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Junkbot offers Lemmings-like gameplay in a Shockwave action puzzler that is both simple and fun to play. By using the available Lego blocks, reassemble each level to guide Junkbot over the obstacles and to the garbage cans so it can eat. Collect Gold cards to gain access to more buildings with even more levels.

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Junkbot Tips.

1. Don't waste moves blocking rain drops.

2. Every level that has eyebots has a perfect time to move junkbot to trap/evade them.

3. Moving stacks of bricks does NOT always give you the least number of moves for a level.

4. If you try to solve a level backwards, you will probably find a way to do it in less moves.


Wow, so much fun! That site is full of neat games, actually. I really like Inventor Saves the Day... kind of an Incredible Machine sort of thing.

Junkbot is a really cool and fun game and i really love it! This awesome and fun game has levels that really fill the bill on their building numbers: 1,2,3 and 4. My favorite ones are: 2 to 4, but, without building 1, I myself would not be able to go to the others, so I can count on 1.

I love Junkbot and have two questions for any other Junkbot fanatics out there: 1) does anyone know if Lego has plans to do a third incarnation (I've played Junkbot and Junkbot Undercover both through several times already); and 2) there are a couple of levels in Undercover that I find absolutely impossible to solve, even using the hints. If anyone else has had similar problems, I'd love to trade notes.



on the original junkbot, i have every gold medal except for the "Trapped in the Freezer" level. i can only finish it in 27 moves, rather than 20.

nevermind, i have all gold medals now. if you need help on a level for getting gold you can email me.

I, too, love Junkbot. I have been able to get through every level but one.

Junkbot Undercover, Lower Building 4, Level 13 - System Administration.

I cannot keep the top button laser from going back on. Has anyone gotten it at all????

Please... someone....HELP!!!!

... purplecat

purplecat, I've been looking for the answer for some time now too, though, I believe, not as long as you. I've finally found the answer. If you place a tower of blocks just past the switch, so that junkbot doesn't get off the switch before he turns around. The best I can do on that level so far is 38, but I'm working at it. That was the last level I had out of all of them. My total is a dismal 690 moves. Good luck.

- purpledog

I can not get the gold cards on these 3 levels playing the original Junkbot:

Building 2, Level 9- Trapped in the Freezer

Building 3, Level 5 Thermostat and Level 11 Junkbot's Lucky Number

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yay!! 100%on Junkbot 1 and 2!!

Hi! Anyone who knows what to do in Junkbot 2, building 3 level 13? I have been trying for a while and I am stuck!! The hint is not a very good help for me =(

Junkbot 2 Building 3 Level 13

Move the left stack of bricks right up against the Laser to block it, once Junkbot is on the grate lift the right stack. this will get Junkbot moving in the correct direction.

Can anyone help me with Junkbot Undercover, Level 2, #15 (Titled "under the rainbow"? I'm having a terrible time of it. Can't do it in any moves, let alone the gold key number. Heeeelp! Thx!

im stuck on the trapped in a freezer lvl in building 2. can some one tell me how to do this lvl


Building 3, lvl 5:

blocking the left hand side of the switch so that junkbot has to turn on the switch...

junkbot, building 2, Pardon Me. I can't get past it.

I cant get past buildin 2

How do you do trapped in the freezer!!!??

I can't get past the top switch in system adminstration (building 4). I blocked the two lower ones as suggested above, but you can't get a stack of bricks behind the top one. Help!!

I've beaten this whole game, so ask

For the top switch in bldg 4: System Adminstration - block in front of the top switch right after Junkbot passes. He comes back, hits the switch a second time, and turns around on it - now remove the block. Then his second return trip leaves the switch off.

Level 14.
Building one.
'Nuff said.

I really like both, Junkbot and Undercover Junkbot. But, could anyone tell me if there is a way to save your game? So you dpn't have to start over at level 1 every time?


OK, poopy or NotTelling, how do you get gold medal on trapped in the freezer? Never been able to pull that off.

Blar gar, laundry room isn't too tough.
Use the existing stair sets on the pile of bricks. Using some other bricks, jam up the crates at the top right on both sides so Junkbot can walk over them. When he's walking back, get him to push the crate off.. or something like that. The key in laundry room is to use the staircases that are already there.
Dewed, the game automatically saves if you have a lego account. That is, Junkbot undercover. I'm not sure about Junkbot, but i think it is similar.

how do you finish the last level?! The hint makes no sense!!!

