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JaycdxRecall back in September when we first reviewed CDX, an excellent new point-and-click adventure from Preloaded and the BBC that weaves a story of intrigue using Flash video segments with live actors.

If you are located outside the UK and wish to play this fantastic piece
of work, you may now access the game from Preloaded's CDX website.

Play CDX

If you live inside the UK, please continue to access the game from the BBC's CDX website.


ControllableDisaster February 4, 2007 7:39 PM

Oh thank whatever merciful force that controls the internet.... IT IS FREE!!!! I CAN FINALLY FINISH WHAT I STARTED!!!


This game is bugged beyond belief! It's so irritating! Randomly not acknowledging that you've listened to the answerphone, randomly not letting you try more than once to get the case down, randomly acting as if you've already decoded the message so you can't complete that puzzle... and because of the stupid save system, you have to start the whole episode over, and watch through every unskippable cutscene every time!


when liz is on her motorcycle how come when i go to the first church shes stuck there nothing happens i try clicking everywhere and nothing happens help me homiess


I'm stuck on the interrogation in episode three, I guess I'm a bad bluffer! If anyone knows how to survive this without divulging the whereabouts of the blade please post!

I haven't experienced any freezing or bugs... yet.


interrogation scene

tell always the truth about everything except where the blade is(bluff) and if your boss appreciates you(lie)

some answers you can find in here :

I need help in the maze, keep getting caught...


I've run into a glitch near the beginning where Adam tries to throw his grappling hook at the case containing the dagger. I'm stuck in the scene where you click and drag the hook to the case, but clicking and dragging does nothing. All I can do is move my hand to the left and right.


Actually Jay I wish to point out that the streaming video (bandwidth, I believe)is sponsored by Adobe, so credit them too will ya?


The laptop clips won't play at all. Am I doing something wrong or is the new site incomplete?


Sorry Jay. Must read closer. Too excited about CDX...


i can't get the laptop clips to play either. does anyone know if this is part of the game or some other issue?


this is a great game and well worth the wait!


gah, i'm stuck in Episode 2, where you have to list the name of the churches in tituli...

where do i find them?


I can finally finish the last episode!


I'm having the same trouble as EMDF


Actually, I've figured it out. You need to

actually click on the hyperlinks


which hyperlinks? the ones that direct you to different parts of the encyclopedia? (or am i using the wrong book...?)


I've got an error now, capacity or maintenance downtime. :( Is anyone else getting the same error?


yeah, im getting the same error

tankgirl23 February 7, 2007 1:41 AM

Yeah, waaaaaaay bugged.

It keeps sticking while loading or buffering scenes.


Great news that they're sharing the game, but I have to wonder about their decision to host the site on Dreamhost. A budget host really doesn't seem fitting for a pro outfit like Preloaded. Granted, Dreamhost does offer a lot of bandwidth, but they're really not suitable for a site like this which is going to be getting slammed by scads of people all trying to connect at once. Even with help from Adobe, this just isn't going to cut it. Remember how even the BBC site was suffering under the load?

My thanks to all the geat folks at Preloaded for liberating this incredible game from its geographic confines, but honestly I think the release was handled very poorly. I hope they'll work out something better in the near future.


This game is unplayable.

First time I loaded it, the first episode was called Undefined: undefined. Then I got the screen with a guy in the wheelchair stuck to the top left of the screen, nothing clickable.

I tried reloading and now I got Episode One: Amnesia. I clicked on the computer, got the Loading message and everything froze.

Too bad, seems like a nice game.

Mythmaker February 8, 2007 9:05 PM

This was a great game. It was worth playing again choosing a different attitude for Adam.... different ending. What a hoot!


I am stuck at the point when Liz is in the Homestead, I have gotten as far as when Liz says "Adam I found it" I go out and then the alarm goes off and as soon as I walk back up the stairs the guards that were sleeping are now awake......
Help me please someone

superdude March 7, 2007 2:10 AM

EMDF, to find the churches' names:

click basilica churches & look at the particularly fine examples


the maze is hard... but... after u beat it

end game


I've gotten to the same point as Ryan..where do i go from there?? If I go up there is a guard waiting for me...


