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Successful Experiment

Oh sure, you could say that Successful Experiment by Toffee Games is just another physics-based puzzler where you fiddle around with balls and targets, but just check out that sweet laboratory set you've got as a background, and the Einstein-look on the logo character. You're fiddling around with balls and targets for science.

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Love the music.

I'm stuck on Experiment 14. I can push the middle screw down by dropping all three bowling balls on it, but then the carousel gets stuck on the pile of bowling balls... I can push the screw on the right up with a bubble or basketball, but it doesn't help. Any advice?

The key to 14 is...

using a bubble on the middle screw to jam it at the right moment

You're the luckiest guy on earth for even getting to 14, SonicLover, since there's no way to actually beat 12 except by random chance.

I'm so fed up with badly done physics games that I actually took the time to screen-cap the placement of the bowling ball from the walkthrough video, blow it up to the exact size of the game window, and place windows on my screen to mark the exact horizontal & vertical measurements the guy playing the walkthrough used. And I still can't get that stupid basketball to hit in the right spot to complete the level after 50+ tries.

Any physics game that is so utterly dependent on luck is broken, I say. Well, at least that level is. The rest of it was OK, as these games go.

On experiment 14:

You don't have to hit the screw down directly. It's actually being held in place by the propeller-thing, which turns counter-clockwise on its own


Bubbles are your friend.

levers work 2 ways.

Ex 14

two x bowling ball
one x bubble

Drop bowling ball from height to reverse windmill

Start No. 8 moving with second bowling ball.

Use bubble to lift screw to jam windmill again

I liked that - short sweet with some good level design.

12 Can't be done even if you ape the walkthrough video exactly.

You folks that made it to 14 must be supremely lucky.

Nice game, I only wish it had more than 19 levels.

I don't know what the walkthrough shows, but (I think this is right) I dropped a bowling ball from about 2/3rds, launching a basketball.
It took me two or three tries.

For experiment 14 (a different answer from what other people have said):

You don't need three bowling balls to push the middle screw down. One basketball followed by two bowling balls will do the trick.

Ex 12

In the walkthrough I found, the beachball hit the second horizontal from the bottom.

I found that hitting the lowest horizontal was far more reliable with about a 50% success rate

help on 16??

nevermind - 16 done - it's much easier than i was making it

Sure this isn't the best physics puzzle game out there but they tried. My only major complaint about the game is the star system. Sometimes they give you no stars other times 3. It seems very random and doesn't tell you what you need to do to get a full 3 stars for each puzzle. I didn't get 3 on everyone but anyone who has, is there any benefit to it?

Kinda addictive!
x16 is doing me in though. Easier you say, lydocain?

Ex 16

Drop bowling ball from height to give 8 ball some momentum.

Release balloon from low down in the water at just the right timing to lift the 8 ball over the middle block

It's not too difficult but takes a bit of experimentation to get right.

Bummer. Another cute phuzzler that turns out to be a timing game.

I guess I've played enough Angry Birds that I found I can do 12 pretty simply.

Level 12 does require a bit of luck, but I can easily succeed about half of the time... *wonders if there was some trolling going on*

Someone please help, I'm stuck on level 16.

I'm stuck on 16. any advice?

yah, im just some kid that is 10 yrs old ad i can get to 16 levels. amazing, right? well the truly amazing thing is that 16 is HARD!!!! ( no lie)

stuck on experiment 11. Any help?

@Person: The top ramp can be done beforehand.

You need to drop the yellow bit without it falling all the way down.

  • Use a basketball in the pit to prop up the yellow bit after it falls.

  • Then use a bubble to the right of the yellow part to make it fall.

The bottom ramp takes a bit more timing.

You need to raise the yellow part so the 8 ball can travel down it without obstructing the way.

After getting the 8 ball rolling, use a bowling ball in the yellow cup part as soon as it hits the lower yellow ramp part.

Hope that helps!

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