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acastle.jpgJohnBCastle is a short point-and-click game from the Japanese website Usagi no Sippo (Rabbit's Tail). It takes a page from the Grow book of Flash design and lets you create a scene by clicking various objects on the screen, each time causing something new and interesting to happen. As you might have guessed, the overall goal is to raise the castle, but there are a number of small things that happen just for fun.

Castle isn't a game in the strictest sense. You really don't have much control over what happens other than finding the next hotspot. It's sort of like a cross between a web toy and a game. Usually it's fairly obvious where to click next, but a few times you'll have to go hunting for places to click. Nothing our friend the [tab] key can't help with.

The greatest part of the game is all the strange things that happen for no reason at all. Sheep that fall into holes? Dancing mushrooms? Lamp posts outside of a medieval castle? All of these things along with Castle's great visual design make it worth a few minutes of relaxed play time.

Play Castle

Note: To play, choose "Click Start" and then click the crown at the top of the screen.

Cheers to Ttf for sending this one in!


This is amazing! I beat it by myself. *proud*


Quite a lovely way to spend some time. Thank you Jay

Brian Wyatt February 6, 2007 1:49 PM

Hey guys nothing against Jay I Love his site too but why is everyone always thanking Jay when here case in point JohnB posted the game and review why not give the credit where it's due?


It was really pretty...

But to be honest, I feel stupider after playng that game.


Very well made, but a bit random. Interesting...

A way to kill a few mins.


It put me to sleep, seriously, I was just clicking and woke up 10 minutes later.


There's a 9 year old kid I know who loves non-threatening games. He's a huge fan of Knytt for instance. He just gets too intimidated by threat to even play. I usually send him links to games like this, but it's telling that I didn't even bother.


Charmingly ideosyncratic


what's everyone's favorite causal game of all time??

delete after reading ;) February 6, 2007 4:17 PM

notice that the first two links are broken :/

it say "ttp://..." instead of "http" ;)


Aww, what a cute game! :D I liked it.

If you need help,

Press tab over and over again.


Is that Neuschwanstein?


I didn't like how the reactions you got from clicking on stuff was totaly unrelated to whatever you clicked.


weird but kind of cool. i got stuck once it was night and i blew the dandelion or whatever...


Is there a way to lose this? What are the endings you guys have seen? I guess screen shots are in order.


some nice artwork. Flash can be art as well ;)

I wonder what the wind engines do.


If this game looks familiar then you may have seen it already one year ago at Lazylaces ;)


I wonder if I had reach the ending? It's dark at night and I had blown the so called 'plant'...

daydream June 25, 2007 8:14 PM

This game to me was like a daydream, it was delicate, but true - simple, but so complex. I enjoyed the wonder of what I was going to click on next!

P.S., The princess in pink was too cute!


I got up to the windmills and then got bored. Fun game... I guess... :P


Great! I had to tab only twice at the very end to get to the lovely conclusion. Very peaceful and fun.

ravidizh March 8, 2008 4:55 PM

aww! that's such a cute game ^^
thanks JHON B! :P ;D

Ainegue July 9, 2008 5:51 PM

I didn't really like it... no offense.

I suppose I'm the kind of person who likes to hunt for a challenge, and this wasn't a challenge. It's like an interactive abstract art that's interactions don't quite make sense. Eventually, I just got bored of hunting for hotspots and just Tab-ed my way through and watched the pretty animations.

Pretty, yes, but fun? Nuh-uh.
It was just OK.


I agree with you, Ainegue. :)


The link seems to be broken.


I'm having the same problem as Ezra


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