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Fly through the air blasting critters and defeating evil overlords in Sky Quest, a sidescrolling shooter from Berzerk Studio. Gorgeously designed enemies, intriguing gameplay that manages to stay just one step of addiction ahead of feeling repetitive, a somewhat overwhelming array of gameplay options, an epic score, and a gratuitous amount of testosterone, makes up for a front-loaded learning curve and a plot that feels like an indecisive parody.

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8 Comments October 4, 2014 9:53 AM

Wouldn't even load.

Actually crashed shockwave plug-in twice before I gave up trying.


That's strange. Sorry you're having problems! I can verify it loads fine for me on both Firefox and Chrome. I assume you tried a restart, or clearing your cache, and made sure your browsers and plugins were up to date?


So, I managed to get myself into a position where progress is basically impossible.

I added a good weapon after running with the starting weapon for a while. I noticed my rate of fire doubled, but I wasn't sure if that was the result of using two weapons, or just the result of the bonuses from the good weapons. To test, I sold off the starting weapon. That cut my rate of fire back in half, so I guess it was the result of using two weapons.

When I sold the starting weapon, I figured it would be no problem to buy an equally crummy weapon to replace it. However, I soon discovered that the store was only offering weapons better than the one I currently had, which I couldn't afford.

I thought it would be better to play with two worse weapons than one good weapon, since I'd get the doubled rate of fire. I sold my only weapon, figuring it would actually start offering me the cheaper weapons again. No, it turns out the store refuses to offer you any options that aren't better than the best weapon you've ever had. So now I have no weapons and I can't afford to buy any of the ones the store will offer me.

Since I have no weapons, I can't shoot at all. This makes saving up to buy weapons … difficult. It would be nice if the store would always offer the cheaper guns. There could even be one really crappy one that was free.


Could someone explain why the thunder weapon curves when placed on the right hand, but shoots straight when placed on the left hand?


The game mechanics are fine, but I think in the long run this game is going to be a little too grindy. Upgrades come slow, as does the currency to buy them.

Lots of neat side stuff though, like upgrading your weapon and the ship.


Actually, this first came out back in April on NotDoppler.


Yes, we're well aware, but it recently received a large updated and was finally made available for hosting in the process. :)


So um I beat the game (on normal) with 3 locations untraveled and one discovered, but not played yet. Though I cannot seem to open those areas either. Maybe i need to beat all the challenges? Yeop, you have to beat the challenges. Last one not opened yet, not sure if I have to beat the survival or just the map before it. Not gonna try, had enough grinding.

Death was easy with a laser and lightning weapons, so was the 39 difficulty levels. Just had to avoid getting hit

I preferred rare weapons and items to any of the regular ones offered.

Everything costs too much, so upgrade slowly

No real bonus for beating boss levels, that sucks.

On challenge mode, what is the number above the last reward? Whether it is a crystal or a skill point, it has a number. Is it just the level difficulty?


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