Here is some help for the maze in episode 4:

-Get to "lower" ground floor power room(lower side of the dividing wall).
-Open doors to the 1st floor
-Get to either one of the stairs and go up
-Now you're on the 1st floor with the sleeping guards. Cross to the stairs at upper left and go down.
-Now you're back on the ground floor on the upper side of the dividing wall. Go the the "upper" power room (upper side of dividing wall)and wait until the guards are far away.
-Turn main switch off and then...
-HURRY Get to the stairs at the upper right, go down and through door way at the bottom to pick up the blade
-Hurry back up to "upper" ground floor power room Alarm may sound.
-Wait until guards are away, not too long and turn off main switch.
-Get to stairs, go up to 1st floor, evade guards that are now awake, and get to other stairs and go down to ground floor lower side of dividing wall.
-Wait for guards to clear power room area and then sneak to "lower" ground floor power room.
-Wait until guards are far away and turn off main switch
-Hurry, get out through same entry way you came in.
-Enjoy final scene
(note: I'm not sure but Liz's comments may depend how you chose to interact with her in previous conversations)

Harry Robert Clegg April 12, 2007 4:36 AM

Hi guys, love the game, am at the maze right now, and thought i should post a decent walkthrough as a havn't seen any yet.

First off, you need to get to the power room - the one with the lightning bolt symbol. When you get there, tell liz to open the first floor doors. Exit the power room, while avoiding the guards, and go to the left hand green staircase. This will take you to the 1st floor, and the doors should now be open. The guards are all asleep so you dont have to be sneaky. Go over to the staircase at the top of the screen. This will take you back to the ground floor, on the other side of the wall. Go into the power room on this side, and turn off the main power. See what guard comes and turns it back on, through the power room on the other side of the wall. Now wait untill he goes down to the bottom of the maze, and when he is next to the door/exit in the middle, turn the mains off again. As quick as you can, exit the power room, and go down the orange staircase. Go to the left, pick up the dagger, and go back up the staircase. Go back to the other staircase and back to the first floor. If you were quick enough, the guard should still not have turned the mains back on. When on the first floor, go to your right and then go down. Stop at the middle. When the guards cant see you, there should be three above you, quickly go down and to the staircase on your left. Now make your way back to where you started from, and watch the closing scene.


Yeah.... I guess it is limited again to only people in the BBC. I am very disappointed! I really wanted to play this too.


I am SO frustrated with the maze on episode 4. I have followed every walkthrough possible but

I cannot seem to go fast enough to escape without the main lights being turned back on. I've tried letting the guard go as far away as possible from the power room, but still no luck.

Any tips? Help? I hate to have gotten this far and be stuck at the very end!


Can anyone help me on episode 2.... i don't know what the password is for sophie_bakewell and where can i found the tony quest T___T????


JustDig - I think that if you are using the preloaded version of CDX.

It has no bugs whatsoever when I've played it, well, regarding the ones you've stated.


JustDig - I think that if you are using the preloaded version of CDX.

It has no bugs whatsoever when I've played it, well, regarding the ones you've stated.


That maze is the most frustrating thing ever! I never was any good at Pac-Man. Why does she walk so slowly? Silly woman.

Yes, I'm blaming the character for my own inabilities. Shut up. ;)

anonymous August 13, 2008 5:16 PM

how do you type in the churches he keeps saying he will look in book's when i click reply


If he keep saying he's going to look in books, you're going to have to look in the red book. Just flip to the "S" section in it, and you'll have your answer. : )


Thanks, Erika. You really helped me. I was stuck on that bit as well.

Anonymous June 20, 2009 1:50 PM

I am stuck on episode 4.
I can do it all, but after you come out of the basment and go onto first floor, I can't get away from the guards!


in the interrogation, never ever tell them where the blade really is. Tell the truth about everything else.

kenshiro April 18, 2010 1:27 AM

Old news, but the game won't even start now. After the titles and clicking on "continue the adventure. I get the "commence shortly screen", the bar loads, and nothing happens.


somebody help pls.

i cant get out of first room.
iss there some link missing or what?
i tried clicking everywhere. in SE direction.
my system doesnt show any door, etc to go out of the room.

Thanks in advance.


in episode two when anthony sends you a message about gnostels what do you do?


hey what is the code of housesteads hall site
I'm stuck there..please anyone !!!

dimitris March 8, 2011 3:11 AM

whats the password at episode 4?


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