Wolfgang Fights the Future

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It's Mozart vs. Mecha and an army of soldiers from the far-flung future of 2014, in FlashChaz's new platform beat-em-up Wolfgang Fights the Future. A fun a frantic little brawler with enough flipping and dashing and bashing to make one forgive the padding before the climactic boss fight.

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Anyone else have a "movie not loaded" error??? For SOME insane reason, the game stops loading, and THIS message appears on the right click menu. Could SOMEONE please explain this headache??

kellytaylor7474 June 2, 2014 7:18 PM replied to Nathaniel Shaw

No, it loads ok but it´s kind of boring, so you don´t miss anything.


The review should say [X] to jump not [C]. A small point but hey it proves I read it at least !

I have to agree with kellytaylor7474,though, it is a bit samey

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU June 3, 2014 7:56 AM

To whoever made this? After someone has shot at me with a 1-shot flintlock pistol he'd need to reload, which would take even an expert at least 30 seconds.

Do actual research on stuff like that next time.

Also, your AI sucks.
Their entire defence is "jump away from this guy."

I got bored on the 3rd wave of the 1st screen.
I only assume there are more screens.


Seriously...flint lock pistol reloading research!? This game is fun, it gets better as you progress. The AI makes more sense when there are over 100 baddies on the screen; it gets kind of intense. I gave up on the boss though.


I played story mode until the last level (once you unlock all upgrades).

The boss is kind of dumb, but he has so much HP it's annoying. It's easy to hit him and avoid his attacks, even with the crappy hit detection, but there is a constant risk of being hit by a stray bullet, stunned, and knocked into his very-predictable attack pattern. This is one of those times temporary invincibility after a hit would come in handy. The boss has too much HP to be killed unless you're very patient or very lucky.

The HP upgrades are basically worthless, since if you die, you start back at 100 health, and the merchant is unavailable for the upcoming wave. Once you're out of potions, you're out for good. The other upgrades are barely noticeable.

I like the little animated characters, but other than that there are very few redeemable qualities about this game.


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