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ArtbegottiImagine driving your car along a road on a magical island. As you pass by every lamppost and tree, you hear music, and a sound comes out of every house. Could such a whimsical place exist? Possibly, but not yet. In the meantime, you can fiddle with Isle of Tune, an audio webtoy where you can design an entire musical city. (Note that we do not recommend driving your car into your computer.)

Isle of TuneAt the bottom of the grid, your island, you'll find a small toolbar containing the tools you'll need to start building. Roads are, naturally, the pathways your cars will travel on. As your car passes by trees, bushes, houses, and lampposts, the notes or sounds associated with the object the car passes by will play. After you place an object on the grid, you can adjust its specific properties by clicking on it, such as what note/sound is heard, or even when the note plays, allowing for a bit of syncopation in your music. When you've got everything in place, hit the "Go" button and watch your musical town come to life.

Isle of Tune is a fairly simple webtoy, with a mere six elements that you can control to create a variety of sounds. Simple in the lack of any ability to change the key of the scale or the speed at which the cars move (you mean to tell me no one speeds around this neighborhood?). And yet there's just enough tools available to let you create some rather intricate loops. Search through the Top 50 list, and you'll hear some user-made renditions of classic songs. The pre-made loops are a great way to get an island started, and the simple sharing system is good for spreading your island creations with everyone.

Convenient, that, because that's exactly what we want you to do! We're turning you loose and want you to go crazy with Isle of Tune and show us what you can do with it. Try to come up with a catchy tune to drive around to. Once you finish your musical paradise, be sure to give it a name and use the Share function to generate a link so that everyone can check out your work. Post the link in a comment for us, because we want to hear it!

Play Isle of Tune


Where can you get the Christmas tree? Argh!


Here's what I came up with: I wanted something like ambient trance music, think I sorta got what I was going for.

The alternate sprites, by the way, you get by selecting delay and double when you click on the icons on the map itself (not on the bottom bar)

Procrastinateher December 30, 2010 6:24 AM

Awww, this game/plaything is cute and simple to use. Makes me nostalgic for music creation times in Mario Paint (hang on, my SNES is still floating round here somewhere...).

Here's what I made. I like how it sounds just as good (or bad) starting from either end of the musical road.

Oh wow BCS, your little musical island is far more elaborate and almost-sounding-like-music than mine. Well done :)


I couldn't find it on the site so I worked out the notes, they appear to be:

C Eb F G Bb C Eb F G Bb C

So the notes of B flat major (G minor).


this is my tune

it's a fun game but takes lots of time to plan

librarysmiles December 30, 2010 10:43 AM

The only song I can play:

TheRandomUser December 30, 2010 10:50 AM

eh, I tried looking for the notes but gave up and just guessed. I made a pretty good loop of the catchy bit on The Real Slim Shady - Eminem:

TheRandomUser December 30, 2010 11:00 AM

The only thing I could come up with and I used sheet music online, had to guess for the notes though:


I love the concept, but there really needs to be a way to play notes besides the ones provided. It's great for playing "Kids," but not much else.


I wanted to make the Mario theme, then realized the required notes were missing. I like the idea, though.

jamesdenem December 30, 2010 4:03 PM

I kind of think the one I made is kind of catchy:

Procrastinateher December 30, 2010 5:30 PM

Okay, I was trying to find the Bed Intruder island I stumbled across whilst listening to the Random Islands, and I can't find it again :(

I did find some other interesting islands with these ID numbers: 21903 and 3664. Can't remember why, but they're worth listening to.

This Isle of Tune Isle has an actual city in it! And has a pretty good, but kind of off, beat.


my attempt:
I'm quite proud of it

vole-in-hand December 31, 2010 12:03 AM

I submit for your consideration


here's another from me Pocahontas!
I really love this game but I wish there were more notes.


I called it The Journey for how it sounds, but it's sort of ironic since the little cars never arrive anywhere... :)


Wouldn't think so just after listening to some tunes coordinated to make Michael Jackson songs - what is given really should be made to challenge the artist using it.

I've heard pretty detailed compositions made in Mario Paint just the same. ;)


This is my little masterpiece :D


Here's my first one, this is fun!

StephenM3 January 1, 2011 2:55 AM

Oof. This is really frustrating, every time I think I'm on a roll, I stumble upon a note I want to use but doesn't exist. I could use the sound effects to simulate that note (like all the "beat it" songs do), but... no thanks.

I'm all for restriction inspiring innovation, but this particular environment is stifling my creativity a little too much. Simply include an entire major scale, and I'd be incredibly happy. As it is, I don't think I'll be finishing any 'songs.'

But this isn't really designed for people who know what a major scale is.


Here's, in my opinion, a better Isle. It loops too!


Surprisingly good rendition of "Beat It" someone's made...

I challenge someone to make the "Axel F" theme from Beverly Hills Cop. Even if you have to slow it down. :P

"Cavern Song"
enjoy :)


oh snap, i think you can do the melody of katy perry's "california girls" with these notes!! see you in a few hours...


And here we are:
"California Gurls" 8)


here's mine - "colours of the wind" :)
unfortunately I didn't have enough space to loop it.

also found this one of mortal kombat


This goes to the song my friend made up:

All the mon-keys aren't in the zoo,
Ev-ry day you meetquite a few,
Now isn't that always true?


I meant this one:

the other one had 3 cars, and this one only has one.


It's a remix of Timbaland ft. One Republic - Apologize.


V2Blast, I am taking you up on your challenge!


Madness - Our House

Now you can use chromatic scales.


Mission Impossible

Too much slow, but it's a great theme.

202 Half Found February 11, 2011 11:51 PM

Here's Super Mario Bros, World 1-2:


"Surprisingly good rendition of "Beat It" someone's made...

I challenge someone to make the "Axel F" theme from Beverly Hills Cop. Even if you have to slow it down. :P

Posted by: V2Blast | January 1, 2011 7:32 AM"

It's older than dirt now, but I did it (back when the scale was still limited to pentatonic):

The game is fun as hell, and I'm still addicted. (Want proof? Do a name search for "Cane" on IoT. I... can't... stop...)


WHOAH my California Gurls is #12 all time!

My first attempt after Mary's Little Lamb! :D


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