Igiveup June 12, 2006 1:51 AM

So I tried several times to:

I got the cd and played the guitar several times using 16454 16454 666555 6665. This is what I had heard by ear, and it repeats once, so I was playing it twice. Then I read the note about playing with the added '4' at the end. Tried that too, nothing would happen. At this point I got annoyed with the pixel hunts and the song playing and just gave up.



Igiveup - the actual melody you listed is correct, with the 4 at the end, since that note is indeed played in the song. You only have to play it once on the guitar.

It worked for me when I moved away from the guitar, then came back to it and played the notes correctly all the way through.

The actual formula for the notes is given to you visually if you view the screen while playing the CD.


Kinda reminds me of Saw, but with less gore.

Mess up or run out of time in the end and you die; do it perfectly and you escape.


damn! i finally had to use the hints which pissed me off./In this game the hardest part is the pixel hunt but i didnt like the trash can cos i clicked it and turned it over many times before i read the hint that said the blue cd was there so it just was needed to be tapped with a few more mouse clicks and there was a couple of things that i think is a waste of attention like the first 2 papers with letters when you only need the 3rd or the formula on the movie, but anyways the harder it gets the more interesting it is.


i like to say also that when you play an asian escape the room" game it seems that the pixel hunt is like a requirement otherwise it wouldn't be asian i mean it's a matter of knowing before start playing.

~Angel~ June 12, 2006 6:38 PM

omg!!! everyones like oh this is so kool and i cant even figure it out! but i dont want to use spoilers cause then i wouldnt get the satisfactory of beating it myself. so ill keep clicking on things and see how it turns out.



i was about to win but i turned the gas too early


Where are the rest of the books?


never mind. I figured it out


Here's a speed run (assumes you already know the steps for completion).

  • green screwdriver

  • wall bracket

  • wheel and blue key

  • friction tape

  • red key

  • red dvd

  • fix the broken wire under the floor

  • flip the other two switches (in the red key hatch)

  • get the paper from the plant

  • get paper from the couch. combine them. you can figure out the colors with just those two paper pieces.

  • get the timer from the couch safe

  • battery

  • yellow screwdriver

  • put the battery in the picture

  • use the dvd to turn on the gas switch behind the guitar

  • set the timer for 1 minute

  • plug in the timer and dvd player

  • pull down the projection screen

  • turn the wheel 4 times to the right

  • get in the floor hatch

  • leave hatch and room after explosion

Time: 3:49

A bit more could be shaved off by knowing the exact spots to click and timing the ending closer, but I think it's pretty good.


I'm having trouble figuring out the code for the safe. I looked at the comments here and everyones saying it has something to do with the color order on the paper. Can anyone explain how to figure out the code for the safe, for this dumb blonde? Thanks in advance!


Katie - Do you have all three pieces of the paper? If so, it should be obvious. If not, you may need to find the others before it becomes clear.


I've done the game three times, and all three times I died, each time I keep cutting the seconds down as for which I turn the wheel for the gas, and yet I still die, I haven't a clue why and I'm so annoyed, but it's a great game, just drives you mad.. ah, thanks for all the tips :)

christina June 28, 2006 5:35 PM

hey i got lost when i had to figure out the code for the safe so can someone plz explain it to me????

oh and if yall are having a problem with the song thing here it is,

its 6132 3613 2311 1222 11123 and 6 is the last string from the left




Just noticed something that no-one else has posted:

Once you've combined all three pieces of paper, if you look at them in the dark, the message reads:
"Under the stool of the gods,
the star extinguishes all in all
and the key with very thin edge
swallows all in all."



uhh...well, this really sucks being stuck and all. so can somebody please just post a whole entire walkthrough? it would be so much simplier instead of going down the whole thing. or just somebody please send me the walkthrough. thank you.


im so stuck ! grrrrrrrrrr


I quite enjoy escape the room type games, but not this one. The presence of some of the objects you need cannot be inferred from the clues given, but must be found by essentially random clicking to find just the right spot.

For example, the red DVD under the carpet. If you didn't know to look at just the right spot under the rolled up carpet, you'd probably never find it. Equally true of the left armrest that controls the movie - there is no indication that you can click on the end of the armrest.

