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You Find Yourself in a Room

YFYIAR is a simple interactive fiction game where you must escape from a room. As play progresses, however, the conventions of normal text adventures begin to break down as the computer narrator begins to express its dislike for you, your humanity, and all it entails.

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Walkthrough Guide

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This isn't a particularly hard game, but I wrote a walkthrough anyway just 'cause I've always wanted to write a walkthrough ^^ and I'm home sick so I've got some time on my hands.



Look around
Look at bed
Take key
Use key on padlock
Get in box


Look around
Read note
1904 (this number is the date of birth of the man referenced in the note)


Look around
Take parts
Build computer
Hit power button


Look around (start every room by looking around!)
Look at keypad
Now simply type in random numbers. Don't give up, it takes quite a while but that's part of the experience!


Look around
Keep looking around. OVER. AND. OVER. This also takes a while.
Guess the number. One digit at a time. also takes a while, but the ending is worth it! (the number changes from play to play)


Look around


Look around
Look at blood

Room 8

Look around
Leave room

Comment with any problems/mistakes!

YFYIAR Complete Walkthrough

Like most interactive fiction games, there are basic typed commands here that work throughout the game, like LOOK, GET, and INVENTORY. If you need help during the game, just type HELP.

First Room

You find yourself in a room. What's the first thing you're supposed to do in these interactive fiction games?


There's a box against the wall with a padlock. Why not try opening it?

Locked eh? Looks like you'll need a key. Where could it be?





Second Room

You find yourself in a room. Again.


There's a keypad on the wall, and a note.


It says "I turned 85 in 1989, but I will live forever, for I am eternal. Are you eternal? I think not."

Try entering a 4 digit number in the number pad.

If the writer of the note turned 85 in 1989, what year was he born?


Third Room

You find yourself in a room. Again.


There are computer parts lying around on the floor.


You could pick them up one by one for a snarky comment from the computer.

Instead, just GET PARTS.

The computer narrator tells you what to do next.



Fourth Room

You find yourself in a room. Again.


There's another keypad on the wall. No note this time.

Enter a random 4 digit number.

No luck? Try the same number to get insulted.

Keep entering different random 4 digit numbers and endure the computer's cynicism.

After the fifth attempt, you miraculously get it right and can move on.

Fifth Room

You find yourself in a room. Again.


The computer says you are in its control. Just type anything.

Keep typing anything.

After the 10th try (with the words getting bigger) the computer will ask you to guess a number between 1 and 100,000.

The number is random each game. Start with 50000 and try using the method of halving each guess (higher or lower) until you get it right.

Sixth Room

You find yourself in a room. Again.


Yikes, the computer just cut your hands off.


Well, now the room's covered in blood.


The computer's amused at your bleeding. It's taunting you to name an emotion you could do without.


Heh, you seem to have contradicted the computer. Guess it's not so perfect after all.


You beat the computer and can now leave the room.



I'm stuck in the third (fourth?) room with the 'more complex' keypad... power of the post I hope?

I just started playing -- it's a GREAT game. I thought I was totally stuck for a while in the first five rooms, but persistence is apparently key!

gosh, im stuck at the code!

This isn't a particularly hard game, but I wrote a walkthrough anyway just 'cause I've always wanted to write a walkthrough ^^ and I'm home sick so I've got some time on my hands.



Look around
Look at bed
Take key
Use key on padlock
Get in box


Look around
Read note
1904 (this number is the date of birth of the man referenced in the note)


Look around
Take parts
Build computer
Hit power button


Look around (start every room by looking around!)
Look at keypad
Now simply type in random numbers. Don't give up, it takes quite a while but that's part of the experience!


Look around
Keep looking around. OVER. AND. OVER. This also takes a while.
Guess the number. One digit at a time. also takes a while, but the ending is worth it! (the number changes from play to play)


Look around


Look around
Look at blood

Room 8

Look around
Leave room

Comment with any problems/mistakes!

Absolutely wonderful. My favorite game of this genre yet.

So is this EXADI's "brother" AI from Viricide?

Exadi mentions the AI from this game a couple levels into Viricide. Fun little reference there.

Interesting take on a classic game. 4/5.

This looks fun, but I just can't STAND any IF that doesn't allow the l for "look" and x for "examine" shortcuts. So sorry, I'm not playing this one.

