help!! The movie is just a picture and it's been going on for 20 minutes!!! Either I've done something wrong or my computer just can't take the movie.


thanks el


About the movie:

When you see a picture that looks like an ID card in the movie while it is running, click there and you will see a hand grabing it and the movie will stop.


yay! finished the game in a morning with 14 secrets. Although I am still puzzled about the arcade machine and what the secrets do. Thanks to you all.



well, all i need is the lightbulb, the movie and diary number two... does it all have to do with the fact that i have absoloutly no idea where the typewriter room is?
where is it?


Phew finished.

Hardest parts were spotting the code for the ... thingie and finding where to put the coils.

Finished with 22/20 secrets :-p

Deffo slight bug there :-)



I'm really stuck all i have is the cog and one secret and I dont know what to do


I love this game, but I just can't get the movie running, even though I've put the memory card in. Help!


You'll need a


too to get the movie running.


Found a "secret item" bug in the game. Finished with 22 of 20 secrets, probably could have had 100 of 20.


have fun playin'


YES! Finished with 33/20 secrets!


did anyone notice that the

poster of the lighthouse

gives you secrets every time you come back to it?

ChaddyB June 14, 2006 1:07 PM

Where is the fuse, last thing to find. Please help. Addicted!


thanks, vek. I finished with a measly 10 secrets! I probably tired too easily of those sewers. nice, creepy game.


i couldn't even find 20. oh well.

awesome game! i can't wait for the next one.

ChaddyB June 14, 2006 1:10 PM

nevermind, I got ahead of muself. Thanks anyway anyone who was thinking of helping

ChaddyB June 14, 2006 1:13 PM

Now I am finished, only 15 of 20 secrets, but had fun anyway. Thanks Jay!


I got the fuse! now, all i need is the 4 digit code...i tried all the hints here already but none of them work...


I finished with 36/20 secrets, less than 1 hour... and i see all the 4 digit codes on here are wrong

multiply the M on the bottom of the note (695) by c^2 (4)

great game!


I found a glitch by the lighthouse painting.

There is a secret item on top, and if you pick it up, then click on the arrow inside the painting, and then return to the general view of the painting, the secret item is still there. You can continue picking it up and accumulating secret items indefinitely.


ok, i have 4 out of the 5 green lights on, and i cant figure out where to put the coils. HELP!

CrazyNutz June 14, 2006 1:57 PM

Great game Cant wait till the next one


I must say - i loved the intro. For those of us that are fans of this sort of game, we all know that many start with "i woke up in a room . . . i don't know who i am or why i am here" (or something similar). For this to start with the lines it did, that just made my day.

Go back and see the intro for yourself if you don't get what i'm talking about.

Good find Jay!


hi guys
just letting you know that the painting glitch is gone, now lets see who can find 20 secrets ;D

PokeyDaPenguin June 14, 2006 2:20 PM

I have a map of the sewers if anyone needs it.


Pokey - I uploaded your map to the JIG servers for posterity. I hope you don't mind. =)


where OH WHERE do the coils go??

MHickey67 June 14, 2006 2:44 PM

PLEASE!!!! Where do the coils go?


First time I post a comment, but I play your games everyyy day (which causes a problem now because I'm supposed to study for my exams =))...
Anyway, I can't figure out the green puzzle with the 3-digit code... Where can I find the answer? Pleazzz help me, I don't want to start all over again tomorrow...
Greetz from Belgium =)


The coils go in a little hallway to the right when you go up to the room in top of the lighthouse. It's hard to see though...


That's fine Jay. I don't mind.


mayan - all of the codes posted are Not wrong. Every game has different values for M and C - and thus E.


Here I come, looking for help from JIG once again.

I cannot figure out what to do with the

ID card

and I also found a room with

a big pipe with a lever in it but I can't open it.

