Soren, I can tell you where to put the +/- coils go and an example about the four digit code! (No really I'm serious about it.) where the second switch is in the grey room, put the fork in the cut wire to complete the circuit. Then pull the switch and a ladder will come down. Climb the ladder twice. Then look on the left and the right you should see indentations in the walls. Next go into the left and go left again there should be a secret. Finally go into the right and go right again then you should see 2 empty holes, put the +/- coils in the hole and your done with the coils! Heres an example,




x 9

So e=8865


anonymously miscellanious random person July 23, 2007 9:38 PM

just killing time (until Marlins baseball starts) playing these AWESOME puzzle games... and Submachine 1: Extended Version was the fist game i EVER did without a complete walkthrough.


Hey Soren, if my last post did help just post a comment.


Can someone please tell me where I'll find the 3rd secret?!?!!

Pat Magroyne July 24, 2007 5:42 PM

Finished. I now have eye strain from looking for little red balls.

But what good are the little red balls anyway if they don't help progress you towards the ending?


Hi! I'm new to posting comments. i need help for the e=mc2 part. for me its c=3. PLEASE SOMEONE!!!! =)



The note in the typewriter will give you the value for "m".


THANK YOU JAN.JAN!!!! you are very nice. i've seen a lot of your help comments before. but i just tried the number 8673 (m=867) and the light was still red! =) (by the way i'm not mad at you jan.jan =] )


does anyone know what i did wrong?


You're welcome. And, why would I be mad at you? ;o)

The formula is e=mc squared, so, e = m x c x c, i.e. e = 867 x 3 x 3 in your case.

Give that a go.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!BEAT WITH 20/20 SECRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO
much,jan.jan!!!!i would NEVER have thought to do 867xcxc!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by the way,how do you make spoilers? =$ =0 =)


You're welcome.
To post spoilers you might want to check out the "spoiler help" section, which is immediately above the area that you type in your post.


Hey, jan.jan:

thanks, again!



Thank you so much! You rock.

kittievanbuttpants July 28, 2007 4:24 PM

Hey I'm new, um, how do you do the e=mc2 thing?? Mine is m=899 c=4 HELP and I can't find the positive coil!!! Someone please help!


You might want to check out a fairly recent post of mine. It should help :o)

kittievanbuttpants July 28, 2007 7:47 PM

WOW!!! Thanks!!! That helped a lot!!! Thank you Jan.Jan!!!

AnoNymus July 29, 2007 8:29 AM

Hey fof peeps who want help with tha einstein code thingy.
I first did it different then logica would say but here it is.

You FIRST square your c number and THEN you multiply that with you m number.
You enter the number and check if the light above it is green...



anyone know how to play the


on the

video camera cuz i found the movie i put it in i fliped the switch and i looked into the lens but i didnt see anything



You need to put the lightbulb into the movie camera first.


my lightbulb won't go in the projector, I already put the movie thing in, any hints?


Put the lightbulb into the back of the projector.

atombonds August 2, 2007 5:37 PM

nezuji, that's a great map! I think that's the only way a walkthrough really could be done on this one ^^;;

exausted August 3, 2007 8:02 PM

This was the hardest game ever thanks for all the cheats.


i'm totally lost!! i have NO clue on what to do. all i have is 1 coil[already used] and 2 red dots!! what do i do next? HELPP!!!


Where exactly are you?


All i have left is a pamphlet, fuse(which wont go in), 6 letters, and by the big bulb 2 red lights missing. I give up what happens at the end. PLEASE TELL ME!


Can Someone just give the 4 number code for the strange machine up the ladder ?????



That number changes each time you play. Have you figured out the formula that you need to use to get it?


Which lights do you have lit up?



Thanks alot, your walktrough helped alot. Couldn't do it without, even though a came very far. thx again


what characters?

sillybuttons August 19, 2007 8:44 PM

class game this. i had to play through a second time using a walkthrough to get the secrets though.

the walkthrough i used is posted below (try and beat the game without it first. it only takes 5 mins with the walkthrough so doing it a second time wont be that bad)

  1. Click the Submachine game machine and look at your right side on top of the rocks there is a tiny red ball. You've just found Secret(1)

  2. Keep going left and go up the stairs, pick up the cog wheel on the floor. Secret(2) on chair.

  3. Go downstairs and go to right, drag your wisdom gem into the space between the stand and then click on the tiny ball to drop the ladder on your right room.

