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JohnBDoo doo doo doo, doo-doo, do-Wah! It doesn't matter what comes, fresh goes better in life, and Link Dump Friday is fresh and full of life. Nothing gets to you, staying fresh staying cool, with Link Dump Friday, fresh and full of life. Fresh goes better, Link Dump Friday freshness, fresh goes better with Link Dump Friday, fresh and full of life!

Link Dump Friday, the freshmaker!

  • icon_nanowar.gifNano War - A simple Risk-like game with a slight real time strategy slant. Click on one of your purple cells to send half its number to any green cell. Defeat green by overwhelming it with attacks. If King Mania were a simplified Flash game, it might be something like this.
  • icon_gogoplant.gifGo Go Plant - One of those basic "duck, jump, avoid" sidescrolling reflex games, but with a wacky cartoon slant. Instead of simply jumping over, say, gigantic dragonflies, your character, a potted plant, grows a propeller and flies in the air. It's fast-paced and will take several tries to work through each stage, but it's worth the effort and just wacky enough to hold your attention.
  • icon_boomblox.gifBoom Blox - A free Flash sampler of the Steven Spielberg-produced Wii game Boom Blox. Click on blocks to throw a ball and send the structure toppling to the ground. Try and keep the dark ones from falling off-screen or touching the ground, and smack the bonus blocks for extra goodies. The goal is to eliminate all of the blue cubes. Don't speak German? Just start clicking, you'll get the hang of it.
  • icon_getsmarttd.gifGetSmart Control Defense - Built to promote the upcoming GetSmart movie, this game pulls film references together into a nice little tower defense title. Build structures to stop the onslaught of Kaos operatives and keep your control center safe. Use cash to upgrade and buy new towers to defeat an increasing variety of baddies.
  • icon_platformracer2.gifPlatform Racing 2 - A multiplayer racing/platforming game, complete with power-ups, exploding blocks, and online opponents you must defeat. Customize your character and head out into the world to begin the mad dash for the goal!


That was great ;) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!


And, sorry for the double post (didn't really think about it), Nano War looks really neat, but the link is broken.

GetSmart Control Defense is entertaining, but, for fans of FETD2, it may well seem like a rehash. It is virtually a different map with the same engine, different creeps and perhaps some balance issues. It's quite enjoyable though.

Boom Blox is amazing. I would love to see more! A fun flash version of the game, to be sure.

rodentmaster May 30, 2008 12:24 AM

its weird. the site for boom blox works, but even once I downloade flash player 9, it still wont wotk. why?


OK, the link turns out to be fine, just took 10 minutes to load. Patience is a virtue.

Nano Wars plays wonderfully. It almost feels as though you're in a teahouse playing a strategic and ancient game. Add a little more depth to it - a twist here or there, another player - and more levels! (And fix the typo ;))

Nice dump, John.


Imok - the link to Nano War is working, why do you think it's broken?

rodentmaster - the site works, but it still won't work. I'm confused. ?_?


Yeah, the black screen is unsettling without a loading screen.

One thing you can always try to see if you're just wasting your time when a Flash game doesn't appear to be loading: right-click and if you see "Movie not loaded" then something has indeed prevented the game from loading.


I love nano war, but level 11 is IMPOSSIBLE. any hints?


Wanted to try Boom Blox but sadly it keeps demanding FP9 when I have FP10. I sadly feel this will happen with lots of Flash sites once FP10 comes out of beta, lots of FP detection scripts fail to understand two-digits versions, also there should always be button "I understand you think my FP is not up to required version but I want to play it anyway."

ThemePark May 30, 2008 4:03 AM

Ahh, Mentos. <3


magic: later levels of nanowar are quite difficult but

watch when the green moves, and either pounce on the newly taken over bubble (after green is weakened by taking out the greys) or on the sending bubble. Specifically for level 11:

this may require some luck, but send as many reds as you can to take over the center green bubble just after he launches from the center twice (a few seconds into the level). Then take smaller bubbles as you can just after green takes them or takes from them. And watch for his attacks - you can often intercept them or send reinforcements so the bubble either never flips or only goes green for a few seconds.


I found Nano War to be quite easy at all levels once I

started using a blitzkrieg strategy. Attack green as quickly and as often as possible. The AI isn't smart enough to counter-attack your weakened bases before it's too late. Attack green's largest base first.


Nanowars won't work for me either. Had it loading at work for 2 hours and still black screen with Transferring Data From...URL at bottom left.

Blox was great though, for anyone that hasn't worked it out the chemical blocks explode when they touch another chemical block.


Why'd you link to bubble blox for platform racer 2?

