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Inanimate AliceAlice is a game animator. She likes to draw and create games on her ba-xi, a small handheld device that both entertains and consoles her in times of need. Even her friends affectionately call her "the animator," due in part to the animations that she draws of Brad, her imaginary friend. Alice is 8 years old.

Alice also has her own interactive narrative titled Inanimate Alice that is written by Canadian-born UK novelist, Kate Pullinger, and realized in Flash by babel. Together they bring to life the story of a young girl growing up amidst the wireless communications of this 21st century.

The episodic story will comprise 10 chapters and span Alice's life from 8 years to her mid-twenties. The story is engaging and evocative, and the multimedia elements are all very well done. A few interactive elements require puzzle solving, more so in the 2nd chapter than in the first, and is a trend that I hope to see continue in future episodes.

Don't miss this excellent and award-winning interactive narrative experience. Catch the first two episodes now, with more to come in the months ahead.

Play Inanimate Alice

Cheers to Ian for the link. =)

Episode 3 is now available!.


dannthemann February 19, 2006 2:19 PM

thats preety cool!
Nice find.

Dylan Kirkpatrick February 19, 2006 2:51 PM

Woah, I just watched both episodes, very creepy, but very good. I can't tell if Alice is made up or not... I'm very confused.


this is interesting.
sweet, also.
i reccomend reading The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. i will bet you the author of this series has read it.


This is awesome though I feel a little creeped out.


Aye, so you can now imagine how young Alice must have felt in those situations. If a story can evoke emotions similar to those experienced by its character(s), then it has done it's job quite nicely.

I'll surely be looking forward to future episodes.

Dr Pangloss February 19, 2006 8:22 PM

This is wonderful. It's really amazing to see how computer animation is going to change the way we tell a story. So many things like this are being "Hotel" and "Meet the Lucky Ones."

(psst - if you haven't met The Lucky Ones, check it out...)

Really good stuff.


Wow, this is really cool! It's great that the story uses images, text and sound to create a very wholesome experience. I will definitely look forward to future episodes, this is oh so good.


wow - hi Jay and others, and thanks for checking out Alice and your kind comments! You are never sure when you make something like this if there is an audience for it out there, so it's really encouraging to hear that you liked it.

cami, I don't know about Kate, but I'm a huge fan of Stephenson! So I'm really impressed (and honoured) that you can see any of that in the piece. Do you know Jeff Noon? He's another I recommend if you like Stephenson's work.

Jay - I love the image you've created for the episode. Thanks again for the review, and if anyone has a spare moment, please post on Alice's blog too - she gets bored at her job ;)


Cheers, babel! =)

Work such as this definitely has a home here, and I'm very happy when I learn of something new and unique that pushes the boundaries of what we expect from digital entertainment. Keep up the great work, and thanks for stopping by.


I don't get it, but I think the music is really cool, that fast paced stuff was great.

Shastanna June 12, 2006 11:58 PM

What a beautiful story! Thanks!


Whoo-hoo! Russia has a trailer!


Darn it! I can't get the second episode to load. It just stops on 17%. I don't know why, the first one loaded fine.

Escapee June 26, 2007 4:01 AM

Just found these - they're great


Is this one of those screamers?
You know where it says to turn your volume up and watch real close and then a face pops up?


No, definitely not a "screamer". :)

It's quite a good interactive narrative.

GhostGirI April 2, 2011 4:15 PM

Where is episode 2???


behold commenters of 2006, for i come from the future! Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Steve Jobs, and most recently, Whitney Houston have all died. E-books are taking over the world of literature, and Prince William finally got married across the pond. Barack Obama became the first African-American president, and Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden (yeah!)But, luckily for us residents in thiis strange future land, still exists, and still pours new games into the minds of we, the gamers!


these stories kinda freak me out because there is NO backstory whatsoever and there fore i have NO clue what Alice's parents do or why she is such an ODD CHILD! The stories would make much more sense if I knew... Also, Brad scares me... Anyone seen the shining? remember tony, the kid who lives in danny's mouth? Brad reminds me of tony, and tony always creeped me out... o btw i think from watching the third one that

her dad is a nuclear scientist


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