i finished the game and got all the items accept for te 3rd secret. even with asistance i cant seem to see it


wow i found the 3rd secret taDa i finished the game in its completeness (^.^) Praise me (>.


Obtained 20 secrets, but kinda creepy ending. Now currently trying to FIND the purpose of the secrets. Mwehehehe...


This game is great but it's hard!!

Im kind of stuck with those rotating sticks, I think they are all supposed to touch the middle so the green lights come on but it seems impossible.

Also I still have the positive and negitive coils but can't find where they go... Do they have any use??

Help :( !!


Just finished there and I thought it was great!

I love these kind of games!!

They're sooo frustrating yet sooo addictive!!

Can't wait for Submachine 3!!


Ice2Fire August 7, 2006 8:03 PM

ok for the e=mc2 thing do this take your c number lets say its 3 like mine then you go 3x3=9 and then you know its mxc=e so my m was 785x9=7065 e for me =7065 so for the person here that had c=2 and m=561 its 2x2=4 m=561x4 and e=2244 one fuse is at the bottom of the metal door way and the other fuse is in the pipes in the pipes Go 7 times left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get Positive Coil if i found out more i will try and post it



while thinking about a famous formula and the cats name I thought of E=MC² so I went and tried as I thought E=2 and M=666 so it was 2666 and while i was going to 6 because I had previously tried it and the last number was 7 or 8 on the way it stopped at 4 and i kept trying to go forward and i left the puzzle and saw the green light so the code is 2664!!!


yes!!! i FinisheD!!! ThanK Goo0o0d!!! bUt i'M sTiLl oN a ComPutEr?!?!?!?!*sigh* ill have to wait to the next part


I can't figure out the 4 digit code!! D:


that darn 4 digit code

E=m*c^2 basically it means that you should square the number you got for c (multiply the number by itself) then multiply that number by what you got for m and ta-da! a 4 digit code! ^^ the C number is inscribed in that machine with the 3 pull down switches. The M number is in the Diary page 2 found in the typewriter.

emily shimell August 16, 2006 11:12 AM

You need to find the lightbulb to activate the movie, which then has the ID card inside it. The lightbulb is found by getting the dotted code correct. This can be found by looking at the picture of the lighthouse...VERY CAREFULLY...(zoom in!). Also, the 4 digit code, (e = m c squared) ring a bell to anyone?! look at some of your inventory and C can be found by zooming in on various items. use fork between broken wires above a switch. :)

Medicgirl August 16, 2006 12:35 PM

This is the most awesome game ever! What you need to remember, is when an area opens up, there is a reason for it...move your mouse slow and you will find those hidden rooms! I can't wait to do Submachine3 now!


I finally beat it. I was stuck on the four digit code forever. I kept trying the E=MC2 but it doesn't work the answer is 5265. Don't know how I got it but it works.


After all that hassle to find the 4 digit code number i finally got it for all of u who want it in plane English its.....2836

missparaguay August 31, 2006 6:19 PM

nice. i still don't knw what's that superb movie all of you've seen.

I just got to som very short one at the end...

good anyway... I WANT MORE!


Yeah! Finally :) 20/20 *boogieboogie*


after finishing, I want to know...what is the point of collecting the secrets? (I only got 16/20)

Also, for those who still have problems with the formula (the 4 digit code)

if you don't have a calculator that can do squares, just do m multiplied by c multiplied by c. This should be easy. for example, if m=3 and c=4 then 3X4X4=3x16=48. Obviously, in the real game, you'll find a m and a c that is much larger, so that you get a 4 digit code instead. ignore the people who "posted' their code, the m and c changes every time you play


And oh, i noticed someone asked about the 4 gears.
The buttons

I don't remember which button is which, but basically, 2 of the bottons move the 2 right gears (i'll call these buttons a and b), 1 button moves the 2 left gears (c), wheras 1 button moves the top left and the bottom right gear (d).


You'll notice that the bottom and top gears don't move at the same speed, so the best strategy is to first align either the two left gears (using the button that only moves the the left gears-i.e. button c). THEN, see if you can use the button that ONLY moves the right gears (a or b) to align the two right gears. If not, then try to use button d a little bit (less than 1/4 circle), and then repeat the strategy from teh beginning. You'll eventually find a "setting" for button d where you can align all 4 gears simulatenously. Hope this makes sense.


I've got:
All 4 keys,
6 Different notes,
A cog, a lightbulb, a fork,
A movie memory, a fuse, a handle
An ID card, A pamphlet,
+ and - coils,
A wisdom gem, and 17 secrets.

