Chick Hide and Seek 10

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Chick Hide and Seek 10

elleSummertime. Lounging in the backyard, cooling off in the pool, eating shave ice and watermelon. Sounds like the perfect setting for a game of Chick Hide and Seek 10! Yuri has more seek and find cuteness for you in an escape game with puzzles that tease slightly without being too tricky. Ten tiny chicks are hidden from view and you're "it!" So look around, inspect objects, use tools and solve puzzles to coax them all out of hiding—you'll need their help if you want to unlock the gate and discover each of the two endings. The hardest part is discovering a few sneaky baby birds who are not in obvious hiding spots although a changing cursor eases up on the pixel hunt. Playing Chick Hide and Seek 10 won't take much of your time and is not very filling, but it is refreshing and you're sure to turn up a smile or two along the way.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Chick Hide and Seek 10 Walkthrough

  1. You start out facing a porch with a cooler and a watermelon on it. Zoom into the sunflowers on the right side...

    • CHICK #1 is hiding on the very right edge of the screen. Click there to pick him up.

  2. Examine the cooler:

    • It's locked by the clue is 456.

  3. Since you can't open the cooler yet, the watermelon isn't sliced and you can't see under the porch, it's better to just turn left.

  4. Here you see a gate (which is locked by some code) and some type of ice machine...

    • There is a SLIPPER laying on the ground in front of the gate:

      • Pick up the SLIPPER.

      • Look inside the slipper to find CHICK #2.

    • Let's check behind the ice machine; click to the left of it:

      • Here's another little CHICK #3 trying to hide.

  5. Turn left from the ice machine to face a trellis of colorful flowers and a stone bird house.

    • Trying to look inside the top of the bird house is no use. You can't see anything in there.

    • The bottom of the bird house needs a 3-color code.

    • Examining the flowers, you notice they have three different colors, but...

    • More importantly, the center of the flowers have some distinguishing marks, too. Make a note of them.

  6. Make one more left turn to see a chick floating in a pond.

    • You can't reach the chick yet

    • but you can pick up the KNIFE that's camouflaged on the right side of the pond.

  7. Go left to return to the first scene with the cooler and watermelon...

    • Use the KNIFE on the watermelon and wait a moment:

      • Get CHICK #4 when he comes out.

    • Examine the cooler again:

      • Based on what you saw elsewhere in the yard, you can solve this code.

      • SOLUTION:

        The answer is in the flower centers. Count the flowers that have four-pointed centers, then those with five, then those with six. You'll get this number...

      • With the correct code entered, open the cooler to get...

        • three bowls of SHAVE ICE.

  8. Go back to the ice machine...

    • Put the bowls of SHAVE ICE inside the machine.

    • They'll lower and come back with four colors....

      • Pick up the yellow CHICK #5.

      • Make a note of the other three colors.

  9. After flavoring your shave ice, turn left to the bird house and zoom in on the bottom.

    • Enter the correct 3 colors in bird house's base.


      The shave ice colors...

      Colorblind Help:

      1 click - 5 clicks - 4 clicks

    • When you're done changing the colors, press the red rectangular button then click on the base of the bird house to open the secret panel:

      • Get CHICK #6

      • and get the FLASHLIGHT.

  10. Stand up and look in the top of the bird house:

    • Use the FLASHLIGHT to see better into the house...

      • Get CHICK #7

  11. Return to the porch by going right twice....Something is different here.

    • Someone has eaten all the watermelon. Look a bit closer.

      • Here's a little guy with full belly. Get CHICK #8.

    • Now explore the darkness under the porch, using the FLASHLIGHT to better see:

      • Get CHICK #9

      • and a Japanese FAN.

  12. Go right. Now you can get the chickie in the pool...

    • Use the FAN to blow the last chick to the edge of the pool. Click on him to get CHICK #10.

  13. Turn around to find all ten chicks lined up by the gate.

    • Zoom in on the chicks to see they've scratched something into the dirt. Make a note of it.

  14. Zoom in on the code box next to the gate. Click inside the codebox to get a cursor. Then, use your keyboard to enter the correct code, push the button, and go through the gate to escape.


Type in the code from the chicks exactly as you see it, from left to right...


Consider the code from the chicks' perspective...



found end one, dunno how to get any other ending.


This game sucks

bluegriffin18 July 24, 2013 12:05 PM

It's a good game, but it seems harder than I remember. A few of the chicks are hidden too well. I wouldn't of guessed that you could click on the

sunflowers or the left of the ice machine

to find a chick.

Username July 24, 2013 12:55 PM

No matter how many times I enter the correct code into the base of the birdhouse, panel won't open when I hit the enter button. What gives?!?


@Username -

are you sure you have the correct code? You should be able to click the grey portion (between the white/colored) to open the panel

@bluegriffin18... same here; I found the rest without trouble.

Username July 24, 2013 1:02 PM

NM, figured it out. After hitting the enter button nothing happens, but you have to click on the panel to open it.

Username July 24, 2013 1:03 PM

NM, figured it out. After hitting the enter button nothing happens, but you have to click on the panel to open it.


FWIW I had the same problem as Username.



freaks me out. (Beginnings of summer paranoia?) The flowers are more logically complicated than they look. Which would be adorable.

vulpisfoxfire July 24, 2013 7:22 PM

*That's* the difference between getting the two endings? I'm too used to the Happy Coin, I think. :-)

MrsRavoon July 24, 2013 7:39 PM

I thought that orange thing was a trowel... kept trying to dig with it :-)


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