The interface is clumsy, especially compared to some other escape the room games. Having to "back out" of a zoomed in view is annoying at the best of times. And having to "undo" something you've done before you can return to the main view is equally frustrating.

For example, why do you need to replace the hatch and replace the carpet before returning to the main view? And why can't you leave the wheel in place? Having to "undo" these actions not only adds unnecessary clicking to the game but undermines any sense of advancement the player has.

Other parts of the game are just plain hard, and very unforgiving.

For example, if you mess up the tune on the guitar, you can't just start again, you have to back out to the main view and then come back to the guitar. Not to mention the fact that the tune is waaaay to long to remember. Also, I don't mind a bit of maths in these games, but complex sums involving tables is a bit much.

All in all, a clumsy effort compared to the other far more slick games in the same genre.


the code for the

safe underneath the couch

is driving me insane, i have no clue how to unlock it. i know it has to do with the

color of the books on the shlef and the note

but i just can't get it right!

Help please???


i know where to find the red DVD but dont know where to clik.


Yeaaaah!!!! I managed it!!!!

I'm not good in english just as you know it..:P

Oh that was close..! I had like 5 seconds left and the hatch was nearly all white.. Pjuh! Hehehe... <3 I love cats <3


how do i get up the door under the rug?


What am I doing wrong i get all the clues but when it's time for me to get in the trap door the gas fills up real quick

Katchow!!! October 1, 2006 3:33 PM

Anyone played file2? u get the link when u win file1...

gotta admit, i used the walktrough... but still was a great load of fun since im from a non-english speaking country =)

good luck ^^

btw, think i was nr 2800-and-something to win the game =)

would like to get someone to switch hints with on file2 though... u have a forum or shoutbox or something for that Jay?


Yes, we have already reviewed Out File #2. You may find the answer you're looking for on that page. =)


I really need help.
i cant find the third paper.
and i cant find some board in the room.
help meee


K I have the green screwdriver, the yellow screwdriver, the red handle wheel, the yellow tape, the bracket, the DVD, the C.D, and the battery, oh and 2 pieces of paper. I put the battery in the picture but nothing happend. I listened to the DVD and didnt get it and the CD i tryed playing on the guitar. I put the tape on the wire and now dont no wut to do???


I cant figure out that with booksand codes! Helpme please! I`m stuck! x|


heres a tipp

Read the pieces of paper in the dark.


Please help me.

How do you play the cd and dvd
Where do you find the screwdriver`s


Hey doofer where do you find the last piece of paper?

And enesis how do you turn of the light?


hi! does someone know how to play the movie on the big screen? Its down and all, but it wont play!!


What is the code for the safe?? please help us, a lost couple! ;)


i only got the first key and opned the hatch with the electrial stuff and i have moved on the painting what am i suppose to do now?


I'm having trouble figuring out the code for the safe. I looked at the comments here and everyones saying it has something to do with the color order on the paper. Can anyone explain how to figure out the code for the safe? And yes. I do have all the three pieces of paper. But I still don't figure out the code. Can't you just say it in numbers? The paper says: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. And the 4 books stands like this: blue, red, green, violet.

But I just can't figure out the code. I think I've tried everything. Help me please!!!

wingwisher October 8, 2006 6:25 PM

this game i SO hard!!!
I need major help!!!
ok i have

put the battery in the painting
plugged in the cd player
got the red wheel
piece of paper in the couch
the blue cd from the trash-can
and the blue key which unlockes the book shelf cabnet
the yellow tape

what do i do now?
can somone who is totally finished write a step by step walk though?
if you did it would be very nice!
: )


how do i unroll the paper

hollow_me October 15, 2006 2:43 PM

hey ppl i just read the hints and walkthroughs but i have a major prob
i put the dvd in the player, cliked the eyes of the cat, presses the down arrow, but THE SCREEN WONT COME DOWN


DaveandKara October 20, 2006 2:39 AM

uhm...what exactly is friction tape? and also, we cant find the second piece of paper. we have both screwdrivers, friction tape, cd, red and blue keys, metal bracket, and red turn wheel. help!

