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Mobile Monday

JohnBWelcome to a brand new feature here on JayIsGames: Mobile Monday! Since the launch of the iPhone and iPod Touch App Store last summer, mobile games have not only been easier to come by, but far more plentiful. An explosion of content has flooded our way, drenching us lucky gamers in a cornucopia of gaming choices. But with so many games to download, what's a time-pressed budget-minded casual gamer to do?!

Rather than buying all 80 bajillion iPhone games yourself, JayIsGames will do what we've always done best: sift through the deluge and let you know what games are worth your time. If you know of an iTunes App Store game that deserves a mention, use the "Suggest a Game" link at the top of the page to let us know. Now, kick back, grab your favorite touch-enabled Apple device, and get ready to be... distracted!

aurorafeint.jpgAurora Feint II: The Beginning - Puzzle/role playing hybrid games are all the rage, especially after Puzzle Quest came along and made the new genre a household obsession. Aurora Feint is all about Bejeweled-style matching and clearing blocks, though the twist is you can only move them horizontally. Tilt the iPhone to the side, however, and the blocks tumble and shift, allowing new moves and a whole other level of combos to be created. As you clear blocks you level-up and earn "essences" which can be turned into RPG-style tools. If you enjoy this version of Aurora Feint, check out Aurora Feint II - Arena Daemons and Aurora Feint II - The Tower Puzzles as well.

taptaprevenge.jpgTap Tap Revenge - Fan of rhythm games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, or Frets on Fire? Tap Tap Revenge, one of several music games from Tapulous, is your cup of tea! Play through a good-sized catalogue of popular songs on three levels of difficulty, tapping the appropriate "fret" when the note comes to the bottom of the screen. You even have to shake and tilt the iPhone on occasion!

enigmo.jpgEnigmo - One of the first physics puzzle games released for the App Store is still one of the best. Enigmo is all about moving water droplets to pots using reflectors, converters, sponges, tubes, and spring-loaded platforms. Set the gadgets using the simple touch-based interface (pinch the screen to zoom in and out), then turn on the water and see what happens.

toybotdiaries.jpgToy Bot Diaries - A short and quirky arcade-style puzzle platform game that quickly turned into a series. You take control of the Tiny Toy Bot who awakens inside a strange machine and wants to get out. Tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch to move left and right, and a simple tap on the screen fires his handy grappling hook that can latch onto coins (which are used to open gates) or hold onto objects and swing back and forth. Toy Bot Diaries makes good use of the system's accelerometer and features a surprisingly fun (if unrealistic, at times) physics engine along with a delicious blend of puzzle/adventure gaming. In addition to this free version, try out the full Toy Bot Diaries, Toy Bot Diaries 2, and Toy Bot Diaries 3!

A big "Thank you!" to Mat Annal of Nitrome for the wonderful artwork that we commissioned him to create for our new banner. Cheers, Mat!

NOTE: Games listed may not be available outside of North America. Prices are subject to change and are therefore unlisted. Please see the individual game pages for purchasing info.


Cool. Thanks for this. I definitely like Toy Bot Diaries so far, although the magnet feet can be a little hard to control.


Enigmo's the first app I bought. The 3d graphics are gorgeous, and the zoom/scroll functions are very nicely integrated with the touchscreen. The dozen levels I've played so far had a good mix of thinking ahead + trial-and-error, and were mostly solvable in a few minutes.

The fact that there's no level-selection screen seems kind of weird, especially since the levels are timed -- what's the point of that if you can't go back and try to beat your score? Also, be warned: it's a really battery-intensive game. I bought it before a long plane ride, and went through half my battery on just a couple of levels - whoops.

Overall, though, for fans of physics-based puzzlers, this game is good for lots of hours of fun.


This is awesome! Thanks. I've been wanting to get some games for my iPhone, but I don't want to spend $8.99 based on a screenshot. Keep up the good work!


This is amazing! I just got an iPhone for christmas and was overwhelmed with the amount of apps there are. I was hoping someone would review some of the games and here you are!


Congrats on the new segment - I'm an avid gamer even on the move *clutches DS* but that includes my phone too.
But, as one of the poor people who hasn't yet been blessed with an iPhone, are you going to do reviews of non-iPhone based games as well? I know they're a bloody mess of different platforms, but, my little phone needs some love.


We have no plans to feature mobile games for other platforms at this time. Sorry, like you said, it's a mess out there.

The App store is the mobile market's "killer app"!


Awesome!! Thanks guys. One more reason for me to love coming to this site! It would be nice if you guys also displayed the price of these apps (and perhaps to make a comment on whether or not it's worth it)... but looking great nevertheless :)


Enigmo was one of my first Apps as well. Haven't done so well on it, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks JIG for this section; should help with my neverending search!

[Edit: Snip. Please submit all game suggestions using our game suggestion form. Thank you! -Jay]

One question: will you just be featuring games, or other apps that can help with games, such as apps that count votes where necessary and such?


It would be nice to see some of the free apps tried out too -- whether they're worth downloading or not

stupidcheeseboy January 12, 2009 7:48 AM

It always pays to read the reviews here at JIG.
I dont even have an i-phone and yet I am rewarded with such words as 'cornucopia' and ' bajillion'...nice :)

ThemePark January 12, 2009 8:30 AM

Although I do not have an iPhone, I just wanted to say that I commend this great new feature. Now we just need a theme for Tuesdays and Thursdays too. ^^


What a great idea for a column! Thanks guys!