Kongregate has it's own hat (official sponsor), and is the creator's site, which hosts it.


Nanowars was smart and vaguely original as a game... nice to play, but once you work out the tactic above it is much easier. Now multi-player, that would be interesting...


I have no idea, Kgummy. (*shakes fist at JohnB*)

Fixed. Thanks!


Nanowars is like a dumbed down version of Galcon.

Galcon can be found at...

Faster paced than that Nanowars, and in my opinion a better UI.

Unfortunately the developer is no longer actively working on it.

I'm actually working on my own clone of it.

Lakym97 May 30, 2008 3:01 PM

Love Nanowars... now if only it had more levels....

blakyoshi7 May 30, 2008 3:23 PM

Wow. That plant game is... weird. And awesome.
Is it just me, or would that plant make a great Super Smah Bros. character?



hmmm... go go plant reminds me alot of this one book i read as a kid. it was like,
"look a fence! can't go under it! can't go through it! gotta go over it!" and then the dude would say like 80 cusses because he didn't make the jump.

rodentmaster May 30, 2008 7:56 PM

sorry. typo. i meant the link works but the game will not start

rodentmaster May 30, 2008 7:58 PM

sorry for the double post. never mind. when i first tryed out the site it did not work. now it does. thank you!
PS love your site jay! i visit it every day


Indeed, Nano War seems heavily inspired by Galcon. It's a nice game, but not very well suited for single-player only. Apparently there's a multiplayer version planned though so that's good news. :)

I don't like the amount of clicking required though. Pressing the mouse longer to send more armies would probably work better.

gravygravy May 30, 2008 8:21 PM

I managed to put Jay Is Games on the highscore board for Boom Blox. I feel good about that :)

gravygravy May 30, 2008 8:24 PM

sorry for the double post... but it occured to me that the highscore board for Boom Blox probably isn't something that will be saved for all to see. Oh well :(

Nanowars fan May 30, 2008 11:11 PM

I'd love a turn based version of Nanowars, a game that simple, but without the real time pace. Does anyone know one?


Nano wars is pretty fun. Unfortunately, it's also impossible to play if you're colorblind. My brother has a lot of trouble distinguishing friend and foe when the only difference is what the cursor looks like when you hover over it.

I'm checking out Galcon now =)

atomic1fire May 30, 2008 11:15 PM

that plant would be much better in a platform game
instead of the quick reflex games
I could see a platformer involving a shapeshifting plant being fun this block would allow you to fly (until a meter runs out becuase a stretching plant that can fly would be stupid because people would just keep flying)
the mouse would allow you to stretch
a button to fight
and a catch button for catching stuff for whatever reason

mattvf16 May 31, 2008 1:04 AM

Loving the old school 90's Mentos reference.

Superslash May 31, 2008 1:23 AM

I liked nanowars but after 3 levels in a row where the only real change was just increasing the advantage the enemy started with I got bored. There's definitely promise there though, although I never noticed an increase in my nanite production depending on how many or how big my territories were.

Platform racer... I loved the first one, this one's even better. Some of the campaign levels strike me more as gimmicks than anything else though and the thrill of long neck-and-neck stretches where everyone's on the same screen is less present in this version. Despite that it is nice that even as a level8 that can be outrun by almost anyone I still have a reasonable chance to beat people more than twice my level through clever strategy.


Boom Blox was alot of fun, makes me want to get the Wii game. My high score so far has been 903, I've been able to get gold bonuses on all but one level (the one with the green box on the very top) any suggestions for that one?


the plant game drove me insane.. but got through the platform mode.. now to start on the arcade mode..

JoeyJoJo June 1, 2008 12:39 PM

Nanowars was fun and frustrating - the controls, namely using "space" to cancel moves made it cumbersome to mount a wide scale attack or defence manouver.

Anyhow, the AI did seem to scale significantly towards the end and the use of the blitz sometimes failed if you didn't mount a good defence to their counter attack.

This would be an interesting game if you could play against someone else or if the AI improved significantly or even with a third foe.

rodentmaster June 1, 2008 5:28 PM

i got jay is games number nine on the highscore list. as of 2:27 june 1st in WEstern time zone.

rhcpaul June 2, 2008 8:53 AM

karl, the way to do the level you described is to knock out the highest jewel block. then the top green one slides down to the other green one which should blow all the others away.

the one i have trouble with is level 2 with the two bomb blocks. i can't find a good strategy for that one.

any ideas, guys?

Linkzcap June 6, 2008 7:51 PM

Just to tell you Jay, it's "Platform Racing 2" not "Platform Racer 2".


Thanks, Linkzcap! :)


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