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Flash Circle TD David Scott is back. If you don't recall who that is, you will certainly remember Flash Element TD, David's first JIG-featured title. In Flash Circle TD, you will immediately find yourself at home with similar concepts as before. It is your duty to defend your position against wave after wave of various types of monsters.


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Categories: action, affiliate, casual, demo, download, game, gamelab, mac, puzzle, rating-g, strategy, windows

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Egg Vs. Chicken Egg Vs. Chicken is a wacky action/puzzle game where you must fend off guerilla chickens by lining up and flicking different colored eggs. There are very few gaming experiences that match stockpiling brown eggs in a corner and flinging the yolks at a group of attacking chickens.

BowMaster Prelude As a casual gamer, you have certainly come across titles that fall into the defend-your-castle category. BowMaster Prelude fits that description as well, but certain aspects elevate it above other candidates, such as earning experience points and gold to recruit an army, the ability to upgrade and buy different arrows, and a unique feature that lets the hero leave the castle.


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Categories: action, free, game, java, linux, mac, physics, puzzle, rating-g, strategy, windows

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Apple Collector Apple Collector is a unique puzzle/physics game written in Java by Matt Hopkins. The goal of each level is to collect a certain number of apples within the specified time period. The delicious fruits pour out of containers and you must draw girders to bounce them into the right basket. The game begins simply enough but introduces multiple colors of apples and other complications that will make your apple picking days much more challenging.


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Categories: action, browser, flash, free, game, linux, mac, original, physics, rating-g, skill, strategy, tonypa, windows

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Pixel Field Pixel Field is an action strategy game that shines from its intuitive gameplay, immersive physics, soothing soundtrack, and excellent replay value. The red base that dangles and stretches as it is moved around each level creates an immersing sensation in which you can almost feel the physics in the game. Another brilliant game from Tonypa.


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Categories: action, browser, flash, flashgamezone, free, game, japanese, linux, mac, rating-g, skill, strategy, uminin, windows

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Flash Game Zone: Cube Flash Game Zone offers a series of Flash games designed by Uminin of Japan. Each of the games exhibit high production values with a solid design that offers compelling and rewarding gameplay. One of my favorites is Cube, an action strategy game of skill similar to a Shuffleboard game. The objective is to propel colored cubes across the play field so that they come to rest within designated rectangles.

Insaniquarium From Popcap comes this cute, strange and addictive, action strategy Java game called Insaniquarium. Originally developed by Flying Bear Entertainment, Insaniquarium won the Innovation in Game Design award at the 2002 Independent Games Festival (IGF).

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