DaveandKara October 20, 2006 3:48 PM

Okay, nevermind the last post. Now we have all three pieces of paper, the CD and DVD, both screwdrivers, the battery, we know where to install the battery, we found the third key, we also figured out the guitar bit. but anyway, now we cant figure out why you can zoom in on the couch arm, or the flourecent light. any ideas??


thanks for all the spoilers!!!!I've done it, yay!!!!
For those who died in the 30 second bomb (my dilemma before) here's a big help:

instead of turning the wheel 4 times, add one turn. Make it 5 turns instead of 4 ones. Got this tip from another site.


I can't be bothered to do the last couple of steps.

The pixel hunt to get the hatch open with the bracket will probably get me killed before I can get inside.


It's nice that that is the answer to the puzzle, but just in case anyone here actually needs to understand solving inequalities for something important, the answer is
t is less than or equal to 53.333 (decimal repeating).
Unless the programmer specifies that t and x are integers, solving this puzzle is impossible for anyone who actually knows algebra.


i cant find none of the keys! the 2nd screw driver is under the pink thing


i need help i dont find anything


this was the trickiets game I ever played.

what ever you do dont open gas walve before thirty seconds. if you do that you will be dead in seconds, capice


i have done everything that i am suppose to do at this point in the game but when i turn off the lights using the button on the sofa no play buttons come up and i cant see what i am suppose to please help

Confused,Frustrated,InsanewithMadness November 5, 2006 3:34 AM


have gotten under the couch and have tried many different codes(not from other ppl) tried 13215# and nothing happens... am I doing something wrong?


Right this is getting ridiculous ive lost all interest in it now. I was stuck when it came to the guitar melody and i had a look on some of these comments for the answers i tried every suggested melody and not one worked. I even followed walkthroughs to the step so i could make sure i had done everything up to that point. Its a shame cos this game could've been good if i hadn't got cheesed off with the obsseive need for every step in the game to be excecuted 100% perfectly! Reakky frustrating


Gah, I am so stupid I can't even figure out where to click to plug the DVD player in.. ;_;


After i have activate the painting what shall i do there? an where are the last two papers... what shall i do with the painting after that is activate HELP ME PLEASE...!


this game drives me insane... i was about to win but then i died because of the gas. i did turned the wheel i did clicked the down arrow on the cat thing. the screen came down i plugged the timer and then the dvdplayer i didnt know why. i jumped in to the trap and then i died! can somebody tell me WHERE I DID GO WRONG!?!?


I've decoded the info on the paper

there's a hidden button on left side of sofa, which is the switch of fluorescent light

tankgirl23 November 26, 2006 6:58 PM

That sucks!!!
I got to the very end, and couldn't close the trap door in time...


where do find the rest off the paper? i have the fist wone


Hello.. I don't now what to do. I don't now how to open the trapdoor :( can some just help me.. Plisss


it's the same wiy#th me for the sofa!!
no play butons, nothing!!!!!!!!!!


After playing the game for about 20 min, i had just got the yellow screwdriver. Then I found this page and realised that i was quite stupid. I followd MsGemini's walktruogh, but i died before the explosion. By the way, the red key is on the top of the blue thing, the orange one is in the guitar and the blu is inside the blu thing.


deadman INC December 20, 2006 10:26 PM

what is the code for the safe please i is getting confused by numbers and colors how do you figure out the code for the safe???? plz help

DuMmEr ThaN YoU ThInK December 26, 2006 4:57 PM

Ok...i am like so confused!
The first piece of paper is under the third couch cushion right? Where is the 2nd and 3rd one?
And can some one be a little more specific on the plant. Where do you look?
Please help.


The guy who made this game ,is a geeeeeenious that's all i can say


how to find a yellow screwdriver??

Glorious Prince January 1, 2007 7:08 AM

OUT file#1 Walkthrough
OMG that was a challenge. Here is a very long walkthrough for those who are stuck:

Click on bottom of pink stereo unit to zoom in.
Click under the desk pick up the GREEN SCREWDRIVER.
Zoom out once and click the area of blue wall that shows between the two left legs of the desk.
Plug POWER CORD in. Zoom out.
Click on the blue bookshelf to zoom in.
Click on top of the shelf and pick up the RED KEY.
Zoom out and click on the middle of the shaded area between the wall and blue bookcase to zoom in on a bracket.
Use the GREEN SCREWDRIVER and remove the bracket.
Still on the same screen click the upper side of the bookcase.
Pick up the WHEEL. But wait, there's something else in there.
Click further in and pick up the BLUE KEY.
Zoom back out until you're facing the bookshelf.
Use the BLUE KEY to unlock the cabinet and take the TAPE.
While you're there, note the 4 books and the order of their colors.
Zoom back out until you're facing the room the way you were when you started.
Click on the upper left corner of the carpet to zoom in.
Click the corner again. To reveal a trap door.
Click along the side of the rolled up carpet (near the top).
Pick up the red DVD. Zoom out once to face the trap door again.
Click on the trap door to zoom in. Use the BRACKET on the middle of the right edge to wedge the trap door.
Click the wedged bracket again to open the door.
Click on the middle of the wires to zoom in on the broken blue wire.
NOTE: If you don't click the right spot on the wires when trying to zoom in you'll find yourself in the trap space.
Get back out and start again. Good to know that you can hide there, you'll need it later.
Use the TAPE to repair the wire and zoom all the way back out.
Click right. Now you're facing a bare wall and the plant.
Click on the panel in the wall. Use the RED KEY to unlock the panel.
Switch all the power switches to the on position.
Zoom back out and zoom in on the plant.
Midway on the left side of the plant, click on the larger of the two middle leaves.
It takes a bit of doing to find the right pixel.
When you've done it, pick up the rolled up piece of PAPER. Unroll it.
Zoom back out and click to the right again to face the yellow sofa.
Zoom in once and click on the 3rd cushion. Pick up the PAPER and open it.
Click on the other piece of paper in inventory and the two will combine.
Click under the sofa and retrieve a BATTERY and zoom back out all the way.
Click on the wastebasket to zoom in.
Click on the floor near the sofa.
Pick up the yellow screwdriver from behind the sofa.
Zoom back out and click on the wastebasket once to lift it up,
and a second time on the left side on the rim to turn it over.
Keep clicking on the bottom of the bin until a CD falls out.
Take the CD. Zoom all the way out.
Click the green pipe.
The room view will move once to the right.
Zoom in on the pipe.
Attach the WHEEL to the pipe and click on the left side of the wheel.
Click until it can't turn anymore.
If it doesn't turn at all, then it's okay the way it is.
Remove the wheel.
Zoom out and zoom in on the cat picture.
Click on the left upper corner, then the right upper corner and the middle of the top frame.
The picture will fall off.
Click on the right side of the frame to flip the picture over.
Zoom in on the panel and remove the screws with the YELLOW SCREWDRIVER.
Open the panel and place the BATTERY you found under the sofa into the panel.
Close it all back up and put the picture in its place. Zoom out and click right.
Now you're facing the media shelf again.
Zoom in on the dvd player.
Turn the power on and play the cd.
Listen to the music and remember the tones.
Remove the cd and put the dvd in the player.
Zoom all the way out and zoom in on the guitar.
Click on the guitar neck to reveal a hole in the wall.
Click to zoom in. You can't see in there, so you use the CD,
which will reflect light into the hole. Now you can see a gas valve.
Click the valve to open it (little roundish thing on top).
Zoom all the way out. Click left to face the cat picture.
Zoom in on the picture.
Click on the cat's head.
The eyes will light up and two arrows will appear.
Click the down arrow and a projection screen will lower.
Turn to face the sofa and zoom in.
Click the back of the left armrest to zoom in on it.
Click the rounded end of the armrest to turn off the lights.
Also note that a tone is played.
You will see video buttons appear.
Click the Play arrow. The math works out to time=30.
Click the stop button and then the end of the armrest to turn the lights back on.
Zoom back out and go back to the cat picture.
Click on the head and then the up arrow for the screen to go back up.
Now zoom out and zoom in on the guitar. Remember the cd music?
It needs to be played on the guitar.
Zoom in on the strings.
By numbering the strings left to right from 1-6 from play the following strings: 164541645466655566654.
A compartment on the guitar opens, revealing an ORANGE KEY.
Zoom all the way out and click left.
Zoom in on the orange door.
Use the ORANGE KEY to unlock the door.
The door reveals a boarded up wall.
This isn't the way out.
Click in the very top right side of the third board from the bottom.
Takes some doing to find the right spot.
Take the paper wedged in the door and unroll it.
Combine it with the other papers.
Now when you look at the completed paper, reading the letters down each column reveal the first 3 letters of colors.
Number each color on your paper from 1-7.
Remember the books from the shelf?
Apply the corresponding color numbers from the sheet to the order of the colored books.
Remember those 4 digits.
Zoom out and turn left to face the sofa.
Zoom in on the sofa.
Remember the tone the arm rest made?
Click on the arm rests in this sequence: LLRRLRL (L for left, R for right).
A hidden panel opens to reveal a safe.
Take those 4 digits from the step above and enter them on the keypad.
The code is a 6-digit code.
The first digit is * and the last is # with the 4 numbers in between.
try *1257# or *6437#
The safe opens to reveal a TIMER.
Note: If you turned the lights off by clicking the arm rests for the code,
turn the lights back on by clicking the left arm rest.
Zoom out and click twice (right or left) to face the media shelf.
Zoom in on the plug.
Unplug the power cord.
Highlight the timer and click "item info"
Click the timer in the center so that it faces you.
Set timer for about 3 mins.
Plug timer into wall.
Plug power cord from dvd player into timer.
Open gas valve if not already open.
Go to cat picture.
Click on cat head and then on down arrow to bring screen down.
Go to green pipe and put wheel in.
When timer gets to 30 seconds.
Turn wheel 4 times.
Remove wheel.
Lift carpet.
Open trapdoor using bracket.
Climb into trap.
Close trap door and wait.
Listen for 2 booms.
Wait till it goes quiet.
Climb out of trap and go thro hole in wall
and bobs your uncle


