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Being the quintessential "hello world" message, this entry marks my first foray into the wide world of weblogging. Having been recently accepted into the Information Technology program at RIT with third year standing, I am finding that a second chance can be the opportunity of a lifetime. Like a sponge, I'm learning that 16 credit hours are just not enough brain stimuli. That, and of course the fact that I need to finish up my bachelor's degree by the end of summer 2004 to be able to enter the brand new masters degree program in game design and development beginning in the fall.

Hence this weblog which I hope will serve me well in documenting the wonderful ideas, thoughts, experiences and relationships that I'm already beginning to enjoy after just 6 short weeks of classes. It is my sincere desire that I shall be able to spark some fascinating dialog with many of the remarkably brilliant people here on the RIT campus and beyond. Thank you all in advance for your patience, your guidance, and for sharing your knowledge. This first entry is dedicated to you.


Welcome to the blogosphere. Be careful...this particular technological rabbit hole can be very addictive.


i finished viridian room finally


When you were back at this point, did you have any idea your site would one day evolve into this?


I had no idea at all, Manax. The site just gradually evolved into what it is now.

I am glad to have stopped talking about myself and my own thoughts, and instead to have focused on the games. After all, isn't that what it's all about? =)


Reading over your April 2003 posts, I'm pretty sure I would not have become a regular reader of your blog if I had come across it then. Kudos on evolving and expanding this site into something that me and many others have come to rely on as a great source for information on casual games.


I have traveled through the annals of space-time to reach this message (i.e google "Hello World")..

I just wanted to say, your site is great-- it is funny to see what this has evolved into

and I think it is funny how you locked those earlier posts :P

umm yea.. so thanks!


Ha! I found it!
I knew there had to be a beginning to this blog somewhere...
I feel almost like I'm carving my name, graffiti fashion, on a pyramid. Or peeing on the Alamo (love ya, Ozzy).
Anyway, Jay, thanks for a great site. Don't know what I would have done without all these great flash games. I thought I would lose my little gamer mind when my spouse abruptly dumped Windows and switched us to linux, but it's been a worthwhile journey after all...
Is that too sappy? Too soggily sentimental? What do I care? No one will probably ever read this except maybe Jay and some other lost soul on an Origins quest.
At any rate, I was inspired by what's written in Hello world.
Yeah, that's it.


Wow......the first post which is so often the last post.But this blog had many more posts, didn't it?I can't think of anything to say......


When you think about it, looking at a site right now makes you think its existed forever. But when you look back on the archives on any website you will find that they existed for only a few years. Unfortunately, its impossible to see how a site evolved from the present time.


I think I know what Kevin is trying to say I'll rephrase it: if you looked at all the recent posts a site has had you could say it existed forever. If you looked back at the old posts you can see that the site existed for only a few years(much like this site). Unfortunately not everyone can see how a site evolved and grew from those very old boring posts.

atomic1fire June 8, 2008 2:57 PM

Leaving my mark on history,
Next I think Ill see what happened on every april 19th after this


man, just surfing back to the beginning jay :)
I've loved watching this site grow, and I love the latest renovations! Keep gaming!


I guess I'm back here on this page again:) Sometimes I wonder what this site looked like back then...


Holy Moley... JIG is six years old today!

Happy Burpday JIG!

TheEternalFire September 1, 2009 1:08 AM

WOW, I've never seen the starting point for this site even though I've been coming here for several years now. I guess I'll leave my mark here and wish this site, and Jay, the best of luck and a wealth of games to review. :)

*Will was here*



That is all ;)

Someone who looked for this paged for years December 13, 2009 3:10 AM

I knew there was a beginning in your great site. I love Jay is Games!!!

Waggles July 6, 2010 3:44 PM

First comment of 2010!

I remember the first time I came to JIG... I was stuck on Hapland and was in desparate need of help. I've been here a few years (under different aliases) and its been fun watching it evolve... From the spoiler tags that didn't close, and the banner game. Ah the memories.