I play Junkbot (the original) now, but I can't past this level:
Building 2 Level 4
Maybe I am the stupid, but I played this game once in the past, and I can't remember how to do it.
Can you help me?

This game is great. But I can't get gold medals in these 4 levels in the original Junkbot
(all from building 2):
- Level 7 : Internal Combustion
- Level 9 : Trapped in the Freezer
- Level 10: The Think Tank
- Level 12: The Garage
Please help me, I want to do this in gold time!

Create a lego club account in order to save your progress.

in the original Junkbot
I need help on Building 3, level 6- Windy Bridge
I can't seem to complete it.

I beat the windy bridge level, so disregard my previous message

i cant get past pardon me in junkbot 1

This is how to beat Pardon Me:

Make a flat surface that the gearbot will go on and over to the other platform. Then, trap the gearbot on that platform. Now Junkbot is safe, and he can climb up to the platform containing the trash can without any trouble.

I can't get past junkbot's lucky number building 3 in the original game.

what is project x?

I love how much replay value Junkbot has. It's really surprising how many moves you can sometimes shave off of what you used to think was an optimal solution.

I haven't made it into the hall of fame yet, so I'm curious about the minimum number of moves for each level.

Fortunately there's an easy way to compare notes on this subject. If you're logged into the LEGO account you played Junkbot with, just visit this link:


Copy and paste the middle part into your reply. Mine currently looks like this (my rank is 291):

1 1,2 1,3 3,4 1,5 4,6 2,7 5,8 3,9 4,10 2,11 3,12 3,13 3,14 4,15 11,16 1,17 2,18 1,19 5,20 3,21 5,22 10,23 6,24 14,25 7,26 1,27 7,28 13,29 4,30 4,31 5,32 7,33 6,34 11,35 3,36 6,37 1,38 19,39 1,40 4,41 21,42 6,43 12,44 10,45 9,46 9,47 6,48 8,49 7,50 2,51 2,52 8,53 5,54 15,55 3,56 9,57 5,58 5,59 8,60 1

(If it's not obvious, the first number in each pair is the level number, and the second is the number of moves for that level. It might be a little confusing because you expect the commas and spaces to be reversed.)

OMG i can not get through that level 13 #1 building in junkbot one i cant get a gold card..... HELP?!?!?!?!

I was wondering if anyone is still trying to get on the Junkbot Hall of fame.

i was one of them till i get 18th rank, i also posted you on a forum to share number of moves but i dont remember if you got the message or not, it was too long ago. Congratulations, really loved what you did in jb, :) peace

It only took me 6 or 7 years to pass TheSkyRacer.
I posted some spoilers on youtube if anyone wants to look at them.
If you need help on any other levels leave a comment here.

i dont understand, is skyracer another game?
anyway i just want to know how any moves for sys administaration, i am sure mine is too much. "18"
alfer i have 8 levels done with 10 moves or more, and u?
Thanks , peace

btw alfer, i just checked youtube and dont believe u shared almost all levels on tube :)

Junkbot 3 levels of 10 and 2 more than 10 moves.
(qualifer junkbot 1, building 3, level 8 working in the rain can take only 10 moves if you miss all the drips, I still have 11 moves on this one and it's the only level I am currently playing in both games.

Junkbot Undercover 1 level of 10 and 1 more than 10 moves.

Look at the hall of fame for THESKYRACER.

And NO I did not share all of the levels........

thanks for the info
And thanks for not sharing all of the levels, cos we all suffered much to be in hall of fame :)

this will be a new beginning for me, i was away from junkbot for a while and now i am happy to have the information you gave and will try to use that key to make it better.

btw is SKYRACER is your other account or what? i didnt get the point.

hope to meet you in top 3 of hall of fame master :)

peace be with you

I was chasing THESKYRACER's score now you get to chase mine.............................

i see... i guess it will be long and pleasurable chase

Here is the best hints I can give anyone trying to get into the hall of fame.
Drips? don't worry about them.
Eyebots are your friend. (they will change direction after a certain number of moves, use that fact to your advantage).
Get cpukiller to slow your computer down (some moves are nearly impossible without it).
Try everyway of moving the pieces you can think of(every if they don't seem to be helpful at time.
If you find 6 or 7 different ways to get (10) or whatever on a level (there is a way to get one move).

is there anyone who did rise and shine less than 7 moves?

