Evilwumpus June 14, 2006 8:40 PM

Okay, I found I need the white key card. I only found (and used) the red and blue. Where's the white key? By the way, I can't click on the workstation that's on the right side of the screen to the left of the stairs. Should I be able to?


all I have left is the red cell phone and I am completely lost. It said there was a "key generated". But every computer I have checked doesn't do anything.


nevermind. that was kind of obvious.


I can't solve the pipeline puzzle...


Argh, figures. I don't need help anymore.


How do you open the first laser gates at the top of the stairs? (Im slow at this...)

Kristin June 15, 2006 1:38 PM

i hate the dumb wire game!!!!!!!!!

haha.. no really.. i just can't pass it to save my life! someone should post a spoiler for it (if they haven't already...)

Kristin June 15, 2006 1:48 PM

hahaha... i think as soon as everyone posted how much they dispise the pipe game, it worked out for them... me too!!! thank goodness!!!


wow, that was amazing... wow. took forever tho.

the end is a little drawn out tho... takes too long. and the wire trap is pointless...u just go thru the door under the stairs.


That was great

the end lasers are pointless tho...just go under the stairs


How do you get past the lasers at the top of the stairs???

Patroklos June 16, 2006 5:25 PM

I must be retarded, but how the heck do i get to the pipe thing?

cslouie June 17, 2006 7:49 PM

I've played this game four times in a row and i get to the very end but i get stuck at the last laser point. I get through most of the room but how do i get past the last set of lasers?!?!?!?


Finally finished!!! Thanks to the genius who posted the wire puzzle guide.



leave the room with the last set of lasers...look at the stairs and click under them. there is a door there. go through and u come out on the other side.


I have no idea...how do you debug things??

waffleking June 18, 2006 7:16 PM

I do not know what to do... i know where all the wiretaps are, I used the yellow keycard, i have the blue card, the card with wires, the antenna for the debugging device, the blue cellphone with memory card, the unicorn, and the laser pen.


I'm so lost. I've seriously gone through all the comments on here 4 times. I've got:

The laser pen
The walkie talkie antennae
Blue cellphone
Red memory card
Blue Key Card
and the unicorn

Maybe im not mixing something right? I can't find the key card with the wires, i have no clue where the magnetic strip thing is, i dont know how to make the debugger, i know where everything is that i need to debug though, i have no clue where this "wire puzzle" thing is. And i really want to get through this game >=(


Ok, I figured out how to make the debugger. Finally.

Attach the thing that they don't know what it is (which is actually an antenna) and connect that with the remote thingy that's black and kinda looks like a cell phone/ walkie-talkie thing.


I WON! These comments really, REALLY helped! Thanks so much!


i'm stuck i think i've got every thing i need down stairs i've got laser pen,anntena + reciver,unicorn, blue phone, memory card from blue phone,the password after debugging all ,yellow key card ,blue key card and card with wires, is that all i need please help


The dreaded pipe/wire puzzle:

is in the glass room on the first floor, on the computer next to the bugged phone. You'll get the username needed to turn off the lasers to the second floor when you solve it.

waffleking June 19, 2006 10:58 PM

For those of you who are stuck at the beginning - This is the hardest thing to find in the game...

The 'walkie-talkie' debugging device/locator is under one of the computers

hope this helps you enjoy the game, as I did.~


HELP, how do i turn off the satelite thing

MasterJ June 21, 2006 3:23 PM

Nice game and all but did anyone else notice that all gotmail games are set at night. Is that just a coincedence or what.


FWIW, the light switch upstairs appears to be sporadic. I ran through the game twice in approximately the same order. Got very cranky the first time around, looking for that damnable switch. Started everything over, ran through it again, and, bing, there she was. There might have been minor variations in the way I played the games, but after the first door upstairs, I think I did everything in the same order both times around.

So, if you've mastered the pipes, blue phone, and unicorn, but you just can't figure out how to turn out the lights, relax. There's no trick to it. The switch is just there...or not. Tell me, punk, are you feeling lucky?


hy,i read all the posts so many times,but i still cant find the red phone.somebody please!! keep your words simple,i am hungarian:-))


hy everyone!
i cant find the red phone and the way upstairs. i am stuck


I guess I found a bug in the game or else I'm just too stupid to solve it. When I tried to remove the connector/keycard from the blue to the red phone, it vanished. Now I only have a blue and red phone in my inventory, and the red phone fails to generate a key. This seems similar to the problem slgalt mentioned above. It's a shame, I was hoping to see the ending of this game.