And now its shocking to think that there is already an 8th CGD on the way. I remember not paying attention to the first one then revisiting it when the second came out xP

Anyway Jay, thanks for providing me with an awesome source for games. Without you, I would have been stuck on addictinggames.com, never hearing of Nitrome or any of the great downloadable classics I missed out on because all I used to play was World of Warcraft xP

Keep it up!


When I first saw this post on my quest through the archives (I'm determined not to miss a single game!), I thought "What the heck does this have to do with JIG???" The idea that a standard- and, according to earlier posts, rather dull- weblog could evolve into what it is today astounds me. I have been in excruciating pain since early February of this year, and didn't find out the cause until late April.
On the day that I got home from the hospital with the test results- I was diagnosed with partial paralysis of my stomach muscles, as well as nerve damage- I was frustrated and miserable thinking that it could last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. So, I sought comfort online- and boy did I ever find it! You made my summer vacation in bed much more fun than I ever could have expected it to be. Thank you so much!

[Thank you for your note, you've made my day. :) I'm so pleased you found some joy here at JIG. It's because of kind folks like you that I have found so much to be thankful for from founding this site. I'll continue doing it for as long as people like you keep coming back. :) -Jay]


I can't say anything that others haven't already said. Like Waggles, without this site I would have been a 5-year old on addictinggames for the rest of my life. I would have never found nitrome, Minecraft, and anything better than bike racing online without your site. Like Yow, I wonder what this site looked like back then, when it first started. Like Kevin, I never knew that this site's humble beginning was a web blog. And like everyone, I'm amazed at how much this site has grown and evolved. I wish the best of luck to the JIG staff, and especially you, Jay, in keeping the site the best it can be.

I love you JIG!

Thank you, spycat811! JIG loves you back. :) -Jay]


WOAH *stands back to look at what seems to be a warp hole through the space-time continuum* You've come a long way since then. Glad you came this far, without you and Dora and the rest of the gang my life would probably be like this -_-
And 'Hey!' to all the people in the FUTURE!!!!:P
Love ya JIG!


If i hadn't stumbled on this site, I would be stuck in the annals of space time, navigatating heavily, stuck by the pile of bricks on my head. As I waited for that ever so almost perfect gaming site, I stumbled across a pile of gold. At first I thought "Please, another gaming website???" But, hey! Gotta give everything a chance. I checked daily, and the more I checked, the more I liked it. It is now my extra-super-duper-unbelievable-ultra-awesome favorite gaming website. I will always love JIG.

Long live JIG!


Wow. Can't think of anything to say. I mean, I've been here a long time, but I can't think of anything.


Hey, it's 2012 now! I couldn't find my first ever comment but it must have been some time in 2004. Time flies, right?

I'm not a regular visitor now, but coming here always brings back lots of memories.


I love what the site has become, but I'm curious if you ever made another blog to go in the direction you intended on this one.


Guess I get to be the first to say happy 10 years! I found this site in college when my friends and I were obsessed with God Tower, and I've been enjoying it ever since. Here's to 10+ more!


Yay it's my favourite gaming site's 10th birthday! Congrats JIG! It's great to see that such humble beginnings have grown into the awesome successful site it is today without losing it's personal touch and feeling of a community.

Without JIG I wouldn't even know that Indie games existed.
Thanks Jay + the rest of the team :)

bubblecamera April 19, 2013 11:37 AM

Ten years and counting! Woohoo!

CaptPicard April 19, 2013 4:57 PM

Congrats on reaching ten years!


Congrats on 10 years! Here's to another 10. I hope to be at the virtual reality anniversary party in my flying car. The internet will be beamed into our brains.


Congratulations from the future Past!Jay. :3


Who knew a Google search for "Jay is Games" would lead to a Wikipedia article about the site, which would lead to this cool old post? It's like a point-and-click explore game! Well, hats off to you, Jay, for creating something that's stood the test of awesome for almost twelve years now. Even though I've only been around for a few days of that! :)


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