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JayJust a quick update to announce that we have rolled out a new feature that will help with loading game review pages that contain hundreds of comments. For example, the recently reviewed Roomz game has over 300 comments already(!)

Thanks to Thomas, sometimes JIG contributor and PHP programmer extraordinaire, we now present each page with the 100 most recent comments only. If you prefer to view older comments, just click the "Older" link located at the top or bottom of the comment listing. Each page of 100 comments is loaded using JQuery and Ajax, so there is no page refresh necessary. However, Javascript must be enabled to use this feature.


The new comments don't seem to respond to ClearType (the system for lcd screens to see words more clearing), or something along those lines as they are a little painful on the eyes. Not a big problem for me, but could be more annoying for an older audience.


Interesting. We really haven't changed how the comments are rendered, especially on the first page you get when first visiting the comment page for a review.

How (or why even) that cleartype is affected is a mystery to me.


Yay AJAX! :-p


Any chance to add "Show All" option as well, for those who don't mind waiting a few more seconds for page to load?


"Show All" is a great idea, one we're already working on implementing. Thanks for the suggestion! =)


*cheers* now i don't have to wait forever for a page to load. :)

bryn richard February 17, 2007 3:08 PM

Good idea Jay & friends...Your site just keeps improving! One problem, I have tried to leave comments for Dragonfable. "Post a Comment" is missing. Cleared cache, to no avail. Thought this update would help, but it's still not available. Any other ideas? Thanks, Bryn


Thanks, Bryn! =)

I had to turn comments off on the Dragon Fable page due to the amount of spam and number of trolls it was attracting. I should have posted a comment indicating that comments were closed at the bottom, but perhaps I neglected to do so.

I'll see about fixing that oversight soon.

bryn richard February 17, 2007 4:46 PM

No problem, just thought it was something weird going on w/my computer (remember, 54 year old grandmother?). Another thought occurred to me, is there any way to group games together besides finding them and putting them in favorites? Seems like I'll play a game, really like it, then forget the name and have to page through all of the games to find it again. Maybe there already is that option and I just don't know it? Thanks again, Jay. Bryn


Bryn - we are working on ways to improve the ease of finding games that interest you. Our tagging system leaves much to be desired due to the how slow the scripts execute. But it is an option if you wish to use it and have a bit of patience.

To search for any tag, just type the url into your address bar. For example, if you were interested in finding games tagged with "rpg" use this URL...

It's as simple as that. Another method is to use the Favorites utility in the menu above (just under the banner). By default it lists all games by descending entry_id, which roughly equates to reverse chronological order (by date of the review).

The Favorites utility will also allow you to sort all games alphabetically by title, and it allows you to jump to a particular letter of the alphabet. Mousing over an icon will show you its title, while double-clicking on an icon will show you an excerpt from the review. From there you can even pop-up a window with the game review in it for more information.

Thanks for your feedback. We are always trying to improve the user experience, as there is always something that needs improving. We'll keep at it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.



Everything is appearing fine now, no eye strain whatsoever. Perhaps it was something on my side (if that's the case, sorry).


I would personally prefer a listing (<< < 1 of 3 > >> etc.) instead of older/newer. It's often confusing me that I don't know on which page I am, which page I was coming from and so on.


why didn't this post correctly? what I meant is to show page numbers instead of older/newer


Thanks for the feedback, Janne. :)

It's improved now. Hopefully to your liking.

Kretzschmar October 28, 2007 1:15 PM

Do you plan on releasing your code? I would like to integrate your ajaxed comments to my theme. You did a wonderful job here.


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