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Stunt Pilot is a challenging, high-quality game of precision acrobatics. It transcends the familiar trope of flying through rings with a sophisticated scoring system and singular control. The result is a simple but engaging test of skill that would fit comfortably in any 80s video arcade, although it would probably be the prettiest game there.

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This game is really very easy to me. I guess it comes from practice from other games with a similar control scheme and flight simulators.

Also, first comment. Yay!

(At the time of this post there are no comments. If this ISN'T the first comment, OK, not first comment.)


That's great. Another fine example of how simplicity in gameplay can yield a highly engaging game. I really enjoyed this.


Great find!

Although I hope the lives thing doesn't become annoying, I like the way tea games lets you play any level.


Very cool little game. One of the things I liked best about it was its elegant simplicity of control. I lose interest quickly when a games controls require the manual dexterity of a concert pianist.

Psychotronic's review was spot on, and almost as entertaining as the game... and undeniably more articulate :-) Great job!


Did anyone else have more fun crashing this thing?


Interesting. I don't see a credit in the game for Turbo Grid by Bjørn Lynne, the music used in both Stunt Pilot Trainer and Stunt Pilot.


The game itself is fun.

I liked it a lot when I crashed and retried the level I saw the earlier myself still descending with the parachute - like a time travel :)))

A side note: when the game is over I'm offered 3 other free games to play, I just have to click on one of the three picture-links but none of them seems to be working. Is it only me?


Anyone remember "Sopwith" (MsDos game back in the late 80's). Exactly the same controls (but you got to bomb enemies and dogfight)


needs a fullscreen version. when i use the arrow keys it shifts the entire browser window. very annoying.

other than that its very fun


Cool game, good fun!

They could do with a full level select (even if only once you've completed it) and gold/silver/bronze medal system to give people something to work towards - would've made the game a lot more addictive.


This is a really great game. It nicely walks the line between simplicity and satisfaction. I would quite have liked the possibility of showing a replay of yourself completing a level, since the game allows you to pull off some pretty great moves that would be pretty satisfying to watch again.


The arrow keys shift page along with plane's pitch.
It makes it impossible (for me) to play.


If the game has focus (click on the game to give it focus) then the arrow keys should NOT be intercepted by your browser.

What browser are you using?

Perhaps your Scroll Lock key is on?


I'm having the same scrolling issue. The games does have focus, and plays quite well - except the screen scrolls up & down with the arrow keys.

I'm using IE7 on XP.

Sadly, the game screen is so large that even full-screen mode still scrolls some. Fun game though!


wow...someone remembers sopwith....i use to love that game...dogfighting was very fun


I am also having the same issue with the arrow keys scrolling my screen. It is not scroll lock. running xp with IE7 - any other thoughts?


use a real browser?




What are your best results in this game? I nearly reached 60000 points.


im at 82830 right now on level 25


what's the difference between blue and red rings?


Blue rings make you do a barrel roll. It looks cool.


I just read the instructions on the site for the controls, and it says "UP arrow key = UP" and "UP arrow key = DOWN". The graphics they illustrate their instructions with even show the up arrow both times: once with the plane going up and once with the plane going down..... Other than that, though, great game.


Pewter - in the controls setting for the game, you can choose to use UP arrow for UP or UP arrow for DOWN.

That's a selection screen to choose, not an instructions screen for what to do. :)


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