I currently have in my inventory:

A fork, ID card, positive coil, negative coil, pamphlet, diary 1, diary 2, note to myself, cat note, letter to Liz, used cog, used lightbulb, used room key, used sewer key, used 2nd floor key, used movie memory


Remko for the life of me I can't find the hallway. Is it in the very top room?


I took a break and tried the game again later and finished with only 15 secrets. And I thought I was being quite eagle-eyed too. Damn.

Really great game- enjoyed it loads.


Rob - the big Pipe with the Lever in it -

there is another similar room close by - solve the puzzle in it. It's fairly simple.

Once you have the lever, find the place to use it - and that allows you access to the areas where you use the rest of the items.

going crazy June 14, 2006 3:43 PM

Does anyone know where the coils go?? I'm losin it!!!


the coooils... THE COOOILS! I'm gonna have nightmares of coils attacking me.
Someone please tell me where they go!

DataSlayer June 14, 2006 3:56 PM

So has anyone found all 20 secrets without the cheat? I can only find 16....

I did find it hard to see the two rooms to the left and right of the ladder to the portal. In fact that was about the only thing I couldn't figure out on my own. Well that and the 20 secrets.

Otherwise, great game!


FOUND IT!! It's a small corridor to the right on your way up to the top room. You can only access it when 4 of the 5 red lights are green though. (I had only 3 green and I couldn't access it)

MHickey67 June 14, 2006 4:10 PM

Meg or anyone!!!

Still can't find the hall on the right (yes, 4 of 5 lights are green). How far up the lighthouse? In the "tube" with the ladder? Please help, I am going NUTS!!

MHickey67 June 14, 2006 4:21 PM

Nevermind...FOUND IT!!! That was maddening, but fun, can't wait for Part 3. Thanks Jay!!


MHickey67 - Can you please help me then!? I I'm in the same boat as you were - can't find the hallway. Please help! :D

MHickey67 June 14, 2006 5:01 PM


Here it is:

It about 2/3rds of the way up in one of the "tube" sections with the ladders. Not all the way to the side, just slightly off of the right edge. It is hard to find, but just keep moving the mouse around until the pointer hand comes out.

I hope the spoiler tag works & I hope that helped


Nice. Finished it in about 45 minutes despite the 98 unique rooms it boasts. Still it was a really fun game and quite challenging in a few parts. I had trouble finding where the coils went

because it was hard to spot the entrance to the rooms

. I cannot wait until part 3.
The movie did freak me out a little bit. Live action stuff in any point and click game kinda gives me the creeps.
On the ending:

I wonder what is really going on? Do you think the cat will come into play in part 3? Do you think that the person you are playing as is the person that was locked in the lighthouse, having written the letters? Great ending.

On a side note, Jay, why won't typekey keep me signed in for 2 weeks like it says?


Thank you, MHickey67!! I was losing my mind!! Now I can finish it at last.


Still don't understand the green puzzle...
Help? Somebody???