My only clue to people who seem to have gotten as far as I have is...

The cat is very important.

Something about the cat is important :)

And it will make alphabet soup turn into math soup :).


Hehe the code is

M=710 , c=2 the formula is e=mc2 you must make 710x2x2=2840 this is the code good luck everybody


i have...
no cursor? o_0 and i was waiting for the game, now i can't play it...

Chistinalove September 18, 2006 10:11 PM

I think I did good... 18/20 not bad... (no cheating on the secrets) I looked at a few hints for the code..

euphoniumsong September 24, 2006 11:02 AM

Here is a link to another map of the sewers. The other one is fine- this is just a different style.


yay~ That was a good game. I liked it. I beat it with only 16/20 secrets though, I couldn't find the last four, oh well...

shonda murphy October 18, 2006 6:13 AM

oh, come on. I love you guys and I love these games but you write a walkthrough and when it comes to the partabout the pipe with the blue dots you say oh, figure out how to make it all blue. Someone must know how to do that. It is so hard. I don't understand because I got all of them but like two, how are you suppose to make them turn blue when there are only so many blue to begin with. I am over a friend's house using her comp and it's five in the morning and it is driving me nuts. I am sure I am not the only one. Please tell us how to do it for us not so smart ones. Thank you. Shonda, 22, savannah, Tennessee


So, have we discovered yet what those little red secret balls are for? Are they there just to tease us?


Wow. I just realized the cat-name theory thing. e=mc squared! Heh. I feel dumb now...


I feel so proud, I figured out the four digit code w/o help! and most people here seem to not know how to get it! Unfortunately unough for me my internet shut down due to some error and I feel SOOO mad. As for those who want to know what the four digit code is I'll give you a hint

This puzzle probably took me the longest, but on the Generator it says C=2 and in one of the letters it says M=(a variable # it's different for every game so you don't cheat). and it says on the device where you enter the code "E" and i was completly lost. I pressed on the help key and it said to read the letters. So I did and it finally hit me after reading them several times "Einstein" The name of the Cat! that was it! Einstien's theory of relativity E(the letter on the code box)=M(the # in the second diary)Times C^2 So you simply square 2 (2^2=4) and multiply by the given M and enter the product into the digit machine and presto the puzzle is solved.


in my game it has M=967 and C=2. so i need help finding the 4 digit number.PLEASE HELP.THANKS.



It's different for everyone, so this one is just for your game.

E=MC^2 - If you can't work it out from that, see below

E= M x C x C
E= 967 x 2 x 2
E= 3,868


can someone tell me what are the negative and positive coils for? i have one more red botton to go green before I end my game..
E=mc*2 GEORGE, your 4 digit number is 3868


has anyone else had issues with their mouse not working properly on the game?

I see secret 1 but i cant click on it. when i pass my mouse over the flash itself it disappears.

its highly irritating.

grr ahh grr ahh December 15, 2006 10:24 PM

heh please help me all i got is a screw that i used on the music thingy this red ball thing and thats it

Beretta Paige December 27, 2006 12:23 PM

Can someone please tell me where to find that darn fork so I can bridge the gap and throw the switch!

Purple Dave January 2, 2007 12:48 AM

To those of you who are having trouble with the 4x4 grid of lights:

Whenever you click on any one light, it will trigger not only itself, but every vertically and horizontally adjacent light (think "+" shape). Don't bother clicking the corners or the four in the center. All you have to do is click one non-corner light on each side in either of the following patterns:
daAa eEef
Ddab hefF
dcbB Hhgf
cCcb hgGg
Clicking on the lights that match the capital letters will activate the matching lower case letters as well.


I have

6 letters
16 secrets
negative coil

Used up already:
4 keys
the thingy for the music player
film memory
and 2 things i don't know what their called


I beat the game in less than a half an hour! It was fun but hard!!!


Anyone notice how the WELCOME on the top of the pamphlet is partialy missing the "L", so it looks like "WE COME"?


for all of u the 4 digit code is simple c=3 then 3=3=3=9 then m=55 then 55 times 9 = 495 and then add a 9 at the end of 495 and the answer is 4959


can some one help i cant get into the top sewer passage


I finnaly beat it!!
I thought something was gonna pop out at the end holy crap.

when going up the tube to the portal there are things on the walls that look different like indents you can go in them and you find valuble stuff...hehe

the right guy January 11, 2007 6:01 PM

people the 4 digit code is 2316 goodness use a calculater and do 579x2x2. huhhhh

Shelby Ann January 15, 2007 2:30 AM

How do u get the green light in front of the stairs in the red brick section..the one that is connected to the machine with c=__?


