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Toys is a compact, high-quality escape game that, if not exactly groundbreaking, is certainly enjoyable. A prominent feature of one of the game's puzzles is the usage of stereograms, a form of optical illusion in which a three-dimensional image is hidden within a two-dimensional picture. All in all, a high-quality production.

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Get acorn from couch.

Get screwdriver from shade.

Elastic from drawer.

Unscrew lamp, for a hint.

Look at all three books, note the stories and colors.

Open color coded lock on cabanet.

Three little pigs






I have no clue, but by brute force:



It's from a Grimm fairy tale I'd never heard of before, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids (as in goats). The blue book shows the seventh kid, who escapes death by hiding in the clock.

Get handle.

Get other part of sling shot.

Asemble sling shot, and acorn.

Get clue from balloon.

under couch

use clue with book case to get coin.

use coin on gumball machine to get peg.

Use first clue to get crank.

Peg in the eye, then rock

To left of the horse, after backing up

Crank in music box for the key

The key gets you the last stereogram

stereogram goes in the door.
Top stereogram:

paw print:




it's flag


8 x 4:


Explanation for the blue book added. -FunnyMan


Oh, no! No one here to help me? I hate "opart". Argh!!

Ok, the stereograms were a bit annoying (I can do them with physical posters and such, but it took me quite a while to find the trick to doing them on a computer screen).

I am stuck early. Must be missing something. *clicks around aimlessly*

Thanks for the small spoiler. I am one of the unlucky few who cannot see stereovision, so I'll wait to play this one until I've got a pal who can lend me his eyes.

I know the poster over the couch is

a paw print

but what in the world is the other one.

The stereograms were a bit difficult to distinguish with my monitor, but once I saw one the other was easy. The "orange" stereogram is

a picture of Italy,

while the green one is

a picture of a paw print


With the three books having wolf in common (shadow on the blue, three little pigs for the green and red riding hood) it leads me to believe that Italian wolves have something to do with the passcode, but I'm having trouble figuring that one out.

I've got

an acorn, a screwdriver(used), a possible piece to a slingshot, piece of paper from lamp. I saw italy and the paw print also. books look like 3 little pigs, a glass slipper (cinderella?), and the clock with the shadow. I thought it was the shadow from the rocking horse.

any ideas?

You're wrong about the books, Dougan. That's not little red riding hood, it's Cinderella on the red book. I don't know what the little lamb in the clock is supposed to be for, but if you think numbers, you can figure out the first two and then use trial and error for the blue number.

12 midnight should be 12 am, but the code is pm for some reason. Thankfully, it wouldn't let me change the p, so I didn't have to bang my head wondering what was wrong with the stupid thing.

The 3rd stereogram:

8 x 4


what colors are the books?

Code for cupboard is

3 for 3 little pigs, 12PM for Cinderalla and i cant remeber the last - chose randomly but i am sure it is relevant somehow :) so: 312PMX where x is some number

The trick to the cabinet lock

What are the books?

The books are fairly tales, Cinderella, 3 little pigs and the wolf one which title skips my mind at the moment. What do they have in common with numbers?

List the number of animals or time from the books

3 little pigs, Cinderella at 12PM (even though it's midnight so it's AM), and 7


blue book has a clock at 4:10 and a shadow, green book shows a pig doing masonry work, and the red book has an upside down glass slipper i think and some weird gold leaf thing on top.

I have finally Identified the third book the wolf thing helped it's

The wolf and the seven little goats even though it looks like a sheep to me but I got the code right so I guess thats it


My next step was the alpha-numeric keypad on the white cabinet.

Notice the colors above the keypad. Anything familiar about them?

They correspond to the nursery books.

The code that worked for me was 312PM7. 3 comes from the bricklaying pig being the third of the three pigs. 12PM should actually be 12AM, based on the story of Cinderalla, but the P doesn't change. I'm not sure what the connection between 7 and the sheep-clock is. I brute forced it.

yay, i'm out! the stereograms were kinda fun... it's helpful to note that things apparently have to be done in a particular order or you can't progress in the game. (i had to start over once due to missing a step.) grabbing a bite to eat and then i'll try to work on a walkthrough.

This is my first game without a walkthrough to tempt me! I'm excited.

thanks for the cabinet help! i feel dumb, should have gotten that...

stuck the plug in the rocking horse eye and the little thing shot out, but i lost it! where did it go? probably right in front of my face...

