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Link Dump Fridays


Little polka dot Betty was different from the rest,
She'd tap right foot right, left foot left.
She dances all night with no bother to rest,
Her hair flowing down way past her chest.
Big red stockings, ribbon in her hair,
She couldn't sing, but nobody cared.
Little polka dot Betty was the best of the best,
But on Link Dump Friday she gave it a rest.

So which of these games deserves a JIG review and why didn't Susie tie her shoe? Feel free to answer these questions in the comments below!

  • Tangerine Panic - A quick, funny, and slightly surreal dodge game playable in a short break. I'm telling ya it's better than fruit salad. Really. IT'S BETTER THAN FRUIT SALAD! Can you beat my score of 217? (Thanks Valarauka!)
  • Alter Ego - It's half psychological learning experience, half life simulation, and half text adventure. (Thanks Sean!)
  • BrackenSack - Help Bitey bop the Fatsack with his fuzzy head. Take risks and use skill for fuzzylucious points. Be sure to also check out the Brackenwood movies. (Thanks Teonis!)
  • Phoboris - So, I was relaxing yesterday after a long day of work, and just as usual, I placed my large, expensive, electronic Bumq0ptrox in the middle of the living room floor. Of course I still have no idea what it does, but it was expensive, so it must be worth it. Suddenly, out of nowhere come these creepy little Romba robots set out to destroy my precious Bumqoptrox!!! I quickly made a sandwich, for I was quite hungry, and then preceded to smash the little Rombas to smithereens with my Tron-frisbee-slingy-thing-ohjustplaythegamedarnit.
  • Cupid's Revenge - "Hey Danny, still feeling bitter about Valentines Day?" "NO I'M NOT BITTER GO AWAY I HATE YOU!" "Glad you're feeling fantastic! Check out Cupid's Revenge, it has candy heart shooting madness!" (Thanks Rydash)

Don't forget, there's more TripleJack Poker showdowns taking place tomorrow, Saturday the 17th at 6:00PM EST (GMT-5)! We have several prizes up for grabs and a chance for the amazingly delicious grand prize of a new, fresh off the truck, Nintendo DS Lite!


Three halves would make for quite a game! (And a half!)


Why is the poker night so late? it's 1am in Israel (Sunday) and I've got school this day.


Poker night is at a different time each week to give folks in other parts of the world, like yourself, a chance to participate. If this week is inconvenient, I'm sure there will be another time that is better for you.

For anyone wanting to know the schedule of our poker nights, it goes like this (all times GMT-5): 6PM, 9PM, Noon, 3PM, 6PM.

So, since this week is at 6PM, next week will be at 9. The week after at Noon. Etc.


For once I actually ranked in a high scores table.
I got first in Cupid's revenge.
Yep.I'm Bob.


I am loving Alter Ego. Its really addicting.


Alter Ego is awesome,just spent 2 hours playing it.

I didn't get to have any kids but died as a rich happily married old woman lol


Okay, Tangerine Panic made me laugh out loud. "OMG! TANGERINES!! I HATE TANGERINES! WHY ARE THEY SO BIG?!" Ahahaha.


I think the best place to stay for Tangerine Panic is right behind where the farthest tangerine can be launched coming out of the entrance. My high score from staying around that area is 197.


Alter Ego is surprisingly fun, despite its simple interface. I did find that the game moved so quickly, I didn't have a chance to do some of the things I wanted (I didn't graduate college, get married, or adopt a kid until middle age), but it was entertaining. Curious about the replay value, though.


high score on cupid eh? 2530! beat that! dragons are very tough..level four was tops!


I think out of all of these games, Phoboris is the one that really warrants a review. Tangerine Panic and Brackensack are pretty short and don't provide enough evolution/variety within a game, Cupid's Revenge is kind of gimmicky, and Alter Ego wouldn't work for me so I can't comment on that. But Phoboris had me hooked for a while, in contrast to the other games.


Josh-Well, I don't see a new high score on the table.

Anyway, on topic-Tangerine Panic is...Origonal.