Tap Tap Revenge is free, so is the first Aurora Feint app mentioned.

It doesn't matter whether it's free or not, if it offers exceptional gameplay, it's likely to be featured here. :)

And the reason why we aren't posting prices is because they change so frequently! What an update nightmare it would be.

If you want to know the price, just click the link and find out the latest price in iTunes.


Excellent! I just upgraded this Christmas, and it's been an absolute nightmare to find apps worth downloading. Several blogs I've read all suggest the same five or six things, and those five or six things are all boring, cost too much, etc. I haven't even seen proper reviews on game apps, just on other apps like "urbanspoon" which is awesome, but doesn't exactly provide distraction during boring meetings. (I'm kidding!)
I'm very glad to see this here. Yet another reason to keep coming around.


Do any of these play on a PDA? If not, maybe feature some that do? :)

[Edit: No, sorry. We are currently featuring games for iPhone and iPod Touch only in our new weekly mobile feature. -Jay]


"We are currently featuring games for iPhone and iPod Touch only in our new weekly mobile feature."

What, is Apple paying you or something? Why name it Mobile Monday if the only mobile device you are going to feature is Apple? There are a hell of a lot of games for other mobile devices that are excellent.

[Edit: No, Apple is not paying us. While there may be a hell of a lot of games available for other mobile devices that are excellent, most of the reviewers here at JIG have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, and so that's the device we have decided to feature games for at this time. I'm sorry if that excludes you, but we have to draw the line somewhere. -Jay]


"Mobile Monday"? Excellent!

25 megs is a huge download for Aurora Feint, so I avoided it before. Giving it a try now, and it seems pretty impressive.

I'd really appreciate it if you could mention the current price on the games you review, since I generally only bother with the free ones.


How about free J2ME games as well for those of us who dont have an iPhone.

[Edit: We have no plans to feature mobile games for other platforms at this time. -Jay]


Is the iPod 5th gen considered a different platform? Because I know there are a few games in the iTunes Store that work with 5th gen controls as well (Peggle probably being the best example, but there are others). Or are you only going with touch-based apps?

[Edit: games for iPhone and iPod Touch only. -Jay]

Also, it should be noted that not all of these apps are going to be available in all versions of the iTunes Store. For example, none of the apps in today's feature are available in the Korean iTunes Store. I don't know why this is so, but you might want to make a note of it somewhere.

[Edit: I understand why this is important to some people, but I am presently unaware of how we would know where the games are unavailable. -Jay]


Right. Well, you wouldn't necessarily have to check each and every location, but you could add a note saying that the games might not be available outside the U.S. Just a thought.


Ok, will consider that. Thanks, Suho1004.


Yay, I just got an Ipod Touch this Christmas, perfect timing. Now I can do something on it besides play Kingdom of Loathing when my computer's down!


I'm excited to see this new feature. The app store can be truly overwhelming. However, I have a suggestion to make. Can you please include the price of each game listed? With the Weekend Downloads, you specify if they're free or a demo, so could you please add something similar here?

Many thanks.

ganondorf champion not logged January 13, 2009 3:17 PM

Please use the "Request a Game" button at the top of this page if you'd like to suggest a game for review.


Chris2905x January 13, 2009 5:42 PM

Ah JayisGames - I have nothing to add except my own admiring murmers to the cheers above for introducing this feature. Since I bought my iPhone it's seemed like a perfect place for the kind of games you feature here.

I'm keep hoping to see a Grow game on the Apps store - surely a perfect touch device for On's unique brand of genius. What's happened to him? We haven't had anything new from him in ages...

I digress...

Mobile Monday! You rule... and with new features like this you shall continue to do so I suspect.

[Edit: thank you! ^_^ And please remember to use our suggestion form to submit game ideas. If we aren't strict about it, then we're sure to get a whole lot more spam than we already get. Thanks for understanding, and for your pure awesomeness! :D -Jay]


I'm now totally hooked on Aurora Feint. The difficulty level ramps up way more slowly than I would like, but somehow it just keeps me playing for hours. Very good game.

Gryphon78 January 14, 2009 7:16 PM

Now the only days without a special column are tuesdays and thursdays...
Now there's almost no time to post games that aren't mobile, download, or linkdump!


Nice job!

I just recently got an iPod Touch, while a buddy of mine had gotten one a while back. He has over nine pages of apps and only uses like three, so it somewhat put me off of downloading too many but now I know which ones are good :D

Aurora didn't look like my thing, so I didn't try it out.
Tap-Tap has to be one of the best games for the iPhone/Touch, other than maybe PapiJump XP
Enigmo looked cool but i really dont have the two dollars to spend right now to get it :(
I tried the free version of Toy Bot Diaries but i didn't like it. It was too slow for my taste.

One thing, like i mentioned, Toy Bot had a free or "lite" version avalable (basically a demo) which i think you should note if possible.

And a Question to wrap things up: If you (as you have said in countless edits Jay) are thusfar reviewing for the iPhone/Touch only, would there be any chance for non-game apps to be reviewed. Even though some of the apps that you can get aren't games, they are still fun as hell!

P.S. Sweet banner :D


Thanks, JNinjaz! :)

The first link of the Toy Bot paragraph above links to the free version.

I know, we need to work out a better system for posting links, and we're working on it. The column will evolve over the weeks into something easy to use, I promise.

As for non-game apps, we already do, from time to time, feature non-game interactive experiences, so if there's something we feel is awesome that you should know about, then sure. But don't expect to see us featuring productivity apps, or bubble wrap.


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