The stereograms show:

A paw print,Italy :)


Yeah, it's right there, somewhere between the blue book and the horse. I didn't have to do any pixel hunting to find it, but maybe I got lucky.


I feel pretty much the same, although I've been glad for the help with the stereograms. I usually can't see them on paper -- it's hopeless on my laptop.

I just got the third stereogram. Even with knowing what others are seeing in them, I can't figure out what to do with them.

got it...

I have full inventory and the only thing I haven't used is the

3rd stereogram

What now?

Okay I'm stuck now - I've run out of items to use and things to open / click on. I'll let you guys know where I'm at, then I'll come back from work and have another look.

I have seemingly collected all the items and I've worked out the three stereograms. Italy, a paw print and 8 x 4. I just don't know what to do with it.

I am suspicious by the curtain near the couch, the weird shading on the door and the plants.


Get acorn from couch.

Get screwdriver from shade.

Elastic from drawer.

Unscrew lamp, for a hint.

Look at all three books, note the stories and colors.

Open color coded lock on cabanet.

Three little pigs






I have no clue, but by brute force:



It's from a Grimm fairy tale I'd never heard of before, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids (as in goats). The blue book shows the seventh kid, who escapes death by hiding in the clock.

Get handle.

Get other part of sling shot.

Asemble sling shot, and acorn.

Get clue from balloon.

under couch

use clue with book case to get coin.

use coin on gumball machine to get peg.

Use first clue to get crank.

Peg in the eye, then rock

To left of the horse, after backing up

Crank in music box for the key

The key gets you the last stereogram

stereogram goes in the door.
Top stereogram:

paw print:




it's flag


8 x 4:


Explanation for the blue book added. -FunnyMan

I'm not a huge fan of escape games.. This isn't a bad one. But what's with that last step?! that's just too random for me o_O

It's a shame that this game relies on stereograms. I am blind in one eye, so I have never been able to see one, and i know many people who can't see them without this problem. I guess it's like the games where the designer forgets about people with colour-blindness.

Hmm. I might not have needed the help if I had realized that the green book could only be clicked on from the not-zoom-in view. :-/

Otherwise, simple somewhat fun. 'Course, I like stereograms.

zoom in on cushions, lift one and take acorn, go right
open bottom drawer, take content, go right
zoom in on vase, take screwdriver out of curtain, go back to couch
zoom in on bottom of the lamp, use screwdriver on screw, take note
have a look at green, red and blue books (cupboard, couch, floor)
they are all from fairy tales -
pigs in story
time cinderella left the ball
kids in story
=312pm7=code for glass door
take handle and open middle drawer with it, take item
now you have all items for a slingshot, put them together and load it with the acorn
shoot at the balloon, pick up note from under couch
press doors of cupboard in the order shown on the note
open left door, take coin
feed coin into bubble gum dispenser, take item
look at note from lamp
use item as eye for the rocking horse, rock the horse, a handle flies out
pick it up and put it in the box on the window sill, turn it
open box and take key
use key for last drawer, open it and take green piece
now you can have a look a the green piece and the two pictures on the walls, if you're any good at magic eye pictures you should be able to see the clues for the door, if you're complete rubbish with this kind of pictures (like me) simply use the code provided by nick (thanks):
Italian flag
you can select it after you've put the green piece at the bottom left of the door
and OUT

out !

it took me a while watching these pictures...

As for me, 3rd stereogram shows


but that make no sense...

Well, who knows what's that music after escape?
It was great... and I want it very much

Site seems to be down now, Weekday Escape strikes again :D

Is it possible to use spoiler tags in the reviews?

I finally solved it with lots of help from the comments above :)

On the use of stereograms: even when you can see them, occasionally the image you perceive is not the one intended by the creator, but a distorted image. (It could just be me, but I suspect the reason is that the brain has to guess at the most likely image, and sometimes gets it wrong.) It happened to me on the third stereogram, even though the comments told me what to expect.

24653187 - the music is the English folk-song "Greensleeves".

Akalannar that would be

Green Sleaves, ye olde english harpsichord tuneage!

The music is "Greensleeves". I'm not sure who made the music box version, but it is nice. :)

Incidentally, whoever made this game goofed up a single important detail.