The 4 digit code is e=mc2 depending on the values you have been given in your game. The green dots code can be found on the picture of the lighthouse to the right of the arrow. The id card is in there. It goes in the thing to the left of the portal. The light goes in the thing to the right. The positive and negative goes in a special place. If u are in the portal room go down two floors and place your cursor to the right of the ladder and it will give you a new room. To the left of the ladder is another mystery red dot.


How the heck do you get the key out of the sewer??? I see it, but cant get it???


I liked this game until that damn 4 digit code , i had no calculator and got annoyed by the fact that i was a stupid code away, this ruined the game for me but i'll still play the next one, i just hope its more like the 2nd one only longer.


i beat the game with 20 secrets and it took me at least an hour and a half


Andrew- there are 3 sewer entrances and u need to get the key to the highest one, go in, left, down, and right and you should have the key


i'm stuck with 1 red light i don't what to do next. please help me???





I think I had an gamegasm at the end! I only needed help with using the +/- coils (hidden much?) (20 secrets, boo ya!). Gosh, now to play #3!

sarahstreet March 14, 2007 4:19 PM

That was intense...totally needed the help that everyone gave!


HELP! Does anyone know how to get all of the green lights to turn red? I am stuck there. I already have everything else--the fuse, 19/20 secrets, e=mc^2, etc, but i can't do anything w/o the red lights! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HELP ME!


Do you mean at the very top? All of the red lights have to turn green. Which ones are you missing?

xMario916x April 10, 2007 2:23 AM

the 4 digit code is



Um, I think you'll find that the code actually changes each time :o)


where do you put the coils!

Valeball April 22, 2007 4:28 PM

I have the fork, but cant find the use for it. As in the WT, in spoiler nr 26) i've followed the instructions "(...) all the way up the ladder. Use the fork on the (..) and pull (...)" I cant find that thing i'm supposed to use the fork at! Is it somtheing *wrong* in these hints? Great game!

Valeball April 22, 2007 4:33 PM

Of course, after posting, I sort of backtracked my steps, and found that I somehow had forgotten pulling a certain switch handle... Up we go!


I was wondering why it couldnt find anything to do after putting the cog in and hitting the round button... it seemed really weird to be stuck so early in the game, so I spent 10 minutes looking for something that I might have missed... no luck, so I checked the walkthrough, which says something about a drop down ladder. There is no ladder! I have deleted temp files and reloaded several times, but it refuses to show up...
Tried IE and Firefox, Flash is up to date too.



Stick the wisdom gem in the arc thingie on top of a pole.


where the frizz is the secret when you put in the 4 digit code?


what is the code for the green light in the room next to the one with the moving machine thing with secret items on it?


what is the code for the green light in the room next to the 1 with the moving machine thing with serect items on it



The code is different each time you play but is always e=mc squared.


I had trouble. I haven't solved it yet. I want to say that if you are in the sewer, Draw your shades closed in your room. It is very hard to distinguish the pipes.


OMG I made it!!!
Heh, I did most of the job, but at some point I was too lazy so I used Kaesar's Walkthourgh :)
It REALLY Helped me (LOL found all 20 secrets)

Not sure if I could have finished this without his help...

Thx ALOT! :)

Was great fun... Downloaded the file for the game BTW :P


Argh, one last secret to go. I think:

it was the one near the fork, but I'm not sure.

Where is that one?


ok, I feel stupid.



It took me ages to figure my 4 digit code. i worked it out like this:

First off, i put in 2(2^2=4)x536.
which ended up like E=4x536. and then i just worked that out. my 4 digit code is 2144.

I have to admit, it was an awesome game!

Shastanna May 2, 2007 2:20 AM

Hi everybody!

Can somebody please help me with the 4x4 grid of blue lights? I am trying to follow Purple Dave's instructions, but I don't know which lights correspond with his letters. I always do horribly with these kinds of puzzles. If you could help, I'd really appreciate it!


Lotusmonk May 2, 2007 8:32 AM

so.. anyone found out what is the radio (near the typewriter) for?

and what about the secrets?

Chester May 2, 2007 9:17 AM

HEY! Everybody! The answer for the 4 digit code is this
If you get C=2 then square it! (2x2) or C=3 (3x3)
remember the answer
then if you get the with the m=(your number here)
Multiply it with the ans of your squared number!


C=2 = 2x2 = 4
M=670 670x4=2680(this is your 4 digit answer!)