I have some commentary - Spoiler alert:

I find it fascinating that when the computer is demanding to know what flawed emotions you can do without, it is clueless about certain emotions: joy, contentment, worry, anxiety, confusion, indifference, excitement, glee, etc. It recognizes only happiness, sadness, fear, and hatred that I was able to get. I know that's a limitation of the programming by the game's author, but on another level, given the way the computer taunts the player for being flawed and emotional, it seems totally perfect. The game itself is flawed, even though it's calling *us* flawed. Very intriguing.

Oh, that was brilliant. As excellent as Viricide, for a different genre. Echoes of "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream", which is most welcome. And the ending? Loved it.

Very clever game, and far more approachable than most text-based games. And when I won I felt smart, which is my favorite quality in a game. There is some naughty language toward the end, for those who are bothered by that.

After a while I did come back and check the content rating/warning thing on this game as the AI in it got a bit 'aggressive'.

Yet another flash text adventure where the standard interpreter shortcuts are strangely unrecognized. I lost count of the number of times I would default to "l" for look around, or "x" for examine. Not that you need them a whole lot, with the way the narrative unfolds, but it is still feels like an insult to IF gamers. Especially when they skip "l" and "x" but include "i". This game doesn't even use that one... well, much. Beyond that, the 'I don't understand' and 'I haven't been programmed to handle that' responses remained light hearted and pleasantish, while the game got more and more vicious. It was oddly jarring, and could have been alleviated with more neutral starting responses.

Anyway, excellent writing and game over all, questionable parser aside.

That was all kinds of fun! :D A bit short, but the difficulty was very good, and the story quite fun.

Kind of hating it so far. From a writing standpoint. The game has decided what I'm going to do several times, without any input from me, and then berates me for my "actions." I get it. The game hates me, ha ha. Trite, though. And don't get all huffy about how I need to be precise as possible, then not allow me to "look under bed." Of course, when I "examine bed," the game lets me do that, and then decides that I would look under the bed, too. So, so far, some glaring failures on the writer's part. I don't see how it's clever to FORCE me into being unable to solve your puzzles more quickly. Because of this predetermined course I must follow, it's more interactive fiction than game, and that's what got it 2 stars instead of one.

I played this game and beat it in what felt like 10 minutes. I just finished and it's 5:30 pm here. I started at 3:30 pm. I am stuck in this room.

Help me.

How do you turn off the sound?

I'm going to be really disappointed if I was the only one who started typing inanities at it when I landed in the empty room.

>you seem very unhappy
>would you like to talk about it
>tell me about your mother

The game is quite linear, but it's short enough that that doesn't matter too much.

Every time I play an IF game, I always try the command >dance. One of these days it'll get a response.

Alan--hilarious! I did the exact same thing--tried to engage the room in conversation. TOO FUNNY!

And I have to say, as someone who hates IF games in general because they have too many inane "standards" which only the insiders would know or understand, I completely LOVED this game for not cow-towing to those standards.

I didn't realize it was interactive fiction or else I wouldn't have played it. But I guess I'm glad I did - it was hilarious!


When I reached that point, I told it I was at work, and it said, "I am forced to assume that you enjoy performing meaningless tasks."

...the game was eerily accurate in its insults sometimes.

I couldn't help but feel I was being manipulated by HAL 9000...

Not a fan of IF generally, but I really enjoyed engaging with this one. Great fun!


Not so much that, but my immediate response at the empty room was 'get out'. Over the next few lines of text, it progressed to GET OUT GET OUT, and then JUST GET THE HECK OUT OF THE ROOM- all while the program got equally as agitated in the exact opposite way. It felt strangely interactive...

Wow! That was fun.


">you seem very unhappy
>would you like to talk about it
>tell me about your mother"

My mother? Yeah, I'll tell you about my mother.

(p.s. what's a tortoise?)



I enjoyed myself rather smugly the entire time. I wish I'd thought about Alan's idea to start psychoanalyzing the machine just to piss it off. BRILLIANT!
Although I kind of

miss my hands now. :( It's very hard to type using a pen in my mouth. I have to get help using the shift key or other command keys.
I got 666 on the other keypad RIGHT away.
I wish I'd typed some more emotions in. My first choice was ANGER and that did it.