DataSlayer June 14, 2006 6:02 PM


Zoom in on game
To the right between the two rocks is a secret red dot
Zoom out
Go Left 4 screens, Up 1
Grab Cog Wheel on the Floor
Go down 1 screen, Right 1
Use Wisdom Gem on what looks like a lamp post
When the little antenna raises, click on the ball. This will lower a ladder.
Move Right 2 screen.
Zoom in on the phonograph and use the cog wheel on the front in the gray box area.
Click on the green button.
Zoom out
Move left 1, up 1 screen, right 1 screen.
Click on the little rectangle on the lower left of the box with the plugs in it
This is where the C number is. Remember this.
Go left 1, Up 1, left into the sewer
Move left 2 in the sewer.
In lower left corner of sewere is room key.
Go back 3 right, up 1, right 1, and click on alcove.
Grab fork.
Zoom out, left 1, up 1, left 1, up stairs 3 floors, left 1, in first door to left.
Grab cat note that is sticking out on 2nd shelf from top.
Exit room.
Use the Room key on the door to the right.
Go in and grab the sewer key hanging on the wall.
Right 2.
On florecent light there is a red dot. Grab it.
Right 1 room.
Grab pamphlet on top right of the rack there.
Click on painting. Zoom in on the end of the line that points to the second window of the lighthouse.
This code will be used later. Remeber it.
Zoom out. Right 1 screen.
There is a secret dot hidden on the right side of the dirt mound.
Left 4 rooms, down the stairs, right 1, down the ladder 1.
Use the sewer key on the sewer lock.
Refer to this map to find your way thru the sewers.
In the sewers, Go left 1, down 1, right 1 to get the 2nd floor key.
Go left 1, up 1, left 2, down 1 to grab the secret dot.
Continue down 2, Right 1, Up 1. Grab letter to liz, and 3 secret dots.
Go down 1, left 1, down 1, left 3, up 1, right 1. Zoom in on pipe.
Solve the puzzle so all lights are blue.
Go left 1, down 1, right 2, up 1. Grab Swtich handle.
Go down 1, left 2, up 2, right 1, up 2, left 2, down 1, right 1 to grab positive coil.
Go left 1, up 1, left 2 and grab secret dot.
Go right until you get out of sewers.
Go up 2, right 2. Use the Switch handel on the grey box.
Left 2, down 1, left 1, up stairs, right 1, in stairwell. Grab negative coil.
Go up 2, and use 2nd floor key on metal door.
Go left 1, click on typewriter and grab Diary 2.
Go left 1 and grab Movie Memory.
Go right 4.
There is Note to myself between the sheets and the pillows.
click on the instrament that has the moving arms. Carefully move the mouse till you can grab all 4 dots.
Zoom out, go left 1.
Use the code you got from the lighthouse painting and then click on green button at top.
Zoom out and grab lightbulb.
Go left 1, in the stairwell, down 2, in the room, left 1, down the stairwell, left 1.
Use the movie memory and the light blub on the projector.
Click on the switch and then on the eye piece.
While viewing the movie, grab the ID card which is below the bowls in the movie.
Grab the ID card when it falls on the ground.
Go right 1, up the stairwell, right 1, in the stairwell, up 4.
Use the fork on the broken wire. click the switch.
Go up to the top.
In main room, there is a secret dot to lower left, and a portal note on the wall.
Go right 1 and grab the Digout key.
Go left 1, and then down 8, right 3. Use the digout key.
Go left 2, grab secret dot, go left 1, grab fuse.
Go right 3,out of the digout, right 3, up 4, right 1, up 1. Grab secret dot.
Click on box under red light. Solve puzzle by getting all the arms on the center dot.
Zoom out, down 1, left 2, up 1.
Zoom in on the box with 4 dots on it.
You'll notice there is an E on this box. If you have read the letters, you would have notice that there is a number associated with the letter M and you see he talks about a cat named Einstein. We found what the letter C was earlier, so we need to plug these numbers into Einstein's famous formula, E=M*C^2. Take the number for C, multiply it by C, and then multiply it by M. Use this number as the code for this puzzle.
If done right, when you zoom out, the light on top of the puzzle will be green.
Go down 1, right 1, up 2.
Now its hard to see, but there are 2 tiles that look different. 1 is to the right of the ladder, the other to the left. Go into the left one first.
Go left 1 to find secret dot. Go back right to the ladder. Go in the right hole.
Go right 1. Use the positive coil in the + symbol, the negative coil in the - symbol.
Go right 2, up 3, right 1. Use the fuse here.
Go left 2, use the ID card here.
Go right 1 and click on the switch.
If you did this, you should have 16/20 secrets. I can't seem to find the other 4. If you can find them, post them out there...


Argh, I have 19/20 secrets. I found a secret that is incredibly hidden (I've looked around, no one else has seemed to find it yet), and have looked everywhere twice, I think that when he removed the lighthouse trick, he also removed the item there making it impossible to get 20...