12 P.M. means 12 noon, not 12 midnight.

Server seems overloaded...

1. Yeah, the server is overloaded. That just means that JiG has so many followers!

2. Unfortunately, I also cannot see stereograms. I am legally blind, and cannot see things in three dimensions. So, while I do think it is cool to incorporate into a game, I do want to thank those who have given me the stereo answers. Unfortunately, sometimes, a game designer must weight between what they perceive is good for the game and it being universally accessible.


Well (at least for me) it makes more sense 12 PM beeing midnight than it beeing noon. PM is a shortcut for post meridiam (from latin meaning after noon) so logigicaly 12 AM and 0 PM is noon and 12 PM and 0 AM is midnight. I am not going to discuss common usage as where I live we 24 hour system and not AM/PM.

For the logic behind the last digit of the cabinet code:

The clock says 5:10, which on an analog clock is one hand on the 5 and the other on the 2; 5 + 2 = 7

Re: am/pm:

It absolutely makes sense that 12 midnight should be 12pm because it comes after 11pm, and that the non-numerically-confused alternative would be 0am. However, since "am" refers to a time being in the morning, and "pm" refers to one in the afternoon, midnight is 12am (think of 12:30 at night - evidently the morning) and noon is 12pm. It's an absolute mess, though.

I've never been able to see stereograms, despite having mastered focussing/un-focussing at will. The linked article suggests that a small percent of the population just can't use stereovision; perhaps I'm one of them. Thanks for the stereo-tips, JiG comments folk.

jig strikes again! we broke the site :(

For those that can't figure out blue:

It's 'The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids'.

Is this mirrored anywhere? I'm getting mostly Service Temporarily Unavailable, or else the page loads but the game doesn't.

Never mind. It finally loaded.

I can get the 3-D effect of stereograms pretty well, but sometimes I have trouble interpreting what it is I'm seeing. I was able to get the one above the small bookshelf, but I'm not sure about the one above the couch.

That was actually reasonably doable. I only needed two hints, one for the books and one for the stereograms. It seems I'm not alone in lacking the ability to see these things. My eye problems mean that I don't have true depth perception, so I can't see the 3D image. I don't think it makes it a bad game, but it is a little frustrating for me.

i don't see the


anyone know?

Ow. I have an easier time using stereograms on paper than on a computer, so trying them here hurt my eyes a bit. It sounded like a good idea, except for making the game impossible for some people. Their implementation was kind of random, unless the puzzle solution actually did match up with the theme and I didn't know.

Is there folk song or children's story in Italy about thirty-two dogs? Or thirty-two Italian dogs? I'd like to hear it, especially if it involves roaming the countryside or rescuing the moon. It's all good bedtime fare.

I think a bug is preventing me from completing this, is this happening to anyone else?

I've just put the coin in the gumball machine, and a cylinder has dropped down. However, the cylinder won't go into my inventory after i click and view it, it remains in the gumball machine. Tried reloading the game, but still no luck....

That's what I get for posting, I reloaded again and it worked fine

About the blue book:

"...But who should come in but the wolf! They were terrified and wanted to hide themselves. One sprang under the table, the second into the bed, the third into the stove, the fourth into the kitchen, the fifth into the cupboard, the sixth under the washing-bowl, and the seventh into the clock-case. But the wolf found them all, and used no great ceremony; one after the other he swallowed them down his throat. The youngest, who was in the clock-case, was the only one he did not find. ..."

Makes sense to me ... thanks mommy for sending me to sleep those days :)

The Blue book is the story

The Wolf and the Seven Kids

Juggernaut, I'm not familiar with that tale.

Didn't see any dog or Italian flag, or 32... well thanks for the walkthrough!


Technically, the game has it backwards.

a.m. = ante meridiem = Latin for 'before noon'
p.m. = post meridiem = Latin for 'after noon'

So if a new day starts at midnight, and a.m. and p.m. are before and after midday/noon....

Makes perfect sense to me ;-)

And in regards to the blue book, I've never heard of that tale either.

actually i think the blue book is

seven billy goats gruff

but i might be wrong


There were three billy goats gruff, and the story had nothing to do with a clock, a wolf, or, for that matter, sheep.

That being said, I'd never heard of The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids until now.

