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JohnBsushicat2.gifIf there's one thing "the internet" likes, it's cats. If there are two things, it's cats and bacon. Extend the list to five or six and you'll eventually add sushi to the mix. Thus, Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon hits at least two out of the top ten things adored by internet folk, providing a charmingly simple casual game that's packed with humor, squishy cats, and smiling bits of sushi.

Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon is essentially a level pack for the original Sushi Cat game. Both titles play the same way, and all you have to do is drop our kitty companion from the top of the screen and try to nom as much sushi as you can on the way down. It plays sort of like a simplified Peggle or, more accurately, any other pachinko game. Physics are where it's at, and the fatter Sushi Cat gets, the heavier he'll be and the more difficult it will be to squeeze through narrow passages.

You have a limited number of drops per level, and in order to progress you must eat enough sushi to fill the cat's belly, as indicated by the looooooong cat stomach meter on the left. Timing and a little forethought are your best weapons. There's also a special piece of sushi that, when eaten, will let you spit out your tongue like some sort of frog creature, scooping up all the sushi in its path.

Just like most pachinko games, you won't do much in Sushi Cat. After you click the mouse button all you can do is wait for the cat to sink into the buckets below. That doesn't make the game any less charming or playable, though, and I guarantee you'll crack a smile or two when partaking in this pleasing little time waster!

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Hooray, new Sushi Cat! I'm so glad they made a sequel. It's so simple, but so delightful!

I'm glad they fixed the only major flaw of the last one--Sushi Cat doesn't get stuck anymore when he's too fat! If he's truly run out of momentum and is wedged in a space that's much too narrow for him, he'll have a momentary shape-slip to slide him through. That was frustrating last time, and I'm glad they addressed it.

Of the new super-sushi powers, Yarn Ball is definitely my favorite.

I really struggled with Level 9, so I thought I'd pre-emptively give the tips I figured out to other people who, like me, burn through sixty cats trying to beat it.

There is a sweet spot where you can drop a cat and have it bounce into the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You'll want it to bounce off the corner of the right-hand ski ramp without hitting any of the spinners; the sweet spot is... see the lighter-orange stripe in the background? Position the cat so that there's the same amount of distance between the edge of the cat and that stripe as the radius of the cat itself.

(Phrases I didn't expect to use today: "the radius of the cat itself.")

Drop from that spot every time, adjusting by pixel-widths, until you get lower-left sushi. You'll probably hit the Wasabi and it'll take care of at least one of the ski ramps for you, so don't bother with the ski ramps until you're down to your last two cats--those are easy, guaranteed pieces, so there's no need to get them early when the Wasabi might get them for you anyway. Once you get some of the lower-left sushi, you're almost certainly golden.

RandomGai July 9, 2010 12:41 PM

Short and sweet. I shall nitpick and say that shrinking should be slower, so you don't shrink to an unreal size while passing an obstacle. The cat reducing its volume by 1/3 just irks me.


@scottique: You must've been unlucky as I cleared level 9 using on my first go and had got nearly all the required sushi with the first 2 cats ;D

Anonymous July 9, 2010 4:56 PM

On level 10, sushi cat can get so big he'll get stuck. The shrink timer should be set so that he'll shrink after no sushis are captured after a period, instead of being tied to lack of motion.


Was fun to start with, but from level 9 onwards it was pure luck, which sort of ruined the game for me.

cheeken July 9, 2010 7:43 PM

Very entertaining. I had a dumb grin on my face half the time playing it.

TheMusicGirl July 10, 2010 5:37 PM

I love the fact that he deflates after he thinks he's stuck...avoiding some very sticky situations. Also, anyone know where I can get the song for the last few levels (by the volcano, I think) it doesn't mention it in the credits that I can see, and it's ADOREABLE!


More yarn, less wasabi.


I'm SO glad they made a sequel! but i've got sushi cat stuck on level 8 and he wouldn't move so i had to reset the level! :( other than that i think i'm in love with sushi cat :)

TheMusicGirl July 26, 2010 9:39 PM

Nevermind, it was the same from the first game, and the first one had credits. The song was free as well, so happy MusicGirl!


I still got stuck even with the shrink...

cassandra.k August 13, 2010 4:39 PM

First I thought: OMG! sushi cat 2!! Play, Play, PLAY!!!
But I can't click the ''play game'' button after loading... TT.TT Can anybody tell me why?


I managed to somehow break the....squishiness?...of the cat on the iPhone version somehow - his outline got caught on a rotating platform (I've forgotten the level.) and just stretched out ridiculously. No damage done besides having to restart the level, but it was a bit weird to watch.


You actually can still get stuck with a too-fat Sushi-cat - if there are lots of little squares rotating together right beside each other, he will still get stuck. I'm assuming this is because he only shapeshifts for the first set of blocks, and then gets stuck on the second set, and it gets stuck in a loop.

Beyond that one complaint, I have really enjoyed this game.


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