OrionBlack June 14, 2006 8:22 PM

I found 19/20 without using the cheat, but then I beat the game, hoping there was another place to find the last one, but then I ended up in the ending.
I could play it again, but I had spent a good hour or two beating it initially.


Well, finally I got all 20. I don't exactly know what having all 20 does, but it feels better then having 19.


found 16 secrets ..
discovered that if i use the TAB button, the screen lights up red. which is handy when trying to move around the tunnels and pipes in the dark. and great for finding secrets!


Here's 19/20 Secrets. If you know where the last one is, post it.

1) Beside zoomed in Arcade on rock.
2) Dungeon upper room on red chair.
3) Fork alcove upper right on brick
4) Brown stairwell on rubble.
5) Yellow hallway on fluorecent light.
6) Far right yellow hallway on rubble.
7) Sewer one screen down from second T.
8-10) Red secret room with Liz note.
11) Swer far left.
12-15) Bedroom thingamajig on night stand.
16) Tower 4-way switch room.
17) Left grey tunnel in tower.
18)Portal room on the ground amongst cables.
19) Earth tunnel to fuse.


I do know where the last one is. I'm very proud that I accidently found it, it seems I'm one of the few,

To the screen right of the movie camera, 4 tiles from the floor and 8 tiles to the right of the stairs up, there is one behind the tile.


depending of the player, i noticed that the value of "m" could change and so on the result of the 4 digit code.

as for the right room going to the coil place, there's one other on the left going to a secret item.

secret item are not useful for the game, only a challenge

remister June 15, 2006 1:02 PM

That was a long adventure but it was worth it. Definitely better than the previous one. Can't wait till the next one comes out :)


Could someone help me out with the 4-digit code?


I was using the walkthrough.
Just when you get the digout key, it says to go left 1 and down 8 then turn right 3 times.
There's no where to turn right at.
I searched everywhere to find where the key goes.
Please a little help?


to use the digout, go to the long yellow hallway. click all the way to the left


Holy crap!!!! That was the best game ever!!!! I can't wait till Submachine 3!!!!


wow that was a cool game i cant wait for part 3 atleast part 2 was harder than the first one maybe part 3 will be harder


Here's a full map (major spoilers)

It doesn't tell you how to finish the game, but it does show where every item is, and I've named the rooms so that they give some clues.

Marci Windows June 16, 2006 12:41 AM

I just got it, took me 3 hours off and on. I only found 15 secrets though. Is there a different ending if you find them all?


SO...CLOSE...must...finish without...hints...

can't figure out how to use...+/- coils...ARRRGH


I BEAT IT!!!!!! im shocked, i beat it with very little usually searching for walkthroughs after the first 5 minutes. Thats why i like this game so much....its a point and click game that makes dont have to click on a small minute area and you dont have to do any ridiculous things that dont make sense....SUBMACHINE games make sense. I am looking foward to the third one........................I found no use for the radio, the giant fusebox or the bricked up wall......i really got sucked into the game...its like 1:30am now, the music and the movie really freaked me out....any way...if you're stuck heres what to do......the 4 digit code and the positive and negitive coils, ID and fuse

btw i got 17 secret items.

Wow this is the 1st time im helping people....i feel so smart lol anyways great game...i had a blast playin it......




got it!!

Awesome...these submachine games are my favorite point-and-clickers yet...very clean, cool music, puzzles that MAKE FREAKIN' SENSE!!! And this one upped the detail level...I thought of the last game that it was good that the clues were so clear, but since the game was so lacking in other details it was too easy to read the clues. In this game you saw so much stuff, you weren't sure what was important, and that made the clues a lot more fun to discover...for instance

if the Einstein clue had just shown a "c=" somewhere and an "m=" somewhere and then the word "Einstein" it would have been too easy...this way it was just as clear, but the clue was buried in a bunch of background noise that you had to pick through.

