Hassle Free June 13, 2006 12:56 AM

ah ha! thank you Minkspwn, you can attach the blue cell phone to it too!


Grrr... I have

the laser pointer, blue cell, red memory card from blue cell, unicorn, 4-digit password from upstairs computer, keycard with wires, and magnetic strip. I am missing the red cell phone.

I'm entirely lost as to what to do next- how to

open either the downstairs door or the inner upstairs door.

I think.

Minkspwn June 13, 2006 12:57 AM

yep! and...

later you can attach the red one to it



a thing with wires?


where is the

red cell phone

Minkspwn June 13, 2006 12:58 AM

the keycard with wires

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 12:58 AM

Thank you, but where is the red one?


...or nevermind for now. I keep figuring out out right after posting. My bad.

Minkspwn June 13, 2006 12:59 AM

you have to find it upstairs it will be presented to you when you finally get to use the unicorn and laser


Quinma you figure out the lasers yet?



I hate being stuck!

Don't have neither the red phone nor the keycard with wires...


not yet, but I've been watching the posts for answers than really working on it! I'll try again.

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:04 AM

the keycard with wires:

you find it under the desk of(looking at the map) the second computer from the right, this is on the top of the map, not the second floor


oh you're going to LOVE this one. here's the laser answer.

you don't go through the the laser grid, if you look you'll see TWO doors at the end of the hall, just leave, and use the red cell phone on the door under the stairs! GRR!



Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:06 AM

no problem rose =)

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:07 AM

grrrrr I STILL can not find the red cell phone even after looking through all the posts again... hmmm I wonder...

Geeklover June 13, 2006 1:08 AM

Geez I feel really dumb asking this. I have several of the items but I have no idea how to get to the line thing everyone keeps talking about. I know I can't advance until I finish that game(?). I have clicked on everything. Please Help!


Hassel the red phone..

is presented to you on the second floor. with the lights on put the unicorn statue on the cross on the floor. turn off the lights. use the laser pointer on the spot on the floor indicated by the shadow of the unicorn. Presto! red phone!




LOL! Thought you'd like that!


Ok, what do you do after you put the unicorn key in? I have the lights of... am confused. Help? Please?


What the... again, right after posting. Nevermind.


Read my red key post above!

atomic crap June 13, 2006 1:12 AM

turn off lights. put unicorn on ground. the unicorn leaves a shadow that comes to a point. use the laser on this point.

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:14 AM

sorry, maybe I am dence, but I don't see a cross on the second floor or a way to turn off the lights... I am sorry, I will look closer though...


*gently casts aside the clumps of hair she has pulled from her scalp and giggles... a bit madly*

the solution was so simple! why oh why must i get such horrific tunnel vision!

the other door! *gags*

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:27 AM

help please??? I think I am missing something, but I still don't see a cross, or any kind of lightswitch on the second level... Is it in the room, or in the hallway?

hitotsu June 13, 2006 1:28 AM

Excuse me, but can anyone tell me where to find the blue card key? I am trying to find it, but it seems that I have only gotten everything else that is possible to acquire up until the point where it is recquired.

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:30 AM

oh! nevermind, it didn't occur to me to:

insert the memory card back into the phone


hitotsu - blue keycard:

I believe it is under the keyboard of the workstation where you enter the username and password.

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:31 AM


look in the cd drive of one of the computers(when you are facing north on the map)



Finally finished!!!

Thanks to all of you!


That was another great game Jay! Thank you!

I love point-and-click escape the room games and this was a nice one!

I can finally go to sleep... :)

Hassle Free June 13, 2006 1:38 AM

yay!! I finally beat it! (took me long enough) Oh well thanx for the great game Jay!


Awesome game, couldn't have beaten it without you guys. Although there is one thing that really pissed me off:

The last "puzzle":

Those g-dang lasers, arghhhh, I tried solving the last one "logically", I would click one of the six/five positions that changed the lights, then click another, then if that didn't work, click back and try all 2 combinations. Then when that didn't work, I tried to make them look "straighter", then when that didn't work, I tried to make them more and more crossed. All to no avail,

and if you guys weren't here, I think I wouldn't have gotten much sleep. Jay, you should add a filter or something, so I can filter out these point-and-click, I can't stay away but they frustrate me so :P.


can someone please help i still don't understand where to put the unicorn!


hi... this is my 1st posting. this is a really good site, jay. Had fun playing most of de games in here. a fren recommended me this site when i got too bored n keep bugging him @ work. hahaha

anyway, this what i managed

to get pass de revolving doors but i'm stuck @ de last laser beam security sensors... i've clicked n clicked n clicked, now i'm out of clicks in my trigger finger. :(

someone pls help me!!!! so near yet so far, sigh...


Stuck on the wire puzzle?

