I'm very sure that the players that replace people who leave are bots.

Firstly, because I'm pretty sure we'd have a say in being thrust into a game like that. We wouldn't go to start a new game, and suddenly end up in a field with 9 hp left unless we already knew that risk, wouldn't we?

Secondly, most of the time, when a person is replaced, the player who replaces them is inactive for a turn. They just sit there. They have pretty terribly AI, too. If the player is a human, then they must have been caught off guard to not have noticed they were replacing someone.

Which brings us back to the first point, that it wouldn't seem right for a person to replace someone without knowing. And since we can assume a human would know he would be replacing someone, we can also assume that the replacer is a bot.


Not to mention, there is NO way humans would have that good of a timing. Bots replace humans either in an instant or, in some glitchy cases, not at all.

It wouldn't seem likely that a human would be there in the nick of time.

cruzant June 21, 2006 6:48 PM

would poor performence be that your computer doesnt have the right connection or the player just plays like a pile of crud?


I wondered that at first, too, cruzant. It's referring to your computer's communication with the game server, not your ability to play the game. =)

stuts - while I don't always get on the high score lists, I do try to spend a lot of time with a game before writing a review for it. Consequently, that sometimes leads to achieving a high score. =)

Lookiehere June 21, 2006 11:49 PM

I SAW YOU!!! You....probably don't remember, but it was cool.
Nice game!


It's sooooooooooooo slow for me now. I'm on a cable modem with a newish computer. keep getting screens with 15 players where the scene randomly changes... It was fun for a while there but perhaps the servers are just dying?


i think when chat is off everyone is bots because they always ignore my exsistence when chat is off and when chat is on it is multiplayer
so there you have it part single player part multiplaer.


if you shoot a brick at the ceiling it sticks (welcome neo to the computer world where there ARE NO PHYSICS!)


The ceilings in ZWoKville are made from a special polymer that adheres to bricks, but not to any other kind of material. The adhesion wears off in about an hour(which is where the saying, "watch out for falling bricks" comes from). If you stuck around after the game, you'd see them fall.

BTW...where is the 'chat' feature everyone is talking about?


Gosh, i love being the sole survivor.

gomezzzza June 22, 2006 11:44 PM

i think one of the factors for kicking you off when you spectate is whether or not you get any team hits. (which can be very easy if you're playing with people who are inexperienced and walk right in front of you.)

Darsh 97 June 23, 2006 1:39 AM

It seems that the 'chat' function is only available with FireFox.

(I tried this game on both IE and Firefox and with the latter, a 'Message the other players' button is available under your avatar picture).

Mary Mac June 23, 2006 5:10 AM

I love it! Addicted already, though I'm really not that good... few fluke shots in there I think..

Evilzucchini June 23, 2006 11:25 AM

I don't think the order is random.

I ALWAYS start at the back of my group and have for a while. I think it has something to do with score.

I am a very agressive brick thrower, I run up and slam the bricks in my opponent's face. But, considering I ALWAYS start at the back, it is a pain because i have to run the whole map and a lot of times it will finish before I get there.



Excellent game!

Ive only been playing for 3 days but im already ranked #2

if you see me, gimme a "hello" :)

im a big blue eye with white body... name - gypo.
but if you throw a brick in the back of my head, prepare to get 2 in the face!



Evilzucchini...I like starting in the back. I've even been practicing my high-arc brick throwing skills, in addition to my run-up-and-smash ones. I got my first, one-brick/three-kill yesterday; I was down to 3 health, with no allies.

gypo...congrats on 2nd place. I do wish the ranking was based on a score-to-time ratio, instead of just score, but it IS difficult to get so many points, in general. I'll look for you in the game(fellow Bloo), but since I'm bound to IE(and no chat), you'll have to assume my "hello."

BTW...I also encountered a team-killer in a couple of games(I think her name was aliya, or something similar). She moved behind me and bricked me down to 1 health, and then killed our other teammate; none of the shots looked accidental, or bot-like. She then tried to finish me off, but couldn't get behind me, and I was able to kill her with 1 brick(and then had to fight the other team; I was forced to go suicidal...took out two of them, but succumbed to the third). Do you think there are people trying to keep the Blooz down?


> "Do you think there are people trying to keep the Blooz down?"

It definitely seems plausible, and even likely considering once you've chosen a team you cannot switch.