Elizabeth June 24, 2006 11:48 AM

For those who are looking for the LASER POINTER!!!

I was looking for a long time, and nobody would answer this question, so here is the answer:

Inside the locked room on the first floor, click on the keyboard of the second (middle) computer to move it. The laser point is hidden behind the keyboard.


Debi - The memory card inside the blue phone is supposed to vanish when you click it. Check your inventory afterwards and you will see it moved there.

It is necessary to move it between objects.

Rachael June 25, 2006 2:01 AM

Man was this hard! Blast that stupid wire game! That just about did my head in. If it weren't for the helpful comments here, I think the whole game might have just about done my head in.

Thanks guys ^^

Quiggers June 25, 2006 3:22 AM

Hey, I am so frsutrated! Here's what I have on the second floor:

laser pointer
used antenna
used walkie-talkie
unicorn cross thing
used yellow card
used blue card
Card with wires sticking out

My problem is, I just can't find the blue cell phone... where is it????

jonathan June 26, 2006 1:34 PM

Hey i am stuck everybody keeps talking about this mysteriuos black box that connects to the antenna and debugs stuff, where do I find it because i am really getting frustrated.i am still on the first floor i have the id: but i don't know how to get any farther please help


Everyoine, I have:

-Long black thing
-Walkie talkie?
-Blue cell phone
-Blue access card
-Yellow access card
-Thing with wires out the bottom
-Red memory card
I can't get upstairs someone please help am I misisng something? What's a wiretap?


Can someone also PLEASE post a photo of the yellow red blue wire game??


I found the easiest way to deal with the pipe game is to first "lay" the blue pipe, remembering that it must go UNDER everything else (except itself) -- so as your reach an intersection, look ahead for the pipe that tends to go under everything and if it does, odds are that's the correct connection. Then connect the red one, since it goes OVER everything else -- same idea, at an intersection, trace which pipe goes over the rest, that should be the correct one. Then trace the yellow and complete the connections.

Lasse KN July 12, 2006 8:43 PM

To get through the second door on the 2nd floor:

In the room on 2nd floor, take the "green connector" (am I the only one who can't see it's green?), on top of the computer there, use it on the white cars with all the colored wires, then USE the blue phone on it, when memorycard is in it. Then use that on the door and type the password from the computer. NOTE: You have to use it on that door and type pass EVERY TIME you have to go through, even when you are just going back, so MAKE SURE YOU CAN REMEMBER THE PASS!

Well, I'm stuck at the last set of sensors and have no idea at all what to do. :S I guess all I can do is say gl and hf to myself and waste some more of my valueable time :/


Or you might just try another door. =p

Lasse KN July 12, 2006 8:53 PM

OMG! I wasted like half an hour.. :S But thanks for the tip

...lemon-lime... July 19, 2006 1:50 PM

ARGH! I am stuck

i only have

a laser pointer, a black stick thing, a walkie-talkie thing, the stupid unicorn, a blue cellphone and red memory card, blue key-card, key-card with wires and the ID from the wire thing

I am still on the 1st floor, and can't pick up the fountain pen... I AM SOOOOO LOST! HELP ME PLZ!


Hey Jay,
have you checked out the game "GooBike" yet?
its made by the 'il destino' guys
its pretty much as good as the others, which is pretty good.
just thought i'd throw that out there.


Yup! And we already have mentioned it here. =)

KellyMac July 26, 2006 10:33 AM

Help, please!!!!!!!!!! I have the unicorn on the cross, but can't find any light switches to turn the lights off. I've read and re-read all the posts a hundred times and have been playing for hours. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE LIGHT SWITCH!

KellyMac July 26, 2006 10:38 AM

Is it just a bug like one of the previous comments suggests? Do I really have to start all over and "hope" that it appears next time???

