your computer forward everytime u wanna do something faster (i.e. harvest crops, build hut, etc.) but only do it for a couple hours or less if u don't have much food. i found that out the hard way. p.s. it's also important u don't go BACK in time. when its about to be 12:00 am (the next day) let your calendar KNOW its going to the next day.


I used the clock fast forward thing as well, was gutted when I went back to the game and my original seven had died. It does take some of the fun out of the game but makes it a lot easier that waiting for the villagers to do a lengthy task.

To find the treasure...

Drag a master builder and a master scientist over the patch of sand underneath the food bin and next to the temple, this is because they need to work together to come up with a scientific way to dig up the treasure.


Is there any way to get more than 90 villagers?? The villagers are still gaining breeding points but are not producing any babies.

Also, some of my villagers say that they are worrying about housing but all of the huts have built and they have been examined and fixed. Does anyone else have this problem if so what did you do??

Just a thought, who buries the last to die??

Princessjoerg March 28, 2008 11:23 AM

Hey guys,
This game can get confusing. who digs up the treasure?/what profession or is it the golden child. Did you know that one of the babies the mother is still holding eats as much as an adult/child. one of my people has barely any breeding on his bar but when you drag him to a woman he creates a baby with out him even going indoors. it's helpful but is it just a glitch. how do you know where the treasure is and how do you dig it up? plz respond soon!!!



Can anyone tell me what i can do with all the tech points i have after i have fully researched everything?? I've got loads and my scientists keep making more but i dont know what to do with them all. Can anyone help??


i am playing right now and all of my grownups are sick how do i heal them only my 8 year old is not sick and this game is hard


To find the treasure you need either a master scientist or master builder can't remember which. You need to drag the master over about an inch or less under the food bin. You will see it say digging let them dig. It takes awhile for them to get the treasure.


lulu you probably figured this out already but your sick healers can still heal, they have on my game. What I do is heal a sick healer with a sick healer. Then the healed healer heals the rest.

My dilema is that I have over a million tech points what can be done with them? And since I bought the third stage of fertility the last tech no one wants to work. They all want to play or do laundry. How do I stop this?!!!!! Is there a way to convert or blow up the laundry shack?

Oh and you can kill the golden child, I have I had surgery on my tendon in my foot. My computer is upstairs so for three weeks I was unable to go upstairs and everyone in my village died except the golden child. However, he was deathly ill I guess no one there to play with. He had plenty of food though LOL.


In reference to Cathy's walkthrough note on 7/07: Other Events: Monkey eating mushroom...

"Authors Note: I am not certain if trying the mushroom allows your adult villagers to pick the mushrooms... i.e. Other Events: Monkey eating mushroom - Trying the mushroom allows adults to pick mushrooms?" (end quote)
I just found the answer: allowing the adult villager to pick the mushroom (after watching monkey eat mushroom) allows that adult villager to pick only that mushroom... he then gains foraging skills. He cannot pick mushrooms after that. p.s. you never actually see him pick the mushroom; they tell you he picks it. This is useful if you need a Master Farmer.


What do you get if you buy level 3 construction?

In fact would someone list level 3 everything, what happens?

I had a random event not listed on here.

It was a small mysterious crate. I said yes open it and it was a crate full of coconuts. Gain 500 food points.


PS, I just bought construction level 3 and it means they can work on the flat rocks to restore the temple.

I think spirituality level 3 must be restore the big flat rock up at the top and it becomes their 'idol'. (Like Easter Island.)

I think you have it the other way around on your review.


Ok. I didnt see this on here. To help with food. Oh and I couldnt figure out how to do the spoiler thing. Anyways... when a mushroom pops up pause the game. Go move all your children to the mushroom (make sure it says picking mushroom). Unpause the game and they will all pick the mushroom. Im playing on hard and only have 3 children right now so I havent tested it on more children then that. Hope it helps it has helped me.


Pausing the game to get more than one mushroom doesn't work for me. The mushroom disappears before I can round up all the children and end up with only one kid getting the mushroom. I thought pause would pause the timer with the mushrooms as well, but on my game it doesn't. I started another game and it doesn't work there either.


You mentioned that finding a blue vial on the beach will lower skills and possibly cause illness. Ive found several blue vials on the beach...always found by a child....and they GAIN skill points not loose them. Any one else found this out?

Oh and when your villager HAS twins or trips do the kids actually look alike? Can you really tell that they are twins or trips?? Let me know!


does anyone know if the golden child stays 5 years old forever?


Yes the Golden Child stays a child forever...

Is he bald and wearing a gold tunic in everyone's game?

I have questions.

There hasn't been butterflies in my game for a long time, and there still aren't. SO how will the Golden Child make the flowerrs grow on that one plant?

If that doesn't happen, it's OK, the other things are more important that he does - creating lots of food for example. And he does that. He like to party too. haha

The other thing is the lagoon fish. Everyone dives for it but no one catches it. And yes I have put 3 different Master Farmers in the lagoon.