I've thought the same myself at times when I would get hit by teammates repeatedly.

cruzant June 23, 2006 5:22 PM

its also like tanks
(or just search tanks on JIG)


Hey Jay, I really like your site. This game however I am totally convinced that it is all singleplayer. As someone people have already mentioned you start in the back no matter what. It doesn't matter what your rank is or anything you are always in the back.
Secondly and more importantly using Firefox I was able to download the SWF file and play it off my computer. I also disconnected my internet connection. Guess what, everything still works and you can still play the game. So in my opinion this is not a multiplayer game at all but still a fun way to kill time at work.

CROWDUDE June 23, 2006 9:23 PM

The chat option is a pain... it slows my game down. There should be an option to disable it.

Great game by the way.


Cheers, Athgar! I appreciate the kind words.

I also can appreciate your fine detective work, though I'd like to offer an alternative conclusion.

I know for a fact that the game is indeed a multiplayer game. However, if the SWF cannot make a connection with the server, rather than leave the player with nothing to play, maybe the game just creates bots to fill the void?

The day that Rick from Bloc emailed to tell me about their brand new multiplayer game they had just finished for Sony, I played it extensively before writing up my review. Later that evening the game just wouldn't connect to the server. I could access my account, edit my avatar, but when I tried to play the "please...wait" screen never ended.

So I emailed Rick to let him know and he told me that one of the guys working on it had patched it so that wouldn't happen again.

My guess is that patch probably included the safety net of creating bots if the client ever loses connection with the server.


Athgar, how would you dowload the swf? But I do believe the game IS multiplayer, as I have seen people in the High Scores list and others things oh god I'm tired I can't explain. But please tell me about dling the swf.


yes, im positive its a multiplayer game, sometimes i dont start in the back, i dont kno why, mabye its because i havent played it as much, but ive met a freind of mine in there once and we were also talking over AIM. anyways, its a great game, but does anyone know where i can get the music?


here are my problems with it:
my computer is slow, and the game freezes up- the next round of shooting starts before the last round of trails is cleaned up, and i miss a couple turns a game this way- and then get booted for not meeting multi-player standards, despite anything.
is that just me?
in theory, that is all a few more points for the singleplayer side- but i've run into users multiple times, and i don't always start in the back.
and yes, the chat option is irritating. standardised phrases for a chat is always irritating, and of course there's no way to vent frustration on wayward/stupid/teamkilling players, all of which i've run into.


reading through comments, i see it's not just me :\ i wish it would just say, Sorry You're Laggy, or just Server Timed Out, or something like that- the whole multiplayer standards thing is kind of annoying.
and by the way, i'm Plonkycat on the grienz side (:


I think the server is having problems. Several times today I was bumped back to the log-in screen (by the way: Is it only me, or does the 'remember me' click-box not have any effect?) in the middle of a game, without any warning message. And there have been some fluky episodes where the other players were shooting while I was still aiming. Game becomes a lot less enjoyable when it starts getting unreliable. I see more and more of players disappearing in the middle of a round ... especially just as I'm about to hit them ... with no replacements.

My guess on messaging is that it's not so much bots v. real people as server capacity or bandwidth use at the moment. Messaging seems to stay around for game after game or be gone for game after game, rather than coming and going. I don't see any now.

Also: What about those players who keep trying to run off the edges of the field -- they must be bots, no? And not all are all-cap names.

For those of you with the highest scores ... any evidence of getting new weapons or new fields when you do? I made a run at the top 30, but things have gotten so crowded and game so off-and-on that I'm sinking back close to 200.



Whatever they've done to the server, it's zippy today!


This game is fun, watch out for a red robot hopping around lobbing bricks, dont hit that person if its on your team, it will throw at you and kill you :'(


Maxxy - try enabling your cookies, to fix the "remember me" problem you are having.


