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Link Dump Fridays

DoraLadies, gentlemen, other assembled bodies organic or otherwise... we now return you to our regularly scheduled Link Dump Friday. That's right. From now on, the classic format has emerged to stay out of the mists of time. I can't tell you what happened. It was very technical. Very wibbly-wobbly. Maybe even timey-wimey. There may have been bowties involved. But all that matters is the old Link Dump Friday has been saved and is here to say. At some point in the future we plan to give news and previews their own spaces, but for now, well... it's baaaaaa-aaaaaack.

  • Derp till DawnDerp Till Dawn - I'm sorry, did you seriously expect our very first old school Link Dump to not include ponies? What kind of party is that? Donitz, the creator of the supremely creepy Friendship is Magic: Story of the Blanks returns with another pony-themed horror game that ponifies the wildly popular Slender game. Everyone's favourite wall-eyed pegasus is lost in the woods with only a lantern for company, unable to fly because of reasons, and a series of increasingly cryptic and alarming notes pull her onward... but she's not alone. To say this one is a bit abstract is an understatement, since it lacks any real set-up or story structure, but still stands as a remarkable example of just how much atmosphere and fear you can craft out of a few pixels and cartoon horses.
  • Pork Must ArrivePork Must Arrive - I'm sure this is probably going to make your monocle pop right out in shock and dismay, but I don't get all the fuss over bacon. I can't decide if that would make Ron Swanson challenge me to manly fisticuffs, or like me more because that meant there was more for him. Basically what I am saying is I would be a lousy orc, and in Playstival's action/defense game you play a big, burly one who wants some sweet, succulent pig meat. Too bad the neighbouring castle is hoarding it all... too bad for them! Now you're waging war against them with axes, upgrades, and an angry trained boar while your minions try to carry that piggy goodness back to you. The controls are a bit clunky, but some great artwork and a silly premise filled with upgrades make this worth a peek.
  • Collapse It 2Collapse It 2 - Hypnocat Studios has something against people, because in this physics puzzler, they've trapped them inside shoddy wooden structures and given you a whole mess of explosives and such to bring the whole building down on them in the most gruesome possible way. It's sort of like if Nitrome's Rubble Trouble series had been designed by, I don't know, Elizabeth Bathory and the family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For some people, the excessive violence, even presented in the game's bright cartoony fashion, might be a bit much to take and feel out of place besides, but if that's your thing, well, have at it. I'll just be over here. Keepin' an eye on you.
  • RokilotRokilot - Yuriy Votintsev's arena shooter envisions a magical world where mercenaries are drawn to a place and forced to complete missions for the world itself. Hearing that, I was sort of disappointed to see that this did not, in fact, star Bruce Willis, because it sounds like the sort of premise he would/should be all over. Instead, it's just your square-jawed mercenary and limited ammo against the floods of enemies on each stage. Take them out to earn coins to upgrade your weapons and abilities! Rokilot has a sort of silly charm that's hard not to like, and the presentation is great, but at the same time the stiff controls and repetitive, grindy gameplay may turn off some.


timwillbeback June 7, 2013 12:49 AM

Oh, I am SOOOO glad that this format has returned.

Now I can actually find games to play in the Link Dump! I practically stopped reading the other ones! I come here to find games, not find out information about games that I might be able to find in the future.

Thanks for bringing this back, whatever powers that be facilitated this!

LuckyDee June 7, 2013 1:28 AM

On Tim's side here; good to see its return.

Schippor June 7, 2013 3:49 AM

we are in three

Strangelander June 7, 2013 4:27 AM

Yay for links to actual games!

I would like the news and demos in another weekly feature, though.


Hooray! The original link dump Friday is back! Maybe you'll even think about bringing back the original weekend download, too... one can only hope...

Reply June 7, 2013 4:32 PM

I'm going to go ahead and say that although I am glad to see the return of the old Link Dump format, I really enjoyed reading the new ones. The other Link Dump Friday was a great source of info on indie gaming news for me.

So, I'm with Strangelander, and I do hope to see the news & demos part come back in another feature!

Carny Asada June 7, 2013 7:33 PM

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for bringing the old link dump back. I need short, simple browser games to play on Fridays and over the weekend. It was a big factor in bringing me to this site, and my visits definitely dropped off after it changed.

miketvsubs June 8, 2013 4:27 PM

Pork Must Arrive is a pretty cool game, but the controls are kinda wonky. Maybe they'll re-release it with customizable controls...


Man, I'm rage quitting Derp Till Dawn for now... I don't think I got very far; just got out of the house alive, then died xP

TIP: When you're wandering the forest,

do not turn around when your screen's "shaking".

Blue Nina June 12, 2013 7:19 PM

Yippee, yahoo, yay! Neato, Cool and Nifty!
It's back to the good ol' days of Link Dump Fridays. (Can ya tell I'm thrilled?) This was always one of the best things about Jayisgames, in my opinion, along with The Vault, Wednesday Escapes, practically anything Grinnyp reviews, Dora's writing, Tricky's writing. . .


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