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KarlRicochet Kills 2The myth of the trick-shooting sharpshooter has been around since before the first Sergio Leone westerns, carried through to Robocop and even this year's Red Dead Redemption. Anyone who's seen Eastwood narrow his eyes before pulling off an impossible shot has dreamed of doing the same.

Happily, Mibix has made those starry-eyed dreamers' hopes come true with Ricochet Kills 2. A polished and refined version of the original, Ricochet Kills 2 keeps the same control scheme: you are a duster-wearing mysterious gunman standing in the corner of the screen and must pull off complicated trick shots by banking bullets off of girders and weak, pliable human flesh. Since you are cool as ice, you pull it all off without even moving. All you do is aim with your mouse and left-click to shoot, eliminating all the enemies on the screen before you run out of ammo.

It may seem simplistic, but bouncing bullets off of corners, walls, exploding barrels and people is satisfying and fun. Throughout the game's 50 levels, you'll have to pull off increasingly difficult shots to kill larger and larger amounts of enemies. After the first few levels, you'll even have to stave off death yourself; while you don't get hurt by your own bullets, it's possible for girders, crates and barrels to squish you and give you an instant fail. If you finish the entire thing and still want more, there's an included level editor to create your own maps and share them with your friends.

It's easy at first, but Ricochet Kills 2 will surprise you with how engaging and enjoyable it is. Before long, you'll be watching in awe as a bullet bounces in an unexpected direction and destroys everything on the screen, making you mutter, "I meant to do that."

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Earl Grey July 6, 2010 6:54 PM

Easy to learn, difficult to master. Helps make it an addictive and challenging game. Who are we trying to take out? I'm quite not sure who they remind me of!

Buttons July 6, 2010 7:23 PM

I never understand the appeal of violence here. I didn't really have a problem with aiming soccer balls at referees, darts at balloons, or birds at pigs, but shooting bullets at Hasidim feels like it's crossing a line.

Anonymous July 6, 2010 8:49 PM

What'd the Blues Brothers ever do to duster dude?

atomic1fire July 6, 2010 10:26 PM


My level, I like to call it, High expectations

because you have to aim high for a one shot win, haha


Told my brother to check out this game. Now he's cursing me. lol
Fun Game Guys!

ducatisti July 7, 2010 3:05 PM

Gah!!! Level 22, stupid two guys in upper left hand corner! Can't....get....at....em.

ducatisti July 7, 2010 3:09 PM

Nevermind, got 'em. Wiley fellows, for sure.


I never understand the appeal of aiming soccer balls at referees, darts at balloons, or birds at pigs, when shooting cartoony bullets at cartoony sillouetes is much more appealing.

anti/b/ July 10, 2010 9:50 PM

they are anon turds, thats why! kill em all, down wit /b/ tards!


Arrrgh...lvl 16...sooo....difficult


Try this out. I made it in level editor. I only beat it once.

I call it "Perfection" because you have hit certain points no more than a few pixels off to win.

Here are some hints:

If anyone knows where to post this to the creator please do it for me cause I can't figure it out. And it is certainly worth being in a map pack.


Anonymous July 31, 2010 8:02 PM

This is probably the funnest Flash game I've ever played. Unbelievably good. 10/10.

I do get a bug on the music though sometimes after turning it off and on in Firefox.

The Robots August 6, 2010 6:27 PM

1337 Level, give ir at try =]

Use level editor for code!


The Robots August 6, 2010 6:28 PM

Use level editor for code!

1337 level =]



how do you get past level 22!!! OMG!!! two guys in upper left corner!!

Anonymous August 10, 2010 9:38 AM

I cant get past level 22!! help!! I can get them all but to people in the top left corner...

Anonymous August 15, 2010 10:07 AM

Level 22 is not that hard to pass, even though it took a little long to find the only one single point where to aim and shoot to kill those 2 guys in the upper left corner.
But guys, level 32 is almost impossible to pass indeed.
Maybe I'll find the secret, but now I just consider it impossible!

Bizarre Vision August 15, 2010 10:52 AM

Level 22 is quite easy, just aim to right under an angle that will make 3 ricochets until the bullet gets the guys in the upper left corner. Practice to find that angle and then everything will be piece of cake.

But guys, level 32 is almost impossible I guess, I'm trying hard to pass it but no chance.


I just passed level 32. not impossible


I just beat the game in 249. Every level is easy. Shoot at your feet for difficult kills or aim just a fraction up and fire into a wall. Watch it ricochet 12 times and kill rows and rows of em.


Hey everyone try this. Shoot the oil tank to see them dance! *Smile*



This is a great flash game but do any of you guys know what the music is because other than everything else in the game that is one part of the game i loved. So if anyone knows what it is please tell me.