So I really appreciate the craftsmanship in these puzzles is I guess what I'm trying to say...this takes a lot more imagination to make than the pixel-hunters that are out there. It really sets the bar. I can't wait to see where he's going with the plot, either...and it's cool that it's laid out in such a way that it could develop over many many more games to come.

PinkyToe June 16, 2006 6:59 AM

What a nice surprise to see other folks thinking what I was: This game makes SENSE. It's the most intuitive and truly fun game I've played in ages.

Submachine2 is not the usual players-against-the-obscure-pixel-hiding-sadist-for-no-reason developer. You can tell Mateusz wants you to win, but he makes solid, challenging, and satisfying work of the task.

The tone of posts for this one, even when stuck and pulling one's hair out, remain positive. No one is terminally discouraged and no one wants to give up on this one. I think that really says something about the game.

And the sounds! Ooooooooohhhh! Absolutely spellbinding, spooky, and perfect.

Let Mateusz's brilliance, thoughtfulness, and logic be a lesson to anyone considering building a cookie-cutter escape game.

Like the others, I can't wait for Submachine3.


Incredibly good. Me and my sister played it together, mapping all the way to the top, where we almost missed the four final rooms. Overall an impressive game, and I'm pleased to say that we did it all without cheating.

Frustrated June 16, 2006 6:41 PM

Ok, I finally gave up in frustration and went to the official walkthrough. Near the beginning it says to enter the sewer pipe then go left to the end up the pipe pick up the room key.
But when I go left, the screen is completely black. I can go left one additional time, but the sceen stays completely black. All I can do is go back to the right.
Do I need a flashlight or something?


I'm having the hardest time with the gears. I realize there is no certain way to get them all to touch the middle circle, but does anyone have any strategies? I've memorized which buttons move which gears and in which directions, I'm tried my own strategies to no avail, and now am in need of assistance. I've done everything else there is do, this is the only puzzle I have yet to solve.



4 way switch gears:

It's actually very easy. Just pick a button, then find the complementary button that turns the other 2 gears. Now just use those 2 buttons exclusively. You can hold on to the button and eventually the 2 gears will meet in the middle.

Danny Guthrie June 17, 2006 12:36 PM

Here Is A WalkThru

1) Click the Submachine game machine and look at your right side on top of the rocks there is a tiny red ball. You've just found Secret(1)

2) Keep going left and go up the stairs, pick up the cog wheel on the floor. Secret(2) on chair.

3) Go downstairs and go to right, drag your wisdom gem into the space between the stand and then click on the tiny ball to drop the ladder on your right room.

4) Go two room on your right, click on the Phonograph(antique music player) and drag the cog wheel into the square space. Click on the round button.

5) Climb up the dropped ladder once and go to the right. Click on the bottom left of the machine and write down what C equals to.

6) Go back to the ladder and go up. Go into the hole and keep going left until you find a room key.

7) Go back to the ladder and go up. Go right and you can find a fork in the square hole. Secret(3) on top.

8) Go back to the ladder and go up. Go left and keep going up the stairs. Secret(4) in the broken left wall.

9) Go all the way to your right. Secret(5) in the sand.

10) Go left once, take the pamphlet and click on the picture. Zoom in the small writings and jot down the dotted sign.

11) Go left once. Secret(6) on top of light.

12) Keep going left until you see two doors. Go into the left room and take the cat note in the left shelf.

13) Use room key on right door and take the sewer key. You can flush if you want.

14) Go all the way down the stairs and go right then go down. Use sewer key on the locked hole.

15) Go into the hole, from inside the hole:
Go 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get 2nd floor key
Go 3 times left, 1 time down to get Secret(7)
Go 3 times left, 3 times down, 1 time right, 1 time up to get Letter to Liz. There are 3 Secrets here.
Go 9 times left to get Secret(11)
Go 7 times left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get Positive Coil
Go 5 times left, 2 times down, 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right. Solve the puzzle.(This is easy, make sure all the dot turn blue)
In the puzzle room, Go left, down, right, right, up, take the switch handle and get the heck out of the hole.

