CyberBox is a game of thinking ahead. There are 17 levels ("rooms") for you to solve. The object of each room is simply to get to the exit. The exit is the passageway located above the very top center tile. Once you reach the exit of a room you immediately enter next room. Each room is simply a 15x10 layout of boxes and blank spaces. There are several different boxes.

SLIDERS Sliders appear as boxes with arrowheads pointing in various directions. These boxes can be pushed out of the way by you if there's nothing preventing this from happening.
BLOCKERS Blockers appear as red X'd out boxes. These can't be pushed and nothing can be pushed into them.
PUSHERS Pushers appear as cyan boxes with inscribed triangles. These boxes make the game more dynamic they are the only boxes which can move themselves. They exert a constant force in the direction that they point. If it is possible to push the block to which a pusher points it will do so. Otherwise, it will act like a blocker in that it cannot be moved nor pushed against by other blocks.
ZAPPERS Zappers appear as purple boxes with inscribed triangles with inscribed circles. These boxes act as blockers except that when you approach them from behind (the base of the inscribed triangle) and push you will be transported instantly to the square in front of the zapper IF IT IS EMPTY.
SELECTORS Selectors cannot be pushed by you, but CAN be pushed by other blocks. In order to move them, then you will have to use sliders. Normal selectors can be walked through by you as if they were blank spaces but others (X'd out frames) cannot be walked through and act like blockers.

1. avoid trapping yourself.
2. avoid losing access to the exit.
3. do what is necessary to make the exit accessible.

The following additional rules apply:
1. Boxes cannot be pushed into the exit passage.
2. Only you can be transported via the zappers, not other boxes.

And remember, the space in front of a zapper must be free in order for you to be able to use it. You can move more than one box at a time only if every box in that series of boxes can be legally moved. Experiment. You'll get the idea.

CyberBox original Dos version made by Doug Beeferman 1991.
This is a complete 17 level flash remake.