It's JIG Poker Night!

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JayWestwardIt's Saturday and that means another JIG Poker Night event is coming your way! We'll be taking just a short break from the competition action this afternoon and setting up the poker tables in our own Triplejack poker lounge, as we do every week. The tournaments will get underway beginning at 12 Noon EST (GMT-5). Be sure to join us for some fun and good times, and you just might win yourself a prize or two. And just like every poker night, we have a few prizes to give away to the lucky winners, too!

Nintendo DS LitePrizes up for grabs: Westward games from Sandlot Games. We also have one month of Triplejack Power Player to give away, one deck of Triplejack playing cards, and one JIG Casual Gameplay t-shirt. But, of course, that's not all. The champion of tournaments will be entered into a drawing for a fabulous grand prize: a Nintendo DS Lite! Drawing to be held Saturday, May 26, 2007.

To join us for poker night, be sure use the Triplejack login form here in the sidebar, or use the registration login page, for access to our JIG poker lounge. From there make sure you visit the table named "READ ME PLEASE" for instructions on how to register using the tournament registration form. Registration opens one hour before the event begins.

We had another great poker night last Saturday, and I have another set of winners to report. Similar to last week, we held a series of standard, 11-player, Texas Hold'em tournaments, in which each player buys-in for $500 in chips (money at Triplejack is free). The player to win all of the chips from all of the other players at the table qualified and earned a seat at the final table. This week's qualifiers were...

  • Qualifier #1 winner: redwingwest
  • Qualifier #2 winner: pyabo
  • Qualifier #3 winner: smonsoon
  • Qualifier #4 winner: mr_blonde
  • Qualifier #5 winner: alerty
  • Qualifier #6 winner: bettyboo
  • Qualifier #7 winner: dee2
  • Qualifier #8 winner: HILOW
  • Qualifier #9 winner: Cynic
  • Qualifier #10 winner: secret_player
  • Qualifier #11 winner: ndthorn

Once all the tournaments were held, these players all took their seats at the final table for a fight to the finish in one grandaddy elimination tournament. The prizes up for grabs that were split among the top 5 finishers:

  • (3) 1-year memberships, and (3) 2-month memberships to Quadradius from Jimmi and Brad at!!
  • (1) FREE month Power Player subscription to Triplejack
  • (1) FREE deck of Triplejack playing cards
  • (1) FREE JIG Casual Gameplay T-shirt

And the lucky prize-winners are:

    • 6th place: mr_blonde
    • 5th place: smonsoon
    • 4th place: alerty
    • 3rd place: Cynic
    • 2nd place: secret_player

Champion of Tournaments #7: dee2!

Congratulations to all the winners—even if you didn't win a prize at the final table you still walked away with more Triplejack chips than you started with—and thank you all for working with the registration form, thus making this week's tournaments the best ones yet!

QuadradiusA big shout out to Jimmi and Brad at for sponsoring us with Quadradius memberships to give away as prizes. If you haven't already played Quadradius, or even read our review of it, I recommend that you do. It's a great two-player board game played online, and in your browser. Great fun for people of all ages. And we also want to thank the folks at Triplejack for again sponsoring their part of the prize package for the tournament.


Jay, do you think we could have a bit more warning as to what time the poker games are going to start? I checked the site every hour or so from 10am until about 6pm on Saturday before the entry showed up saying it had started at noon. I've missed every one so far, only by an hour or so sometimes, but I'd like to join in.


Brieya - There is a Triplejack login form in the sidebar of every page on this site. Below it indicates the time the next poker night will be. The poker night recap post went up last night around 1AM, almost 12 hours before the event. Perhaps you need to reload the main page more often?

I'm sorry you've missed the poker nights. Here is the schedule for the next few weeks—all times Eastern (GMT-5):

March 10: 3PM
March 17: 6PM
March 24: 9PM
March 31: 12PM (Noon)
April 07: 3PM
April 14: 6PM
April 21: 9PM

Do you see the pattern? Noon, 3, 6, 9, and then Noon again.


Thanks, jay - I must be blind. Hope to see you at the next tourney :)

On another note, I often go to comment on a game or entry to jayisgames, but when I press 'post' it always comes up with this - "The requested page could not be found.
Page not found - /mt/jb.cgi"
It's annoying, and a lot of the time I just give up and don't worry about posting the comment.
I don't suppose you'd know what's causing this? Could it be my browser? (Firefox)
Anyway, thanks for your help (I hope this comment posts!)


Hi Brieya - The reason for that message is just part of my prevention measures I have in place to reduce the amount of comment $p@m the site receives (which is an awful lot). You need javascript enabled for the site, which should automatically take care of the cause of that message for you. Are you waiting until the page loads in its entirety? Or perhaps you are interrupting the page before it loads completely to make a comment? That might cause the problem.

Two things: 1) make sure javascript is enabled; and 2) make sure the page completely loads before posting.

I hope that helps. =)

fredthesecond March 22, 2007 10:31 PM

Hi Jay,

Haven't been able to join you guys for poker on a Saturday recently because I've been working but hope to be around soon.

I've noticed though that in my browser (Firefox) there's no longer the JIG lounge Triplejack login form in the sidebar. Is this down to my browser or connection or has it been removed for some reason? Also have you stopped announcing the Saturday games altogether?



Hi Martin,

We're taking a break from our weekly poker nights while I take care of some business with my graduate work and with the site. We have big changes coming up and I need to focus my efforts on development and on finishing up my degree.

I do hope to resume the poker nights sometime, though. I just don't know when it will be right now. We'll still be holding the grand prize drawing in May regardless.

fredthesecond March 25, 2007 12:12 AM

Thanks Jay,

I wish you well with all of the above and look forward to the return of Poker night sometime.



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