16) Go back to the ladder and go up. Go up the ladder again and go into the square hole on your right.

17) Go to the end and use switch handle. Pull down the switch handle.

18) Go back to the ladder and go down. Go left and click the tile on the wall to find Secret(12)(Count from the bottom right corner: 5 times left, 4 times up)

19) Take the stairs all the way up, go right and go into the metal door. Pick up negative coil.

20) Go up twice and use 2nd floor key. Go in left door and take diary 2 from the typewriter. Go left and take movie memory.

21) Go into the right door, click on the glowing machine and enter the code that you jotted down earlier. Press the green button and take the light bulb.

22) Go right and click on the moving stick. There are 4 Secrets here.

23) Pick up note to myself on the bed, go out of the room, go down the ladder and get out of the metal door.

24) Go left and go all the way down the stairs.

25) Go left, put the light bulb and movie memory into the camera, pull down the switch, click on the lens to look into the camera and click on the ID card in the picture.

26) Go right and all the way up the stairs. Go right and into the metal door, go all the way up the ladder. Use the fork on the broken wire and pull down the switch.

27) Go left door and up the ladder. To key in the 4 digit code you need to find the answer for e=m*c^2. You have found c earlier and you can find m in diary 2.

28) Go down the ladder, go right door and up the ladder. Pick up Secret(17) and solve the puzzle.(All you need to do is turn all red dot into green)

29) Go down the ladder and go left. Go up the middle ladder twice. Go left to get Secret(18), go right and use positive and negative coil.

30) Keep climbing up the ladder until you see a huge light bulb. Secret(19) is on the floor and take the portal note.

31) Go to right to pick up digout key and go to left to put ID card into the slot.

32) Go all the way down the ladder and go out of the metal door. Go all the way to the left and use the digout key.

33) Go in the square hole, pick up the Secret(20) and go until the end and pick up the fuse.

34) Go back to the big bulb room, go to the right and put the fuse on the machine.

35) Pull down the switch under the big bulb and kaboom you're out!!!

cslouie June 17, 2006 7:46 PM

First time post(er), but long time fan...this game was one of the easist point and click games except for the spot for the coils. I tried to not cheat but i just couldnt find the coils!!! thanks for the help

Katherine June 19, 2006 1:42 PM

wahoo! I finished! submachine is the best series of games ever! I had several forehead smacking moments, when I used the hints in the comments to figure out something that was really simple. My advice to everyone who plays this...just keep thinking and trying! It's simpler than it seems, and there is usually only one or two things you need to do in any room, so don't go over old territory too much once you've done about two things in a room.


I cant find the room for the 2 coils (positive and negative..) even with the spoiler, it mentions something and I must be blind!!! I cant see what they describe, although I swear I must have done everything else.


Stupid E = mc²FHFSDK If M= 952 and C=3 what the fuzz does E equal!? I FAILED MATH, I hate numbers...anyone?


i figured out the game ( with 2 hints) but i want to find all 20 secrets.
i am missing the secret that is supposed to be with the fork. i've stared in that little hole for 15 min. its not there.
i solved it again to make sure thats the one im missing.
it is.
the stupid red dot is just not there!


uri: it's not actually inside the alcove


Much more difficult than the first one, but very good!


The Coil Room

When you're climbing the ladder up to the Portal room and the tunnel is triangular shaped (fat at the bottom, narrower at the top) stop about half way up the ladder. Move your cursor to the right, 2 squares in. It should change to a pointer finger into a secret room where you'll see where to put the coils. The left room has a secret in it. Both rooms are very hard to see due to the lighting in the tunnel.


Hi Puzzled friends,
Pleas help me M=844 C=3
I don't now the Einstein formula.

