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JayenDiceenDice is a simple, no-frills puzzle game created by Ozzie Mercado for Armor Games.

It is based on a very simple objective: move all blocks the number shown on each one to bring them all to rest on the dotted spaces. Just click and drag in the direction you wish to slide the block, one space at a time. As each block slides, its number will count down by one.

The first few levels are very easy, then the difficulty ramps up quickly. You will have to use your logic and reasoning skills to get through all 35 levels in this engaging and thought provoking new puzzle game.

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Cute! love the concept!


Wow, you weren't kidding about it ramping up quickly...I'm already stuck at level 06! Yikes!


Hah! Power of the post strikes again!


Great funny casual game. Stuck at lvl 11 now, working on it... it's the right balance between challenge and frustration, I think it will keep me playing on it for a lot more. Kudos!


I need a walkthrough for level 20.


It's well implemented and a good distraction. I think it gets too easy once you figure out the main strategy:

You need to work out how many times each die needs to be "pushed" - pushed meaning that you don't move the die directly, but use other dice to move it one space.

An odd numbered die does not need to be pushed if it is next to its final destination. An even numbered die does not need to be pushed if it is sitting on top of its final destination. (Or if there's going to be a space for the dice at the end.)

Once I figured this out, I breezed through all the levels except 34 and 35, where you need to plan how to transport 1-dice several spaces.


Walkthrough for level 20:

Applying my strategy: You'll notice that the only dice you need to push are the 2-dice. All the others will slot into place.

Therefore, you need to use the 3-dice to push each 2-dice exactly once.

One possible solution:
Move the top-right 3-dice up and left.
Continuing through the 3-dice from top right to bottom left:
Move the 3-dice next to that one right twice.
Move the 3-dice next to that one left twice.
Move the final (bottom-left) 3-dice down and right.

Now two of the 2-dice are sitting on spaces that they will end up in (move them back and forth). The other two 2-dice are 2 squares away from spaces that you can move them to. From here it should be easy to place the 2-dice and the remaining 1-dice. Do not push any further dice by accident - we already worked out that all dice that needed pushing have been pushed.

James Everton November 25, 2008 8:07 PM

This is a fun little puzzler, and the music is great background music for when I get frustrated and go back to doing my work :-P

Boston Gamer November 25, 2008 9:33 PM

I really like the concept and the execution, but the level design is poor. The hard levels have way too many moves, and this means that there are literally dozens of different solutions. I had much more trouble with the earlier levels! The hard levels of a good puzzle game should force the player to plan very carefully to find the unique solution.


Here is how you beat 34 and 35. Look only if your that frustrated.

1. First take the left #1 dice and move it to the right.
2. Then move the left #2 dice down 1 spot.
3. Move the #4 dice to the left once.
4. Now move the #3 dice that is the fasrthest to the left down 1 space, right 1 space, then up 1 space.
5. Take the left #1 dice and move it 1 spot to the left. (You should have 3 spots filled.)
6. Now take the #2 and move it up 1 spot.
7. Take your #3 dice that is farthest left and move it to the right 2 spots.
8. Take the #1 that is farthest left and move it one space to the left(4 spots filled.)
9. Take the #1 that is farthest up and move it to the left 1 spot.
10. Now take your #3 and more it 1 spot up, then 1 spot left, and finally 1 spot down.
11. Finish it up by moving your last #1 dice to the right.

Now #35.
1. First move your top #2 down 2 spaces.
2. Next move your southern #2 up 2 space.
3. Move your middle #1 to the right 1 space.
4. Now move your #1 dice on the left to the right 1 space and move your #1 dice on the right to the left 1 space. aka move both remaining dice inward towards your 3x3 cube.
5. Move the #4 on the right 2 spaces to the right.
6. Next move the #3 on the right to the right 1 space, then down 1 space, then to the left 1 space.
7. Then take your #2 and move it to the left 2 spaces.(You should have 6 filled spaces)
8. Move your #3 down 1 space.
9. Now move your #4 up 1 space.
10. Take your#2 and move it to the left 1 space. Then move the #1 back to theright 2 space.
11. Then move the #3 up 1 space and to the right 2 spaces. You should be done.


I've been at level 29 forEVER! Help! Has anyone got a hint for me?!


@ rhed

what is in the middle at the beginning does not go in the middle at the end

does that help?


Terrifically simple timewaster, this.

I'm trapped on Level 16, so I'm going to quit it and come back later.


Answer for 35

1. Bring the four outer dice in towards the center.
2. Move the 4 on the right 2 spaces to the right.
3. Move the 3 on the top 1 space right and 1 space down.
4. Move the 1 on the bottom 1 space up.
5. Move the 2 on the right 2 spaces to the left.
6. Move the 1 on the top 1 space down.
7. Move the 3 on the left 1 space to the right.
8. Move the 1 in the center up 1.
9. Move the 2 at the top 1 space left and 1 space down.
10 . Move the 1 on the right 1 space to the left.
11. Move the remaining 4 left 1, up 1, right 2

That's all!


Good game. Another one I'd be happy to see in the "Simple idea" category in about a month's time :)



This game is brilliant. I love the idea, the implementation is great, the music is soothing... Well done, Ozzie!


anyone gotta walkthru for level 13?


How do you do level 6?


How do you do level 35?
I got up to 34
but the last level seems impossible
the background music is soo calming
or else my computer would be smashed by now
hahhahaha lol


I really need some help with level 12! I've been stuck for days! D:


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