  4. Go two room on your right, click on the Phonograph(antique music player) and drag the cog wheel into the square space. Click on the round button.

  5. Climb up the dropped ladder once and go to the right. Click on the bottom left of the machine and write down what C equals to.(C=?)

  6. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go into the hole and keep going left until you find a room key.

  7. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go right and you can find a fork in the square hole. Secret(3) on top.

  8. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go left and keep going up the stairs. Secret(4) in the broken left wall.

  9. Go all the way to your right. Secret(5) in the sand.

  10. Go left once, take the pamphlet and click on the picture. Zoom in the small writings and jot down the dotted sign.

  11. Go left once. Secret(6) on top of light.

  12. Keep going left until you see two doors. Go into the left room and take the cat note in the left shelf.

  13. Use room key on right door and take the sewer key. You can flush if you want.

  14. Go all the way down the stairs and go right then go down. Use sewer key on the locked hole.

  15. Go into the hole, from inside the hole:

    • Go 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get 2nd floor key

    • Go 3 times left, 1 time down to get Secret(7)

    • Go 3 times left, 3 times down, 1 time right, 1 time up to get Letter to Liz. There are 3 Secrets here.

    • Go 9 times left to get Secret(11)

    • Go 7 times left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get Positive Coil

    • Go 5 times left, 2 times down, 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right. Solve the puzzle.(This is easy, make sure all the dot turn blue)

    In the puzzle room, Go left, down, right, right, up, take the switch handle and get the heck out of the hole.

  16. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go up the ladder again and go into the square hole on your right.

  17. Go to the end and use switch handle. Pull down the switch handle.

  18. Go back to the ladder and go down. Go left and click the tile on the wall to find Secret(12)(Count from the bottom right corner: 5 times left, 4 times up)

  19. Take the stairs all the way up, go right and go into the metal door. Pick up negative coil.

  20. Go up twice and use 2nd floor key. Go in left door and take diary 2 from the typewriter. Go left and take movie memory.

  21. Go into the right door, click on the glowing machine and enter the code that you jotted down earlier. Press the green button and take the light bulb.

  22. Go right and click on the moving stick. There are 4 Secrets here.

  23. Pick up note to myself on the bed, go out of the room, go down the ladder and get out of the metal door.

  24. Go left and go all the way down the stairs.

  25. Go left, put the light bulb and movie memory into the camera, pull down the switch, click on the lens to look into the camera and click on the ID card in the picture.

  26. Go right and all the way up the stairs. Go right and into the metal door, go all the way up the ladder. Use the fork on the broken wire and pull down the switch.

  27. Go left door and up the ladder. To key in the 4 digit code you need to find the answer for e=m*c^2. You have found c earlier and you can find m in diary 2.(m=?)

  28. Go down the ladder, go right door and up the ladder. Pick up Secret(17) and solve the puzzle.(All you need to do is turn all red dot into green)

  29. Go down the ladder and go left. Go up the middle ladder twice. Go left to get Secret(18), go right and use positive and negative coil.

  30. Keep climbing up the ladder until you see a huge light bulb. Secret(19) is on the floor and take the portal note.

  31. Go to right to pick up digout key and go to left to put ID card into the slot.

  32. Go all the way down the ladder and go out of the metal door. Go all the way to the left and use the digout key.

  33. Go in the square hole, pick up the Secret(20) and go until the end and pick up the fuse.

  34. Go back to the big bulb room, go to the right and put the fuse on the machine.

  35. Pull down the switch under the big bulb and kaboom you're out!!!

After all that i found the secrets are pointless lol

and heres a very simple explanation of of "that equation"

First, multiply C times C Then multiply your answer by M (example C=3 M=521, 3x3=9 then 9x521=4689)
note your C and M values will differ from the above example


if you're stuck on the 4 digit code then you get your diary which says on mine m=601 and on the power thing in the red part says c=2 so 2x2 =4 4x601 mine was 2404 but they change each time so dont copy my numbers

itachi uciha August 20, 2007 5:06 PM

This game is so easy I finshed it in two mins (because thats all the time i had before work).


Great game!!! I've done it like 1 million times!!


That was really good. I liked it a lot. I wouldn't have done it, though, without Mikey's help. Thank you, Mikey!


whats m = 546?


There is a problem that you will have to solve i.e. e=mc squared. You have just found the "m" part of it for your game.


the other part is e=3 can you do it?