Ciao Marc


I cannot find the last red dot, due to the removal of the one in the lighthouse picture.

Is it somewhere new?



Find E.

Use a calculator. Sheesh.


It's about freakin' time!

I mean, it's about time I was able to complete a flash point-and-click game without using spoilers. It's about time a point-and-click flash game required logic and skill instead of luck and patience to solve. Not to mention, the art is beautiful. I love the storybook-esque art, though I'll admit that, after playing the original Submachine, I was put off at first by the new style. But it quickly grew on me and I realized the amount of effort that had gone into this game was evident from the final product.

The soundtrack is also pretty nifty. Kind of haunting. It reminds me a bit of Darkfall in its ambient quality. Actually, the music that plays in the background of the beginning rooms sounds like a slowed down version of the music that played in the original Submachine. Still though, very nice and complementary of the gameplay.

My only gripe would be the last 'secret item.' I played this after the bug-fix, so here I was visually scanning every room for a little red ball, with nothing to show for it. So sad. I cried a little inside. And when I was done I checked here and found that it was behind a tile. While clever, it reminded me a bit of the random-clicking escape-the-room games where the thing you're looking for isn't visually obvious. Other than that, I'd give this game a 9.9/10 or 99% or an A or whatever grading scale one uses for these things.


What a cool game! 19/20 secrets. Once I found the fork (how sneaky!), I was able to go past the dual Einstien & 4-circuit puzzles. I gotta admit, I had to read a cheat here about the fork. The rest I got it on my own. :) Good balanced game.

christina June 27, 2006 9:48 PM

very very good game got fustrating at times but i still got it i cant wait for part 3 and for all u guys having trouble try using a walkthrough it will help but i just used it when i really needed it lol oh and i got 17 out of the 20 secrets!!


i can't find the fork to plug up the broke pipes with. it's in that room between the rotating sticks and the 4 digit code puzzles


i cant solve the puzzle with the red and green dots... i cant click them!


great game, if any1 says that it is not hard they are lying! cant wait 4 SUBMACHINE 3


HELP! No matter what I do, as soon as the game begins, my mouse pointer disappears. It still functions, but I can't see it. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this game SUPPOSED to do this?


wow. that was really great.
difficult at times, though.
but i only needed help once,
and that was where to put the coils.
but anyway. it was terrific!
really cant wait until i can
play submachine three.


I had looked at the game a couple of times, and was saving it to play when I had more time. Now when I use the link, all I get is a black screen. What am I doing wrong? The same thing happens when I try to access the original Submachine. I'm using IE, but this did not stop me from accessing the game earlier.


The game works for me, judy. I'm using Firefox.

Maybe it's something to do with your Flash Player? Try installing the latest version from Adobe's website. Just click the "Get Flash" button in the sidebar.


Thanks for the help, Jay. The Flash player wasn't the problem, but your response got me thinking about what had changed. I recently installed a new version of Norton software that includes ad-blocking. It is obviously confused about what constitutes an ad. After I turned that off, I was able to access the game as before.


any one know how to use the fork?


game was great! cant wait till #3... the walk through above helped me out alot...but i didnt use it for the whole game...only when i got stuck...i finished with 18 of 20 secrets im great hehe


How do I solve the puzzle with the blue and red dots? How in the world do I turn them all blue?


Ok ok, I made a map of the tunnels so don't click if you don't wanna know

Made ya look! No really, one down.


If you still have trouble...

Not my problem.


Ugh, I'm stuck. I can't find the fuse or the fourth key.

I'm wondering what the heck I missed.

I figure the fuse is hidden behind that carved piece of wall with a lock on it, but I don't know where the hell the key is for it. Is it in the sewers somewhere?


Nevermind. Had to get a few hints from here, but I got it.

Lightyears ahead of Submachine 1 and 3. 3 is the easiest... it's child's play compared to the other two.