In level editor, the

code:2=230=250=2=230=270=2=230=290=2=230=310=2=230=330=2=240=340=2=230=350=2=230=380=2=230=370=2=230=400=2=250=400=2=270=400=2=360=400=2=380=400=2=400=400=2=420=390=2=420=400=2=420=370=2=420=360=2=420=350=2=410=330=2=420=330=2=410=320=2=420=310=2=420=310=2=420=290=2=420=280=2=420=270=2=420=270=2=420=260=2=410=250=2=420=240=2=420=240=2=370=240=2=320=240=2=280=240=2=240=240=2=250=240=2=270=240=2=300=240=2=350=250=2=400=250=2=410=240=2=360=250=2=320=240=2=330=240=2=370=240=2=400=240=2=390=240=2=370=240=2=350=240=2=350=240=5=300=410=5=330=410=2=300=440=2=330=440=1=260=360=1=270=360=1=280=360=1=290=360=1=300=360=1=310=360=1=320=360=1=330=360=1=340=360=1=350=360=1=360=360=1=370=360=1=380=360=1=390=360=1=400=360=1=250=360=1=190=420=1=170=420=1=180=420=1=200=420=1=160=420=1=150=420=1=140=420=1=120=420=1=130=420=4=110=100=4=130=100=4=150=100=4=150=100=4=160=100=4=170=90=4=170=90=4=140=100=4=130=100=4=120=100=4=130=120=4=140=110=4=140=100=4=120=100=4=160=130=4=160=110=4=110=110=4=130=120=4=170=140=4=120=120=4=90=120=4=120=120=4=140=120=4=120=150=4=140=140=4=140=160=4=140=140=4=140=120=4=170=120=4=160=90=4=240=100=4=150=90=4=160=100=4=230=110=4=360=110=4=250=130=4=250=130=4=340=90=4=340=90=4=300=100=4=290=110=4=340=130=4=390=100=4=490=100=4=390=60=4=350=110=4=420=90=4=430=90=4=450=90=4=510=100=4=450=110=4=430=110=4=340=60=4=310=90=4=240=90=4=200=100=4=290=100=4=300=70=4=180=70=4=280=110=4=410=80=4=210=70=4=100=100=4=50=60=4=190=70=4=360=80=4=440=60=4=490=60=4=480=100=4=480=70=4=570=70=4=560=60=4=530=110=4=470=60=4=540=90=4=490=80=4=560=50=4=600=110=4=520=40=4=540=60=4=530=60=4=530=70=4=600=100=4=570=90=4=570=100=4=470=70=4=280=70=4=260=60=4=260=60=4=260=80=4=210=60=4=200=60=4=160=80=4=140=40=4=120=70=4=110=60=4=70=70=4=70=80=4=90=100=4=70=110=4=100=90=4=110=70=4=100=110=4=180=130=4=220=130=4=390=140=4=440=110=4=460=110=4=300=120=4=280=150=4=260=160=4=420=130=4=510=130=4=410=150=4=480=150=4=560=140=4=420=140=4=600=140=4=460=130=4=390=160=4=500=150=4=180=180=4=200=160=4=200=160=4=230=160=4=260=150=4=310=150=4=320=150=4=340=150=4=380=160=4=180=260=4=170=230=4=160=220=4=150=210=4=180=260=4=170=240=4=170=240=4=180=260=4=180=220=4=210=200=4=220=190=4=260=190=4=300=180=4=320=170=4=350=170=4=390=150=4=390=150=4=380=150=4=350=130=4=340=120=4=300=90=4=320=80=4=320=70=4=310=40=4=280=30=4=230=30=4=210=30=4=230=40=4=270=40=4=300=40=4=340=40=4=370=40=4=370=40=4=370=60=4=370=70=4=360=120=4=400=120=4=390=110=4=380=100=4=310=110=4=370=110=4=370=110=4=280=90=4=300=90=4=330=90=4=290=130=4=240=130=4=320=150=4=410=150=4=450=120=4=460=110=4=460=110=4=510=120=4=460=130=4=420=130=4=460=150=4=460=150=4=400=150=4=440=150=4=440=160=4=430=150=4=470=150=4=460=130=4=470=130=4=470=120=4=540=130=4=560=120=4=570=120=4=580=80=4=600=70=4=610=50=4=580=40=4=580=40=4=570=30=4=540=30=4=540=30=4=540=50=4=560=50=4=560=50=4=570=70=4=520=60=4=460=30=4=480=40=4=510=30=4=470=40=4=470=40=4=440=40=4=430=20=4=410=40=4=410=40=4=390=30=4=370=30=4=340=40=4=330=30=4=300=30=4=260=40=4=230=50=4=230=60=4=140=50=4=160=40=4=180=40=4=190=40= is very good level (lol)

omgrandomness11 March 10, 2011 7:07 PM

UGH!!! Level 22 is so hard! Someone please help me, I'm desperate!

michael fuller April 16, 2011 8:20 PM

level 32 is simple. 33... a little harder


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