I passed the second floor, I got all the way up, and there is no switch box, no broken wire to use the fork on. I climbed all the way down and checked every room and got all the way up again and still nothing!


i cant figure out the circle thing with the prongs and turning all the lights green!! i know they're all supposed to touch the center but i cant get it!! HELP



do you mean c=3? If so then 3 squared = 9 so 546 x 9 = your answer.


So you have moved the ladder above the grey, second floor room from horizontal to vertical? If you have done that then at the top of that ladder there should be the broken circuit where you use your fork etc. If you haven't shifted the ladder yet then you have to find, attach and use the switch handle in a tunnel first.

easy e
What works for me is to

just keep plugging away at it. It probably helps to only use 1 button i.e. get 2 prongs into position first then use 1 button to make the other 2 prongs go around and round until they fit.


I can't find where to put the coils in. Help please!



AFter you release the ladder that you get from using the fork, then its lever, go up twice, then right.


For people who need help with the code, follow Einstein's math skills.

2 = square
3 = cube

You can look for the c at the basement. The m at the Diary 2. So, say this e = (c x c)x m. Let's say for this example. Here is an example:

745 x (2 x 2) --> 745 * 4 --> 2980. Simple like that

hypnomonkey September 4, 2007 6:46 PM

er i when i go all up the stairs to use the


i don't see a

electrical thingie


What do you see when you climb up the highest ladder?


Thanx Mikey,

It would have been impossible to find the hidden tunnels - to use the +/- coils - without your help...

Apart from that, managed to complete the game on my own, only 14/20 though.

Intense & hard. Spent 3hours straight on it. That eerie sound is now giving me a brain-ache, lol! Especially after listening so much to that stupid radio!

Awesome game, will try the 3rd part tomorrow (need to rest my eyes)! The hints are well planned (like the reference to Einstein etc...), full credit to Mateusz Skutnik. Impressive!

Hypnomonkey September 11, 2007 8:21 PM

All i see is

a turned ladder

sorry for taking so long to reply


Once you get that ladder turned it will lead you to the electrical thing. To turn the ladder you need to

fix the handle that you got in the sewers to a switch, then, activate it.


When I enter the first sewer portal to the left in the beginning of the game, the tunnel is just completely dark. I go as deep as I can until the hand stops pointing but I can't go the other way to get the key at the end. I can turn back and go out theway I came, but I can't get the key from the top part of the pipe. This is very frustrating. All of you have gotten the key but I can't get it.


The key that you are looking for is to the far left of that sewer, not in the one above it. You will get the key from the pipe above later. You also might want to brighten your screen a wee bit - you won't be able to see a thing otherwise and there a lot of pipes to have a go at later.


One thing I have noticed is that the runes near alcove where the fork is are the same as in Submachine 5


Those who has problems with where to put the negative and positive coils (I had trouble with this too >.<).

At the metal tower,start by the first part to go to the treleporter room.Go up twice till the room is cone shaped,if you look a bit right and left from the ladder,you see the tiles are actually crawl tunnels!OMG,crawl through the left to find a secret,go right to find the place to put the coils..

The positive coil goes in the + tube and Negative coil in -.If you didnt sudy batterys enough you wouldn't know that..


y'know ( this has nothing t do with the game ) E = MC2 is [ Energy = Mass + ???? 2] What is the "c"?


I greatly enjoyed the


puzzle. something that is generally common knowledge but yet required that extra leap to say "Oh yeah!"


I can't see any code on the picture of the lighthouse!!!!



There is a long line sticking out to the right of the lighthouse. Click on the right end.


Mikey, very nice walktrought . But how the h*** did you solve this game ? I mean; even with the walkthrough it took me an hour .. Anyway thanks again .

Luuvs Fr. Denmark ;)


i still dont get the 4 digit number thingy. can someone please help me??


oh... can someone help me at the upper floor?!

Runes found October 18, 2007 10:45 PM


The plaque of runes has the same symbols as the combination for Submachine FLF!!!!

I just thought that was cool.


very nice.......
I got only 16 secrets.But how i will get the remaining 4 secrets?

Anonymous October 23, 2007 4:58 AM

Whoho!!thanks for the help regarding the -/+ coil!!! i found 18 secrets! this game is incredible!


Getago : Einstein came up with the idea that energy and mass are actually the same thing! You can convert one into the other. And the incredibly simple formula of how to calculate the amount of energy which corresponds to a given mass is

E = Energy
m = mass

Now, unlike in this game the very last term in this formula is actually a physical constant, namely the speed of light (in vacuum).
How odd, no?