Hmmm, I dowloaded the swf to check it out, and all the text was undefined, and when the game couldn't acces the server (it DID try, I didn't let it :P) it started a game with all bots. They had names like "griffin," "Annie," "JANESSA" etc. So Bots can have all sorts of names. And they are all different sizes. Also there was one named RAVEN and one named Fabian. Hehe. Cheers all, It's 5:44 here, g'night.

nooneer June 25, 2006 7:39 AM

Hah! The server is dodgy at the moment, just had a game with ~6-a-side, (including 2 of me, one of which was being run by a bot I think). Plenty of chuggin, a few turns without throws, and then EVERYTHING goes a once, (usually obiterating both teams).
Makes life interesting. :D

cruzant June 25, 2006 9:34 AM

It wont let me walk has anyone else had this problem?


lmok20, my cookies are enabled and work just fine with other sites. I am using Firefox, if that makes a difference with this site.

Grr: I was in the bowl-shaped field, right up at the top (Bluez) and ready to smash the Grienz when, once again, I was unceremoniously dumped back to the login screen. Wish there was some kind of limit on participation so that if you got in you'd get a good performance, or at least some kind of meter telling you before you start what shape the system was in.

Also: How does the scoring work? I can roll into three players and sometimes get just a couple hundred points and other times over 1,000. Does it depend in part on whether you've been hit as well?


A large part of the scoring isn't how much damage you do, but based on the speed of whatever projectile you're using as it hits the opponent. If you hit 3 enemies with a slow moving roller, you'll probably get less than 400 points, but at max speed (and thus probably not rolling) you can get over 1000 from them easily. The same applies tot he other weapons (my record low from a single hit is 5 points from a clustlet after a couple of bounces)

cruzant June 25, 2006 5:17 PM

jay the link doesnt work for me any ideas


the chat IS available with IE i always play on IE and it works fine so i dont know what people are saying no cahat a on IE NOT TRUE!


I wish they'd just dump the chat. It's always a bunch slower and really not very entertaining. How much fun is 'watch and learn' and 'lolz' anyway?


i agree the chat should be changed so you can atleast type i messages instead of using those dumb ones that are there


I think it has not been as multiplayer as it claimed, only now has it gone live and things are going more slower now it has real people on the other end


it has been multiplayer but it has been alernating from multiplayer and singleplayer


Blooz 51%
Grienz 49%


I found out something - the faster your compy is, the more that you walk. I have two comps at home, and I can walk twice as far on one than the other. ordima is my guy...

B1OoZ P\/\/N JOO!


Does anyone else notice that this game is lagging more and more?


what you need to do to walk around even when the timer has reached 0. i have seen a lot people do this. my name is ninjer


Everyone sees themselves walk around in real time, but all others walk around after the timer reaches zero.

lazy 12345 June 29, 2006 11:27 AM


I wanna share my usage of the five ZWOK weaponry:

Normal :
Ok. normal. I don't find myself using Normal at all.

Roller :
The rolling stone.
Good thing about Roller is that you roll it and damage several life at once.
Another good thing is that the damage area is quite big because the entire area the Roller has rolled is damaged.

Cluster :
Cluster is split to several pieces if thrown.
damage area is large. useful when you can't be sure where the target is going to move. just throw it over the target.
I find it hard to figure out exactly which point the Cluster is gonna split.

Bouncer :
Bouncer bounces. I see two situations where Bouncer is useful.
First situation is when the target is in a valley. you throw Bouncer into the valley and it bounces again and again in the valley and hit the target several times.
Second situation is when you are remote attacking. If you are Blooz and is at the far left corner and the opponent is at the far right corner. you can hit the opponent so far away with Bouncer.

Brick :
Brick damage is high.
two situations where Brick is useful.
First, when you and the opponent are near each other or face to face then throw Brick to each other.
Second, when you realize that the target is kind of guy who just don't move, then throw Brick. Possibly you can't hit him with first shot. But you know he won't move and you can adjust your next shot.
Oh third, if several opponent is spread on hill, you would damage them with Roller? Sometimes you can kill them all with one Brick shot.


1. team members spread apart.
2. Don't waste your hits killing noobs(i mean the opponent side). Noobs will kill themselves. Attack big guys first.
3. Don't be conservative, experiment a lot.
4. move a lot.

While it is sometimes fun to kill deliberately team mates, it can be beneficial to the team to sacrifice team mates, for example,
suppose on a hill are you with 50hp, your team mate with 5hp and opponents all in a row. What you should do? Use roller to hit the team mate and opponents. gain is higher than loss.
If your team mate and your two or more opponents are in the same valley, you should Bouncer the valley if gain is higher than loss.
Same principle applies if you are the one that need to be sacrificed.

