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Tiny Game

We added a new mini-game to the sidebar over the weekend. This one is named just "Tiny Game" and it was created exclusively for JIG by the Flash and casual game wizard, Tonypa. There are a number of features that make this little gem exceptional, besides the little gems that you must collect.

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A map you wish? A map drawn I have and up I loaded it.

May helpful it be to the path you will find.

My eyes were killing me trying to use Yoda's excellent map, so I... killed my eyes some more coloring it in. There is a little rhyme-and-reason to the colors used, but I'll leave that to you to discern.

I Yoda thank!


I don't see it :(

Okay. Might be useful to post what the controls are. I'm using the arrow keys, but can't seem to find any others. So, instructions? How do you jump?

Made it to fourth place.. somehow I imagine I won't stay there long! Nice little game.. a little frustrating at times, knowing where a gem is but not being able to find how to get to it!

Hey, this is fun, and I like the music. Very cute game, and the name is very fitting.

Let's see if I can get in the high score table.

Fullscreen crashes firefox for me. (Ubuntu 9.04, Firefox 3.5) It's just so tiny! But it's still a fun game, none the less. (Even though I haven't beat it yet.)

There's a pit somewhere in the game where you can't get out of it unless you go up two screens, down two screens, up two screens... whenever I hit that pit I shed a tear :(. Love the game though, I'll definitely be back. I'm at 2600 steps with 6 to go.

Where's the link to the game?

Nice work T, it's good to see it in it's proper home at last.

I think I love you. Thanks for everything!

Dang, John, you're better off than I am. I've got 6 left, with 3000 steps.

Sweet! Cute game. I love the minigames JiG has had in the banner/sidebar; it's a nice touch for the site.

I did it in 5000 steps lmao. Very nice little game, and the music reminded me of Harry Potter.

Someone has *got* to make a map of this. I've got 5 gems left and running in circles...

Somehow I managed to finish with less then 2000 steps on only my second try at the game, after getting lost the first time. Suck it, Jay!

...Nah, just kidding, pretty good score...I'll bet by tomorrow the highest score will be broken by a landslide of new, more talented people, thereby erasing all our hard work done up to this point. Ah well, at least I was on the high scores list for a little while!

Hi Jay, I just signed up, and I would like to know, apart from being able to comment, what ever perks does being a member give? Also, Great Game! Its much more fun doing it on the small screen, its cute

1918 steps, screwed over by a couple of missteps into pits.

Darn my not having an account! I really ought to make one. I woulda been in slot #3 up there.

Photographic proof: http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o207/MurphmanFA/dammit.jpg

Fredzorz, I dont have access to Linux so that was not tested. Just so I dont get all the blame, does other Flash content run properly at fullscreen for you?

Thanks everyone, glad to hear you like it :)

I hated the game until I made it on the high score board. Haha, very nice.

A map you wish? A map drawn I have and up I loaded it.

May helpful it be to the path you will find.

I'm definitely logged in, but for some reason it's not registering my scores... I just scored 1305 but I'm not on the table. Hmph.

Aside from that, it's a lovely little game. Shades of Knytt, perhaps?

Aw, I had my map drawn up too, but was just adding the finishing touches.

On another note: Aha, Yoda! You added those two inaccessible corners in yourself. But then, I did the same on my map, too.

I don't get options when I right click (well, control-click on a Mac laptop) -- just "About Adobe Flash Player 9". If I could get to the options, would I be able to restart? I'm two gems from the end, can see one of them but cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how to get to it (it's up above my head in an area extremely near the beginning, where there's no platform nearby -- there must be an above somewhere from which I could fall onto it, but I have no idea where) and haven't even seen the other one. Aggghgh.

[Edit: Flash Player 10 is required to get the menu. -Jay]

Awesome. My hero!

AWESOME little game! I had found all but five gems, and started screenshotting together my own map that ended up looking very similar to the one posted. It's AMAZING how dense the map is compared to how spread-out the game feels, since you only see the tunnel you're currently in. Before I started mapping it, I thought "This game map surely cannot be internally consistent. I will not be able to assemble a map that correctly connects to itself." But sure enough, it is to-the-pixel perfect. Great job, Tonypa!


Seriously I need that map in-game, I can't handle not knowing where I am. That it all wraps around is even worse, as you can't just follow the walls. Other than that: Perfect!

1545 steps. Second place!

I wonder if it's even possible to make it in under 1000 steps?

Well, my first completion score is 1701 steps. I accidentally overlooked one area containing a gem and had no idea which area I had overlooked, so had to just hope I could find it quickly. Fortunately, I found the gem before too long.

It seems that the gems are randomly-placed each time you play, in any of a number of pre-determined positions. I suppose the next step in creating a map would be to show all the possible gem locations.

Woo! 2nd with 1383 - love it!

And here I was using graph paper to map this, too...

Yay, first place with 1295!

The strategy I used was to mark on the map the areas I had already visited, so I didn't go there twice.

2 gems left to find. It was driving me crazy trying to find them, but now I can use the map! Thanks Yoda.