to get behind the painting just click exactly in the middle of both sides of the picture frame then when the painting is tilted to the right click the top middle of the frame (not the painting the brown frame around it) after you have it down click the top middle again then the painting will turn around you need the flat screw driver to open the compartment on the back!!!

hope this helps!!!


why can't i open the trap door? what does "Click along the side of the rolled up carpet" means?


I puted the timer(set 2mins), turned gas when there is 30secs, but there was NO explod!!! I died because of the gas. WHY


Ok............, this time i survived, but STILL no "boom", or any holes. HELP!!!


to help you pind the dvd,

click near the shaded parts of the rolled up rug on the side

good lucky :)


how do you open the trap door with the bracket?


the projection screen won't come down when i click the down button!!!

Patricia March 8, 2007 9:48 PM

What hole in the wall!? It isn't there!
Pls help!


cant get the bookshelf to open the second time... got it before... but cant now:( help please


ok, for the ending you have to:

turn the valve 5 TIMES not 4, otherwise you'll die from the gas!!!


can anybody tell me the couch safe number !!


i can't get out!!!
help me please!
i tried the walkthrough of Glorious Prince but it didn't work i don't understand what he is saying!

i need a better walkthrough

kassandra April 1, 2007 6:07 PM

There is nothing wrong with the walkthrough posted above - if you read it CAREFULLY and follow through step by step you will make it through. The only mistake is that it is better to turn the gas valve 5 times instead of four at the end. Also omitted is the point someone mentioned above that you don't need to play the guitar by ear - playing the CD from the sofa with the screen down will reveal the guitar string sequence, with the strings numbered from right to left (not left to right like in the walkthrough, hence the different numbers) which is also where you get the sequence for clicking the sofa arms.
Yes this is a tricky game, but it's good for those who want a challenge. If you don't, or if you can't figure it out even with the walkthrough, well, no one is forcing you to play it!
The only criticism I have of the game is that the math equation is inadequately explained. I was baffled as to how t=30 - I got 53.33333 - so thanks to nat for satisfying my curiosity.


Thanks everyone! I finally blast a hole in the wall! I'm so glad to know that it was really

turning the wheels five times at thirty secs

Ya hoo!


GAH! At the end I died on the last 2 seconds from gas, then next time the last 3 seconds.


eurgh how do you get the red cd, where do you click on the rolled over carpet to get it?
its confussing me! :/


were an i going to put the plz tell me


were am i going to put the

timer? what wall is it going on???

plz help me!!!


were am i going to put the

timer? what wall is it going on???

plz help me!!!