Enjoy the slowest flash game ever!! Blooz rocks!


Does anyone know if there are ZWoK forums or message boards?


If you get kicked just keep trying, sometimes it settles down a bit - I go through phases of getting kicked a lot, then can have 5-10 games in a row with no problems.

Blooz on 51% victories, but their population is 55%

Go Grienz brothers and sisters!

I'm in as tpm, say hi if they ever extend the chat system to allow it!

pushevolve July 3, 2006 10:47 PM

ok, I just had the wierdest experience! I was dloading a large file and trying to play zwok at the same time and was immediately kicked from a game, but, instead of clearing the old stage and players for the new one it kept both games at once. I don't understand how, but a bot took over my old game (which I was watching while trying to play the new one). Anyway, just thought it was funny

Khrisper (Lord Soul) July 25, 2006 11:58 AM

I was just wondering about the fact some people seem...




Is this an effect over time?


I think that this game is indeed multipalyer. the main reson I think this way is that when i disabled my internet while in a game it no longer worked.

xCervelloX August 30, 2006 6:35 PM

lol this game owns and biohazard yes, this is a multiplayer game because ive played with my friends over the internet.


I really like this game. My only complaint would be the lack of chat options. Maybe we could create codes to communicate things, like maybe "lolz" "ha" "lolz" could mean "spread apart"? Just a thought.


The other day when I was playing this game, I came across an opponent that had invincible powers and they could also say what ever they wanted to, to the other players...hmmmmmm how?????


I came across that cheater that was invincible a couple days ago. I just left the game. He is really lame; the fun is competing. Anyone can win if they cheat the game and make themselves invincible.

This seems to be the closest thing to an unofficial home. I can't find any other forums or websites on this game. It would be cool to communicate with other players.


Small problem with the game - when the cluster breaks two pieces go right and one goes left every time. Of course this helps the blue team who is firing to the right.

This explains the blues favoring the cluster as well as a 1% increase in accuracy and the win rate (1% increase over many rounds adds up to more than a 1% increase in the win rate).

I love data and data mining. I bet there are a million things that could be learned about game theory and psychology by mining the shots, moves and other info from zwok.....if I had a spare $100K.


I don't agree that the cluster always necessarily favors bluez. All a grienz has to do is to aim a little further over to the left if it is an air shot. I admit though, while almost every map will flip so that each team will experience both sides of a map, that doesn't happen with the "bowl/valley" map and the bluez have an advantageous side. You can hit any place on the map from the top left corner, but the grienz dont have the same advantage from the right, and the map doesnt flip. I still personally feel that bluez are just better, because of the type of upstanding citizen attracted to be a bluez, which necessarily converts into a better zwokker (lolz)


To answer Khrisper's question... Yah. your character size depends on your rank. noobs are small. Related to that question...I told the server my character is a negative rank, which makes my characters scale negative (under the map... and untouchable). sleestak, if people would stop joining Bluez, i wouldnt have to resort to winning every game I play.



Your justification for cheating is a nonsequitur. Bluez do not win more games because there are more bluez. Each game starts out with 3 from each side. If every bluez and every grienz are trying to play at the same time, then you have a shortage of active games, meaning each person has to wait longer to get a game. This is basic microeconomics. There is no justification, frankly, for breaking the rules of competition. How like a grienz to think that the end justifies the means.


i cant change weapons during games. why is this?

anonymous October 19, 2006 2:13 PM

Hey, Oak, I think I was the guy who smacked you with the brick in the back. On the whole conspiracy thing with bots, i think you guys are right. Im KnightmareX on the game and i recognize a few of you. DO blooz (who rule, may i say) get an extra weapon and when?


KnightmareX -- Don't know about any extra weapon for blooz. The only ones I have access to are bouncer, roller, cluster, brick, and normal.

Boothie -- ? Don't know, I have no problem switching weapons between launches

waronpopculture October 28, 2006 6:22 PM

Has the chat now been completely disabled? What is this? ARgh

im gobble gobble in the game, BLOOZ for life!!!


I played more than 2000 games ,I am 275th and I am almost invincible ,I memorized every angle and velocity... hahaha come and beat me if u can ,greens rules.geronimooo


Out of the top 300, only roughly 137 are grienz. This is less than expected (150, if the sides were evenly matched). This means that grienz are under represented, which means that, scientifically speaking, blooz rule. No room for subjective posturing, heydude. lol


There is a problem with Zwok...No chat.