P.S nice game and if you don't know how to Multiply, Just forget about this game, Study Math or find a Mathbook! and I'm not a GEEK!

K Face May 5, 2007 4:00 PM

For those of you who don't know what to do with one of the last puzzles concerning the box with the prongs on it that you must make turn every one of those little red dots green:

All I know, and you might have even figured this part out already on your own, all of the prongs must meet as closely as possible near the vicinity of the tiny square inside. I didn't see anyone mention this, so maybe it might help some of you. And if you worked this out already, well just carry on, mate.

Anonymous May 12, 2007 11:40 PM

can somebody please tell me how to get out of the first floor


You have a gem in your inventory. Use that in something.


what do you do with the bulb??????

funny8893 May 16, 2007 10:23 AM

anyone know how to switch on the last right hand light ?


What to do when the two lights turn green?


and the "greenmachine" in the bedroom .how do i found out that code?

Anonymous May 16, 2007 2:18 PM

i solved them. but i don't know where to put te +/- coils


Great ending, I beat it with 16 secrets.


the bulb goes in the movie machine, and to find the code for the greenmachine zoom in on the end of the arrow on the pic of the light house


when you go to the silver door and take tha stairs up to the metal locked door, how do you open it??



i don't know where to put te +/- coils

meeeeee May 28, 2007 8:50 PM

can anyone tell me where can i put the +/- coils!??


What do I do with the fork?
plz help me


all ive done is put the gem into the thing that ends up giving you a set of stairs to two rooms but i cant find out what to do next..help

BozoBeast June 6, 2007 10:18 PM

Yikes...I'm so lost hahaha


Hey guys the game was awesome, and to anyone who could not figure out the stupid coil things like me, as you are going up the ladder to the portal room, once the roof turns into a cone if you look left and right there are little passage ways. Click left to get a secret and right to place the coils.


Alright guys... here it is... a complete walkthrough (minus the little red secret balls). I finished the entire thing... and found 16 of the little guys.

But here you go.

First, move left until you find the stairs and head up them. On the ground there will be a


Pick it up and head down and to the


Put the

cog in the phonograph in the grey area and the click the button... at least the scratching stops

Head left to the box and stand in front of the brick wall.

Place the wisdon gem in the stand. Then touch the ball on top of the antenna.

Go left. Look! A

ladder. Guess what? Go up it!

On the first level, heading left

is a dead end where nothing happens

On the right

is an electrical box

If you zoom in you'll see that

C=2,3... it changes... just remember it. This is all you need from this thing.

Head back to the ladder. And head up.
Head into the sewer portal on the left.

On the ground at the end of the pipe is the Room Key. Get it and head back to the ladder.

Now head up and then onto the ledge to the right.

In the alcove is a Fork. Get it!

Now head back to the ladder. Note: Near the alcove is a plaque of runes. However... I couldn't figure out if they meant anything... either way, they're not relevant to the game... but if you figure it out, pat yourself on the back.
Head up through the floor. The left and up the stairs. Until you reach the floor with the yellow wall. Head right until you see the picture of the lighthouse on the wall. Look at it. Carefully.

You'll see a small code... write it down. You'll need it later.

Then pick up a


Head left now until you see two doors.

Use the Room Key on the door on the right.

In the door on the left

you find the Cat Note on the bookshelf

In the door on the right

is a bathroom, but you find the Sewer Key on the hooks

Head back down the steps and keep going down till you're just left of the ledge where you found the


On the left is a locked sewer gate.

Duh! Use the Sewer Key to open it!

Now when you head in, it's dark so follow this path... starting in the first tube there's a lot in here... so try not to miss anything... (Left, Down, Right, Up)


and pick up the

Positive Coil

Head back to the entrance by going


There. One down. Now go


In this room you find

quite a few secret red balls, and the Letter to Liz

Now go


Here you find the puzzle with the lights. You have to make all the lights blue instead of black. The pattern is

when you touch a light, it turns it and all lights around it to their opposite setting. Good luck.

Once you figure it out head


where you will find another pipe, but it's open because you solved the puzzle. You DID solve it, right? Inside you find the

Switch Handle

Now from ehre head


Almost forgot... stop. Then head


and on the floor to the right you'll find the

2nd Floor Key

Now get back out by heading


Yay! You're out! I believe that was correct. If it wasn't, I'm sorry. My bad... you'll live. Don't cry. But good news, now you can stop squinting! Head up through the floor to the blue tile room.
Now, up the ladder. On the right you see a small square entrance. Go on in and the right till it's blocked.

In the toaster looking thing, place the Switch Handle, then pull the switch.

