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AdamBnaac.jpgStrictly not for children, NaaC is a gorgeously bloody and beautifully violent shooter download for Windows only. What Bloody Monkey has given us is a frantic, no-holds-barred, gore filled, blood soaked tour-de-force of non-stop thrilling kill-everything-you-see action. In short, its fun. Lots and lots of fun.

NaaC harkens back to ye olde days of gaming with its straightforward get to the point attitude. You fill find no story here. In its place is gameplay and gameplay is what you get. Thrown instantly into the fray, you are forced to take charge as hundreds upon hundreds of blood thirsty alien creatures hell bent on destroying you are instantly active and ready for action.

Initially you are equipped with a rather embarrassingly low powered weapon—which does get the job done I might add—however more interesting weapons are thrown into the ring with you which can be collected. These include a very useful machine gun, an electro shock thingy, a shot gun which seemingly blasts small calibre rockets and my personal favourite: the flame thrower. There are more weapons, all of which can be cycled through at any time for instantaneous usage.

While the game is short on depth, it redeems itself by focusing on what it does have and blowing out those elements until they make up the whole world. The bugs are varied and clearly distinct species—their death by whichever weapon also varied. The floor; walls, pick-ups and extras have all been considered and are presented at the peak of what they can be. At any given time dozens of creatures swarming, exploding and still attacking can be on the screen with you as you shoot round after round into them and the game holds up, never lagging for an instant.

Not shy on violence, NaaC is not for the faint of heart. What it is for though is filling a niche market in freeware games, not many can boast as high level of pure unadulterated goo splattered mayhem, but this does and does it with pride. Crammed with action, incredible graphics and a terrific sound scape, NaaC is guaranteed to satisfy the primitive blood lusting male in all of us. Do yourself a favour, get the game now.

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Mac OS XMac OS X:
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Looks like it should be a bit like Crimsonland.


Comments like that last one are the reason I always had to play games by myself as a kid. Sorry to be overly politically correct and all, but...

Anyway, I think I might as well say goodbye to the next couple hours. This looks very promising indeed.

wisedude March 17, 2007 9:47 PM

Very ... interesting game. The death of larva vs. pistol reminds me of an old game called Mage Slayer.

Love this game!


Was not bad at all, a good time killer.
It reminded me that old NES or arcade game; top-down Running Man game show where you collected cash while shooting enemies coming from other rooms.
Ive tried to beat the 2nd 'boss', little fast moving yellow aliens, but havent yet. I dont think theres much different after that, more enemies, harder to kill.


Lone: i believe the game you are talking about is called Super Smash T.V.
Also how do you unlock survive mode? when i click on it it says locked


never mind, to unlock survive mode you need to finish arena


Where's the joystick support? Not being able to use my Xbox 360 controller is seriously harshing my buzz on an otherwise good-looking and fun-to-play game.

Yeah, I'm playing using the mouse and keyboard... but this game would work great with dual-analog control.


Hold on...

We're adding joyad support, please wait a couple of week :)

Jamesleedx March 19, 2007 3:32 AM

I liked this game quite a bit as it employs a very simple shooter formula and adds an independent aiming and movement aspect similar to that of games like Smash TV or Cannon Spike. The only major issue I had with the game was the really loose controls. It was rather frustrating trying to control my guy as the inertia from moving would cause my guy to slide around uncontrollably, making sharp turns or bullet weaving impossible. While there is an option to turn off the inertia, it still doesn't correct the issue of the recoil from your guns throwing you back as you are constantly moving and shooting in all directions at the same time, but you can't walk in a straight line because firing your guns will throw you off course. Aside from the control issues, the game is still a highly polished and entertaining product and I still had fun playing it.


Great fun! The graphics have sent my mind spinning back through the years to playing Alien Breed on my Commodore Amiga.

By the way, if you don't remember this '91 classic:


How about making it clear it's a windows only game? The review doesn't even mention that it's a download game, not a web game.


I also like to see a formal description of the game along with the platform explicit right up front in every review, tomato.

I've updated the review accordingly. cheers!


Is there a way to run this game in windowed mode?


This game ROCKS!

Heretic July 19, 2007 1:00 PM

Sorry to double post, but- 2,857,991! TOP THAT! (As I'm sure you probably will...)


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