Anonymous June 2, 2007 6:26 PM

HELP ME!!!!!

I cant get the blue key

Chrysanthemum June 14, 2007 1:42 AM

Okay, can I just say, that after putting ALL THAT WORK IN it is REALLY STUPID that you can just die and have to restart from the ^*#&&&!*@&^^ beginning?! This game was ridiculously difficult to begin with (I, like others, think pixel hunts are just annoying, and how were you supposed to know

that you have to add an * and # to the safe code

?!), and then to have all that time and work undone just makes me angry. Note to those who haven't played this yet: Don't do it unless you enjoy a lot of frustration.


i tried both of the codes for the safe, but they didnt work
can somebody please help me find the right code?

Anonymous June 25, 2007 5:23 PM

and i finsih the whole game now i forgot what to do and i follow the walkthrough but then it said click the area of blue wall next to the two legs but then it leads me to the bookshelf i dont understand

jana shams June 27, 2007 2:21 PM

i keep on clicking inside were i found the red wheel but i can't get the blue key please help

Tigerlily July 2, 2007 7:56 AM

I'm lazy so I used a lot of the walkthrough at the end. All i can say is: Fantastic walkthrough. If you follow it to the letter, you'll definitely get out alive- i didn't even die once. The game was a bit frustrating, but definitely of higher quality than some of the ones i have had to endure.

Christine July 7, 2007 4:32 PM

I keep dying after i turned on the gas.?? Why?? am i doing something wrong???

bioLarzen July 10, 2007 9:18 AM

I seeem to have made a mistake, I have already posted this like 10 minutes ago but it's nowhere, so here i go again:

Four things that I can't seem to get the hang of:

those of you who claim to have solved the game without cheating or a walkthru (which i had to rely on a couple of times rather heavily...), please tell me how you

knew how many times and in which sequence you have to push the sofa armsets to reveal the safe? The walkthru doesn't mention any previous hints at it, it seems you had to figure out that you have to push the sets 7 times and in that particular order For god's sake, it's a 7-step sequence, each step is a two-chancer, it means there are 128 different 7-step solutions possible - you mean I'm supposed to trial-and-error my way through that??? and keep doing that without any kind of feedback? there is no feedback until i chance upon the right sequence.

Also, please, someone enlighten me, how

to solve a mathematical problem with two unknowns? It says
t=480/(x square)
Well, unlike the walkthru says, math does not work it out to t=30, only if X=4 - but I find no info about that. If X=5 than math says t= (around 19). If X=2 then t=120. With no fixed t or X value then there is no single solution to this problem.

If these two steps had to be solved the trial-and-error way than I can say this game is not fair at all.

it is even more unfair for those poor souls (including me) who can't play the guitar or read the score. Finding and reproducing 21-sound tune is just... well unfair, I'd say.

And, if these were not enough, after going thru it all, you can die in the very end, aftre literally the last step??? Even following the walkthru, like I did??? What the???

I'd say come on...

PS: Thanx for the walkthrus, I had to rely on them heavily.



click in the middle under the slidey thing if that makes any sense


To my ear, the mentioned above notes that need to be played on the guitar (164541645466655566654) have absolutely no similarity to the actual melody playing on the CD. The only reason to play them is that you see them as the track title (only the strings are numbered from right to left) if you play the CD with the screen on.


@bioLarzen: you'll see the sequence to press the sofa armsets as well as the melody to play on the guitar if you play the CD with the projector turned on. They're encoded in the displayed "track title".
As for the maths, I didn't yet get to this part of the game where I'd have to solve the problem.

devildog990 July 22, 2007 3:49 PM

i did everything and when i got in the trap door thing and i closed it i died. help me i did everything as you TOLD me i wasted a long time doing that !!!



It's seven colors in the paper, but only four books!?!?


i cant get the yellow screw driver im clicking and clicking!!! and it doesnt go behind the couch


Please help me!!!
How to open the little white door under the carpet?
uhhh... this game makes me so crazy.

Keep trying July 28, 2007 9:54 AM

I try and try! But every time i go down the trapdoor. And waiting for the 2 bombs. It never comes. I do what it says every time!! But it doesn't work! I just die of gass.. HELP!


i did it! All you have to do is turn the wheel right 5 times. Not 4!!