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The Pocalypse Defense

It's not just apocalypse, it's the pocalypse, and zombies aren't the only thing you have to worry about in this beautiful, quirky little defense shooter from newcomers Green Pixel. Defend the city of New Hammerston against zombies, mutants, plant monsters, robots, and even vampires with an array of powerful weapons and abilities, and spend the cash you earn to upgrade your butt-kicking prowess.

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Poor UI design. Took me a while to notice I had other weapons and even then I didn't know how I changed it.

Nothing really new about this game that makes it stand out from the hundreds of other defence games. Nice art though.

I dunno, I feel like I'm missing some crucial bits of the mechanics. Like, at a certain point, my automatic rifle stops firing automatically, and aiming seems to fail utterly. In fact, I'm not sure I do any damage at all.

There's a lot of potential here, but it's just too frustrating.

Is it just me, or is the high score list rigged? All of the top ten entries have the same name, and the exact same (unattainable) score.

"Since the game only ends when you die or submit a high score, however, this isn't necessarily as big a deal as it might have been."

Incorrect. If you play through enough waves, you get a nice little cut scene between the characters talking about going out into the town to fight the baddies, and eluding heavily to a sequel game. The game then ends, only allowing you to submit your high score. It also has a strange dark figure appear at the end, who perhaps I would know more about if I watched the webcomic.

I'm not sure how many waves it takes, I stopped paying attention, but it happened just after I got to 100,000 points.

A tip for anyone who wants to utterly break the game:

Get the fully upgraded credit tree. Unlock the laser, and a couple of upgrades for it.

The enemies will never even make it halfway to the gate again!

Massive exploit: You can buy a given upgrade level without buying those that precede it, and for its listed price alone. It's hard for me to say definitively if you still get the benefits of the skipped upgrade levels (I can't find an upgrade that easily lets me take objective measure), but it sure appears so.

Also, I discovered one downside to the massively overpowered laser weapon: It's pretty psychologically draining when the audio clip gets stuck and starts looping over everything in and out of combat.

I'm a HUGE fan of The Pocalypse Webcomic .. so I'll say that whatever you find in this game that isn't to your liking .. it is probably because the MAKER of this game is more busy being the AUTHOR of The Pocalypse Webcomic ..

Anyways .. happy playing and please check out Thepocalypse.com .. Thank you ^_^

I'm a HUGE fan of The Pocalypse Webcomic .. so I'll say that whatever you find in this game that isn't to your liking .. it is probably because the MAKER of this game is more busy being the AUTHOR of The Pocalypse Webcomic ..

Anyways .. happy playing and please check out Thepocalypse.com .. Thank you ^_^

@Revvy: What you're describing with upgrade pricing is not so much an exploit as it is a deliberate mechanic. While it may not have been deliberate in this particular case (seeing as the creator has more experience being an artist than a game creator, despite his degree in game design), games have used this pricing mechanic in the past.

Games that let you pay only the listed price for a level of an upgrade, as opposed to requiring that you pay for all levels prior to a certain level as well, force you to make different optimization choices than games that use the other pricing structure. These games create an incentive for waiting and hoarding resources to buy larger upgrades earlier (and not wasting resources on smaller upgrades that have no bearing on the final product), at the cost of a decreased chance of immediate survival due to deferred upgrades. I find this mechanic more interesting simply because it offers more choices than what seems to be the standard romp through required upgrades that may as well be automatic. (Not quite automatic, but I often feel that way.)

The cutscene and the end of the game happen after wave 20, I believe.

The gameplay, while janky, was still addicting. Far and away the thing I liked least is the main character. He seemed like little more than an insertion fantasy stand-in with no endearing characterization and the kind of attitude that would get him punched pretty quickly in the real world.

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