Exmortis2 Walkthrough


WHAT WAS (Events of Exmortis)

You played a man who wakes up in the woods with no recollection of anything prior to the moment he woke up. Over the course of the game, he discovers various dismembered bodies marked with strange symbols. To make matters all the worse, he encounters manifestations of dark spirits residing in the house he is exploring. He discovers that they are the Exmortis - a legion of evil spirits surviving as a consolidated entity. The main character uncovers information on their past as well as their leader Lord Vlaew – a former corporeal being of immense power that once ruled over the Earth before the time of man and beast. He was eventually deposed by lesser demons, banishing him to exist for eons in the spirit world – unable to affect the physical world.

Over time, it becomes clear that the Exmortis wanted a return to the Earth realm they once roamed, and the only way to accomplish this was by killing five innocent souls, marking them with the symbols of the Exmortis and anointing a soul-bearing human as the Hand. In the end, it was discovered that the player’s character was not the 5th innocent victim – he was the killer himself. Ultimately, the player succumbs to the Exmortis, is anointed as “The Hand” and the gates between the spirit world and earth opened forth for the Exmortis to corporealize and wage their war against humanity for control of the Earth.


WHAT IS (What happened between Exmortis and Exmortis 2)

Over the course of a year, countless billions of people were slaughtered as the hordes of Exmortis swept across the earth. Religion was disbanded and eventually revolted against. Governments and their armies fell as mankind was unable to formulate an answer to the sheer numbers of strange creatures taking offence against them. Inevitably, humanity teetered on the brink of total annihilation and only a scattered handful of survivors were left populating the Earth. Back in South-Western USA, a group of such humans formed a resistance movement taking up the same survival tactics that had prolonged the Exmortis in the Spirit World for so long. They ate, moved and existed as a single group. They conducted daring raids upon the once great cities and towns, eliminating as many creatures of the Exmortis as possible whilst rescuing whatever human survivors they came across. The character you play in this game is one such survivor.

The resistance became something of folk legend – existing to many isolated survivors as only rumour, innuendo and stories of hope. But eventually Lord Vlaew’s armies gained knowledge of the resistance whereabouts and they quickly attacked with a heightened level of ferocity. The resistance had no where to run and took a final stand, only to fall – but with their heads held up high like true heroes. One survivor of the onslaught (your character) remained and he fled with his life after discovering that his comrades had been crushed beneath the fist of the Exmortis. And as he fled, a dark figure passing in the distance followed and put his plans in motion.


WHAT WILL BE (Exmortis 2)


Chapter 1: Where is your God now?

You arrive at the Resistance Safe house – an old disbanded church sitting in a wide open plain in the American country. The sky is stained a crimson hue – a phenomenon that coupled the arrival of the Exmortis on the Earth. Someone has spray painted “Where is your God now?” across the face of the church. You remember the backlash against religion and how it was nothing but false hope and old stories to keep humanity and values in retrospect. You remember how the catalyst was the Vatican falling victim to the marauding demons when they swept through Europe those months ago.

You silently swallow as you step towards the front door of the church in hope that you will at least find some survivors of the resistance slaughter inside.

[ Click on the church front door ]

You enter the church and your heart sinks as you realise that there hasn’t been a living thing in here in a long time. All the windows are boarded up, but there is a large gaping hole in the roof. You wonder to yourself if the purpose was to keep something out of here, or to keep something in? Suddenly the sound of footsteps surprises you. But to make matters worse, bloody footsteps begin appearing in the aisle of the church leading away from you. You decide that it is not of the Exmortis, as you would have been dead by now. Whatever it is that did that stepped in to a confessional booth on the far end of the church. You decide to ask it some questions.

[ Click on the left confessional booth door to enter it ]

A silhouette appears through the mesh in the confessional. A creature wearing a large brim fedora stares back at you waiting for your prompt.

[ Click on the window ]

The creature speaks. He explains that you don’t have much time as the Exmortis know you are in the church and they are on their way to take you out. He also explains that he shares a common enemy in the Exmortis with you and that he brings with him information that will help remove their plague from the face of the earth. He mentions that he has a booklet with him and that you should read it and act quickly as the fate of mankind rests now on your shoulders. In a flash he is gone.

[ Click on the confessional door to exit ]

[ Click on the right confessional booth door to enter it ]

You open the door to discover a document sitting on the stool in this booth. You read it and it is an account of the anointment of the hand. But there is more information here. It also speaks of a mortal man stabbing The Hand with a strange dagger, and the pathway between the spirit world and Earth crumbling – severing the only source of power for the Exmortis. On the very last page there is a stamp “Property of Lochear Fields Ranch”. Take note – that is your next port of call to further investigate this new lead.

