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Funky Trucks

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Rating: 4.3/5 (55 votes)
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The talented David Thorburn continues to churn out games on his Teagames.com website at an alarming rate and with amazing physics implementations. So many, in fact, that I can't keep up with everything he creates. His latest two are particularly noteworthy, however.

Funky TruckFunky Truck puts you in the drivers seat of a funky yellow monster truck on a mission to get from beginning to end of each level as quickly as possible. Anything goes in this race to the finish, but don't tip over!

Use the arrow keys to navigate the very hilly terrain. Once you get the hang of it, you will be jumping over bumps with style and earning extra bonus points. Click.

Funky Truck 4WDAnd if you liked Funky Truck but had trouble keeping the truck rightside-up or even finishing a level, be sure to check out it's big four-wheeling brother: Funky Truck 4WD. While Funky Truck is likely to appeal to the hardcore gamer, this one is a bit more forgiving and therefore just right for a more casual audience. Click.


Actually, Funky Truck 2 was just posted on teagames this week... oh, and have you seen this?


Yeah, Funky Truck 2 is up...cool game!


I don't like all these remakes of elastomania, if you haven't heard of it do a google search, as far as I know it's the original.


Very addictive and fun.

Drinkdrawers July 29, 2005 2:27 PM

I think they should call it wonky truck.


Keep in mind, kids, that 4wd doesn't let you drive any faster in the snow.


I like 4WD better than FUNKy Truck. My score on 4WD was 6133. Can anyone beat that?


Tim- i got 7562, but it's nowhere close to the top scores list... :p


41000 on 4WD but STILL nowhere near the top scores. Got all the way to level 13! But a stupid pothole got me stuck upside down and drained my health. Oh well! You should also review BMX backflips 2.


David - it's coming. =) I had to cut the review short this morning to head out for an eye appointment, figuring I would finish it up as soon as I returned home. Now, over 6 hours later, my eyesight is just returning to a semi-normal state after those blasted drops they put into my eyes. o_O

And thanks for the affirmation that I picked a couple of good games to review—I'm grouping the two Funky Truck games as one 'game'. =)


Kman - original or not, Elastomania runs only on a Windows platform under DirectX. David's Teagames "remakes" will run on any platform.


Well I tried a new strategy. Just get through the levels ASAP. Don't go for flips. So this time I got to lvl 15... and improved my high to 45994.
How did they manage to get into the 61000's???


There are some serious hardcore gamers who play those Teagames. The traffic he gets is just as remarkable as the high scores that get posted for the games.


When you get caught in a ditch and your on your back, you die within 3 seconds, thats what kinda ruins it for me. But otherwise, jumping off some of the huge jumps was a blast!

Drinkdrawers July 31, 2005 3:28 PM

Here's a little secret. Let's just say landing on your tires isn't always the best option.


heres a good trick for 4wd, if your stuck on your back wheel and it looks like you gonna flip in a bad spot go into reverse and you'll end up back on 2 wheels...or 4 i gusse, and if your on your front wheel just go forward and youll level out
another little side thing is on the first level of 4wd if you just step on the gas befor you hit the ground at the begining and just hold it down youl get to the end of the level without a problem. its not the best way to do it but its a neat way to get an easy 1502 on the first level.

Darius Young August 1, 2005 12:32 AM

This games was actually pretty entertaining. This would be great as a casual game download.

Drinkdrawers August 6, 2005 2:01 PM

I got an 1800 something on the first level. I bounced all the way to the end.


Lol i got 2200 by just bouncing the whole way. Thanks jay for your hard work.


This game is fun and I like elastomania but I prefer this because it's free and it's not a 100% remake of elastomania


my hi score so far for funky truck 4wd is 52000


The highest I've gotten is 59,580...how are those guys getting into the mid to upper 60's...I don't see how!


can i have funky truck 4wd unbanned on jay is games


Scott - you need to talk to your school about the banning, since they are likely the ones preventing you from playing any of the games on my site.

There is nothing I can do to help you with that.


gosh... i was stuck at an edge...couldn't get up... my score is 22000+


The very first Funky Truck is the best Funky Truck of all time. All the new, 4-wheel drive ones are way to easy, and don't seem very fun to me. Oh, and if you notice that the ads on teagames slow your gaming, if you hit play, wait until the game loads, and then hit stop on your browser, and the ads wont load, allowing your game to play faster, and smoother. I also think David should make a Funky Truck Classic where the physics are the same as the first one, only 2-wheel drive, and you can't land on your roof and keep going.

brandon June 29, 2007 4:41 PM

hey i got 49997 on funky truck4wd


After playing Funky Trucks (okay, Funky Trucks 4WD-the easy one), I found that I am falling in love with
Teagames.com. I had never heard of them before this.

The controls are, I'll admit, different from most games, but at least they stay the same throughout the site. I never have to look at the instructions.

I think my favorite game has to be BMX Backflip. Its the easiest one to get the hang of and one of the hardest once you get into it.

Thank you, Jay!


hey whats up i play funky truck 4wd all the time and the highest score ive ever gotten is 64000 and how or why are these guys cheating now getting 2,027,799,538


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