I can't find a way for 6

i have just recognized that igotoofar is also here and you wrote credits for theskyracer or igotoofarlego on utube, are you all friends or is this fellowship of junkbot :)

I don't know the skyracer, I never was able to find any info for him on the internet.

igotoofar, mmillere and schmiede are all people i know now.


Thanks for the hints. Very helpful.

We are still trying to improve on Junkbot.

Did you manage to do The Heist in three moves?
(Junkbot 2 Building 2 Room 10)

Thanks for the reply.

Hey! Alferalfer are you still reading this?

I managed to cut down my Junkbot Undercover score by 19 moves after finding your videos on youtube. They all helped apart from Rock Climbing Gym - which I had already done in 9 moves.

Thanks to you I'm now 83rd in the Hall of Fame!

I'm after some tips about which levels I should work on next - in other words where can I get the biggest improvement?

For the 1st level underground my scores are:
1 - 4
2 - 2
3 - 3
4 - 2
5 - 3
6 - 4
7 - 9
8 - 5
9 - 1
10 - 7
11 - 3
12 - 5
13 - 8
14 - 6
15 - 10
where can I do better?

What did you do system administration in? I'm too embarassed to say my 20+ moves!

All the best


Hey, er, PadowanDan,
I have Level 6 Elementary in 3, and Level 10 Surveillance System in 6, but I think that's it for the first room.
Oh, and System Administration (this is by no means the best, I just haven't gotten around to doing it properly yet) I've done in 18. There's a few tricks that you've got to take advantage of, like the trapping of the eyebot that can also become a bridge.
I'll tell you when I've come to a final conclusion about it, but I'd really wait for Alferalfer's verdict on them all. This is just for until he replies.
P.S. Although 15th on the leader board, there's still a lot more for me to do. So have a good look around.

Did you manage to do The Heist in three moves?
(Junkbot 2 Building 2 Room 10)

Yes, the rain ones can all be done without blocking the rain.

I think 18 is almost the best score for system administration .

I have 18, BUT it is a level that has many ways to get 18.

I have found that if a level has a lot ways to get some score (like 8), there is a way to do it in one less (like 7).

Are you guys even trying?

Level 10 Surveillance System in 6 or 7?

Play until you get it done in 5.

AlferAlfer and BenAlbert,

Thanks for your comments and hints. I'm now at #67! (374 moves)

I've now done Elementary (1-6) in 3.
Still stuck on Surveillance System (1-10) in 7- just can't get the timing right!
System Admin - I've come down a bit, but still over 20! (but I'm working on it!)
The Heist (2-10) - I can see how it can be done in 3 - but the timing seems impossible - I empty the trash can - but the rain gets me before the level finishes!

Any hints which levels in Room 2 I should look at - these are my scores:
1 - 10
2 - 8
3 - 2
4 - 8
5 - 8
6 - 7
7 - 8
8 - 7
9 - 10
10 - 5
11 - 5
12 - 12
13 - 3
14 - 6
15 - 11

All the best,


Dan, Dan, Dan.......
Your scores on level 2 are 20 over mine.


I know......but where can I get the most?

Please give me some motivation here!

All the best,



The most moves for any level in level 2 of junkbot undercover is 10.

Only level 2-12 is 10 everything else is less than 10.

That should give you at least 6 moves to find.

Get to work.


Now done Laser Wire in 9, and that was with blocking both flybots...

The work continues.

...and Crawling Through Vents also down to 9 - but suspect there is at least one move it is still possible to take out...

...Laser Lab in 9 and Return to Laser Lab in 10...done.

So I've got the six moves - will continue to look for the next 14...

Thanks for the support.


Just to make you feel bad,

You are not done with 4 you listed.

2 of them can go lower.


Hello everyone!

I just discovered Junkbot for the first time in about nine years, and it's so cool to find a place where some of the top scorers are together.

I've been playing for about a week now and I'm down to 303 moves in Junkbot 1. I don't have the time to really give it my all, but maybe I'll whittle it down in the future.

Just one piece of advice to other players out there: have fun! It should be less of a competition against others than it should be a challenge to yourself, to see if you can think outside the box.


Hmm... what plugin do I need to play this? All the browser tells me is that the plugin is missing, but there's no way to find out how to fix the problem..