[ Click the back button to put down booklet ]

[ Click the back button to return to church aisle]

[ Click the door on the wall in the back left corner to exit to the back ]

You come out in to the back of the church where you see the horizon, a few houses and an old rust-bucket of a car. Oh shit – you notice on the horizon that the clouds are rapidly approaching. This is yet another phenomenon associated with the Exmortis. You will have to act quick here, because if you don’t find the keys to the car and hightail it out of there, the Exmortis will be on you like a flash and there is no way to defend yourself out here!

[ Click on the car aerial to remove it ]

[ Click on the patio slats to fish out the key ]

[ Click on the car to use the key and get the f**k out of there! ]


Chapter 2: Xavier’s Legacy

You arrive at the Lochear Field Ranch and it appears you have escaped to Exmortis in just the nick of time. The mystery deepens inside this place. Time to go in.

[ Click on the front door of the house ]

You enter and when you slam the door, the painting in the lobby drops to the floor. It’s a picture of a man and his female child – and it’s old too. Around the late 1800’s from the looks of it. Time to go exploring.

[ Click on the stairs to go up a level ]

You enter the upstairs hallway when the door at the end of the hallway lights up. A strange figure appears and yells at you to get out. Suddenly every single door in the hallway slams shut. Someone obviously forgot his manners!

[ Click on the door to the far right ]

You enter the room and are shocked to find a naked lady with a gaping chest wound and blood stained sheets. You immediately realise that the Exmortis have recently swept through this house. You dread what other gruesome scenes you will come across in this house. You decide to search this room for anything that will help. There is a bible in the top drawer in the bedside table, but you decide to leave it alone as you see no reason to carry it with you and you are no longer a religious man.

[ Click on the bedside cupboard to open it ]

You find a diary

[ Click on the diary to read it ]

There are approximately 30 pages of reading inside here – purely for the story junkies amongst you all! However to understand the sub-story to this game, I recommend reading the diary and every other literal piece in this game… But in any case to summarise the diary for those after a quick gaming fix, it describes the emergence of the Exmortis through the eyes of the male resident of this place. The last few pages are ripped out of the diary for some reason (we will find them later and find out what happened to him… so don’t worry story junkies!)

[ Click on the back button to close the diary ]

[ Click on the back button to return to the hallway ]

[ Click on the next door on the right ]

This bathroom scene is just a piece of eye-candy to add to atmosphere. There is nothing in this bloodied scene that will further your game’s progress.

[ Click on the back button to return to the hallway ]

[ Click on the door on your far last of screen ]

You enter a gruesome scene where the bodies of 3 children are bloodied up and covered with a bed sheet. Only the Exmortis are capable of such cruelty. You see a Zippo lighter on the floor.

[ Click on the lighter to pick it up – wait for it to be added to inventory before moving on]

[ Click on the back button to return to the hallway ]

[ Click on the door second from the left ]

The door opens and you see an apparition of a little girl just staring out of the window. Suddenly a blast hits her and her blood sprays over the wall and floor. She disappears from site. Something terrible and tragic happened in this room – you can still feel the girl’s melancholy presence. You see a corkboard hanging on the wall.

[ Click the corkboard ]

The corkboard is covered in clickable newspaper clippings. This time they describe the Exmortis advance across the globe from a media perspective. You can click on the articles to enlarge and read them if you want – not necessary, but it adds to the overall story once again. You also see a key hanging on the right side of the corkboard.

[ Click the key to take it – wait for it to be added to inventory before moving on ]

[ Click on the back button ]

[ Click on the back button to return to the hallway ]

Time to go back downstairs.

[ Click on the stair banister on the left side of the screen to descend back downstairs ]

Two unexplored doors. Let’s try the far right door.

[ Click door on the far right to enter downstairs hallway ]

Light streams out from under the door directly ahead. But footsteps move across the light – someone seems to be on the other side of the door. You try to open it, the handle turns but you cant budge it open. Damn. Door to your right and an open vent opposite it. Let’s try the vent first.

[ Click the vent to enter it ]

Pitch black – and you can’t move onwards until you get some lighting. Hang on – you have a zippo lighter handy, don’t you?

[ Click the lighter in your inventory ]

An apparition renders you unconscious to test your resolve and worthiness of a great fate. Suffice to say, you black out and the strange figure from upstairs appears to you in a vision. “I’ve tasted your soul. It is a beacon of light shining in a time of such darkness. Yours is a destiny I’ve spent eternity engineering. My name is Xavier. Pay reverence to my word.” Aah – Xavier. Those of you familiar with the first game will realise that this is the same Xavier character from the first game. He lost his daughter Gwen to the Exmortis when he was held captive in his home in the remote wilderness of the 19th century. His continued story will be elaborated upon a little later on.