The wolf thing is good. Also, Romulus and Remus (founders of rome) were raised by a wolf.

can't find the screwdriver. anyone have any ideas?

question about the bubble gum machine:

After i put the coin in,i get this cork like thing. it makes a noise as if i have picked it up,but when i exit,it's back to sitting by the door. is there a glitch?

I wonder if we could have some kind of marker on the message board to indicate which comment people are responding to (like 4chan). It gets really confusing as is...

Would have been good, but I can't see the hidden pictures in stereograms so I had to rely on walkthroughs.


keep clicking on the cork after you pick it up. It will turn over several times then it will go to your inventory

It took me forever to figure that out.

Stereograms? Bad idea. Really.
I physically can't do them on paper let alone on a monitor.
They really limit this game's audience in my opinion.
Add to this the already mentioned

'peg from the gumball machine glitch' where it doesn't always go to the inventory no matter how many times you click on it, and the fact that midnight is 12 AM not 12 PM

then you got yourself a fairly poor escape game.

The game was okay, but like the others I really question the use of stereograms. I've never been able to see the hidden picture in them.

Eh. Just okay. I didn't get the blue book reference either but you just try each number until it works.

I have no problem with sterograms at all. Always been able to see them. BUT, whenever I view them on a computer screen, they are reversed. In other words, a bowl becomes a dome & vice versa. Does anyone else experience that?

Darn my lack of stereovision!!! I just had to be unique, didn't I? lol

For those who (like me) have trouble with stereograms, this link gives you an option of playing the game with visible pictures instead:


Click "picture" or "stereogram" depending on what you want.

Good for the designers for responding to criticism!

I enjoyed this game. I have never been able to see stereograms before but this game sent me on a web search and I found a link that steps you through how they actually work and now I can see them easily. Yay!

I'm not doing very well with the overall game yet but I did find a pretty good way to see the stereograms. You know how you can see the reflection of objects in your monitor - maybe a lamp, the tv behind you, or even your own reflection? Well, I've found that if I focus on the reflections rather than the stereogram I go into "stereo" rather quickly. Then I just find the right "stare" to see the object in the stereograms.

i cant figure out how to assemble parts together from my inventory...help plz

about the red book clue:

shouldn't it be 12am?

I can't seem to combine items, ie slingshot parts...help?

Strictly speaking, as "am" means "before noon" and "pm" means "after noon", both "12am" and "12pm" mean midnight. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_meridiem#Confusion_at_noon_and_midnight

Is there any way to fix the bug that prevents you from putting the

peg from the gumball machine

in inventory?

Also, regarding AM/PM---think about it this way, folks: If it's noon, what time will it be in one minute? 12:01 PM. If it's midnight, in one minute it will be 12:01 AM. So, midnight is AM and noon is PM.

Thanks for the walkthrough, Serre... The moment I saw stereograms, I should have closed the window immediately - I can't do stereograms at all due to depth perception problems. :(

How do you

assemble the slingshot

PLEASE somebody help!

I dont know

what to do once ive gotten the key

please help me im stuck!

A.M. and P.M. are from the Latin words ante meridian and post meridian. Ante translates into English as before and meridian translates midday and post into after, so basically that would make A.M. before noon and P.M. after noon which is where afternoon comes from. Thats all. XD

oh wait someone already explained that about the whole Latin thing...oops.

And of course I didn't use a spoiler........
Anyways maybe Japan has a different way of thinking, who knows: Japanese people


I understand how u think 12 pm is midnight but it actually is noon. Midnight is actualy morning so 12 AM makes much more sense.

Oh, you have -got- to be kidding me. Is that what a stereogram is? Oh, jeez! I remember the local newspaper used to put a stereogram on the top of the Sunday comics and my sisters and I would spend -hours- playing with them before they got discontinued. Oh gosh, I am definitely going to try this out! Man, good childhood memories.

I just wanted to comment that the blue book is from "The Wolves and the Seven goats".

So the green book is: 7

Awwww! I think the link's broke!


The links in the review have been updated and should work fine now.

Link is still broken? Re-broken?

[Re-fixed. (Permanently, this time.) -Jay]

Thanks for the walkthrough!

How do you do this step?

stereogram goes in the door.


I read the clues for it, and have

the key

Now, I just want to know

what do I have to do to the door and/or do to the pictures in the frames


Thanks in advance! ;)

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