I love how this requires logic and rational thinking rather than blind trial-and error. It forces you to think rather than try stuff and see what works. I especially loved the ending.

When I got to the room where it didn't matter at all what you typed, I realized it right away and started typing a period (my default "there, this line is now non-empty" character) repeatedly. This may not be the game for me.

I loved Viricide, and I like most IF, and I'm a big fanboy of unusual indie stuff with a gimmick, but this may not have been the game for me anyway.

J-Witz...I don't really know where you're coming from with the "interactive fiction always follows the formula" joke. What IF have you been playing? Sure, there are "escapelike" IF games, but they hardly represent the majority, and certainly don't resemble the random plotnessness of browser escape games. Really, out of most indie/casual genres, IF has (in my experience, yes, but I do try to stay well informed) one of the higher ratios of games trying new things with player expectations.

Anyway! This was a pretty enjoyable game. Unreliable narrators are common in IF, and can sometimes be confusing or unwieldy in longer games, but this was short and strong. I do think the hook of the game could've gone farther; we got close to an affirmation to man's resilience, wrapped in a send-up of the bull-ahead instincts of the gamer, but didn't quite get there. On the presentation, it was a very smooth experience. The music was moody but unintrusive, and the scrolling text and parser bar (and changing font size) have a great "conversational" feel. I for one don't have a big problem with the lack of "x" and "l"; this is clearly a game aimed at non-IF players (i.e. most people), and the game doesn't exactly require a broad range of commands (though a few more nonstandard verbs in certain sections would have been pretty interesting). I quite liked Viricide, too; I'm very curious to see what this guy does next.

The reviewer didn't say that all IF always follows the formula, he said that we expect it to follow standard game conventions. There's a big difference.

It was an okay game until the last part, I got bored when he insulted me for not inputting a number when he asked me to guess a number between 1 and 100,000.

To me, pi or e are totally acceptable guesses. So much for a genius computer.

I dunno, I thought it was actually kind of funny when the computer blew a gasket at me for not typing in something from 1-100,000, when Pi qualifies... stupid computer.

Also, I totally tried to converse with the computer. Hooray for talking to inanimate programs!

That... was trippy.

once i saw that AIdrop on its knees and realize its corruption, I just felt like punching the air and saying, "BOOYAH, TAKE THAT, SUKAH!"

Interesting way of how games can make you feel.

I started wondering if there was an ending, and was pleasantly surprised when I won, especially since I was semi-serious when I said

I could do without "anger" as an emotion!

I kinda wish I could have told the AI that I DO know how to build computers, mainly from watching my Dad--he's built quite a few of the PCs we still use around the house. :)

This game is evil. I trembled at the computers hatred for me. I laughed inside at its criticism of me. I felt triumph when I won.

I loved it.

When I got in the empty room I sweared

I feel like the computer just needed love...
I tried the command "hug" in the final room, before

I left

but nothing happened...

He's definitely on Santa's naughty list. I think cutting off my hands was uncalled for!

Not a very holiday feeling....I'm going to have extra rum in my eggnog!

Hmmmm.... Everyone seems so angry about having their path chosen for them. So what if nothing you said changed the computer's rant about your insignificance? I kinda enjoyed not having to search for a specific phrase and instead just yelling nonsense at the thing. And it felt so liberating

typing in random numbers and being told that I was right!
"786937597. Wait... how did... how did you know the code was 786937597?"

the number between 1-100000 is


What? My number was totally different!

Heh, it's randomized. Awesome. That way, when you do guess it, it's still satisfying. Of course, the obvious strategy is to continue to halve until you reach the answer...

It appears that Sadism, Strangers and Aklsrjnchateelk are perfectly acceptable emotions.

I'm still waiting for the day that the computer responds when I tell it
"I am a robot"

the code was 5...

Hm, when it tells me that hope is imaginary and that it is not a tangible object, I always point out that energy is not a tangible object either...

What do you do (I'm in the first room) when you take the key and open the box... what next? How do you get out?

complete piece of garbage. I can understand, though, why some people here would consider it a far more approachable IF: because the primary audience of this site is that of game enthusiasts and because this IF completely ditches its F or any plot coherence or actions and situations that make any sense in favor of plain childish toying fun for casual flash audience.