Xavier is now your friend and he wants to help you achieve the goal of removing the scourge of Exmortis from the earth. They made him pay the ultimate price over 100 years ago – and now he wants revenge against the demon horde and to help you save humanity… and after tasting your soul, he realises that you are to man to carry out the fate he spent the rest of his life engineering.

You will regain consciousness and find yourself back in the vent shaft.

[ Click directly ahead to continue moving forward ]

You come to a vent screwed tightly in to the wall. Move your mouse over one of the screws to realise you can’t remove them with your fingers. You need a screwdriver.

[ Click back and then back again to get back in to the downstairs hallway ]

[ Click on the door opposite the vent to enter the lounge room ]

You enter this scene and find a man hanging from the rafter ripped to shreds. On the table in front of him lies an unfinished sodoku puzzle with three inner squares highlighted. If you are here, you obviously don’t want to spend time and solve the puzzle, so I will just tell you that the inner squares are the numbers 8, 3 and 1.

[ Click back and then back again to get back to the lobby ]

Time to try the door directly ahead

[ Click the door directly ahead to open the closet ]

On the floor you will find a toolbox. Surely there’s a screwdriver in there!

[ Click the toolbox ]

Oh no! BETA! Ummm – I mean, it’s locked. It needs a 3-digit code to unlock it… hrmmmm… try the sodoku code… 8 3 1… voila!

[ Click the toolbox to open ]

[ Click the toolbox to get screwdriver ]

[ Click back to return to lobby ]

[ Click door on the right to go to downstairs hallway ]

[ Click vent to enter ]

[ Click directly ahead to move to the vent mask ]

[ Click each screw to unscrew and then click vent mask to enter Kitchen ]

Oops – sorry sir. I didn’t mean to disturb you. Oh – wait. You’re missing your face because of a self inflicted bullet to the head. There is a gun on the table.

[ Click the gun to pick it up ]

There is also the last few pages of the diary on the other side of the table. Once again not necessary to read to complete the game, but to summarise - it ties up the story of the bodies you found upstairs nicely. It turns out that the Exmortis didn’t kill this man’s wife and children. He did it to save them from falling victim to the Exmortis. He killed his family, wrote the last diary passage, the Exmortis broke in to his house and he shot himself where he sits. The body hanging from the rafters in the lounge room was his brother-in law, who unfortunately came home whilst the Exmortis were there.

[ Click on the door directly ahead to go outside ]

[ Click the cellar door to use the key to open it ]

[ Click the cellar entrance to enter it ]

There is an old CB radio on the right here. Tinker around with it for some spooky sound effects (Many of the sounds in this game are made from real life EVP recordings – some are found within the use of this CB radio). After you’re done fooling around (damn kids!) – click back to close the radio off. There is a pile of books behind a set of boxes on the left.

[ Click the pile to read the book written by Xavier ]

The book recaps the Book of Exmortis from the original game. It also goes on to explain what happened to Xavier and that he escaped his demon captors with a book detailing how to open a portal to the Exmortis’ spirit world through the act of an ultimate sacrifice by a weapon of fire that has to take 5 innocent lives. Sound familiar?

[ Click back to close and then back to go to the cellar exit ]

You see the horizon out of the cellar hatch and the clouds are starting to roll over. Oh shit – the Exmortis are getting closer. Move quickly now!

[ Click hatch exit to return to the back of the house ]

Navigate your way back up to the bedroom that had the naked girl on the bed. The book you read in the cellar is finished with the words “Within your faith lies the answer” – this is important. There is a bible in the bedside drawer that you couldn’t take with you previously. Now it is accessible as you have reason to open it!

[ Click the bedside drawer to open and then again to get bible ]

Open the bible and you will find that it has been hollowed out and a ceremonial dagger is inside. Take the dagger and go back out in to the upstairs hallway.

Xavier’s apparition will shout out to you from the end room you have been unable to access until now. “Come quickly! For we don’t have much time!”

[ Click on Xavier to enter his room ]

In this room, the words Sacrifice are scrawled upon the wall in blood. A chair sits in the middle of a soon to be very familiar ring surrounded by the symbols of the Exmortis. The ultimate sacrifice must be made by a weapon of fire that will take 5 innocent lives.

[ Click on the gun in your inventory ]

You get a close up look at the gun. You suddenly realise that this gun has taken 4 innocent lives (we don’t count the man who you got this gun from, as murdering your family hardly retains his innocence). You have to take your own life with this “weapon of fire” and you will be the 5th innocent life taken by this weapon. After agonising over the decision, you decide that it must be done.

[ Click the trigger to take your own life ]


Chapter 3: Dominion

You regain consciousness, however something is different. You find yourself floating in a void with strange cloud formations above and below you. Strange buoys of light drift out in front of you. Just by being here, you fill enriched with many millennia of dark knowledge never before granted to your kind. Somehow you know that the only way forward from here is to link the buoys from closest to furthest away - each with two bolts of electricity.

