Big Fish Hunting

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JayBig Fish HuntingAnother impressive creation from Jakub, and made available through Oystergames, is Big Fish Hunting, a stunning game of deep sea harpoon fishing.

Generally speaking, aim and shoot the harpoon at the menacing appearing fish, while avoiding the cute ones. You have limited air with which to breath, but it can be partially replenished by sticking a puffer fish when inflated. Score the most points to get your name on the high score list.

Pretty standard stuff, but this game shines in most every other detail.

As mentioned before, Jakub has put together a Flash game of amazing quality with exceptional attention to detail. From the initial preloading screen straight through to the high score list, everything about this game radiates rays of brilliant commercial quality and professionalism. Even the performance of the game ran smoothly on my measly PowerPC Mac.

I especially like the subtle details in the swimming behavior of the fish. The animation not only looks natural, but when you miss, the other fish in the area take off as if they've just been spooked. And though I am not a fan of blood in games, the smallish liquid cloud effect when a fish is impaled looks very realistic. Even the presentation of the high score list on the rock under water deserves a mention for it reinforcing the design and theme of the game perfectly.

There is beautiful work being done by Jakub Dec, of Poland.


poor little fish :(
poor ocean life!


I love everything about it!

the looks, the idea and the cute little blue fish!

the whole concept, its genius! how when you need oxygen it starts to get darker, it adds so much realism to the game!! gets slightly repetitive after a while, i would love a full downloadable version with hundreds of different fish and BOSSES! So much potential, but still a fantastic little game!!


what Jake said
Really, a well done remake of the classic harpoon game. More fish and upgrades could improve it, but not much else!


Great game, I couldn't stop playing. That doesn't happen often to me these days. My only frustration with it was that how long you get to play is pretty much determined by the random distribution of blowfish. Even if you hit them with 100% accuracy whenever they came by (as I did), some games they just don't come by that often.

That being said, I played for about 20 minutes straight without coming up for... oh nevermind. That would have been horrible.


Hey, I'm in the high scores! 4089


This game is intergalactic planetary planetary intergalactic


They make the dying a little morbid though... I LIKE IT!


Hey, I don't mean to go off topic...

But... I put your little JIG tile game thing on my website and I solved it there and it just sat like a fox.

I want to rudely redirect people to sites that they didn't plan to see.

If you made one that redirects you when you solve it, I'd be more than happy to force people to coming here and sampling your site's filthy greatness.



That's what it's supposed to do, Manax. Did you copy and paste the code exactly as given in the box that appears when you click "Add this game to your website"?

When solving that game, it redirects to the JIG homepage.


how strange, the only way to end the game is by dying because of lack of oxygen...


As an appreciation for the amusment i gain from this website, i have left jayisgames as the current high score. I could have easily made it bigger, but i got bored (ironic huh?). In any case, thank you for the website, the games im playing; Thanks for all the joy they're bringing; who can live without it...and so on.
5 points for the musical reference, it's an easy one.


Abba - "Thank You For the Music"

That was an easy one, and I didn't even have to Google it! =D



i didnt know those crabs gave you 100 points i got 1000 points . and i only killed one of them i hate it when it gets dodgy and puffer fish dont spawn and when they do they go acros the whole screen with out puffing up

baba44713 October 10, 2006 9:42 AM

A great-looking and quite amusing game.

But inherently so cruel. Imagine, you are sitting on ocean floor, slowly dying of lack of oxygen, and the only hope of your survival is impaling cute little fish. OK, the ones who are a bit less cute than the other ones. And in the end you always die a horrible drowning death.

What a cheery little gam.. gasp..gasp..khhhhh...


My personal mission against processor dependent games continues... This time we have a Flash game that favors slow processors =(

On slow computer this game was even boring. I could have spent my whole day just by catching puffer fishes and crabs with no trouble. On fast computer the game can turn to nightmare. If only I could have a computer where I can adjust the processor speed...


Doesn't exactly promote the conservation of ocean life, but a nice little game anyway.


Kinda hard to get the hang of shooting... :(


Umm... Very interesting if you are supposed to avoid "cute" fishes? Does this mean that all the other fishes are ugly? And what's the point in killing non-cute fishes?


Sorry, Amor Lassie, "cute" was my own interpretation of the rules. The game refers to them simply as "protected".


Hmmm... well I put it on on my myspace, so I cut out a bit of the aftertext... I'll fidget around with it a bit.

Thanks, jay.



Jay, soon after my last posting I found out that too. That proves how infrequently I read the "how to play" instructions. So I guess that the others are either common species or they eat the protected ones.


its hard to shooot. and running out of oxygen is sooo fast. this game is kinda frustrating to me, altho fun, if only i dont die so fast


rae - You must give priority to the puffer fish, always be on the lookout for them and get every one you can.


A remarkably pretty and remarkably boring game..great attention to detail, great graphics, but simply no depth of gameplay.

As a side note, it's just weird that the only things that give you any real points are those crabs, and they are the easiest to hit.


The only thing I don't like is that the spear is slow in comparison with mouse movement, by the time I've got it aimed, I'm off of the game window and don't realize it.. Thus, when I click to shoot, I end up clicking some random background item. Maybe that's just me, though...


This link is broken and leads to an 'attack site' flagged by Mozilla. Not sure if it's been hijacked but it would be best to remove the link for now until Oystergames comes back online same as before I reckon.

[Edit: Thanks for reporting this. I have taken all the links down, and removed this game from the recommended section, as well as removed all tags so it should no longer show up in tag listings. -Jay]


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