I just got a high score of 3730 on Cupid's revenge


I'm enjoying Alter Ego, but I'm wondering if it is possible to be homosexual in it? I'm already into Young Adulthood and all my dating choices are female. =p

hamburgerhamburger February 17, 2007 5:14 AM

I don't like the way the programmer of Alter Ego fails to acknowledge that his game is a direct copy of a 1980s Activision game. (he mentions that the scenes - i.e. all the game content - is written by the same PhD guy, but doesn't mention the 1980s game context or existence at all...)

This seems dishonest.



Man, Alter Ego!

I love it! It should have been reviewed long ago. I've played it before.

Kelly Setzer February 17, 2007 12:13 PM

Alter Ego is a clone of a an old Activision game of the same name. I played the original and it was fantastic. It's a shame that no mention is made on the main alter-ego page. Credit where credit is due and all...


Tangerine panic is so cool. Harukio:
240 points!


Alter Ego is something else entirely. I agree with the comment that it moves too fast, although I suppose this helps with replay value, since you definitely don't get to play all the vignettes the first time through.

Ceithen, your only option is straight-as-an-arrow.

I thought this was cool--especially the childhood bits, which were fun!--but I was a bit disappointed by the lack of cause-and-effect. For a college experience, for example, I went on a wonderful date with a rich nerdy fellow, but after my date, I didn't have the opportunity to date him through the dating interface. Same thing for when I cougered the college kid working at the dry cleaner's. In a similar vein, I was hoping college would have a more immediate impact on career, but it doesn't appear that way; perhaps had I been tracking my stats more carefully I'd have seen a difference.

The concept is neat and the writing is lots of fun; some tweaking to the mechanics would make this a really great game with replay value.


Allthough Keith Peters (bit101) doesn't really seems to care the game Tangerine Panic was actually his game provided open-source 5 years ago, I think he deserves the respect. Play Keith Peters lab-entry from oct 26,2001! here, and get the sourcecode here


I've only played the Brackensack game and I'm scared to play the others... it's so evil... Wa!


love cupids revenge...Jason Reinsvold's lost vectors is great. i cant wait for bowmaster 2... thanks jig for keeping an eye on his stuff because, well... my name says it all


Wow... I never realised how much of a difference lives could be if you had time to think things through... but then again, if I sat thinking about it no wonder I couldn't save my close friend when he jumped off the top of the school >.<
I've been playing Alter Ego for a while now, and some thing here seem funny :) like when i was a baby, i bashed one of my relatives in the nose :P good times....

Excellent game. shame I can't go through all the choices before I age... I go through most of the options in the order suggested, which means so far I havn't done any of the options quite low down.


I'm loving alter ego! The only problem is that its sooooooooooooooooooooo slow!


hurumph. I submitted alter ego about...a while ago and it was ignored. Hurumph. Really. Hurumph.



We get hundreds of review submissions a month. I just give a shoutout to the first person I see who's submitted the game. Giving a shoutout to everyone would require much searching and in some cases could get needlessly lengthy (for example, at least 5 people submitted "Ouverture Facile"). I don't want you to feel your submission was ignored, because it wasn't! :(


Tangerine Panic... hilarious, a good short play
Alter Ego... fun, addicting, and very interesting (worthy of a JIG review?)
Brackensack... good setup, scoring, instructions are nice and thorough, but game is too difficult for me


alter ego has major lag


haha it's fine. It's harder being you than me right now.


I submitted Alter Ego sometime last year, but it never got a mention. I definitely think you should review it, because it's easily one of the most thought-provoking online experiences I've taken part in.


Everyone is raving about Alter Ego, and while an enjoyable game, I certainly had some beefs with the narrative. Especially the strict gender roles. Cheerleader versus baseball team, caring about makeup and clothing versus playing sports or being good with academics..."Purity" mentioned as a virtue for women only...Even the father mentions how college isn't for women! Were things so unequal in the 80s, when this was apparently written? Not too many Western dads would say such a thing anymore.

It'd be such a better game if you could evolve your character to be how you want them to be, and get episodes based on previous choices. Say, make your character atheletic, or romantic, or academic, and future options to experience would be influenced by that. Tough to implement, however, I'm sure.


I liked tangeringe panic!
if you go fullscreen mode you can go out of the play area and into where the tangerines disappear, so you can live indefinitely :P

i stopped at 1000


For the people who haven't noticed, I don't think Cupid's Revenge scoring works. I don't think other peoples scores are shown.


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