I have level 3 everything and buried treasure is found.


Vial of blue liquid - Causes illness or lowers skill.


I let my villager drink it and she became a master builder from untrained.


when it shows the map it shows more parts of the island but how do i get my villagers to find it.



I need some help. My villagers breed fine and I have the little hut built, but my max population doesn't seem to want to increase... i don't know what i am doing wrong ? :(


okay this is what i found out:

i started over(unsuccessfull the first time,) and had two people who liked to run. i put them and all the other villagers except the builder foraging. the builder i put on the well, then the hut, then the beach,...


this has to do with the golden child

there is one way to get rid of the golden child...
if the event is seen that the golden child see a pair of eyes or something in the bushes and you click take a look, the child is never heard from again.
and that's a way to get rid of the golden child

Virtually Real April 14, 2008 6:33 PM

Achem.. I've now completed the game.. Paco has died, sadly. :'(

deelight April 19, 2008 2:51 PM

really enjoyed this game, like many others here i was stuck on the treasure, thanks for all the tips, i have now found the treasure. happy gaming x

pichu666 April 19, 2008 3:18 PM

this whole message is a spoiler BWAHAHA! One of my kids found blue liquid and hes a MASTER FARMER!!!!!!


Where is this berry bush i don't understand !


I have finished all of the puzzeles exept the buried treasure. When I put a builder on the south part of the beach, Nothing happens. I have level 3 in science and construction. Please help me!!!!! What an i duing wrong


my max pop is 90 and i have gotten 92 people, but how do you increase the max population???????????

i have lvl 3 in everything, completed all puzzles, and have done everything!!! AND I CAN ONLY HAVE 90 PEOPLE!!! PLEASE HELP!!!


I had an adult eat the mushroom after watchig the monkey

the adult wasn't able to pick mushooms, intead ended up with nausea and stomach cramps.

AlaskanStephanie April 23, 2008 2:38 PM


I noticed that some think that you need the "golden child" to find the burried treasure but you don't. You need level 3 building, level 3 spirituality, and a master builder/master scientist person to find it, at least that's what I had when I dug it up. I wanted to get it found before the "golden" pain in my neck distraced the workers.

Anonymous May 1, 2008 6:20 PM

what s the point of the buried treasure?? i dont get it! i was all excited, but i dont notice any diffrence!

Anonymous May 1, 2008 9:41 PM

this site helps alot

Anonymous May 2, 2008 1:10 AM

my max pop is 11 how do i increase this i already have level 3 in everything but medicine?? please help


Thank you so, so much for posting this walkthrough, I'm about to win the game thanks to you! I'm not sure if the monkey-adults picking mushrooms thing works, but I will definitely try it. Now I have a little info to contribute:

Once I had the Golden Child, I tried dragging him onto a few things. When I dragged him onto the Garden, he brought the Butterflies, and when I dragged him onto the Strange Fruitless Plant, the Butterflies following him pollinated it and made fruit grow on it!!!

Hope that helps with the walkthrough, and thanks again for all your help. ^^

- Alex

Anonymous May 9, 2008 11:57 PM

Please someone, what do I have to do to get into the cave and solve its 16th puzzle?

Anonymous May 10, 2008 8:25 AM

Please I have a doubt, my golden child has opened the cave and I don't know what to do. Help me please!

TimeSheep May 11, 2008 4:57 PM

Hmm great walkthrough.
but when explaining how to get the child couldnt you write what you need to accomplish something eg.

When you have purchased Level 3 Fertility:
place a mother with a baby in the Lagoon to create the Golden Child. The remaining Puzzles are dependent on the Golden Child.

Puzzle #5
Puzzle #11
Puzzle #12
Fertility 3


Does the villager who waters the Patch of Strange Dead Flowers have to be a master at something? None of my villagers who I've put there have done anything!


i heard that if your person dies then your suppost to put a child over the body and go to the sacred area. In order to increase your population you would need more huts and buildings to put them in. And you villerger does not have to be a master at anything in order to water plants trust me i have some villagers who did nothing and was watering everything lol.

maritza May 13, 2008 1:21 AM

one of my females just had her first baby. Know ive had other females before and it only takes about 115 min for them to stop nursing. In her details page it says that shell be done nursing in 360 min why is it longer with her? Did i do something wrong? or is there something wrong with the baby? Also its taking forever for my farmers to become masters at this moment they are adept farmers. When i have the game off i put it in hald speed so they dont die when im asleep yet still gain tech points, how can I get my farmers and builders who are also adept to become masters faster? There is nothing for them to build as of yet and as for the farmers well they have the crop to water and harvest but i have no seen any progress... can anyone help thanks!!!

maritza May 13, 2008 2:23 PM

ok so i figured out why she was taking so long to stop nursing (i forgot to change the time to 2xx speed and thats why she was taking so long) lol duh for me!..

