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nightsky.jpgJohnBNightSky has arrived! And not the "it happens every night 'cause the sun sets" kind of night sky, either. NightSky is the latest atmospheric game from Knytt creator Nifflas. Combining a bit of puzzle solving, a bit of platforming, and a lot of physics, you control an orb that has a few special powers that helps it traverse the dark yet beautiful landscape.

We just published our review of NightSky, but now, a contest! We've got ten copies of NightSky to give away to ten lucky Nifflas fans, courtesy of Nicalis! We're also bundling a free copy of the wonderfully soothing NightSky Soundtrack by Chris Schlarb in along with it for each lucky winner! All you have to do is take a screenshot of your favorite moment in any Nifflas game, crop it to exactly 500px by 200px (width x height) in size, then upload it to a reliable site (e.g. TinyPic), and share the link in the comments below. Any Nifflas game will do, from Within a Deep Forest to Knytt Stories, Saira to FiNCK. Find the most picturesque location you can, grab an image, crop or resize it to 500x200, and send it in. We'll pick the ten best submissions and announce the winners next week!

So, go grab the NightSky demo (Windows only, but a Mac version is coming soon!), soak in the delicious environments, then take some screen caps!

Extra stuff from our legal department:

  • You must sign in with a Casual Gameplay commenting account below to ensure we have a valid e-mail address to contact you with should you win.
  • Entries must be submitted by January 10, 11:59 p.m. EST (GMT-5). Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
  • One entry per person.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age or older to enter.
  • Void where prohibited.

And the 10 Winners are:
Entry #02 - Kitu
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #08 - zedt55
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #09 - Lillo
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #14 - Reflectivist
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #19 - Isi
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #21 - ggsilver
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #23 - bluemoose19
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #24 - jamesdenem
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #26 - Phoenix
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #29 - Racer
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

All the rest:
Entry #01 - Dom
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #03 - Setia
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #04 - bryce
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #05 - randomclover
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #06 - Gamemastertips
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #07 - tbri491
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #10 - amz181
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #11 - susi123
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #12 - John
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #13 - Hiino
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #15 - Kai
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #16 - Yor The Hunter
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #17 - dpl
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #18 - ilovemusic924
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #20 - Aegeus
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #22 - matthias720
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #25 - Andrew1996
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #27 - Nick
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Entry #28 - Kevin Ar18
NightSky Giveaway contest entry

Thanks to everyone for participating!


Darn it! Windows only -_-


Not actually! It will be released for Mac OS soon! People who have access to the Windows version will also get the Mac build for free!


Any Nifflas game? "NightSky" demo, "Mushroom Engine", "No more Sweden", "MMF1 minigames", experimental games, any of all his vast game inventory?
Plus, how do you post image links?


Within a Deep Forest was my first download game from here, and I've had at least 5 run throughs of it when I've been lacking in internet access.

I love this area (across the lake after time travelling) as there's the blue spinny thing that gives you nice flying practice, the baby dragon that the big one is protecting, and the general artwork of this area is beautiful.


The screenshot was taken 5 minutes ago on Dragon Noir, in Saira. I really like this planet, it has a wonderful ambience.

Gamemastertips January 8, 2011 11:42 AM

How many entries do you have? One per person, I assume? Or are we allowed more?

[One entry per person, please. I'll add that to the rules above. -Jay]


Within a Deep Forest has got to be one of my all-time favourite games - the music, the art, the story; it's all fantastic.

Here's just a snippet of that:

randomclover January 8, 2011 1:09 PM

I've always thought Knytt was a beautiful game.

Gamemastertips January 8, 2011 1:23 PM

Okay soooo until I get an answer to my question, here's my entry:

[If we receive a duplicate entry, we'll use the last image submitted when judging entries. -Jay]


I am 13 years of age and here is my random screenshot:

[Incorrect size, but we were able to crop it to fit. Resubmit a new one if you are unhappy with the crop we chose for your image. -Jay]


Within A Deep Forest's atmosphere is amazing, here's my entry:


Here's a pic from the hidden forest in WaDF, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on a computer screen

By the way, in case anyone doesn't know how to crop or resize his image, lets you do both easily, just click the "edit" box after it's done uploading.

Good luck!


This is the definition of picturesque methinks.


From the level "Remembering the City" of Knytt Stories :)


I got hooked to Nifflas by WADF, and then addicted by Knytt Stories.

This is from a KS story by Drakkan called Frozen Mountain 2. I so thoroughly enjoy the environments that Nifflas's games offer and when I first opened this story by Drakkan and was presented with this view, I knew this would be yet another game designed with the great care that Nifflas's fans have come to expect, from both Nifflas and those who extend his games.