[There is a "Platform" indicator in the review header of every review that tells what platform technology is required for the game. In this case, it's Shockwave, and there's a link "plug-in info" provided where you can download the latest version. -Jay]

Had a bit of trouble getting this one working - got into a 'Shockwave is installing' endless loop. Found that the 'Allow backward compatability' box on the Shockwave properties needed to be unchecked.

I'm on Windows 7 & Firefox 4 with the latest version of Shockwave (11.5.9r620) and the instructions below worked for me:

- Go to the Adboe Shockwave test page: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/

- Right click on the 'Installation Complete' animation and select the 'Properties..' option.

- In the popup window titled 'Shockwave Settings' uncheck the box for 'Allow backward compatability' and click OK.

Go back and refresh the game window and it works.

Hope this helps.

Even I am not done yet.

I just posted a new video on youtube.

Junkbot Undercover level 3 building 8
Rock Climbing Gym

8 moves, it is intended to show peeps that moving stacks of bricks is not always the best way to solve a level.

Junkbot is 10 years old. (sorry junkbot, I was 2 weeks late).

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 21:28:38 GMT

This morning, we also launched Junkbot, the Build section's first game. In
Junkbot, you have to help a garbage-loving robot get around a big, dangerous
factory by building stairs, bridges, and walls out of LEGO bricks. It's our
attempt to make an online game built around the basic connection principles
of LEGO studs.

i need help in

Area 3 , Level 2 , Changing the lightbulbs
Area 4 , Leel 13 , System Admistration


Junkbot Tips.

1. Don't waste moves blocking rain drops.

2. Every level that has eyebots has a perfect time to move junkbot to trap/evade them.

3. Moving stacks of bricks does NOT always give you the least number of moves for a level.

4. If you try to solve a level backwards, you will probably find a way to do it in less moves.

In Junkbot Undercover there is 1 level that takes 10 moves and 1 that takes 18.

Every other one is less than 10 moves.

In Junkbot there are 3 levels that take 10 moves and 1 that takes 13 and 1 that takes 15.

Every other one is less than 10 moves.

That info should be of some great help to those who are trying to find out which levels to look for moves in.

I am going to post a new youtube video.

Junkbot Undercover
Level 3
Building 2 Changing the Lightbulbs

7 moves.

I absolutely LOVE Junkbot and I've played it since I was in Kindergarten- it's really familiar with me- so the thing is, some levels, just... are so frustrating! I can never seem to get it in the right number of moves! It's like- it seems like the number of moves they give you is impossible for anybody! They give you 2 and it feels like you need to take up 13 moves every time. Anyone with similar problems... please tell me! I'd love to discuss it with you!
Sincerly Yours,

hey guys,
i hava a new record!!!
i can do "under the rainbow" (jb 2 level 2 , 15) in ten moves in more than hundred different ways :))

i still have 17 moves in working in the rain.
i gonna cry :))))
i hate long and drip counting levels.
anyway, life has a meaning with junkbot. and with gearbot, flybot, and with bricks bricks bricks.
i believe i will have a house soon if i keep moving those bricks.
longlive junkbot..
aaalll haaaiiiillllll, king of da looossseeeerrrssssss:))
dont get me wrong alfer, i love junkbot like you but i hate him too, i have very complex feelings in the last few days. i'll make a decision and i'll let all junkbot lovers know. :)

Rainbow = 9
Working in the Rain = 11 (I have a 10 setup but the last drip hits me).

Rainbow hint.

The first move of the yellow stack is the key.

You have to put in the one and only perfect spot. Then you get it in 9 moves.

thank you so much alfer, for the tips.
it is so nice to hear from you, i hope everything goes well for you, we have to take care each other cos there are too few junkbot lovers out there.
all hail Frank Lantz, Eric Zimmerman, Nick Fortugno.

I have been chasing skyracer and alfer for years and here they are. I once corresponded with locmotiveguy once or twice to talk about the game.

One of the most satisfying moments in my gaming was solving project x using no blockers.

The Junkbot games are amazing.

Now that LEGO stopped hosting junkbot & undercover, has anyone found a place that allows you to play the game AND also saves your current progress.

[I don't think you will find a site that is able to save progress other than the original Lego site. It's a (relatively) old Shockwave game, a technology that has not been as well-supported as Flash has been over the years. It's a miracle if you can get them to run at all anymore. -Jay]

Thanks for the update Jay.

The SQL backend was https so it was not backed up. But both games play perfectly.

Found the game on the old Lego site through The Wayback Machine! However, it doesn't save, so I'm sorry, guys :(

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