Just make sure the red is always over. Feel free to use this picture in a walkthrough, should anyone make one.


nvm... found my solution... i'm so *duh*!!!!


Ok, I made it upstairs and obtained the 4 digit code ... now I'm stuck even after reading through all the comments. I have neither the red cell phone nor see a light switch or cross on the ground anywhere on the 2nd floor. *Help!*


for those who had problems with the pipeline puzzle,

if you number the bridges from left to right,
1: the lower cable (red) goes right, the cable from the left (yellow) goes up.
2 (top): the cable from the left (red) goes right, over the cable from below (blue) which goes up.
3 (bottom): the cable from above (red) goes down, over the cable from the right (yellow) which goes to the left.
4: the cable from the left (red) goes down, the cable from above (blue) goes right.
5: the cable from the left (yellow) goes down, the cable from the right (red) goes up.
6: the cable from below (red) goes up, over the cable from the left (yellow) which goes right.
7: the cable from below (yellow) goes up, over the cable from the left (blue) which goes right.
8: the cable from the left (red) goes right, over the cable from above (yellow) which goes down.


Oh I've time back to the work again...
I nearly got all the items and finish the pipe game... got the id.... how come no password come out of the receiver????

Make me mad.... my received can sense the wiretaps already


I feel very silly but I have this problem: I get the ID number and the pasword but then again I cannot no matter what I do put it in the computer and make it accepted. I dont undersatnd what I'm doing wrong. Please please if someone could help me!???!

Metakan June 13, 2006 9:45 AM

I still can't find the three differences. I found two which are:

THe mixer and the first glass

But I can't find the other one.

I am going nuts.


Argh! I just can't get that last laser puzzle!

Help please?

waahoowaa June 13, 2006 10:01 AM

Excellent use of the word "usurped" on the loading page. Now I'm just waiting on the download... Drooling with anticipation...


Where is

cross upstairs and how do you turn off the lights?


I have put memory card back in blue phone and it is an active item.

Help an honest lurker!


Great game Jay... this is the first time I've posted and the first time I have made it all the way through one of these point and click games without using clues from others. I loved the ending, but it took me a few minutes of trying to get past the last obstacle before I realized I was heading in the wrong direction.

Once you have unlocked the revolving doors, don't bother going out them... instead head over to the doorway down the hall between the computers and the stairs and that is the way out. Use your red cell phone with the card in it to access the unlock mechanism.


Well, perhaps I'm bad at this games, but... where is the

cross on the floor to put the unicorn over?

Best regards

Steven Johnson June 13, 2006 10:41 AM

I MUST be missing something, but i cannot find the item that

allows me to connect the blue phone to the card with cables. I've looked on top of all the computers, but no luck.

What am I missing? Thanks


Ok, nevermind. I found the cross

You have to get past the second closed door on the second floor, for this you need the blue phone with the memory card in, the white card with the wire, and the green connector.


Sorry to be slow, but cant find the

cross for the unicorn or the light switch ANYWHERE!!!

Have been looking for about an hour. Please help!


Thanks everyone for your help - great game jay.


The 1st door upstairs

After using the blue phone, i forgot to hit enter

The Cross

Once you past the 2nd door upstairs. At the end of the walk way there is a spot light pointed at the floor. If the lights are on, you should see the spot to place the unicorn. You can't see it if the lights are off.

Ending Tid bit

Even though you can remove the blue phone after you unlock the door, that doesn't work with the red phone


Sorry to be a bother but:

Where is the connector for the phone and the white card with cables

Myownstar June 13, 2006 12:18 PM

How do I get pass the security lasers upstairs?????


The third difference on the bar scene is the bottle reflection on the lower left side of the bar


how do you get upstairs?
i have:

a laser pointer
anoter black object (looks like a pen/antenna/laser pointer)
a unicorn
a blue cellphone
a yellow keycard
a blue keycard
an object that looks like a keycard with wires attatched (supposed to attatch to something)
a red memory card (from blue cellphone)
and the ID code

please help


Anyone tell me how to get past the lazers on the stairs going up?

And I have no idea where the red cell phone or the trash can is.

Also, I know where the fountain pen is but can't pic it up for anything.


Okay so I figured the other stuff out but where is the darn red cell phone?!


Wow - Took me forever to figure out how to get past the first door upstairs.


I have de-bugged the

the fountain pen and the clock. were is the other bug?


Jazlyn - Connect the Antenna thing to the thing that looks like a cell phone. While 'holding' that, find the three wire taps. All locations for such have been posted. Once you've done that, examine the cell phone thing, and you will recieve the password. Use it and the ID on the computer near where you started - this will get you upstairs.

Anyone, how do you get past the 2nd door upstairs?


The way you actually get out of the last door is quite frustrating and makes you want to throw something when you see how easy it is!!