The closest buoy will shoot out two lines to the next one if there isn't already a connection. If only one line is connected, it will switch between the top and the bottom.

The middle buoys will act in the same way, however, they will also activate/rotate the previous buoy connection.

The last buoy will control the previous connection in the same manner. I suggest you maybe play around with this first scene to familiarise yourself with how they work. But if you are reading this, the odds are you couldn't be bothered figuring it out - or you have tried and are frustrated to the point of reading this! Either way - I don't blame you! So here is the quickest solution...



Click sequence: B1 - B2 - B3 - B3 - B2 - B1



Click sequence: B1 - B2 - B3 - B4 - B5 - B5 - B4 - B3 - B2 - B1

A large ring suddenly appears off the horizon and surrounded by symbols you have never scene before - but somehow you know exactly what they mean. This is the final step to getting back to Earth. This is the portal the Exmortis have been using to invade Earth.


With a flash and a searing pain, you suddenly find yourself standing in a tunnel. You pull your hand up to your face and see you have recorporealized... Somehow you feel different. Stronger - more determined than ever. The end is in sight. You look down to your feet. and see the corpse of a man propped up against the wall. Bullet casings are strewn around him. To his left, a box of bullets lie half empty. To your advantage, they fit your revolver perfectly.


You decide that it's time to end the Exmortis and their time here on Earth once and for all!


You come to another tunnel, more corpses litter the walls here. Up ahead, you can't quite make it out - but something is floating off in the distance. You hear a roar and scuttling footsteps coming at you! You pull the gun up and take aim... ready to deal with the demon horde coming at you!


With every wave of attackers that you despatch, something gets drawn closer to you. Eventually you can make out what seems to be a man floating - the ring of symbols rotating around his form. A ball of light floats above him, charged by lightning emanating from his outstretched hands.

It is the Hand of Exmortis - the character you played in the first game. His soul powers the portal and keeps the link between the spirit world and yours alive. You can shoot him, but it makes no difference... the ring around him somehow protects him from harm. You will only be able to eliminate him with the ceremonial dagger you have with you. It's imbued with a strange aura - one that can penetrate even this dark power.



The portal starts to collapse upon itself, dragging back the creatures it had let loose upon the earth. Lesser spirits scream as they fly past - sucked in to the void you have just escaped from. In all in a flash, the portal is gone. The Hand of Exmortis is no longer - and the demon horde is cut of from the source of their power. All that is left in it's wake is the death and destruction brought upon your world. You have succeeded. The Exmortis are no more.

The stench starts to overpower you - and with the portal closed, you suddenly feel week and struggling for breath. You decide that it's time to find a way out of here.


The tunnel system seems to go on for ever, but it seems very linear in it's approach. You keep pushing onwards until you come upon a set of stairs. You feel a soft cold breeze. You must be close to the exit.


There it is. The exit - but something stands in your way, blocking you from leaving. He seems familiar to you, and then it hits you. This is the creature who spoke to you in the church. The one who gave you the first clue to what was needed to defeat the Exmortis! You want to thank him, and ask him of his nature... what was in it for him?


Once again, thanks for playing Exmortis2. It was the overwhelming positive feedback over the 18 months since the first game's release that gave me the reason to continue the long sleepless hours pushing forward with this sequel. Without the support, I am 100% sure that this would never have been made... "There's a lot of love on this internet" :)

A big thanks goes out to my girlfriend Sarah who put up with me coming to bed virtually every night at 3am, and also for the constructive (and sometimes - but rarely, not so constructive!) criticism of certain scenes and story elements.

Jesse Woo for recording the introduction monologue for me, even though I didn't end up using it due to file-size restrictions being placed on the game. Plus his thick Crocodile-Hunter Aussie accent probably made the intro a little more laughable than daunting! hehehe... *ahem* anyway...

Massive kudos to Graeme from Lazylaces.com and Jay Bibby from Jayisgames.com for the interest in the game and the support they have shown the internet gaming community thus far. Seriously folks - without guys like them putting in valuable time and energy, there is no way guys like me would be prepared to put our lives on the backburner to bring our creations to you... These boys are helping the little people out - kudos indeed.

Newgrounds.com for running one of the best flash portals on the web. The site is a constant source of new ideas and creative influence for me. Plus without them, I might actually get some work done during the day!!! I dread the thought!!!

But the biggest thanks goes out to everyone who takes the time to play the game. Especially those of you who actually bothered to read every single page of every single book in this game! It's a long and arduous task at times - I know, but the sub-stories I feel add to the overall experience I am trying to bring with this game. Any way - I'll stop rambling now.

Thanks to all, and who knows - maybe a third game might be made eventually! But as of right now - I've got about 350 hours of sleep to catch up on!

Ben Leffler
Leffler Web Design