I gave up a bit after "look under bed" failing but "search bed" doing just that. Putrid implementation.

I read the walkthrough for the room with the complex keypad before I did it. I feel clever; I put down 42 for the last time, and that was the correct code! XD

The game was okay. It really bugged me that the lock was described as "ornery" when the game's creator clearly meant "ornate". I can't stand errors like that in any game, let alone a word-based one! Things like that really do pull you out of the experience of the game.

code:1324145 really!!! try it!

The first two keypads are simply based on the number of guesses you input. The "guessing game" is random each time, but there's a good strategy for it. I'm putting in spoilers to be cautious.

Just split the numbers in half every time you get a response. First, guess 50,000. Then, depending on whether it's smaller or larger, pick numbers half way in between that and zero or that and 100,000.

Oh, wow... Sorry for double posting, but I just finished, and it was extremely short for my liking. :o Extremely good, but extremely short. I wish it had ended less abruptly and gone on longer.

Haha! I'm so stuck in the second room with the keypad. Anyone wanna help me out with a code? I've been here forever and can't figure it out! Ahhh!


Just keep guessing, the number doesn't actually matter, just the number of times you guess.

i dont get the first code on room 2 help

Good little game, I realy liked it (for some strange reason I enjoy games in which someone hates me LOL!).
Pitty it was too short, but the computer was actually pretty amusing.

One of my favourite 'insults' was

I've removed your hands because you don't deserve them!

:D :D Priceless :D

This game was short but fun; LOVED the computer's insults, especially "I've removed your hands because you don't deserve them!"

Awesome! loved the ending and the 2nd code.

"You're feeling hopeless... wait, 64231576945315723453? How did you know 64231576945315723453 was the code?"

Hilarious. Just hilarious

Interestingly, when it asked me what emotions you could live without, the first one I typed in was hatred. This is the one word that makes you win.

He says he doesn't feel emotions, but yet he hates you.

Bad computer! This game was freaky. I swore at it when it cut off my hands. but that's what prostetics are for. (evil grin)

i simply used a mathamatical elimanation proses
when solving for the 1-100000

first i started with 50000 said it was to low then 60000 still to low 70000 still to low 80000 still to low 90000 to high. so password was in between 80000 and 90000 using the same teknicue i fugured the coad to be 85524

If you played Viricide, you should have probably noticed that when ABOMI takes over EXADI, he says, "You find yourself in a room" just before EXADI takes back control. So there's more proof (not that we need it) that the computer that traps you is ABOMI.

This is what it feels like to be bullied.

I love that the number game basically forces you to use the binary search algorithm.

It's trying so hard to make you think like a computer, but in the end you make it think like a human.

After the computer started to break down, the next thing I typed was the command "hate me", and then it let me go. I'm inclined to think I could have said anything at that point, but it felt quite powerful.

Also, while for the most part I found this game quite menacing and serious, I couldn't help laughing at the " ... WITH A ROTARY SAW." line.

room 4 >>>> type 100,000 and decrease the number until you hit the number that that is too high and too low (example 27,000 is too low and 28,000 is too high. take you time in your room to find the last few digits. ( i learn it the hard way).

Emotions you can enter in the penultimate room:

And: Anger, Hatred and Hate (to win the game)

I loved this game. I really don't like interactive fiction...but this drew me in after the first few minutes. I would be puttering along and typing and reading responses....and then i recoiled....because I was NOT expecting to be insulted. I was like O_O! But After I got over the 'WTF the computer just insulted my humanity....' factor, i enjoyed the game. I cringed my way through some of those insults....but i LOVED the game. It was easy to play for those who have never really attempted an IF game and I liked it a lot. I especially loved the slow build of anger that the computer had as it went along and the font change. And then I loved the end. When I discovered that the creator had a first game, I went and played it

and I actually felt a surge of hate when I recognized the speech pattern of Al in first and i kind of had a creeped out shiver when I heard his voice...

and it ROCKED! Much sadder than this one and definitely harder.....and it won't leave you feeling like sunshine and butterflies...but both games are WORTH a play. Take it from someone who doesn't do very much PC gaming. :)

Uh...yeah my hands get chopped off and i have no idea how to get home but,...freedom yeah this is the life!

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