KellyMac July 26, 2006 11:31 AM

OK this is utterly ridiculous. This is the 2nd time I've gone through the game and there is still no light switch. I have everything but the red cell phone. I have the unicorn on the cross on the ground, BUT STILL CAN'T FIND THE LIGHT SWITCH!!!

KellyMac July 26, 2006 12:14 PM

Allrighty - 3rd time through the game I was able to locate the light switch - and save my sanity!


Thanks for the last laser thing......Quinma.....


When you are at the end with the lasers, on the last part..

dont waste your time..

just go back.. and go out the door UNDER the stairs :D


Yo ppl,
I just started playing these games and they are awesome,
I've done The Car and White Chamber, no probs awesome games.
But i'm havin problems with this one,
Anyone got walkthroughs or advice on how to do this game


what is the password from the computer upstairs? or where is the 3rd thing you have to identify i have the blender and the glass whats the last one? PLEASE HELP



It's in the reflection of the bottles on the counter.

I can on the other hand not get the


to work with the


in the dark? :o[

Help anyone? Pleeeeeease?


WOOHOO!! I'made it!!


Does anybody speak german? I don't understand anything!! ;-)
I can't solve the pipe-thing! Please help me!!


I'm not sure if any one would find this helpful...

Following those pipes hurt my eyes, So I have these markers you are supposed to use to write on windows and mirrors with...and they work really well with computer monitors...especially in 3 different colors!! You could probably use white board markers too...

I know...this is so pathetic...but I am tired...and I am stubborn and I had to finish this game!!!

..:cHiCKie:.. September 1, 2006 9:33 PM

I have trouble finding the right line for the pipes. Tried many times but without any luck. The help from ImagingGlory well... i'm scared 2 do that;-) No hard feelings but i just bought a new computer so, i'm not trying to draw with markers on my screen.

Has someone got a better hint. I'm going grazy;-)

chickie from Holland!


I left the last laser set room like the posts previously said to do and went in the door under the stairs, and used the red phone to unlock the door, but the door won't open, it says that it's still locked....

Help Please!!!!


nevermind, i was doing it wrong...i finished...finally!! good game though


Can anyone please send a picture with the wireing of the satalite conection??

i have used 2 hours now and i'm going crazy......#¤%


ok i am finnish,,,


good god tthank you vozome!!!! i tried everywhich way, by the end of it my eyes went square turns out that i nly had one pie wrong!! but i had to go through your spoiler to find it! lol aww my head aches sitting to close to the screen probably lol FfireXXX


Hey Jay...
You should seriously write in RED letters at the top of the "post a comment" section: "Take time to read the comments to avoid asking questions that have already been answered 3 times!"
Man, some people... :D

Btw, nice game!


this took me way too long to figure out. especially the stuff with the adaptor that i couldn't find (or maybe i found, but it didn't work somehow). again, it could not have been done without reading some of the spoilers. massive thanks to all... nice pick, jay!

Andrew Ray October 7, 2006 1:55 AM

With the help of the walkthrough a few times I finally beat this game. I'm not going to lie, this was one of the worst point and click adventures I've ever played. The (awfully) rendered graphics made things really confusing, because the screen is always so cluttered with useless lights and things that you can't click on. Most of the clicking never made any sense, either. Half of the "puzzles" had no logic to them are were completely random and senseless. It's just try object A on scene object B and see if anything happens.



Does anyone know or have a screenshot of the wire puzzle when finished I have been on it 2 hours and cant take it anymore PLEASE HELP


have read through the comments...and it said that left of keyboard there was the fontain pen.....i must be blind, cant find it....


It is there jippi - I've just finished the game myself


does n e one know where to find the walkie talkie thing

please help


i feel sorry for that german kid. neway, how do you get past the bit with the wires on the computer? please tell me.:D


I too am stuck on the connect the lines puzzle. I look and it looks all connected and prioritized from red to blue but it just doesn't work. If anyone figures it out please send me the solution.


this game is madddddddd buggy. after i got out of the revolving doors, or possibly before that, my laserpointer disappeared. also, in case someone reads all the way down here before doing the wire puzzle,

just make the "top priority" color never go under another, and the "bottom priority" color never go over another, and your problme is solved.


