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Just a quick update for a couple of announcements. I am presently inundated with games to play—as if that is a bad thing(!)—and so I am taking a little time for play today so that I may write up a more comprehensive review of the new Samorost game. Look for that sometime this weekend, possibly along with a couple other reviews.

The other thing you will notice is that I have implemented Google AdSense on all of the individual archive pages—the main page will remain ad-free (for now). I chose Google's ads because I can customize their appearance to blend well with the rest of the site. I dislike annoying, flashing, and obstructive ads just as much as you probably do, and I want your experience here to continue to be a pleasant one. I will consider implementing a mechanism to turn off ad display for those who make a donation to the site, if enough of you think that is necessary.

Cheers for your understanding and continued support! =)


Google ads are just all right Jay. But put your donate ad on your pages too. It is just too troublesome to seek it from the archives.


That is a good idea, Amor Lassie. Thanks for the tip, I'll implement that next. =)


I love your site Jay, I will definitely give the ad sense links a few clicks :D


Another unobtrusive way you can earn a bit o cash is to set up a Cafepress store. Some folks are willing to wear a hat or t-shirt which could advertise for you and raise a little dough. Cafe press' basic store is free.

People could even "donate" clever gamer slogans or designs for the cause.


That is a great idea, slgalt. I've been wanting to come up with a design that I can use for a T-shirt, but with all the other things I've been working on, it keeps getting put off.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think we all need a little shove now and then to get off our butts and get things done. =)

I'll look into Cafepress over the upcoming holiday break.


At least, Jay :)
Now your site is the first one where I keep AdBlock disabled, I think that the other fans should do the same.

And click the links of course ;)


I reccommend zazzle (zazzle.com) over cafepress - it's easier to use, more flexible, and the commission structure is better, I think. So check out that one, too. :)

I have no complaints about the adsense ads; running this site must be expensive! But I do appreciate the thought you've put into make the ads not-annoying for users. I'll make sure to click!


Second vote for not using Cafepress... I've heard too many bad things about them - and besides, everyone else can do dark/coloured fabrics except them. Who wants to wear a nasty cheap white shirt anyway?


Thanks, David. Truth is, I've also had a negative experience with Cafe Press. A little over a year ago I bought a couple of T-shirts from them to support Ferry Halim and Jennifer Shiman—the one who does the re-enactments by bunnies—and I was not impressed with the quality of the shirts, they just didn't feel right. In fact, I've never worn them even once.

I just purchased a Samorost 2 shirt from spreadshirt.com. Has anyone had or heard of any bad experiences with them?


Hey Jay,

I'll certainly be clickin' your ads. I hope everybody realizes that Jay gets payed per click, not payed per display. Or at least that seems to be the system with most ads. Keep up the great work, Jay! I agree that Google ads fit in nicely, do not flash, do not pop up, do not beep or make annoying noises when you mouseover them, do not eat processing or internet and are generally unobstrusive and, if you so choose, fairly easy to ignore.

P.S.: I think you spelled "Google" wrong. "Googe" doesn't seem quite right. ;-)


i would buy a t-shirt or something if you had them for sale, but i agree, cafepress is nothing to get excited about. they're better for mugs and mousepads and that sort of thing. if you decided to sell shirts, get them printed somewhere nicer! one good spot is brunetto t-shirts, and i'm absolutely sure because i got a buttercup festival shirt from there before. prices seem fairly reasonable, too.

one more suggestion: have a contest to design t-shirts, and maybe allow visitors to vote. your site certainly gets enough traffic to hold one! :)


Thanks, Brandy, for your ideas. =D

A contest is something I have been thinking about recently, as I have a couple of prizes that I would like to share.


sounds great! i'll be checking back here on that.. well, i'm here pretty often anyways, haha.

you know, it occured to me after reading that to go sign up for your mailing list, but as far as i can see there isn't one! what gives?


Hmm, well, you're really only the 2nd person ever to have asked me about email notifications, so it hasn't been a priority for me to offer them.

Once my hosting provider gets its pipes unclogged from the latest email virus going around, I'll set something up for you and anyone else who is interested in receiving a notification when the blog is updated, or even when a comment is posted to a particular entry.


Contest ideas: (the reason I am not e-mailing you directly, Jay, is in case people want to contribute further ideas):

-t-shirt design as suggested above
-new logo design
-best idea for the site (just because I have so many and I might win) and then maybe we could all vote?
-maybe Tonypa and Ferry Halim and the folks at Eyezmaze and David Thorburn and the Lightforce people and anyone else who wants to participate should have a battle to create the best game featuring Jay Bibby as the hero. Then we could all play them and vote, or you could decide

Anyway, I like the idea of a weekly digest (in the style of the mailing list of Snopes.com, if you subscribe to that) with a one or two sentence summary of all the games you've reviewed in the past week, and maybe an image of each (the one that goes in the Recommended sidebar?) and then a Jay's Pick of the Week? And a brief note from you? That would be great. Sorry if this is getting off topic, Jay. ;-)


No worries, grant0, and this is entry makes a great forum for discussions like this.

Logo/T-shirt design contest definitely. I'm not so sure I like the game idea as much. =p

A weekly digest, although sounds like a great idea, will require a bit more work on my part than a simple notification system. Still, I am open to feedback and votes as to what people may want and would use.


Haha, I thought you may not like the game idea. It's the sort of thing you'd either love or hate, and I figured you'd side more on the latter than the former. I admit it would be creepy to be in a game.

Although I really shouldn't, I'd certainly enjoy volunteering to write up a digest once a week. . .


Is there a way to make the google ad's pop a new screen in IE, as if i click on any they refresh my screen - and of course i'd like to keep jayisgames open! Or is this just something in my settings?


Kelly - in IE, if you hold down [shift] while clicking a link, it will force IE to open the link in a new window. For Firefox, [ctrl] is the key to use.


Wow, i just read all of these comments and i hope you ALL realize (especially grant0) that there is an advertiser on the other end of that google ad who PAID for that placement, if you click it with no consideration to purchasing their product, simply because you like jay's wonderful game reviews, that's wrong.

Furthermore, google has been known to ban adsense account who have invalid clicks.


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