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Lucrea is a young witch (except don't call her that to her face) who just so happens to have come into possession of a magical crystal obelisk. A magical crystal obelisk that turns all her foes to money! Join her on her journey as she transports her crystal across the land, defends it against hordes of goblins, and makes loads of moolah! Swap between the three elements of fire, ice, and lightning as you fire off shots, unleash mighty arcane spells, summon backup penguins, and keep your enemies from destroying your crystal!

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Can we please have a rule that developers have to study this in order to have a game appear on JIG?


Not sure which is worse -- the badly mishandled (pun intended) jyggle physics or a shot of the witch's knickers.

It's kind of a cool game...but let me know when you grow up, move out of your mom's basement and get rid of the gratuitous crap.


I disagree. Tight fabric and they do that. Not exactly like that, but they do that. Remember Epic Battle Fantasy? These are cartoons ya know. Lets see you animate some boobs.


what one more time


@SHA -- well, at least we know you definitely do not have bewbs and have never actually seen a pair in real life.

My point being it's kind of a cool game. There doesn't need to be any kind of attention drawn at all to the bewbs or the knickers. The game could stand alone without them.


A lot of animation doesn't mirror real life. Sometimes not even remotely. I, for one, like the cheesy anime-style fan service.

But the grind... that I don't care for.


gamedev here. with a little plot reveal!
(was supposed to make it more obvious for the sequel but I guess a lot of people did not even notice the crumbs.)

Lucrea Quarta's character was based on the Seven Deadly Sins.
She is obviously no saint. In fact, the game's protagonist is even the antagonist in very different ways.

Unfortunately, most of the game's critics only noticed the 'LUST' part of her many other 'sinful' characteristics. And that reaction actually says a lot. (Greed even got seen-zoned)

STILL! Thank you, JIG for the awesome review and for everyone who played the game!


godseed, I think you quite misunderstood the concept of "lust" as sin. Is it her lust or the players that gets played on?

Dunno what it ought to tell.

fuzzyface January 24, 2015 1:16 PM

Or let me say it that way, if you would have instead tried to portrait "lust" on a male character, would you had him as well by having him swing his sixpack and croch into the front of the camera?

So what does that tell us?


SURE! unfortunately, it was Eve who bit the forbidden fruit, which is who Lucrea was also based on. (geez i'm revealing way too much plot for the sequel already haha) If it was Adam, I have no problems showing crotches pecs or whatever. Later in the game there are enemies who lift. one particular male enemy even has lesser clothing than Lucrea. At anyrate, it's a game. it's fiction. I've done masculine and sexy in my previous games and projects. Anyway, my game, my plot, my direction. ALL WORKS OF FICTION. Thanks for playing!


Hi Dev, I really like your game. Appreciate that you can turn down the fanservice with an option. (I like 'em, but seeing it over and over is overwhelming) -_-

Love the humor also. Tell me how to play the cutscene again?

Please make the game less grindy and please

Tone down the Macross Missile Massacre..I mean, max level Frost Rune with max Swarm combined with max Motormouth just owns the game. On the contrary, the fireball is too weak to be any use. I ended up beating stage 1 using a combo of frost and the 2nd thunder spell to blast anything immune to ice. No need to use fire at all.


Thanks! Please do play a bit more as the fire rune will surely have it's place. Also, you can finish the game without having to grind. just go at it. dying will still give you the gold you earned for the stage. and there will be a lot more in store for you.

Hopefully your ice build gets you far.

- Sorry bout the cutscene, tho. the only way to play it now is to start a new game. (It's my first as3 game, so the intro got a bit hard-coded)


You are 100% right; I do not have bewbs. I have breasts.

This type of game should not have attention to panties or knickers, but it does have attention drawn to knockers.

I like the tip where

you can flip between runes. In many other games I have played when you switch the countdown stops; it is nice that it continues in this game and you benefit by switching.


Discussing things with differing viewpoints is fun and constructive, except when things get personal and passive aggressive for no reason, so everyone please keep things as friendly and intelligent as I know you're all capable of doing. :)


Well, I just finished the storyline!
My main strategy:

Fire: specced for combust and repel
Ice: specced for stasis, swarm and impale
Lightning: specced for power, precision and aftershock

I spent most of the time using lightning, with brief switches to ice to freeze something, or fire to pick off faster enemies or to repel slow, tough ones that are weak to it.

I made sure to keep Striker Pengu up as much as I could, he's great at picking off smaller targets and freezing the bigger ones. Fire Sigil works great to soften up any ground forces or take care of swarmer-type enemies that just die right as they enter it. Mjolnir into a frozen group for massive damage. Higher level arcanes only as emergency.

Also it seems that when you beat the game,

you unlock an infinite mode and some level limitations get lifted, so you can play with your build even further.

Overall, I loved it, but I couldn't help but wonder about one thing: if we consider ice to represent water, and lightning to represent air, we'll notice that an earth rune is missing. I'm sure there could be rock spikes, eartquakes and whatnot, but maybe it'd simply make the game too complex already. To reiterate, this isn't a complaint, merely a curious observation!
The ending also hints at future events, so here's hoping for a sequel.


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