Head back down the ladder to the floor of the blue room. Then left and up the stairs 3 times to the Yellow floor. Head right and into the grey door.

On the bottom left of the screen you find the Negative Coil

Now head up the ladders, till you find the locked door. Go ahead and use the

2nd Floor Key

on it. And head on in.
In the door on the left

You'll find a typewriter. Get the Dairy2 from the typewriter. Then head left and get the Movie Memory from the table.

The Diary2 will have

what M is equal to. Remember this number as well

and better still now we know why dirt is at all the windows. An underground lighthouse, eh? Go figure... Now exit the room and head to the door on the right. First you see a glowing green box. Clikc on it and you see odd characters...

Remember? Enter in the code from the lighthouse picture here then press the green button

The device will open and you find the

Light Bulb

Head right to the bed. On the bed you'll find the

Note to Myself under the pillow... another Einstein reference? Hmmmmm....

Also, check out the cool arm thing. If you can, catch the four secret balls. Then head all the way down to the blue floor.
Head left. You see a movie projector.

Place the Light Bulb and the Movie Memory into the projector and turn the projector on, now look into it.

Oooo... a movie... click on the

sqare item next to the notebook

A hand reaches out, grabs it, and pulls it towards the camera. And... what the...

The ID Card falls out of the camera. Pick it up. You know you want to.

Now head back up to the grey room ladders and pass the 2nd floor. Go all the way up that you can. On the left is another switchbox.

Put the fork into the broken electric line to complete the circuit, then pull the switch.

Look! Another ladder! Don't go up it just yet. Go left first, then up the ladder there.
It's the infamous number puzzle. Well... here's where we see if you've been paying attention to little clues... First Hint:

Einstein... Time/Space... E... M...C...

Figure it out yet? No? Alright... Here you go...

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity explaining how Energy and Mass are related. Energy is equal to mass multiplied by the sqare of the speed of light. E = MC^2. Use the figures we found previsously for C & M and complete the formula. This is the answer it wants.

Look! A green light. Good times.
Now head back through the door to the puzzle on the other side. This one is tricky and takes a little figuring out...

all 4 arms have to touch the central circle

It just takes a little practice, but you can get it easily enough.
Head back to the middle and head up the fork-ladder 5 times. You're at the top. Pick up and read the

Portal Note

Umm... alright... hints at a third game, doesn't it? Well, in this room you can head left and right. So head left.

Put the ID Card in that weird device.

Now go back to the "portal" and go right.

In the rubble, pick up the Digout Key

Head back down the ladder. All the way to the yellow floor.
Head all the way to the left where the wall looks cut out... and locked.

Use the Digout Key here to open it

Head inside. And all the way to the left. On the ground you'll find the


Nice. Head back up to the "Portal".
On the right hand side,

Place the Fuse into the cylinder

Alright... one more green light to go. Head back down the ladder three times. They're hard to see, but on the left and right are entrances in the wall. Head into the right one.

At it's end, you see two holes. Put the Positive Coil in the + hole and the Negative Coil in the - hole.

All charged or something...

I'll put this all in spoiler... head back to the ladder, go on up... and pull the switch on the Portal.

Done and Done. Enjoy the Endgame. Send some lovin' if the Walkthru helped...

supercrazy June 11, 2007 3:37 PM

I liked this one the best, ending kinda stunk though

biowolf June 15, 2007 1:47 PM

this stinks I've found 19/20 secrets but the last one is just no where to be found


Wow, I just noticed Einstein, the cat, has the name of Doctor Albert [Einstein] that made the formula'E=MC2.


that maze with all those pipes are so frustrating!and my arm already hurts from clicking a lot!


Can someone PLEASE tell me what is the 4 digit code and
where you put the negative & positive coil?I'd thank you a million times if someone did.


what is the code with that e=mc"2" or what ever?
i did not anderstand!

Anonymous July 19, 2007 2:59 PM

OK all of you who are having trouble with the four digit code heres an exampel

e=mc squared

c=3x3=9 x 9 596x9=5364


when I did that exact problem it work. ps don't do the same problem. psps remember this is just an example.

the kid July 20, 2007 9:00 PM


m=525 c=2 525 times 2 =1050 times 2 =2100 easy as pie! which is 3.14


I'm having a lot of trouble!! I only found the cogwheel...and 2 secrets!! Help

Anonymous July 22, 2007 7:33 PM

I liked the game.After the thrid time i played it, I beat the game in 10 min.



Could someone please tell me where all 20 secrets are I've only found 19. So please help me