But on to my second question so why are they taking so long to become masters at farming and building? what can i do to quickly make them masters i havent even caught fish they are living off the crops. And like i said before there is nothing to build for my builders..help!!!!


hi just to let you know that if you are having problems with your villagers click -d- on your key board which will take you to detail and those small squares just click on one and they will automatically want to do the task a little bit.


yo how do u know if u've won the game or not does it just keep going and going and going and going and...well u guys get the point?


i put all my villagers to the lagoon to take away the rock its taking soooo long why. do they have to get up to 100 plz help me???!!!???


I just got the full version (I played the free hr a few times before). Ive gotten 6 milestones and 3 level 2 tech things so far(go me). I just had a few questions.... Where is the max population? I see the population thing but no where does it say a max. Also the events, are they pure random or does every game have them just at certain points in time/skill/etc??

Thank you in advance...

~*Bright Blessings*~


how do i get my girl to focus n the plants? it says shes confused. he hasnt discovered any of the plants yet and they're running out of food.

Anonymous May 23, 2008 4:32 AM


Try not to use the berry bush often it runs out very easily.

Get more people to become scientists and when there's enough tech points,use it to 'buy' level 2 farming.The villagers will grow crops and that's another food source.

pichu666 May 24, 2008 1:36 PM

a href b br/ strong em ul ol li code

sry if that was all jiberish i was trying to test the spoiler tags.

i have an account that is awesome cause it just is. im gonna try to keep the population LOW it will always be less than ten! one of my kids had the dream AND the troubled child event! what does the game have against poor city?

Qwerty=]] May 26, 2008 1:55 AM

pichu666,what did you mean?

Jason Gills May 26, 2008 4:20 PM

umm i wuz just wondering how do you get a master (WITH OUT waiting forever)in a skill. i've done it in the third game, but she died along with the others. please help i really need it


my golden child threw a party with every villager dancing in a huge huddle (my population is up to 82). while they were partying, the golden child made some magic sounds with bubbles and rainbows. i think he gave some women babies and one woman who had a baby turned it into twins!

it's awesome he can do EVERYTHING but does anyone else think it's kinda chincy that the golden child is the answer to more than one puzzle?


Guys if you get the random event with the moth and you don't help it then your doctors all become masters


Help! I started the game and did the little tutorial. Now i have my villagers working but its so slow!

I put the speed in 2x but still. Ive been playing for like 2 hours and my tech is barely 400... and the guy building the hut has been at it for so long the porr little guy and he's barely doing 60%. Ive checked the walkthrough and it seems im doing it all right but im going nowhere with the skill points, and then i tried clearing the beach but its also useless.. it doesnt clear up...


heather May 30, 2008 1:11 AM

I got tennis elbow from playing this game! its addictive.

Katydid May 30, 2008 11:25 PM


To get the butterflies drag the golden child to the flower garden. He makes them appear. After the butterflies appear they follow the golden child. Drag him to the fruitless plant and the butterflies cause the plant to bloom in magical fruit.


You are wrong about the tresure puzzle u do not have to have level 3 on medicine.


ok, i beat the game with all your guys advise and i was bored so i made it so it was the year 2099 and now i have only the golden child left and 11545406 food 10381799 tech points and there are 5662144 berries left on the bush and you cant even see my real hours played it runs into the letters. lol
ps longest living villager 101yrs old.

Virtually Real June 4, 2008 12:38 PM

It is so annoying when the golden child makes a party while they're burying the dead!

Anonymous June 4, 2008 4:38 PM

what is golden child


I've discovered something about the Troubled Child:

Allowing him/her to do research as a scientist greatly contributes to your tech points, and he/she is automatically a master scientist. In my opinion (this is only my opinion, though) tech is far more helpful, since it will eventually allow you to feed your villagers far more than a young child can.

Happy villaging!

Mallory June 6, 2008 3:59 PM

I have my apprentice builder working on the new hut. She has been working on it for about an hour (real time) and she hasn't made any progress. Is this normal????

Miss_Cupid June 6, 2008 4:42 PM


except two little girls.
they are collectign mushrooms & one is cheif so food is all good but what about making more villagers ?!!

i have NO MALES !



Chief?! Are you playing The Secret City? If so, you should be posting questions regarding that game on the Secret City walkthrough page:


Or on the Virtual Villagers 3 review page:



ok one of my people just died and i have no clue how to bury her can you help me plz.


I keep putting my builders on the patch of dead flowers and nobody goes to the lagoon to water the patch of flowers. Did anyone else have trouble with this too?

Honey Angel June 7, 2008 11:58 PM

hi! can anyone tall me how does the golden child look? I have like 10 blonde kids and i dragged them all into the magic flower garden, but nothing happens. please, help meee!!! all i need right now is the kid and i have 20 kids right now... :(