Black box is a famous puzzle game invented by Eric Solomon in the 1970s. Your goal is to discover the whereabouts of five hidden atoms in a black box by sending rays of light into the box and observing if and where the rays emerge. An atom will either absorb a ray if the ray hits it head on, or deflect a ray through 90 degrees if it comes close (passes through an adjacent row or column). Two deflections can occur at the same time forcing a ray to return and emerge at its entry point, this is referred to as reflection. Click 'reset' to generate another arrangement of hidden atoms. Click 'view' to check you guesses and display the position of the atoms. To activate a ray click on one of the edge dark color buttons. To mark your guesses with a + click on the unmarked central buttons. To undo a guess just click on it again. Note that rays may be deflected several times before emerging from the box or before being absorbed or reflected. To warm up try hitting the view button on the game to show the atom locations and fire some rays, you can still fire even after the atoms are revealed.