@heydude : i'm 6th and "je t'ai eu !" HAHAHA !!!

Vive la France !!!


Hey you guys who are bragging about how you know all the angles that you never lose I would smack you in the face with a brick... The game is not all about the angles cuzz you have to know were i am going to move also... i have won the last 50 out of 55 matches that is pretty darn good I use no math to do it eather


I can definitively say it is multiplayer. I played with my roommate at the same time and on the same team. Not to mention Zwok grudges.


Bertoli congrats on #2. How many hours a day do you play to stay on top? Has anyone noticed Ann R Key moving up the ranks? He used to be below me. I think I got into the top 300 in late September. That dude must play all the time.


30 min per day...2500-3000 pts every time, that's all...!

#2 : champagne ! Vive la France !!!


What happened to this game? All of a sudden there are a ton of grade-school-level players who have no clue about the strategy. They kill themselves more often than not.


can they stop the messages. the games works a lot faster when they are disablled

yospaghetti November 8, 2006 12:05 AM

freaking a, seriously.

i already sent an email to the people at BLOCgames, but the send messages option is SO FRUSTRATING! ahfksd.

Now the game is all laggy and lame and makes me not want to play it.


The game is not multiplayer anymore after they cancelled chat option.. because there are so rookie players who have no clue about game and kill friendlies everytime and some maps have some strategies everyone knows this but after one night it seems that noone cares and does these :S


What's up with the game? It has really become crappy since they disabled the chat. I usually get killed by my own team members or win the game by my sole efforts. They definitely need to bring back the previous version!

Nvar #98


HeyDude is correct! Going back and looking at the games, they're not multiplayer anymore. All the players have silly computer generated names. There are no un-named players any more. No Desganadoxxxs whatevers. No need for the chat when there's only one player. The play is so bad is doesn't even follow poor human playing. What a shame, it was one of the best multiplayer games on the net. I guess it's the "Death of Zwok." I'll miss it!


I can't believe the game is not at least partially multiplayer. Just about a week ago I played with Bob the Bobest. That would suck if we're all just playing a bunch of computer generated goobs. If it's true, I don't want to know, I would feel like getting in the top 300 was a waste of time. Actually, I still want to know.


I think ZWoK! is a test of an AI engine or something similar. At it's core essence it is about identfying patterns - how quickly those patterns become strategies and spread through the community.

Perhaps they wants to see gameplay differences between when we are playing others and when we are playing bots.

As I said earlier there are a huge number of things that could be discerned from data mining this game - a short game - lots of repititions in a controlled environment where variables can be carefully changed.

Personnally I think the most interesting thing is the scoring - anyone have a cheat sheet on all the scores (like points for a roller hit vs cluster).

We get the most points for cluster hits it seems - and cluster is also the weapon that - if one entire team consistently uses it - should survive more and win. But if only one player uses cluster it lowers the effectiveness - so does the player start games using cluster and stop if his teammates don't. Or vice versa?

How long does it take for someone to turn on a teammate who keeps shooting them? One bad shot? Two? Three over two games?

Sersiouly this game, if data mined and studied, could considerably advance the field of game theory (which is more about how humans make choices than playing games - but look up Prisoner's Dilemma).

But given the playstation tie-in I think this is a test for an AI that needs to model multiple AI players in a shooter game.


just to say this game ROCKS.And to that guy who said

school kids suck,I'm position 98 thank you very much

go blooz!!!


Read a few of the comments before posting...

Had fun playing today...and then realized an hour in that it wasn't multiplayer. There aren't any outrageous Internet names that you would see in a multiplayer game.

Also, none of the "players" ever take more than 1-2 hops as a move; I'm sure there are people out there (like me) that use almost all the 10 seconds to position themselves well before they fire.


this game is multiplayer becuase i played 5 games with my bro yesterday when he was on a different copmputer so it is a multiplayer game and whoever doesnt believe me caan post somthin to me but it is multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!


Nvar and Wick are right.

When there is chat you are in a multiplayer game. Otherwise you play bots. It was all multiplayer for a long time. Maybe they decided to reduce their server load? Or did they run into problems? Now it has been mostly bots for a couple of weeks.

