Shigeru Miyamoto lecture

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A wonderful lecture from Tokyo University by one of the games industry's most influential game designers: Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto. Thanks to fenegi over at Video-fenky for posting the transcript.

A must read for anyone interested in games design!


interesting interview - love the fact that it was a 2-person company that became the juggernaut it is today. I wonder about the opinion in Japan of the hyper-violent bent of games in the US and their popularity though. "5 to 95" is all well and good, but what about an industry [in the uS at elast] that markets greusome violence to teens? Just a thought...


Just look at the statistics for 2002...

Of all video game software sold in the US in 2002:

  • 55.7% were rated Everyone (E).

  • 27.6% were rated Teen (T).

  • 13.2% were rated Mature (M).

  • In 2002, 80% of the top 20 best-selling console games were rated E or T, while 90% of the top 20 best-selling computer games were rated either E or T.
    (source: IDSA)

So violent games are not necessarily the category which sells the most software, as they would fall under the "M" rating (for Morbid).

Also, Nintendo's history is a long one, having started out as a playing card company in 1889. I think Miyamoto-san was referring to the number of game developers working for Nintendo in 1979.


someone give me Shigeru Miyamoto's e-mail address


well, first of all Id like to say that Mr. Miyamoto is one of the persons I respect the most and I think he does a great job with mario and zelda games and I think that the Legend of zelda NGC looks just great with the new teen look and the cool graphics. But I think that Miyamoto and Nintendo should do just the same with mario and please CREATE THE TRUE SEQUEL TO MARIO 64 because mario sunshine was good but not good enough to be called as mario 64 sequel. I really think that if you make MARIO 128 a nore serious teenish look and give mario incredible moves such as THE fireballs, thew hammer and make a good improvment on him EVERYONE IS GOING TO BUY MARIO GAMES AGAIN. I hope I could write to Mr. Miyamoto or find his addressto writte some good ideas i have abourt next mario game.


I have been waiting for the new Zelda game releasing this June for FIVE years!!! Talk about being patient! Otherwise Metroid Prime 2 and other Miyamoto directed games kept me busy.
But how did you get so famous? Did you and another guy get together and just think of Link and Mario? Well anyways
Thanks for the entertainment

lemmingboss March 15, 2005 9:23 AM

this is unrelated, but I must get my feelings out and nowhere else will let me post it.
I, firstly, think Mr. Miyamoto ROCKS! He is the BEST video game maker on the face of the earth!
But he has made a mistake.
The new D.S. is the coolest system ever, but for most of us, it will be 4ever out of our reach from $ problems.
The G.B.A. is not yet obsolete. For most of us, we may never get anything more.
Why haven't we seen any new Mario games out for G.B.A.? I mean, the classics rock (Yoshi's Island is still my favorite) but i want some new mario games, in the old style(not MvsDK style). Is this too much to ask?
I also think some of the series for the n64 and on to GC should be ported to GBA. I welcome the super-new addition of Mario Party Advance, but I'm thinking more like SSB Advance. I think that would be the COOLEST!!
thank you for reading my rant. If you can give me Mr. Miyamotos email adress, i will send this to him. Maybe then we would get some new games.

linkfan01 May 18, 2005 8:16 PM

The new zelda game is suppose to have new weapons like the bomb arrow and wind boomerang. And I heard that in the day zelda is a hawk, and at night link is a wolf. Please email me back, I would loke to know who is riding link. Whenever I look at that guy he reminds me of vaati from the four swords series.


If you tell me Shiguru Miyamotos email address I will tell you who is riding link

Natalia Alvarez June 4, 2005 2:41 AM

if someone can provide Miyamoto's contact direction, phone number or email... i'm looking for him to make a conference in my school in mexico
thanks a lot

link's girl June 16, 2005 7:13 PM

oh come on if we all knew miyamoto's phone number we will call him every day and midna is riding link


I think I need to email Shigeru miyamoto....mainly because I was the one who supported him in 1986 when I was uno years old...I had the toys... the game...EVEN SUPER MARIO CHAIRS!!! I cannot let this go on anymore. He needs to wake up and continue supporting his fans. I didn't like mario sunshine or that zelda wind waker bull let's be honest. I've loved and will CONTINUE to love nintendo all my life and I don't want to see it crashing down. What we need is some New games with CLASSIC relevance of what made old games have their charm...who knows Shigeru, bring some Old zelda music remixes to NEW zelda games(that will have fans bopping their heads) or have some NEW titles with CLASSIC original elements within them. i'm telling you Shigeru just has to play the cards right with these new games...but with "originality" lying within them...not some bullshit waterpack with a plumber attached. I want to see Mario 64 in Revolution mode with a new twist...i'm trying to get a point across c'mon guys help a Nintendo fan/brother out! Pc fellas!

santiago July 21, 2005 3:27 AM

i've been looking for miyamoto's email for a long time, but i don't find it, could someone help me?!


[email protected]


I want his address too, we're doomed and I loved Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker, thanks.....


Super Mario 64 was the best Mario game I played so far. I wished they had or would make more levels and more stars to find, because it's when you're trying to reach the end that you're having the most fun, because the levels are the challenge. Once you reach the end, it's over. We just keep playing, because we wished it wasn't over, so we wished there were more levels. I wish they would make more versions, with the same rules, just like the game Lemmings, which I would like to challenge the producers, because I hold world records for the game. I know tricks that are nowhere to be found in books or webs. Hey Shigeru, can I send you a VHS tape with things I recorded doing on Super Mario 64? I try to cause glitches, but instead I get funny results. Or I just do funny things. May I send you a tape? Just email me privately with Yahoo and give me an address that you would not mind me using. I won't tell anyone and I won't keep bothering you if you don't want me to, because of so many other message you must be getting. I have always wanted to show the people who helped to make games I played glitches I caused or funny things I do. If the address needs to be translated for them to understand, let me know. You can translate at and then just copy and paste on the email.


first of all id like to say i LOVE mario party and everything. its obvious that princess peach is thee best for female video game characters! (well in my opinion haha) and ive got a pretty good idea for another princess character. i wish i had Shigeru Miyamoto's email adress though because i could tell him about it... oh and does anyone know if birdo is a guy or a girl? i think its a girl but my friend says her cousin knows its a guy... whatever its still my favorite character hahaha. if u got info on this just tell me!


yeah shigeru is great. i love his zelda, pikmin, and mario games. they all rock, except i think some of the mario games are TOO HARD!


i hope someone can help me. i like super Mario game very much but i have a problem because i can't pass level (i think level 4) when Mario is underground and has to come over burning river. i just can't find a way how to cross the river because he can't jump that long and in the end he always drowns in the river. i don't know is there something i can pick up or something i have to do before i get there. hope someone will help me because i like playing it really often!

Andyno Nobis October 14, 2011 1:41 AM

Hello, Ana
There are more than 200 mario games. pleez specifie which 1 it is.


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