Spirits of Elduurn

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Spirits of Elduurn

DoraIn Califer Games' simple yet gorgeous little puzzle game Spirits of Elduurn, you control two excitable little spirits who think they've found a new home, only to discover it's chock full of nasty demons made from dark energy, which has happened to me at least twice before while house hunting. Using the [arrow] keys, which moves both spirits at the same time, your job is to guide your two spunky critters around the level, picking up all the glowing sparks and then moving your light spirit into the demon to banish it. The problem is that while both your light and dark spirits can pick up the sparks, only the dark spirit can cross the purple voids, and will actually slide across all adjacent ones in the direction you move. If the light spirit touches those voids it'll be destroyed, and if either spirit touches the Swirling Red Level Boundary of Doom (tm), they'll vanish, so you need to plan your path to make it through each level safely, and in as few moves as possible. Press [M] to mute, and [S] to skip a level when the prompt appears.

Spirits of Elduurn is one of those puzzle games that doesn't bother with a lot of bells and whistles, largely because it doesn't need to. It's the sort of simple, thoughtful game that is perfect for relaxing with, though some may find that the complete lack of any new gameplay elements introduced throughout means its basic concept wears thin despite its gorgeous presentation and cute cutscenes. The skip function being limited to when the game decides feels sort of pointlessly restrictive. Despite this, Spirits of Elduurn is a great example of a puzzle game that focuses on carefully crafted stages and brain teasers, and its charm and fantastic illustrated style makes us hope we see another installment somewhere down the line.

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That was cute. Bunnies! r um whatever they are, still cute.

Questioner September 6, 2014 5:19 AM

If you complete all levels with the optimum score, you will get a reward...

dariush.dragon September 6, 2014 1:48 PM

The lack of a reset button is a minor annoyance and oversight, and an undo function wouldn't have been unwelcome
Uh, there are actually both.

The basic idea (two different simulatenously controlled characters) was interesting, but the actual game is waaay too shallow (absolutely no new elements are introduced) and waaay too easy (no level up took more than 15 seconds for me).


It is possible to beat the "optimum" score, which makes me feel like a smarty smart smart. And there is a reset button, but no undo that I can find.


Can someone tell me how to get level 4-5 in 35 moves? I can only manage it in 39.

Questioner September 7, 2014 3:50 AM

Level 4-5 Optimum score






Furipu September 7, 2014 5:49 AM replied to Questioner

That doesn't seem right, those moves kill one of the spirits...



It should be like this:





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