And thanks Tonypa, I love your games so much.

Yay, first with 1234!

I used the same strategy as Chaos. I did make some mistakes though, so there's still room for improvement.

Yay I beat Jay!

When I saw the game go "You're going great, Kiyobi" for the first time, I jumped out of my seat.


Very cute idea, though I'm still struggling to locate two rogue gems. Will there be more minigames like this in the future?

Some of the most fun I have playing a Tonypa game in ages, mainly because it is not so ridiculously and frustratingly random. If there was ever a guy entirely too friendly with a programming function, it's Tonypa and his unabashed devotion to Rand(). :)

Ah, I was looking at the wrong bar.

A. Dor. Able. :)

1414 is good enough for me. Thank you yoda for the map, I wouldn't have finished at all without it. Wow, 6th place! For now :), I'm sure many people will optimize better. Plus there's an element of luck; you start in a different place each time. Though if you were really fantastic at it, you could find the best place to start from and just refresh until you were in that room.

Dang it, I hear my computer science degree whispering things about graph theory.

OrigamiMarie, I'm afraid it's not quite that simple. Each time you restart, the gems are all re-distributed randomly, and some potential gem locations require quite a walk before you can check whether or not there's actually a gem there, so unfortunately you'd ideally need to be even luckier than just getting a good starting position.

As for my own score, after three more attempts, I've improved it by a mere four steps over my previous best, though I didn't take many risks.

Nope, no additional optimization from drawing out all of those loops on a map. 1450 and still one lost piece left. Yeah, I knew better than to try improving :).

My eyes were killing me trying to use Yoda's excellent map, so I... killed my eyes some more coloring it in. There is a little rhyme-and-reason to the colors used, but I'll leave that to you to discern.

I Yoda thank!

Only 1 to go without using the map at all, but WHERE IS THAT ONE??? It's frustrating because I'm just walking blindly. I'm at my 4777th step lol

I found the last 1!! finished with 4988. I gotta try again!

the link doesn't work--can't get to it and yes, i have flash 10.

yay I finished my 2nd try with 2808, great improvement over my 1st try of 4988 lol

JIGuest: the link doesn't work because, well, there is no link. The game is at the right sidebar, near the top of the page, right under the Search bar. Can't miss it that way =P

Is it me, or

if you get one or more aerial gems off that lone platform with just a ladder and chain, you're SOL? I haven't yet found a short route to the platform from the ground level.

And when if there's a gem in the "pit" to the left of that screen, you're really SOL.

Thanks JIG. You're always on the ball.

Great minigame. The map is really well made.

Whoo, finally finished with under 2000!

Curse you tiny, addicting game!

haha, 12th place 2nd time thru, i know people will be able to do a lot better eventually, but when i break 1000 ill give up, or itll never end

great little game

Tonyapa: Eh, it's 50/50. I don't blame you at all. It's just that my eyes are killing me.

[Edit: Did you try Full-screen from the right-click menu? It's much larger that way. -Jay]

Jay, my comment was in response to a comment responding to my comment saying that Fullscreen crashes. So, uh, yeah, that wouldn't work.

Heh heh. No big deal. xD My brain is dead sometimes too. Or just focusing or something else.

Excuse me for sounding so dumb, but how do I start?

Score 1217 wasn't registered. I was signed out during gameplay, apparently.

Now I'll have to beat that to satisfy my lust for high scores.

Very smart little game. I was surprised to find myself determined to complete it, what with it being such a simple premise.

Mmm, torus-shaped map.

I have the powerrrr!!!

That said, I think it's possible to get a 3-digit score. The key is really how many gems are in the drops, and in the dead end. Those drops put you on opposite ends of the map, and I can't see how you can have more than one drop without guessing about other skippable areas.

Aha. I saw this on the main page one day, but didn't know it had a writeup. Was wondering if there were any other controls besides arrow keys - now I know. Also, it's interesting how some paths in the game lead to solitary rooms; I mean that if you go up from room A, two different ladders may lead to two visibly different rooms (but as the map shows, they're really just part of the same one).

This game made my head hurt because of its constant repeats. I found all but one gem. Because of that gem, I searched through the whole game for it until I had to sleep. This game is really confusing.

I just can't get the last gem.

Nice little game, by the way.

well where is the game?!

Amazing game, but I'm at over 7000 steps with 8 gems left. I am shocked by my uber-badness at this... Ah well, great game, you should put it back on the sidebar sometime.

I got all but one gem! It was frustrating trying to find it. And I still can't!

YAY! I finally won! My score was 4770. But it's pretty low. D:

I beat it again, with a score of 2127. :D

very fun, in a light yet oddly compelling sort of way. i will never beat anyone else's score; then again, thats just the way things go. i do like the game a lot regardless.

otoh & if it helps, i'm not seeing it on the sidebar--using chrome on a running mac osx [10.6.8] & the most recent version of flash.

oh--nevermind re the sidebar business. for some reason i thought this game was brand new & just went up. apologies. really hard year.

This is possibly the only game with a high score table where I exist to drive you crazy.

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