All spoilers, but to clear some confusion.

there is both a red and a blue phone, one is easy to get and the other involves some codes and other stuff

Light switches

They are not difficult to find, just be carefull not to jump past any frames. And it helps to be in the right room

Things that dosent seem to work but. i.e bugs

You will not find any bugs, if you dont use your reciever. The thing with the antenna. Must be selected when you search.

Thanks for help so far, im stuck at the very end with som mad

pussle I cant figure out. I'm unable to solve the last row. please help


the wires solution....following the red color..
1.click three times in the first square.
2.click once
3.click once
4.click 4 times
5.click 4 times
5click once,..
6.click twice.
in the last square, click until the yellow color cross over the blue...


GEEZ! Ive got pretty far, thx to most comments........ im tired but I CANT CLOSE THE GAME!!

Im almost done but im stuck...i think im going to BED

Im just curious tho - what opens the revolving doors and the door under the stairs? (and this, after using the laser pointer and unicorn.........)

everything in my items list is blocked except red phone and color-wired-key- attached-to-blue-phone



wats else is wrong with the picture on the second floor i fount the mufflers and the table and i cant find the other one


i finally finished the game! if ya got any questions just ask


Sigh. Receiver trouble, spoiler guarded....

I can't figure out the UI for detecting wiretaps. I have put the receiver antenna together with the body, so now when I do "about items" on the device it shows me a floorplan with a pulsing grey circle superimposed. That circle always covers the bottom right corner of the floorplan, regardless of where I am in the room. Furthermore, nothing is indicated on the map. Clicking somewhere in this display brings up the text "Someone has embedded wiretaps in this room," but nothing else happens. Nothing I do seems to affect either the device or the display when I try to use it.
HOW does one "detect" the wiretaps?


Since I haven't seen a full walkthrough posted yet, I thought I would make one to those who would like one.
Full walkthrough:

  1. Click on the computer on the left. Underneath the keyboard in the blue keycard. Go back a screen.

  2. Underneath the monitor of the right computer is a receiver. Note the fountain pen on the left side of the keyboard. Head back to the starting screen.

  3. Turn right past the revolving doors to the next set of computers. The left computer holds an antenna in the pen holder and the yellow keycard in the CD/DVD drive. Back up one screen.

  4. Underneath the desk of the computer on the right has a white keycard with some wired attached. Head back a screen.

  5. Turn right and head towards the computers facing the large windows and the starry night. The computer on the left has a unicorn statue hiding behind the computer, and a blue cell phone underneath the desk. Grab both then go back a screen.

  6. Turn right and you come to a locked glass door with a security lock. Use the yellow keycard to open the door (click on the item then on the control panel). Go through the door.

  7. The first computer holds nothing of interest. The next one has a laser pointer underneath the keyboard.

  8. The third computer's monitor has a puzzle you must solve. The rules for it are simple enough: Connect each of the colored wires, none of the wires can cross over themselves, and each color has a priority (red has to be on top of all others, blue underneath all, and yellow in the middle). To solve it do the following (order from left to right, if two squares are in the same column, the top one is stated first):

    • Click 3 times.

    • Click 2 times.

    • Click 1 time.

    • Click 4 times.

    • Click 4 times.

    • Click 1 time.

    • Click 1 time.

    • Click 2 times.

    When finished, click "Enter" to receive the ID. It'll be saved in your items list. Exit the monitor.

  9. Now combine the receiver and the antenna (select the receiver, then hit the "About Items" button, now select the antenna and click the receiver on the screen).

  10. Now select the newly fixed receiver and then click on the phone to find a wire tap. Head back a couple of screens to the main room.

  11. To the left of the big windows is a set of computers we passed by earlier. The one on the right has a digital clock next to it. Use the receiver to find a wire tap. Back out two screens.

  12. Go right two screens and you should be back at the starting screen. Use the receiver on the fountain pen from before to find the third and final wire tap. Now take a look at the receiver to get the Password. It'll be saved next to the ID in your item list. Head back to the start screen.

  13. Use the left computer monitor to access the surveillance satellite. Enter in the ID and Password to shutdown the monitoring. Head back out to the start screen.

  14. Turn right once and head up the stairs. The laser field that was blocking your path is now gone. Head to the end of the walkway to the door. Use the blue keycard and then the blue cell phone to open the door. Grab the phone before going through the door.