Mass times the square of the speed of light equals energy.

The uniqueness of this formula cannot be stressed enough.
However, up to now it works as a good theory.


thx mikey you helped out alot...i was close to the end than i accidently exited the game and had to start all over again...thx again...that game was tight...i cant wait to play submachine 3




many thanks for helping me with the last bit of this game it was driving me mad


Hey, I need desperate help!
I can't do the spike thing where all the arms have to touch the center! Plz help, I'm DESPERATE!


Wheres the fork


can someone tell me how the solve the puzzle thingy where u have to change all the black lights to blue?


The code on wall where you find the fork is used at

Submachine FLF
Use Widom Gem to
Strange machine on the 1st floor
Put +/- coils to
coil room


Wow, amazing, great!!!

And tnx for help sillybuttons and Mikey

Gratululacje dla autora


@Mikey - Thanks for the walkthrough. Couldn't/wouldn't have finished without it!!


YESS!!! I've done it!!
Well, I needed a little help for a couple of things... but still!!
I've played the original Submachine and the Ancient Adventure, and finished them right away, but this one gave me a little bit of trouble... specially in the large sewer, I kept getting lost and voyaging in circles, haha. I only managed to find 16/20 secrets :(

Ah, well, I'm happy I could finish it ^.^


I wasn't sure exactly how that set up Submachine 3: the Loop. Oh well. It was pretty kul overall. Ending could've been better, and it was hard, but with the walkthrough, it was fun. :)

If anyone here hasn't play Submachine 4, go play it now. Actually, play Sub 3 first, then Sub 4. Sub 4 is most like Sub 2, but has areas seen in all the mainstream Submahine games (0, 1, 2, and 3; Submachine FLF is it's own small story, so it doesn't really count)


I was going to write a walkthough - but in the middle i just said, "what's the point?" and stopped - "i want to get on with the game!". And so instead the excitement permitted me to delete my half-writtenwalkthrough, and finish the game. And it was worth it. Submachine rules! Maybe i'll write one later...


Thank you so much for this, couldn't have done it without your help!


i found e=6318 so what can i do for 3 digits??


17 secrets! oh yes, i rock.


so....that plaque near the alcove....
i believe also that those symbols are irrevelant...but..justa joke...cuz those symbols are from submachine future loop....
just a littlebit of info for all of


Can someone help me with the "green" machine?

I walk into the room and apparently the code from the lighthouse picture is already set in the machine. I press the green button and nothing happens. I'm not sure if there is anything else I need to do to trigger the machine.

I have one letter for this... it comes after E.


Nm got it.


hey i have all 20 secrets, but does anyone know what they're for?

This is not a spoiler!! haha

=]]Amanda=]] February 2, 2008 4:37 PM

someone plz help i did the math but i cant figure out the four digit code! is this right?

because ive been trying it over and over and it didnt work! soemone help!!

Anonymous February 3, 2008 2:46 PM

Hey, um, can someone help me get the room key?


where the heck is the negativley charged coil????


were is negative coil


I don't know what to do after you put the cog wheel in the gizmo can someone please help me! -_-


Where is the walkthrough mentioned in the comments? Has it been deleted?


kostia: the walkthrough should now be at the top of the comments on this page.


Never mind, I see sillybuttons posted one.

RikuRocksMan February 11, 2008 7:31 PM

I'm new to this whole thing so how do you get the lights in portal room to turn green i did everything i could! PLZ HELP ME I BEG OF U!!!!!! Thank You


HELP! I put the fork in to complete the wires, pulled the lever, the ladder dropped down...but there's stil nowhere to put the +/- coils! If I climb up twice like people are saying,it just takes me to the lightbulb room. Is that where they go? I can't seemto get them to go anywhere!


how can i able to turn the puzzle from black to blue color? anyone?


i dont know where anything is


I seriously need desperate help very bad!!First:Where do I put + and - coils at?
Second:Where is the key for the little cut out
area with the lock on it at the very tip top
of the lighthouse?Third:I've got 14/20 secrets,where are the rest of them!?!


Great game!

At least we didn't have to convert units for E = mc^2


Ack - I've been following sillybuttons's awesome walkthrough, and I'm at the puzzle after the e=mc2

(turning red balls green).

I'm not even getting the hand cursor when I scroll over this area, how do I get into solving?