There are other, better views in this particular story, but the first impression this picture gave me beats it all.


Is it an absolute necessity that the images be 500X200? I have... a collage of sorts I want to make, but it would, of course, be a bit larger. If you want to hold it to that, that's fine, I just want to make sure.


My participation

"An Underwater Adventure".
This level from Nifflas' Knytt Stories is my favourite.
The apparitions of the boat in unrelated places, the strange machine, the creepy atmosphere itself, are just awesome.

kingjulien86 January 8, 2011 4:11 PM

So I realize this is the end of the Knytt Story "A Strange Dream" but it is honestly my favorite part. The story comes full circle and there is a huge amount of satisfaction that comes with finishing the story. Not the best quality, but it's what I could do.


Have fun guys. I'm thinking of giving money to Nifflas.

randomclover January 8, 2011 5:24 PM

when is the end of the contest?

[It's listed in the rules above: Entries must be submitted by January 10, 11:59 p.m. EST (GMT-5). -Jay]

Reflectivist January 8, 2011 6:04 PM

As soon as I saw this contest, I knew I'd have to take something from Knytt Stories. Both Knytt and Knytt stories left quite an impression on me. Both titles woke me up to an entirely new type of game - an experience, rather than a challenge to overcome. The game has a minimalism to its visuals, music, and gameplay that speaks to me, yet maintains a sense of wonder and beauty throughout the experience.

I played through the game again to find my favorite images, and took over a dozen screenshots, though I could have easily taken dozens more. It's very difficult to narrow that down to just one. Ultimately, my choice had to encapsulate as much of the experience as possible.

My entry:

This image captures what makes Knytt Stories a wonderful experience for me. The screen is minimalistic in its layout and palette, yet there is so much beauty in the details. The scene also evokes a sense of foreboding as you crawl deeper into this dank cave, and yet it's still an absolute pleasure to explore.

The experience - how everything comes together to form a whole - is what makes Knytt Stories for me.

Sorry if I rambled a bit - this is a game that changed how I see games, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.


While this isn't the most stunning individual screen to ever appear in a Nifflas game, I chose this one because the first time I played The Machine I felt such a sense of amazement and thrill to come upon this and realize what turning off the machine had done to help the land. I was absolutely taken aback at how beautiful it was after how dull and grey everything had been.

Yor The Hunter January 8, 2011 7:02 PM

This has always been my favorite. It's that look of simple satisfaction on his face that's so great!


I'd like to have one more information. What do you exactly mean by ' Void where prohibited ' ? I'm not english, and I can't really understand what it means.

[It means that if a contest of this kind is prohibited in your area/state/country etc, then the offer is void and you may not participate. -Jay]


Should you ever feel bad in the evening, follow these steps:
1. Download Knytt Stories by Nifflas.
2. Download the level "A Walk in Sad" by Drakkan.
3. Play and explore the level, don't rush.
4. Eventually you will stumble over this:

The angel living in a tree high over the grounds asks you to stop, look at the starry night, watch the water fall and creatures flying (most of the things in this screen are in fact animated!). And if you do what she tells you, you will actually hear her play. It's understandable that Juni double-jumps in excitement since it has been one of the most beautiful events in her life.

And you'll never feel bad again.

ilovemusic924 January 8, 2011 9:39 PM
From A Strange Dream in Knytt Stories. I really like this tileset.


Man, that is a hard choice, but I finally decided I liked this forest scene from A Strange Dream best.


Most of Nifflas' work is slow-moving and picturesque, and Saira had plenty of that, but it also had some more dangerous-looking worlds that made you feel like an adventurer. I tried to get something more active.

I'm a big fan of entry 14, by the way.

matthias720 January 9, 2011 11:32 AM

I love the simplistic nature of the third secret level that comes with WaDF. I wish Nifflas would make more games that would let you just explore for the sake of exploring. -_-

jamesdenem January 9, 2011 1:41 PM

My entry for the contest:
A little something with a nice backdrop and a "shooting star".

Andrew1996 January 10, 2011 2:02 PM

Sorry, I only managed to get it to 500x199. I used Irfanview.

I am at least 13 or older, so I am eligible.

Knytt is awesome.

Andrew1996 January 10, 2011 3:33 PM

I'm sorry, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to say my age.


Everything in Saira is gorgeous. Each world has an entry-worthy view.

Does it have to be a gameplay shot? My favorite moment in Saira is this:


Here's mine:
I'm sure it's not really what you're looking for, but the "secrit" ending of The Machine made my day, and is still my favorite Nifflas moment.

Kevin Ar18 January 10, 2011 9:46 PM

My submission:

There's lots better scenes that depict the game and that I remember more, but this one was what I decided to make for the contest.


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