  15. When you enter, turn around and go to the one computer in the room. You must now solve the "What is different?" puzzle. The puzzle changes for each game, so you'll have to just keep trying 'til you get it.

  16. (Does this puzzle remind anyone of those Highlights magazines that you always looked through while waiting for the dentist? Too bad this one isn't already solved like all those were.)

  17. After receiving the access code, look on top of the computer and pick up a grey plug. Connect the grey plug to the white keycard with the wires, then the blue cell phone to the grey plug (all done the same way that the receiver and antenna were connected).

  18. Go to the locked glass door behind you and used the newly made keycard/cell phone and the new access code to open the door.

  19. Go to the end of the corridor, past the light switch. On the floor will be a white cross shape. Place the unicorn statue on it and backtrack to the light switch.

  20. Flip the light and head back to the unicorn statue to find a light shining on it. Use the laser pointer and click on the spot on the floor where the shadow ends. A cut scene shows a platform rising out of the ground.

  21. Grab the red cell phone, flip the light back on (anyone else notice that the platform disappears all of a sudden?) then head back downstairs to the revolving doors that are next to the stairs (you'll need to enter the access code again to get through the door).

  22. Take the blue cell phone off of the grey plug and take the red memory card out of it and put it into the red cell phone

  23. Activate the screen of the red cell phone and start the "Key Generator." Now select the red cell phone and then click the red light above the revolving doors to open them.

  24. Don't go through the revolving doors, but instead head to the door under the stairs. At the control panel of the door in front of you, use the red cell phone to unlock it, then head through the door.



2nd door/2nd floor: I used the 3 piece device to open it. Everytime as I walk through the open door it boots me back outside the door I just walked through. I see where I need to go...but it seems like its a bug in the program? Anyone experienced this or am I missing something?


i don't understand the pipeline puzzle the one that vozpme did can sum1 do it in a better way plz?


Ixidor's walkthrough should handle the puzzle no problem.

My question is the upstairs door. I can't access the node without the blue card, and then I insert the phone and nothing happens. And now my blue card is inactive and I've got a locked door. (Which is actually where I ended up before looking for help.) What did I miss?


where do you begin with the pipeline puzzle?


id number changes everfytime you play


I think there's an open bold tag that's going to be messing up the spoiler tags, FYI.


I think there's an open bold tag that's going to be messing up the spoiler tags, FYI.

Let's see if that works.


Thanks, xadrian! All fixed now. It was a 'strong' tag, not a 'b' tag that was messing things up.

I'll have to work on a script that disallows comments with non-well-formed mark-up in them.


The link has changed. It's now http://www.gotmail.jp/privacy/


Thanks, HopefulNebula, links fixed. =)


what is the password from the computer upstairs? or where is the 3rd thing you have to identify i have the blender and the glass whats the last one? which mirror was it that you could see a reflection of the bottles? PLEASE HELP


Ok where is the blue key card i think i need it for the door upstairs please! xoxoxo


So, I can swear I have a valid solution for that wire / pipeline puzzle but it is still failing.

I've tried the priority order both ways and gone over it several times to make sure no wire crossed itself. This is driving me nuts.


What solution are you using?


Regarding an ID you need:

After completing the wire puzzle on that computer monitor, the walkthrough said I'd get the ID saved to my items, but I didn't. So how am I supposed to log in without the ID? I got the password all right. Was there some little something I forgot to do?

privacy123 June 15, 2007 12:30 PM

how do you debug stuff?

Anonymous June 24, 2007 5:27 PM

I used the blue card and put the phone in but the door is still locked. I'm so confuzzled.


What's this wire tap stuff all about? What the heck is a wire tap, and how do I use the receiver and phone to find one? Whenever I look at the receiver, it just shows a map with a big flashing circle; and when I click it, it says someone has embedded wiretaps in the room. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? I NEED AN ANSWER ASAP!


i need help with the whats different computer i have the blender and the missing section on the bar table but what is the third please answer asap


I think you'll find that this puzzle changes each time you play the game. Bummer eh?


i can't find the fountain pan


i know the sounds stupid but how do u find taps because i got the receiver i see a circle thing i know 1 is on the clock and one on the phone but i cant get them i cant wreck them i need help