I have played a lot, and often recognize top 300 players when multiplayer. Bot names are stupid and they play randomly, and no lazies.

#37 @ 6,000,000 pts. I need a life. Basc.


Right on, Basc. I've also noticed I occasionally get back into the multiplayer games although most are now the Bot games. Semms like the AI has been somewhat improved but still nowhere near as entertaining as the actual multiplayer. I am getting more real work done now though............

#93 most recent.


hi i love zwok. so whats the deat with chat?


My top score for one round is 6450 thus far...anyone do better?


Great game by the way...almost in the top 300 now...took forever to play through the crowds.


Sadly, I concur that these days it is more often bots than not. I did play some true multi about a week ago. Along with the lack of a chat bar, it seems that when I am playing bots, I am always in the back of my team.

Do you think the servers are controlling who plays bots? Like not allowing certain players to be multi?

Nvar, Basc, Bertoli, I salute you! When did you start playing?


I have also wondered if there's a method of selection as to who gets to play the actual multiplayer, sleestak. If so, I'd like to figure it out. I've never gotten below #70 since my playing time is limited but my brother is in the 30's and he gets the bot games now too. If you find out, let us know and good luck!


Here is Bloc Media's PR site about Zwok:


Also, since Sony just introduced PS3, could be their website is overwhelmed. Could they be cutting back on Zwok to free up servers to take care of PS3 traffic at playtstation.com? I assume Playstation is hosting it directly.

Have not been in a human game for over two weeks.


Good questions - I have wondered if people are selectively being pushed to the bots...maybe to test AI, maybe to test those players. Maybe to lower the load on servers by players who play extra long sessions. Maybe to punish us for killing teammates (I let the first bad shot slide, but the second at the same spot - nope).

Oh Zwok gods....please speak to us.

Maybe I will start using the word Zwok like the smurf's used the word "smurfy".


I have stopped playing since players are computer generated ,it is like cheating yourself, they took all the fun out of zwok :(
# dunno somewhere around 290 I guess


I have noticed something else since multiplayer became scarce. My average scores have gone way up. Since the ai players are idiots, most of the killing gets done by the human player, which results in higher scores. With multi games, skilled human players split the points up, and sometimes games only went 1 or 2 rounds. I used to be happy getting 1200-1500 points per game, good game 1800 really good game, 2500+. Now I routinely get 2500+ points. I basically never have a sub 1000 game, anymore. I don't think I am that much better than I was a couple months ago, because my strategies are pretty much the same as when I was averaging 1100 points and ranking in the top 500. (My average now is 1355). What this means is that the value of getting to the top when people first started playing is demeaned, because it is much easier to rack up points against ai players. I keep logging on in hopes that we will go back to multi, and am trying to maintain rank, but I am getting discouraged like heydude. I also wish that we had a community, but I am thankful that jayisgames is serving as defacto headquarters.


Multi is back! Among other real players, I played with sepsis, a few lazies(r du lat?), and a total blast from the past, avionicswiz, who was playing when I first started out! Thanks Playstation.com and blocmedia! Oh and if you're taking requests, can you put a "thanks" message in the chat? I want to tell people "thanks" when they say "nice shot".


Multiplayer is back up! And Yes this is Sentiant. Zwok rank #7 or 6 depends on how much i play.

I've tried posting a few times and none seem to make it. Sorry but I'm not willing to get a typekey just to post herein.

tankgirl23 December 4, 2006 1:49 AM

holy crap, this is so addictive.


Hello. Nice to meet you all. I am glad the multi is back. I was wondering what happened.


Ok how long would it take someone to get into the top 10 if they just started out? The least amount of games played for a top 10 is 5200. One game every 3 minutes average? 15600 minutes. divide by 60, 260 hours, divide by 24 hours, 10.8 days. Of course it's a moving target, b/c the top don't stop playing. Does anyone else feel sick about how many hours they've put in?

#285, approx 3.67 days


I used to be in the top 100 a long time ago... :(


Weird...my total weapon-choice percentage adds up to 101%. What's up with that?


my stats after 100 matches:
position: 30446
rank: overlord
matches: 100
overall score: 79483
accuracy: 44%
weapon of choice:
cluster: 41%
bouncer: 19%
normal: 19%
other: 21%

next update at: 1,000 matches
Blooz rule!!!