I believe I spent a good 5-10 minutes clicking on the last laserfield until I remembered about the door under the staircase!


The red cell phone is the bain of my exsistance


The red cell phone is one of the last things you will find.

You need to get upstairs first, and through both locked doors before you are able to find it.



WARNING: After you generate a key with the red cell phone, don't take the memory card back out and put it into the blue cell phone. This will cause the blue cell phone and the memory card to be inactive, meaning you can't put the memory card back into the red cell phone. You need the memory card in the red cell phone in order use it. This is a bug in the game.

Naymlis June 13, 2006 2:15 PM

ummm.. I'm stuck with trying to find the green connector evryones talking about. Can someone please post its location. Thanks

Steven Johnson June 13, 2006 2:16 PM

Here are some helpful thoughts re: Phones and connectors:

Leave the card in the blue phone to get through the first door upstairs. After reading the other spoilers I thought the connector was for blue phone and that I needed it to get through the first upstairs door. It's not and you don't.

The connector is for the RED phone.



I've found everything else on the first floor except the de-bugger base (aka "black machine" aka "walkie talkie") Any help? Thanks

Naymlis June 13, 2006 2:30 PM

m the walkie-talkie is

under the moniter on the right of where you start.

I think it only shows up after you complete the wire puzzle though.

Also, can anyone tell me how to get past the 2nd upstairs door...it's probably been posted but i can't find it with ctrl+f.

jdoughy June 13, 2006 2:36 PM


The connector is upstairs. Once you get into the door upstairs it's on top of the computer in that room

Jdoughy June 13, 2006 2:40 PM


Put the blue phone in the thing by the door. Then you should be able to click enter.

velociraptor June 13, 2006 2:43 PM

umm...so about the green connector...? i've scoured this thing pixel by pixel...argh! anyone know where it is? thanks!



I'm upsrairs, I've gotten the password screen and it reads to me:


Nothing is after the word password? Anyone else experience this?


Solution for the image difference:

mixer, left glass, table edge


Having issues opening the second door upstairs as well.

Thanks for the other help though! :)



Thanks. To get through the 2nd door upstairs...

select the key card w/ wired
add the phone connector (from top of computer in upstairs room
add blue cell phone (with memory card still inside)
insert into lock & enter password from upstairs computer


Okay, I got it. You have to connect the blue cell phone with the memory chip to the card with the wires coming out. Then put that into the thing on the wall and enter the code you get from the computer on the other side of the room


M, thank you! But where do I find the phone connector -- there's nothing on top of the computer!

dwinter9 June 13, 2006 3:29 PM

help!!! Where's the red cellphone?


I must be very dense because noone else has asked this. But where is the laser pointer? I have everything else and Im ready to get the red cell phone...thanks!


I forget where the laser pointer is but click the monitors of the computers and the key boards, sometimes they move and it could be there.

How do I get past the lasers at the very end?

addicted June 13, 2006 3:56 PM

Please please help me
I cant find the piece that you use to connect the blue cell phone and the card with the wires attached

I looked everywhere for a green connector that someone mentioned but i do not see it...


the green adapter for cell phone is

before sitting on upstairs computer click on top tower of computer


I am so stuck... have the blue cellphone/memory card, unicorn, laser, blue keycard and card w/wires. Turned off the satellite feed and gotten up the stairs but can't get past the first door. Please help, going crazy!!!

Fairygdmther June 13, 2006 5:26 PM

The green connector (which is grey on my screen) is sitting on top of the CPU, not the monitor, on the upstairs computer.



oh wow, nevermind I didn't even try attaching the blue phone....


I don't even know how to get past the first set of lazers, to get upstairs.




fountain pen and the clock




In the phone, mate.


Regarding the ending sequence:

As our character removed all the tracers, did anyone else draw a comparison to Will Smith's "Enemy of the State" movie? Same bugs, same locations.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty neat...


I can't get the bug out of the


Where do you have to click???

mathboy June 14, 2006 1:27 PM

so far i have a laser pointer receiver a keycard a memory card and a unicorn

Irisiri June 14, 2006 4:44 PM

Nevermind! I got the last wiretap.

It's not in the cellphone, it's in the phone at the desk in the glass room

smilefxr June 14, 2006 6:18 PM

Wow, fun...but difficult

knightro13 June 14, 2006 6:40 PM

ok i have everything but still dont get where the red cell phone is. ive clicked everywhere, can someone give me a hint?


I may be totally stupid, but I can't figure out anything to do with that long skinny thing that looks like a pen but isn't. It has a brass screwey thing in one end, but I can't take it apart. Am I missing something to combine it with?

Evilwumpus June 14, 2006 8:28 PM

I tried attaching the blue phone to the grey adaptor thingy, and vice versa, but it won't attach! Does the adaptor have to be attached to something else first?