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Categories: arcade, browser, free, game, japanese, linux, mac, netkun, panda, panzo, rating-g, shockwave, windows, yishii

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Panzo Invaders 2 Panzo Invaders, like Gel Invaders before it, is a Shockwave arcade game similar in gameplay to a combination of Space Invaders and Breakout. Toss a steel ball up at floating enemies in the sky, but don't get hit by them when they fall to the ground! Grab coins for points and power-ups to extend play. Colorful and delightful.


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Categories: action, browser, drawing, flash, free, game, linux, mac, mousedriven, netkun, original, panzo, rating-g, unique, windows, yishii

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Mamezo After playing many "me-too" casual games that offer nothing other than a new skin to old gameplay, it is refreshing when a game comes along that forces you to think differently. And though Mamezo is not the first game to offer such a gameplay mechanic as drawing lines to bounce an object around the play field, it is a game that will provide a unique experience for many.

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